Rob’s Survival Guide To WoW


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Hey.. It’s me again 🙂 In this guide, I’m gonna try and help you and ‘survive’ the horrible little munchkins of WoW, I.E. the people who like to make you feel like nothing. The ones who think they’re cool, and the ones who think the internet grants them almighty power.

I will explain what to do when these type of people appear, and how YOU can avoid being that type of person.

I will be rewriting some of puxohe’s guide whilst also using my own words 🙂


    1. What the not so nice people of WoW are like
    1. How to spot them
    1. How to avoid and deal with them
    1. How to avoid becoming one of them
    and finally, Etiquette & How to be nice.

Despite being an awesome, addictive game, World of Warcrack has its bad guys. Just like the real world, you get your little hermits who hate everybody and everything they meet. Only there is a difference: This is the internet. Unfortunatley, the internet seems to create a sort of ‘bubble’ for some people, and they have a false sense of security and a false sense of ‘power’ and ‘greatness’.

See, on WoW, all you see is an avatar, not a real person. This therefore makes the person think “Aha! They will never see me! I can say whatever I want! The cops won’t get me! AHAHAHA! AHA! AHAHA! -Cough-.” So, they do that. They say WHATEVER they want, making you feel degraded and thinking they are the best. These people think they are awesome cos they have better weapons than you, and better armour. More HP, AP, Armour, whatever. A great achievement? Do you think being morbidly obese, living in your room 24/7 on WoW is an achievement!?!? HA!

Okay, granted there are quite alot of people with ‘epix’ who are NOT morbidly obese and fit the description above. But, just think that, and you will feel better 🙂

Sometimes, you can also get teenagers or kids who’re like this too. As a teen myself, I think the majority of us teens on WoW do get regarded as immature, just because of these people who like to make life bad for everybody else. This isn’t true and you shouldn’t stereotype people, just as you shouldn’t think everyone in the game who has epix is like that either.

The general attitude of these people is sour and bitter. They don’t like many things. Maybe they are angry in real life, and take it out online? We will never know WHY these people do it for definite, but their attitude is obnoxious and they give off a sense of ‘I’m better than everybody else.’ These people can also sometimes act a know-it-all about WoW and argue with people rather than debate with them.

“Always remember the key rule to all MMORPG’s: Those who have more than you have no life, and those who have less are noobs.” – Anon.
If you know the guy who came up with this, please post a comment.

How to Spot these Obnoxious Twats
Again, their attitude is obnoxious and bitter. Please do not assume everyone who has a bitter attitude is one of these people – They may just be having “one of them days” and have come on WoW to relax.

Example Chat:

] [Whisper][Haithar]: Hey, are you holy? We need a healer for SM.

[Whisper][Epiclulzpala]: ffs nub u made me die u can fuk off now


Example 2:

[Party][Haithar]: Right, do we all know what to do here?

[Party][Iamrandomdotcom]: yup
[Party][Lulzorzftw]: yh
[Party][Wtfbbqpwnt]: im not a fkin noob, tard.
[Party][Wtfbbqpwnt]: if you dnt no how to kill this boss by now u rly need to l2p. infact you shudnt even be playin this game.
[Party][Haithar]: And if you don’t know how to spell, you really need to learn to. In fact, you shouldn’t even be alive.

Wtfbbqpwnt was kicked from the party.


But you get the idea. They tend to talk in text language or ‘leetspeak’. Basically, very abbreviated sentences and words. They have’t grasped the concept of Year 2 (3rd Grade?) grammar or speling. Again, not everybody who speaks like this is obnoxious. If you can work out the abbreviations without a professional translator, you will see for yourself.

Dealing With Them.
You have many choices depending on where you stand:

    1. Kick them from your group.
    1. Leave the group.
    1. Ask the leader to kick them from the group.
    1. Put them on ignore.
    1. Report them to a GM (Only if they harass/threaten you).
    Tell yourself you are better than them. (Which you are, of course).

Really, the best place for these people is your ignore list. They really aren’t worth your time, so just /ignore [NAME]
and hit the enter button.
If you are the leader of the group, simply /kick [NAME] and then you’re done 😉

GMs should only be petitioned under serious circumstances. If they are making you feel REALLY degraded and down, or if they’re harassing you too much or threatening you, then make a ticket explaining the following:

    1. Their character name.
    1. The time and place of the event.
    1. The event itself.

A GM will (eventually) get to you and question you further about it. Hopefully the offender will get their comeuppance. (Is that how you spell that word? Heck, is it even a word? >_<).

How to Avoid Becoming ‘One of Them’.
First and foremost, learn to spell properly in whatever language you’re speaking.
Then take the following action:

    1. Exsponge all evil players from your brain and screen. Ignore them.
    1. Try not to be around them. Its a contageous disease, I believe.
    1. Avoid bullying people for whatever reason.
    1. Avoid using the word ‘retard’ and using abbreviations over excessivley.
    1. Avoid using player-made talk such as “Huntard, d0rf, 00mie, retardin” etc.

Completing the above list will hopefully save you from the Wrath of the Evil Obnoxious King, (See what I did there? 8)) and eventually, extinct this God forbidden species.

How to be nice yourself, and etiquette.
Being nice in WoW is as easy as saying the alphabet. There are countless ways to make people feel good, or to help them along their journeys.

In WoW, use your basic manners and etiquette. You wouldn’t go up to some stranger and say to them “Oh my god, those clothes make you ugly”, would you? So don’t make derogetory comments about gear!

Again, real life manners. Don’t use racism, ageism, sexism etc to make people feel down. Whether intended or not, it still hurts.

Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling in WoW. I cannot STAND when people use ‘an’ instead of ‘a’ in the wrong places (e.g. I got an level today). It really will make more people like you, not to mention, make you look professional and cool without being horrible.

Here are a few tips on how to be nice to people:

    1. If you are rich ingame, give away gold!
    1. Help people earn gold or levels.
    1. Instead of stealing a mob/named mob kill, group up with someone. If they decline, just wait your turn. Let them get it first.
    1. Don’t spam!
    1. Try not to retaliate to comments aimed towards you.
    1. Tell people they’re doing good on the leveling front, or ask them where they got a certain item from. Even if you know where you get it, it still gives a sense of “Wow. I have a cool item!” to the person.
    1. Ask people before you invite them!

There are probably hundreds, thousands of ways to be nice to people in WoW. If you have any suggestions, then please leave a comment below.

So, that concludes my guide. I hope this will help you in avoiding those nasty elves, and I hope it has tought you how to be a nice player. It really will make you more friends than enemies.
If you spot any typos/errors/mistakes or wish to add, leave a comment and I’ll edit 😉


Thanks to puxohe for his etiqutte guide..
Thanks to my mom for making this all possible.
Thanks to the guy at the fertiliser store for also making this possible.
I’d like to thank my cat for always being there for me.
And finally, I’d like to thank my pet cow, who always gave me a shoulder to cry on.

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  • img
    Feb 26, 2009 @ 15:05 pm

    Spelling mistakes are ok asSpelling mistakes are ok as long as they are genuine.

    On the other hand, bad spelling resulting from sheer lazyness is what pisses me off. Cell phone txt style pisses me off even more.

    I’ll never get used to it and I’ll always fight to improve the level of literacy on the internet, or at least on this site and in my guild. If we keep making excuses for every lazy person who doesn’t want to make an effort with their spelling, we’ll all end up writing like a bunch of retards in the long run.

  • img
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 18:25 pm

    Its not that..I don’t really mind minor spelling mistakes and stuff, its just people who speak in text language.
    Won’t that confuse you even more, and make you unable to learn English? (Well, not unable, but it’ll make it harder probably).

    And some grammar mistakes really tick me off. Like mentioned, people putting ‘An’ in the wrong places >_>

  • img
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 15:47 pm

    i speak Cockney it drivesi speak Cockney it drives most my friends round the bend 😀

  • img
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 23:33 pm

    Haha, leo for the win. SavedHaha, leo for the win. Saved my ass so many times during my years studying german 😉

  • img
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 12:35 pm

    About spellingPlayers really should be more forgiving with spell/grammar errors. On english realms there’s many players which english is not their native language (like me) its really hard to spell correctly in foreign language.

  • img
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 22:59 pm

    What part of Britain?Where abouts is it from? >_>
    Cos London have their little cockney rhyming slang.
    And then other parts of the country have their own slang. :]

  • img
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 22:45 pm

    yeah, stonking is a britishyeah, stonking is a british slang word for awesome. Says Love that website 😉

  • img
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 21:30 pm

    That is what my teacherThat is what my teacher tells me.

  • img
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 20:03 pm

    Thanks everyoneThanks for all your comments ^_^

    And no.. I have no idea what stonking means :]
    Is it supposed to be British? >_>

  • img
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 16:02 pm

    StonkingGuide is stonking.

    (Did I use that slang right? My history proffessor always uses it.)

  • img
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 5:12 am

    Great guide, funny too. I’llGreat guide, funny too. I’ll be sure to use it when I find a swarm of “twats” 😛

  • img
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 5:08 am

    Nice GuideSometimes, people get so obsessed with pixels and their e-peens that they forget what WoW really is…a game. Maybe next time some tool flies off the handle, I’ll just link them this guide. 8) Seriously, though, it’s a nice little guide; cute and clever. It also provides very good information for newb and veteran MMO players alike. Should be required reading. Nice job man.

    “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”

  • img
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 0:31 am

    Thanks again ^^Aww. Jame swore :O
    I’m trying to find a different colour, that still matches the ingame colour. But its so diffuicult when you’re tired =[

  • img
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 0:25 am

    The text in the “How to SpotThe text in the “How to Spot these Obnoxious Twats” section is a little hard to read. Requesting darkening of the color!

    Other than that, good job!

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