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Howdy folks, Skumball here. This is my Junkbox, a collection of anything and everything that I think is worth sharing with you guys, and some other stuff too. Mainly I’ll be posting here on WoW-Pro an assortment of Warrior related guides, features on new content, blog posts or discussions, as well as a bunch of other guides, tips & tricks. From this page you will be able to find all of my posts, all organised to their relavant sections for ease of use.

Firstly though, a small introduction about myself.

IRL I’m known as Nath, a 21 year old dude from a small country called Wales. And for the incoming sheep jokes, I only do that on the second Tuesday of each month thank you 😛 I’ve been playing WoW since about halfway through Vanilla, though I only started taking it seriously towards the end of Vanilla. My main at the time and up until mid-TBC was a Dwarf Hunter, and I was the best god damn melee Hunter around! 😀 I’ve had numerous Warriors though since the beginning, and only had the Hunter because I origionaly wanted a Warrior with a giant bear as his pet, oh the nievity! I did learn how to play properly however, but my main forte was wiping my then-guild’s raidgroup in Gruul’s Lair with my pet “Ah crap… Damn, that’s one brave wolf!” Sorry guys 😛

In mid-TBC I rerolled to another realm and started again on my Warrior obsession, and damn it felt good to be playing them again! Once Wrath went live I was Main Tank for my guild through Naxx, where we enjoyed slacking whilst everyone else wiped in Ulduar. I did do serious raiding however outside of the guild as we weren’t a serious guild, just a bunch of mates ingame who wanted to have a laugh seeing how best we could kill off the rest of the raid 😛 I later transferred to a new realm with rome RL friends in time for ICC as the old guild died down due to people leaving the game for IRL and generally becoming bored of WoW. Since then we’ve had a laugh bashing up that place week in week out. I got bored of raiding however and so started a new Warrior on the same realm – my old one was then a dumb looking Human and wasn’t called Skumball, so I had to do it! Right now I’m slacking at levelling the new Skumball as a Female Night Elf using my already 80 to fund her – he’ll be shelved in Cataclysm. So, for Cataclysm Skumball will be ready to charge to 85 and rock your socks. I’ll also be rollling out a Worgen Druid and a Dwarf Shaman at some point as well as a bunch of other alts, so they should be fun to go through the whole new levelling system and the new gameplay, I’m very-much looking forward to it 🙂 Oh, and I also lurk on WoW-Pro alot too 😛

For those armory police who are interested, here’s the armory link to Skumball. No she’s not even 80 yet, even though I do have other 80’s I’m a slacker. Live with it.
I probably won’t provide links to my other toons or my current Warrior though. I am Skumball, everyone else is just an alt.

If you want to join me on Twitter, you can do that here 🙂

Here’s my collection of posts on WoW-Pro organised into their sections, browse through until you find what you need 🙂


My Blog Posts


Any of my ravings of nonsense, though they may sometimes contain something useful 😛
Note: These aren’t guides, they are my thoughts on topics I think should be brought to the attention of others. Feel free to open discussions in the comments about them. A guide is a guide, I intend most of my blogs to be the basis of a topical discussion.
I’d advise a small measure of caution when reading my Blogs too, they are my thoughts on topics and a basis for discussion. Things may get a little heated in the blog itself, and I may say some things which may upset some people. They are blogs, not guides. You have been warned.

My Guides


  • My Keybinding Guide – Still need to add in a small extra section or 2 showing examples, but the guide itself is there and fully able to help you to get the most from your gaming.
  • Warrior Q&A – A Q&A session on the Warrior Class, including a (soon to come) generalised FAQ section. Keep the questions coming in as this will be continuously updated.

Incoming Junk & Updates


I’ll soon be posting a general Cataclysm discussion blog, going through what’s new, what’s changed, what’s good and also what I think is abit crap. If you have any questions or topics in mind then please feel free to PM me with them or post in the comments below.

I will soon be publishing 3 full guides on the Warrior class – one for each spec. They will be fully based upon the Cataclysm expansion and everything it brings to the table. More info and details are in my blog!

I will also be releasing a couple of profession guides, for now there will be 3 – Engineering, Mining, and Archeology. I’m aiming to have them complete and released (along with the 3 Warrior guides) before Cataclysm goes live so that you have chance to view them and gain advance knowledge. More info and details are in my blog!

My Warrior Q&A will be continuously updated with any questions that are asked, I shall also add the FAQ section once I have collated and formatted all of the information and topics I have for you, which will hopefully be very soon! Time constraints allowing of course 🙂

I also have a small update coming to My Keybinding Guide, so stay tuned for that.

And finally, I have been talking recently to Jiyambi about the site and all of the content we have available to us. Alot of it is sadly, old and out-dated or repeated in someone else’s guide. We are going to be doing an update of all the content to either bring it inline with Cataclysm or remove it if it’s relevance is no longer there with the new expansion. Jiyambi has a news post on this here and I have also detailed it in my Blog #1.

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Feel free to leave me comments and/ or messages, feedback is always greatly appriciated and any questions you have I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂

Peace out!

* Each sold seperately.
** Batteries not included.
*** May contain Nutz!

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    Nov 16, 2010 @ 21:03 pm

    Since we have actual blogsSince we have actual blogs now, I was wondering if you’d be willing to move your Junkbox over to the blog version? That way we won’t have to have a guide category for blogs.

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