Snowflake’s Guide to Ghostlands (12-21)



This guide can be used by any race and it will get you from level 12-21. If you need guides for any other level range please check out this page. Although we pick up right where I stopped in my Blood Elf Starting Guide any class can travel to Silvermoon easily and do this instead of the Barrens. Some of the quests (very few) will only be available to you if you are Blood Elf or if you did my previous guides. If you can’t take those quests, just skip them and you’ll be able to catch up at a later point.

Suggestion on how to use this guide (from PraterR)

I found that playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

The guide will be open in an internet window.
You then Alt-Tab to your WOW game. (Log in and enter game world)
Press escape and access your Video options. Near the top there is a checkbox with “Windowed Mode” inscribed next to it.
Check the Box [x] and press okay.

You will notice that you can move and stretch your WOW window in such a way as to see the internet guide above or below it.

When you need to click the internet window and scroll down or up (depending on how you want to view it) to the next paragraph of the guide.

Advantages of Leveling in Ghostlands:

If you wonder why you should do Ghostlands instead of the Barrens, there is two very important reasons:

  • Ghostlands is a new zone that has been created with the Burning Crusade. This means that all loot that you will get from quest rewards will be good/useful. This is not the case in the Barrens where you still often get “old world loot” with rather useless stats like spirit.
  • Ghostlands is a very compact zone, with a lot of quests at the same spots. This translates into a minimum of running around (much less than in the Barrens) and hence much faster leveling.

How to get to Ghostlands depending on your race:

First you need to get to Undercity.

  • Undead: You start out in the zone where you can find Undercity. Chances are you aren’t far from the city or can simply fly there.
  • Orc/Troll: Just outside of Orgrimmar is a zeppelin tower. Take the zeppelin to Undercity.
  • Tauren: Exit Mulgore to the east where you should zone into the Barrens. Follow this map:tauren.jpg

    Enter Orgrimmar and get the flight path. Go just outside the City and take the zeppelin to Undercity.

Once at Undercity:

Just when you enter, while you are still in the Ruins of Lordaeron, look to the right side. Up the steps, you’ll see an open door and an orb of translocation. Right click it and it will teleport you to Silvermoon City. From there simply exit the town to the south, follow the path west, then at the first opportunity go south until you reach Fairbreeze Village.


Not every class has a trainer in Silvermoon City. Trainer locations by class:

  • Warlock/Rogue/Hunter/Mage/Paladin/Priest/Druid : Silvermoon City
  • Shaman: Use translocation orb to go to Undercity then take zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Hearthstone back when done.
  • Warrior: Use translocation orb to go to Undercity, train, use translocation orb to come back

General Tips/Guidelines:

  • Always log out in an inn
  • Kill everything on the way that gives experience
  • Get bags as early as possible
  • Do not waste your time searching a group for quests mentioned in this guide unless you really can’t kill something
  • In general, this guide does not guide you towards class quests or tradeskills
  • Spend your talent points to do the most damage
  • Quests that aren’t mentioned have been left out intentionally
  • This guide does not take into account PvP

Useful Addons:

Something that’s amazingly useful is the Ace2 updater. Download and install it and the program will present you with a list of addons which all use the same library (hence they consume very few ressources). From that list you can choose addons that interest you (I downloaded Fubar quest mod, Fubar location, Cartographer, Bartender and a mod to make my UI look better) and the program will install all the addons for you. Furthermore you can run the program every time before you launch WoW and choose to update all installed modules for you.

Color Code:

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

Level 12


1. At Fairbreeze Village get the following quests:

[10] Missing in the Ghostlands from Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider
[10] Runewarden Deryan from Ranger Sareyn (Apparently this quest is only available if you did the Defending Faibreeze Village quest from my previous guide. It doesn’t matter though, as Runewarden Deryan will give you the “follow-up” [10] Powering our Defenses anyway).

2. Follow the road south to Ghostlands. When you hit the Dead Scar, go west to (44,85) where you should find Runewarden Deryan. Turn in [10] Runewarden Deryan and get the follow up [10] Powering our Defenses.

3. Go east to (55,84) and buff up, get full health/mana. Now use the Infused Crystal from your inventory next to the big rune. Two waves of 3 level 9-10 undeads will spawn. Aggro them before they can touch the crystal and kill them one by one. They don’t hurt much and have very low hitpoints.

4. Go back to Runewarden Deryan and turn in.

5. Go east to (48,88) where you should find Courier Dawnstrider. Turn in [10] Missing in the Ghostlands and get the follow up [10] The Fallen Courier from Apothecary Thedra.

6. Cross the bridge to the Ghostlands and kill mobs (any type) that roam close to the bridge until you get four plagued blood samples. Return to Apothecary Thedra and turn in [10] The Fallen Courier.

7. Get the follow up from Courier Dawnstrider and follow the road south to Tranquillien. Once there turn in [10] Delivery to Tranquillien at Arcanist Vandril, get the follow up [10] The Forsaken. Turn it in at High Executor Mavren in the big building to the right and get the follow up which takes you back to Arcanist Vandril. Turn in and get the follow up [10] Suncrown Village.

Now, get all the quests you can find (beside the wanted poster) in Tranquilien.

hs.jpg Go to the inn and make it your home location.

Repair and sell junk. Make sure you got the following quests:

  • [10] Goods from Silvermoon City (Note that this is Blood Elf only)
  • [10] Suncrown Village
  • [11] Tomber’s Supplies
  • [13] The Plagued Coast

Note: In the next part we fly to Silvermoon City, mostly to do the [10] Goods from Silvermoon City quest line. If you don’t have it, you can still fly to Silvermoon City to train. If you don’t need to go there, just get the flight path of Tranquillien and continue with step 2.

Now while getting the flight path, turn in [10] Goods from Silvermoon City and purchase a flight to Silvermoon City. Enter Silvermoon and go to the Bazaar at (54,70). Turn in [10] Fly to Silvermoon City and get the follow up. If you didn’t get a chance to train yet, do so now. Exit the town to the south and go back to the flight master where you initially arrived. Turn in [10] Skymistress Gloaming and get the follow up.


1. Fly back to Tranquillien. Turn in [10] Return to Quartermaster Lymel.

2. Make sure junk is sold and that you have food etc. Go northeast to Suncrown Village. Next to the road at (57,15) you should see a Dying Blood Elf. Take his quest.

3. Now just ahead of you is Suncrown Village. Go there and kill 10 Nerubis Guards. Also look out for Anok’Suten which is a named undead spider. Normally two players are suggested to kill her at level 11, but by the time you get to her you should be level 13 and she shouldn’t be a problem to solo, just watch out that you get no adds and that you are full HP/Mana when you attack her. You might have to chug a pot. If you really can’t kill her just leave the quest for later and kill her when you pass by Suncrown Village at a later point.

Level 13

4. Continue east until you reach a camp at (69,15). Take the quest [12] Dealing with Zeb’Sora from Ranger Valanna.

5. Now swim southeast to a little island in the lake (72,18). There you should see a ghost called Geranis Whitemorn. Take his quest. Dive down the water all around the little island and search for Glistening Mud that looks about like this:


After you looted 8 of them, return to Geranis Whitemorn on the island and turn in. Take the follow up.

6. Now swim north to (71,15) where you should see Altar of Tidal Mastery under water. Right click it to summon a named elemental called Aquantion. Kill it.

==Note== Might be a little hard for certain classes, especially mages. Have Dampen Magic on, chain fireball and fireblast whenever it’s up. Health pot if needed.

7. Now swim northeast over the lake to the other side where you should see trolls. Kill them until you have 6 Zeb’Sora Troll Ears.

8. Head south/southwest towards Farstrider Enclave (72,32). Get the quests:

[12] Spirits of the Drowned
[14] Bearers of the Plague

**From now on kill every Ghostclaw Lynx on your way.**

Following the western shore of the lake go back to Geranis Whitemorn and kill every Vengeful/Ravening Apparition on your way. When you arrive at Geranis Whitemorn, turn in. Swim back to Ranger Valanna and turn in [12] Dealing with Zeb’Sora. Take the follow up.

Go back to Farstrider Enclave while making sure to have killed 8 Vengeful and 8 Ravening Apparitions on your way. Turn in [12] Spirits of the Drowned and [12] Report to Captain Helios.

Hearthstone to Tranquillien. Turn in [10] Suncrown Village and [11+] Anok’suten. You should be level 14 by now (or close).

Level 14

Get the following quests:

  • [11] Goldenmist Village
  • [11] Investigate An’daroth
  • [11] Tomber’s Supplies
  • [12] Salvaging the Past
  • [13] The Plagued Coast
  • [14] Down the Dead Scar
  • [15] Culinary Crunch

Sell/repair/restock and fly to Silvermoon City in case you want/need to train.


**From now on kill every Spindleweb Spider on your way**

1. Take the road west from Tranquillien and follow it until you reach the Dead Scar. Now looking south of the Dead Scar you should see Risen Hungerers and Gangled Cannibals. Kill 10 of each while trying to not stray to far from the path which led you to the Dead Scar. Be careful there is a level 21 abomination roaming the Dead Scar. Keep any Rotting Hearts you might get.

2. Once done follow the path further west until you reach a fork. Take the little path leading south and you should see Arcane Devourers and Mana Shifters. Kill them until you have 8 Crystallized Mana Essences.

3. Go to (33,26) and pick up Rathis Tomber’s Supplies, which can be found in a little wagon next to a tree.

4. Go back to where the road forked earlier and looking north you should see a little dirty path. Follow it up the hill. There should be Sentinel Spies as well as a monument looking like this:


While approaching it, kill all Sentinel Spies you come across. At the moument you should get an “investigate An’Daroth completed” message. Continue killing Sentinel Spies until you killed 12 of them.

5. Once you are done, go west to Goldenmist Village. Kill 6 Quel’Dorei Ghosts and 4 Quel’Dorei Wraths.

6. When you are done go further west to the beach. Kill murlocs there until you have 6 Plagued Murloc Spines. Once done, hearthstone back to Tranquillien.

Turn in all your quests, this should make you ding level 15. Take all the quests available besides the one on the wanted poster.

Level 15

Sell junk, repair, restock food etc.


1. Go northwest until you hit the Dead Scar again. Work your way south while killing Risen Stalkers and Risen Hungerers here until you have 10 Rotting Hearts. Don’t go too far south though, stay between the two paths that cross the Dead Scar.

2. Once done go southwest to (31,48) and talk to Apprentice Shatharia. Get her quest. In front of you is a pit with gnolls. Kill gnolls there until you have killed:

  • 8 Blackpaw Gnolls
  • 6 Blackpaw Scavengers
  • 4 Blackpaw Shamans

Also gather 6 Underlight Ore samples which either drop from the gnolls or can be mined all around that area.

3. Once done go southwest until you reach Windrunner Spire. Kill 8 Deatholme Acolytes and 10 Fallen Rangers. You’ll probably loot A Lady’s Necklace from one of the mobs. Right click it to start a quest.

4. When done, go north up the beach until you reach Windrunner Village. Kill Gargoyles and Phantasmal Seekers here until you have 6 Phantasmal Substance and 4 Gargoyle Fragments.

You should be level 16 by now.

If for some reason you are behind in levels, you could try to get a group to do Ragefire Chasm, it’s a fun little instance and the loots have been upgraded there recently, gather all the quests for it besides [16] Hidden Enemies (too many pre-requisites). You should be ahead of the guide in levels after that 😉

Level 16

5. When you are done, go north and swim to the little island which is located at (10,27). We need to find three different plans here (and the location can vary sometimes): Plans of An’Owyn can be found at (12,23) in a tent. Plans of An’Daroth can be found at (13,26) in a tent. Plans of Sin’Dorei can be found at (10,26) on top of the boat. Hearthstone back to Tranquillien. Turn in all your finished quests. Take all follow ups.

Take the bat to Silvermoon City, train and sell junk. In the city, go northwest to Sunfury Spire. Go up the red ramp to the Inner Sanctum. Inside you’ll see some NPCs, go behind them and enter the room. Go up the ramp and you should see an orb of translocation. Use it. Welcome to Undercity.

Enter the city and get the Undercity flight path. Jump down and go the Apothecarium. From there head to the Royal Quarter (entrance is in the middle of the Apothecarium). Turn your sound up and turn in [15] Journey to Undercity at Lady Sylvanas. Enjoy the little event.

Take the translocation orb back to Silvermoon City then fly back to Tranquillien.

Restock arrows/food/etc. Before leaving the town, be sure to have the following quests:

  • [16] Deliver the Plans to An’telas
  • [17] Investigate the Amani Catacombs
  • [17] Troll Juju


1. Follow the road south until you reach Andilien Estate at (46,56). Get [18] Clearing the Way from Apprentice Vor’el.

2. Continue on the road now going east. And at the fork go north until you reach the Sanctum of the Sun. Enter the building and turn in [14] Underlight Ore Samples at Magister Quallestis. Also get [16] The Farstrider Enclave from Magister Kaendris.

3. Go northeast of the Sanctum of the Sun, up into the mountain where you should find a camp called An’Telas (60,36). (The area around Sanctum of the Sun is a good spot for Ghostclaw Lynx btw, make sure to kill as many as you still need to finish [14] Bearers of the Plague).

Turn in [16] Deliver the Plans to An’telas at Magister Sylastor and get the follow up.

4. Leave the camp where you entered and go to Farstrider Enclave. Turn in [14] Bearers of the Plague and [16] The Farstrider Enclave. Make sure you have the following quests from here:

  • [15] Curbing the Plague
  • [16] The Traitor’s Shadow
  • [18] Attack on Zeb’Tela
  • [18] Shadowpine Weaponry
  • [19] A Little Dash of Seasoning

You should be level 17 by now.

Level 17

**From now on kill every Vampiric Mistbat and Spindleweb Lurker on the way**

5. Go a little west towards the mountain. You should see some trolls in front of a cave/mine entrance there. Enter and carefully pull your way through those catacombs. On the sides you’ll see Mumified Troll Remains looking like this:


Right click and burn 10 of them. Be careful of the poison clouds the trolls leave when they die, move out of them. The trolls should also drop Troll Jujus. You’ll need 8 of those.

From the entrance go straight until you reach a big room. There go left (there should a yellow exclamation mark on the map). Once you enter that room you should get the “investigate the Amani Catacombs completed” message.

Once you have burned enough mummies and once you’ve got enough 8 Troll Jujus, go to Ranger Lilatha who is in the cave inside that side room and take her escort quest.


Escort her safely to the entrance and be careful to always pull in advance so the quest NPC doesn’t stand around in the poison clouds after a fight. Once outside you’ll get ambushed by two trolls. CAREFUL: once you killed those two trolls she’ll start running to Farstrider Enclave, follow her even if you don’t get time to loot. At Farstrider Enclave you’ll get the quest completed message. You’ll be able to turn in the quest right away at Captain Helios.


1. Sell trash if needed and head northeast to Dawnstar Spire. Fight your way to the white building, enter and clear it. Go up the ramp. At the end you should see a book with a question mark looking like this:


Turn in [16] The Traitor’s Shadow and take the follow up. Go back to Farstrider Enclave and turn in [16] Hints of the Past, take the follow up.

2. Exit FE to the south east (this is a good spot for Vampiric Mistbats, kill as many as you still need). Go a bit further in that direction until you see Shadowpine trolls. Kill everything in that camp (Zab’Tela) until the following objectives are reached:

  • Kill 8 Shadowpine Shadowcasters
  • Kill 8 Shadowpine Headhunters
  • Obtain 3 Headhunter Axes
  • Obtain 3 Shadowcaster Maces

3. Once done, follow the mountain further southwest until you reach more troll camps (Zeb’Nowa). Clear your way to the following locations (do not sneak through since the mobs on the way drop the items you need to complete Shadowpine Weaponry) and right click these objects:

(68,58) Fresh Fish Rack (3-a)
(65,66) Raw Meat Rack (3-b)
(62,75) Smoked Meat Rack (3-c)

You should be level 18 by now, if you’re not, kill a few more trolls.

Level 18

4. Go to (74,67). Get the Zul’Aman flight path, go train, sell junk. When you’re done, hearthstone to Tranquillien get [20] The Sanctum of the Sun (if you haven’t already) and fly back to Zul’Aman.

5. Go west until you exit the path to Zul’Aman, then go southwest until you see a night elf camp called An’owyn (58,62). Clear your way through it to the middle where you should see a statue called Night Elf Moon Crystal. Continue killing Elves around it until one drops Crystal Crontrolling Orb and then right click the big statue.

6. Northwest of the Night Elf camp there should be plenty of Greater Spindlewebs and Ghostclaw Ravagers. Kill as many as you still need for [18] Clearing the Way and [15]Culinary Crunch (if you haven’t finished that one yet). Once done go west to Andilien Estate (46,56) and turn in [18] Clearing the Way.

Go east/northeast to the Sanctum of the Sun and turn in at Magister Kaendris, get the follow up. Go to the 2nd floor turn in [20] The Sanctum of the Sun and get [20]War on Deatholme.

Go back to Tranquillien. Turn in all quests, sell junk, repair etc. Also get the quest [18] Spinal Dust if you don’t have it.


1. Go southwest towards the Bleeding Ziggurath (34,42) and kill as many Spindleweb Lurkers as you can find.

2. Clear your way into the Ziggurath (be careful, Dr. Whitherlimb, a rare silver elite, spawns here sometimes… he can be tough to kill if you aren’t prepared) and loot the Dented Chest.


3. Exit the Zigurath and go to the Dead Scar. Kill Dreadbone Sentinels and Deathcage Sorcerers until you have 10 Spinal Dust.

You should also be level 19 by now.

Level 19

4. Go to (40,47) where you should find the Howling Zigurath. Fight your way inside (again be careful, Dr. Witherlimb can spawn here too) and loot the chest.

Go back to the spider spot we’ve just been at and get as much as you still need. Return to Tranquillien. Go to Magistrix Aminel and turn in [18] Spinal Dust.

Now follow the mountain southeast until you reach The Sanctum of the Sun and turn in [17] The Twin Ziggurats at Magister Kaendris. You will be able to choose between “Sunwell Blade” or “Sunwell Orb“, choose whichever you can equip and be sure to keep those (we will need them). Get the follow up.

Go east till you get back on the road then follow it north to the elf camp at (60,36). Turn in [16] Deactivate An’owyn at Magister Sylastor. Now go back out of the mountains and northeast to Farstrider Enclave. Turn in every completed quest you have. Get the following quests:

[19] Assault on Zeb’Nowa.
[20+] Bring Me Kel’gash’s Head!

1. Go south towards the Zeb’Nowa troll camps. Try finding a partner for the next part by shouting in the zone. If you don’t manage, prepare a big health pot/bandages. For warlocks and hunters this won’t really be a problem but for mages or so it might be. Work your way south to (64,80) where you should see a big troll house (on the way you’ll be able to kill plenty of catlords and hexxers which you need for [19] Assault on Zeb’Nowa). Once at the troll house, on the bottom floor you’ll see a catlord and a hexxer. Kill them and go up to the second floor. There you should see a named troll called Kel’gash the Wicked. He is level 20 elite. I soloed him with a level 19 hunter, with a cat as pet and using mend pet a few times in between autoshots when arcane shot wasn’t up. Anyway, if you don’t find a partner for this, still try to kill him, with a little skill and a health pot you might just be able to pull it off. If you don’t manage it, abandon the quest [20+] Bring Me Kel’gash’s Head!, just grind 1950 exp (= approx 14 mobs) in this camp. Finish killing as many catlords and hexxers as you might still need (you need 10 of each).

2. Once done go west to Deatholme. Enter it and kill 5 Eye of Dar’Khan, 6 Nerubis Centurion and 6 Wailers. Use your hearthstone when you are done.

You should be level 20 by now or close.

Level 20

Fly to Silvermoon City if you wish to train, visit the auction house, etc.
Fly back to Tranquillien. Go to the Sanctum of the Sun. Turn in [20] War on Deatholme at Magister Idonis. Get the follow up [20] Dar’Khan’s Lieutenants, also get [20] A Restorative Draught from Arcanist Janeda. Go to Farstrider Enclave and turn in all your quests. Go back to Tranquillien and turn in [20] A Restorative Draught at Apothecary Renzithen. Take the follow up. Sell junk, repair, etc. When you are ready go back to Deatholme.


1. Inside Deatholme take a right, follow the path until you find some catacombs (32,75) on your right-hand side. Inside the catacombs you’ll find Apothecary Enith and Jurion the Deceiver. Be careful to be full health before you descend into the catacombs where you’ll find them. Kill Jurion and talk to the Apothecary to rescue him.

2. Get out of the catacombs and clear the way east, till you find a big gazebo structure at (36,78), where you should find Mirdoran the Fallen. Kill him (be careful not to get an add when you pull).

3. Continue south to (38,84), on your left-hand side you should see a little path going up a hill there. Go up, enter the slaughterhouse building and rescue Apothecary Varnis. Borgoth the Bloodletter can spawn here, if you find him here, kill him but be careful not to get adds along when you pull.

4. When done follow the path southwest to (31,88), there you should see another slaughterhouse. Enter it and rescue Ranger Vedoran. If Borgoth the Bloodletter wasn’t at the previous location, he should be here, kill him too.

5. Once done you need to find Masophet the Black who spawns either at (29,89) or (35,88). Beware of Dr Whitherlimb (rare silver), he spawns in the building at (35,88). He may kill you if aren’t prepared.
While you search for Masophet, shout in the zone and ask if someone wants to do [21] The Traitor’s Destruction. Continue killing stuff around the big Zigurath in the middle until you reach one of the two objectives:

  • Find someone to do [21] The Traitor’s Destruction with you: Group up and clear the way into the big zigurath in the middle. Deep inside you’ll see Dar’Khan Drathir. Equip your Sunwell Blade or Sunwell Orb and put it on a macro. Dar’Khan is guarded by two necromancers with pets. They can be pulled, solo, before pulling Dar’Khan if you are careful and pull from range. Shoot the necro you want to pull once, then hide behind the wall and wait until it comes. Once both necros are dead, go for Dar’Khan and don’t forget to use your Sunwell Blade/Orb. It will do 500 dmg to him + silence, but it needs to be channeled. Once he’s down, exit the Ziggurat and kill mobs until you are 6675 exp away from level 21.
  • If you don’t find anyone to group up with, just kill mobs at Deatholme until you are 4725 exp away from level 21. However if you can get someone to help you do [21] The Traitor’s Destruction, then don’t hesitate, the rewards are awesome.

Hearthstone back to Tranquillien (if it’s up) or just walk directly to The Sanctum of the Sun.

ALTERNATIVE: Instead of running back from Deatholme to the Sanctum you can also let a mob kill you and take a spirit raise. You’ll appear close to the Sanctum. If you don’t want to waste money this way, just walk there normally.

Turn in all three quests there, take the follow up [21] Hero of the Sin’dorei then go back to Tranquillien and fly to Silvermoon City. Go to the Sunfury Spire (where the orb of translocation is if you remember) and turn in [21] Hero of the Sin’dorei at Lor’Themar Theron. Get the follow up. Grats on level 21.

You are right next to the orb of translocation which will take you to Undercity, where you can turn in this quest and continute with Jame’s horde leveling guide.

This is the end of my guide. I hope you liked it and please take some time to leave feedback.


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