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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘BitAzs1220’, “Leveling”, ‘Azshara’, ‘Bitsem’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,10,18, 12.6716)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘BitAsh2025′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Beyond Durotar|QID|25648|PRE|25206&25236|M|45.0,14.6|Z|Durotar|N|From Gor the Enforcer, just outside Orgrimmar’s Southern Gates|
T Beyond Durotar|QID|25648|M|26.84,77.00|N|To Ag’tor Bloodfist.|LEAD|25275^28496|

A Warchief’s Command: Azshara!|QID|28496|M|26.84,77.00|N|From the Warchief’s Command Board.|LEAD|14129^25275^25648|
T Warchief’s Command: Azshara!|QID|28496|M|27.00,77.09|N|To Labor Captain Grabbit.|ACTIVE|28496|

A Venison for the Troops|QID|14118|M|26.82,76.95|N|From Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
A The Eyes of Ashenvale|QID|14117|M|26.82,76.95|N|From Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
C Venison for the Troops|QID|14118|S|M|27.98,68.76|N|Kill Weakened Mosshoof Stags and Talrendis Scouts while you are doing the next few quests.|
C The Eyes of Ashenvale|QID|14117|S|M|29.80,74.71|N|Kill 8 Talrendis Scouts. If you loot Scout’s Orders, activate the quest Return of the Highborne?|
T Report to the Labor Captain|O|QID|25275|M|27.00,77.09|N|To Labor Captain Grabbit|
A Runaway Shredder!|QID|14129|M|27.00,77.09|N|From Labor Captain Grabbit.|
C Runaway Shredder!|QID|14129|M|27.00,72.83|N|Attack one of the runaway shredders and hop inside when it’s damaged enough.|
T Runaway Shredder!|QID|14129|M|27.00,72.83|N|(UI Alert)|

A The Captain’s Logs|QID|14134|PRE|14129|M|27.00,72.83|N|(UI Alert)|
C The Captain’s Logs|QID|14134|M|26.45,75.40|N|Use the Reprogrammed Shredder to collect 6 piles of Azshara Lumber.|
T The Captain’s Logs|QID|14134|M|26.45,75.40|N|(UI Alert)|
A Up a Tree|QID|14135|PRE|14134|M|26.98,77.08|N|(UI Alert)|
C Up a Tree|QID|14135|M|23.08,74.40|N|Use the shredder’s buzzsaw to cut down Azshara Saplings, kill 9 Talrendis Snipers as they emerge.|
T Up a Tree|QID|14135|M|23.08,74.40|N|(UI Alert)|
A Defend the Gates!|QID|14146|PRE|14135|M|23.08,74.40|N|(UI Alert)|
C Defend the Gates!|QID|14146|M|27.08,76.63|N|Go back to the Rear Gate of Orgrimmar to slay 20 Night Elf Raiders.|
T Defend the Gates!|QID|14146|M|26.91,77.02|N|(UI Alert)|

A Arborcide|QID|14155|PRE|14146|M|26.91,77.02|N|(UI Alert)|
C Arborcide|QID|14155|M|21.92,75.71|N|Use the shredder to destroy the Talrendis Ancient.|
l Scout’s Orders|QID|14127|RANK|2|M|29.95,74.40|L|47039|N|Kill and loot Talrendis Scouts until this drops.|ACTIVE|-14127|
A Return of the Highborne?|QID|14127|RANK|2|M|29.95,74.40|U|47039|N|From the Scout’s Orders you looted.|
C Venison for the Troops|QID|14118|US|M|27.08,72.91|N|Exit Shredder. Collect 15 Slabs of Venison from Weakened Mosshoof Stags.|
C The Eyes of Ashenvale|QID|14117|US|M|29.80,74.71|N|Kill 8 Talrendis Scouts. |
T Arborcide|QID|14155|M|27.00,77.09|N|To Labor Captain Grabbit.|

A Report to Horzak|QID|14162|PRE|14155|M|27.00,77.09|N|From Labor Captain Grabbit.|
T Venison for the Troops|QID|14118|M|26.82,76.95|N|To Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
T The Eyes of Ashenvale|QID|14117|M|26.82,76.95|N|To Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
T Return of the Highborne?|QID|14127|M|26.82,76.95|N|To Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
A Return of the Highborne?|QID|14128|PRE|14127|RANK|2|M|26.82,76.95|N|From Ag’tor Bloodfist.|
T Return of the Highborne?|QID|14128|M|29.68,66.88|N|To Malynea Skyreaver.|
T Report to Horzak|QID|14162|M|29.15,66.24|N|To Horzak Zignibble.|

A Basilisk Bashin’|QID|14161|PRE|14162|M|29.15,66.24|N|From Horzak Zignibble.|
A Stone Cold|QID|14165|M|29.15,66.24|N|From Horzak Zignibble.|
A A Quota to Meet|QID|14197|M|29.21,66.44|N|From Foreman Fisk, who wanders.|
C A Quota to Meet|QID|14197|S|M|23.20,67.44|N|Gather 20 ingots of Mountainfoot Iron.|NC|

C Basilisk Bashin’|QID|14161|M|25.50,68.50|N|Kill Greystone Basilisks while you search for a stonified Mountainfoot Miner at the Mountainfoot Strip Mine.|
N Stone Cold|QID|14165|NC|M|26.56,68.50|N|Seek out a Mountainfoot Miner.|BUFF|67032^91695^69619|
C Stone Cold|QID|14165|NC|M|26.56,68.50|N|With the Goblin on your back, head back to Horzak Zignibble. \nNote: You will lose the goblin if you mount. |

T Basilisk Bashin’|QID|14161|M|29.15,66.24|N|To Horzak Zignibble.|
T Stone Cold|QID|14165|M|29.15,66.24|N|To Horzak Zignibble.|

A The Perfect Prism|QID|14190|PRE|14165|M|29.15,66.24|N|From Horzak Zignibble.|
t A Quota to Meet|QID|14197|M|29.15,66.27|N|To Foreman Fisk, who wanders.|
C The Perfect Prism|QID|14190|M|21.57,66.10|N|Kill Talrendis Saboteurs until you loot a Crystal Pendant.|
C A Quota to Meet|QID|14197|US|M|23.20,67.44|N|Gather 20 ingots of Mountainfoot Iron.|
T The Perfect Prism|QID|14190|M|20.29,70.31|N|To the Headquarters Radio.|
A Prismbreak|QID|14192|PRE|14190|M|20.29,70.31|N|From the Headquarters Radio.|
T Prismbreak|QID|14192|M|20.09,70.06|N|To the Weapons Cabinet.|
A Refleshification|QID|14194|PRE|14192|M|20.09,70.06|N|From the Weapons Cabinet.|
C Refleshification|QID|14194|U|48104|M|24.56,72.63|N|Use The Refleshifier to de-stonify eight Mountainfoot Miners.|NC|
T A Quota to Meet|QID|14197|M|29.15,66.27|N|To Foreman Fisk, who wanders.|
T Refleshification|QID|14194|M|29.15,66.24|N|To Horzak Zignibble.|

A Another Warm Body|QID|14468|PRE|14194&14197&14161|M|29.52,66.84|RANK|2|N|From Private Worcester.|
T Another Warm Body|QID|14468|M|29.43,57.68|N|To Commander Molotov.|
A Hand-me-downs|QID|14469|PRE|14468|RANK|2|M|29.43,57.68|N|From Commander Molotov.|
A Military Breakthrough|QID|14470|PRE|14468|RANK|2|M|29.38,57.61|N|From Glix Grindlock.|
C Hand-me-downs|QID|14469|S|M|27.75,54.06|N|Loot the Military Supplies from the Dead Soldier corpses in the central minefield.|NC|
K Warlord Krellian|QID|14470|QO|1|M|27.63,51.91|N|Kill Warlord Krellen|
C Military Breakthrough|QID|14470|QO|2|M|27.63,51.91|N|Loot the SFG from the floor|NC|
C Hand-me-downs|QID|14469|US|M|27.75,54.06|N|Loot the Military Supplies from the Dead Soldier corpses in the central minefield.|NC|
T Military Breakthrough|QID|14470|M|29.38,57.61|N|To Glix Grindlock.|
T Hand-me-downs|QID|14469|M|29.46,57.67|N|To Commander Molotov.|

A First Degree Mortar|QID|14471|PRE|14468|RANK|2|M|29.10,57.94|N|From Xiz “The Eye” Salvoblast.|
C First Degree Mortar|QID|14471|M|31.10,57.63|N|Use a Goblin Mortar to slaughter 60 Spitelash Attackers.|
T First Degree Mortar|QID|14471|M|29.10,57.94|N|To Xiz “The Eye” Salvoblast.|

A In The Face!|QID|14472|PRE|14469&14470&14471|RANK|2|M|29.38,57.61|N|From Glix Grindlock.|
C In The Face!|QID|14472|M|31.44,60.75|N|Use an SFG to kill an Enslaved Son of Arkkoroc in the southern minefield.|U|49700|
T In The Face!|QID|14472|M|29.38,57.61|N|To Glix Grindlock.|

A Profitability Scouting|QID|24452|PRE|14472|RANK|2|M|29.46,57.67|N|From Commander Molotov.|
C Profitability Scouting|QID|24452|NC|U|49701|M|31.31,49.92|N|Use the stealth field generator to infiltrate the Ruins of Eldarath and identify the Heart of Arkkoroc.|
T Profitability Scouting|QID|24452|M|29.46,57.67|N|To Commander Molotov.|

A Private Chat|QID|24453|PRE|24452|RANK|2|M|29.46,57.67|N|From Commander Molotov.|
T Private Chat|QID|24453|M|29.52,66.84|N|Back to the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange, to Private Worcester.|
A A Thousand Stories in the Sand|QID|14201|PRE|24453|M|29.68,66.88|N|From Malynea Skyreaver.|
A Survey the Lakeshore|QID|14202|PRE|24453|M|29.59,66.85|N|From Custer Clubnik.|
C A Thousand Stories in the Sand|QID|14201|M|33.57,74.65|S|N|Collect Recovered Artifacts.|
C Survey North Marker|QID|14202|U|48665|QO|2|M|34.69,71.57|N|Stand next to the Survey Equipment and protect the Surveryor until you get the completion for that section.|
C Survey East Marker|QID|14202|U|48665|QO|3|M|37.37,74.61|N|Stand next to the Survey Equipment and protect the Surveryor until you get the completion for that section.|
C Survey the Lakeshore|QID|14202|QO|1|M|34.29,76.62|U|48665|N|Stand next to the Survey Equipment and protect the Surveryor until you get the completion for that section.|
C A Thousand Stories in the Sand|QID|14201|M|33.57,74.65|US|N|Collect Recovered Artifacts.|
T A Thousand Stories in the Sand|QID|14201|M|29.68,66.88|N|To Malynea Skyreaver.|

A Memories of the Dead|QID|14215|PRE|14201|M|29.64,66.86|N|From Malynea Skyreaver.|
T Survey the Lakeshore|QID|14202|M|29.59,66.85|N|To Custer Clubnik, who wanders.|
C Memories of the Dead|QID|14215|M|36.57,72.50;37.52,74.53|CS|N|Talk to the Spirit of Kalytha then follow the arrow to Archmage Selwyn.|
T Memories of the Dead|QID|14215|M|37.52,74.53|N|(UI Alert)|
A Mystery of the Sarcen Stone|QID|14216|PRE|14215|M|37.52,74.53|N|(UI Alert)|
C Mystery of the Sarcen Stone|QID|14216|M|35.52,75.28|N|Open the Ancient Stone Cask at the bottom of the Lake.|
T Mystery of the Sarcen Stone|QID|14216|M|29.66,66.88|N|To Malynea Skyreaver.|
A Gunk in the Trunk|QID|14209|PRE|14202|M|29.71,67.11|N|From Custer Clubnik.|
C Gunk in the Trunk|QID|14209|M|30.02,67.37|N|Click on the Dozer and kill the Ectoplasmic Exhaust that appears. Loot the sample.|
T Gunk in the Trunk|QID|14209|M|29.73,67.15|N|To Custer Clubnik, who wanders.|
A Dozercism|QID|14423|PRE|14209|M|29.73,67.15|N|From Custer Clubnik, who wanders.|
C Dozercism|QID|14423|U|49350|M|28.94,66.54|N|Use the Blessed Flaregun by Clubnik’s Dozer. Be sure you have the Dozer targeted when the priest appears, or it is hard to target it afterwards.|
T Dozercism|QID|14423|M|29.62,67.07|N|To Custer Clubnik, who wanders.|

A Need More Science|QID|14424|LEAD|14308|PRE|14423|M|29.62,67.07;29.39,66.63|CS|N|From Custer Clubnik. Ride the lift to the top of the tower and talk to the goblin for a rocket ride to the Southern Rocketway Terminus.|
F Southern Rocketway Terminus|QID|14424|M|29.47,66.22|N|Go to the top of the tower, talk to the Bilgewater Rocket-jockey and ride the rocket to Southern Rocketway Terminus.|
f Southern Rocketway|QID|14424|M|51.49,74.28|N|Get flight point from Friz Groundspin|
T Need More Science|QID|14424|M|50.41,74.29|N|To Assistant Greely.|
A When Science Attacks|QID|14308|M|50.41,74.29|N|From Assistant Greely.|
A Mortar the Point|QID|14258|M|52.22,74.23|N|From Bombardier Captain Smooks.|
C Mortar the Point|QID|14258|M|43.11,77.18|N|Collect Mortar shells.|S|
C When Science Attacks|QID|14308|U|49132|M|43.39,76.07|N|Put out Lab fires, and put out Research Interns that are on fire.|S|
A Bad Science! Bad!|QID|14322|M|45.09,75.46|N|From Twistex Happytongs.|
A Nine’s Plan|QID|14408|RANK|2|M|42.19,76.13|N|From Subject Nine.|
C Bad Science! Bad!|QID|14322|M|44.40,79.00|N|Kill Static-Charged Hippogryphs.|
T Bad Science! Bad!|QID|14322|M|45.06,75.53|N|To Twistex Happytongs.|
C Nine’s Plan|QID|14408|M|45.97,76.06|N|Activate the Buzzer. It looks like a torch to the right of the locked door.|
T Nine’s Plan|QID|14408|M|42.22,76.12|N|To Subject Nine.|

A Raptor Raptor Rocket|QID|14422|PRE|14408|RANK|2|M|42.22,76.12|N|From Subject Nine.|
C Raptor Raptor Rocket|QID|14422|M|42.21,76.09|N|Go back down, Free 5 raptors and return to Subject Nine with them.|
T Raptor Raptor Rocket|QID|14422|M|42.21,76.09|N|To Subject Nine.|
C Mortar the Point|QID|14258|M|43.11,77.18|N|Collect Mortar shells.|US|
C When Science Attacks|QID|14308|U|49132|M|43.39,76.07|N|Put out Lab fires, and put out Research Interns that are on fire.|US|
T When Science Attacks|QID|14308|M|43.80,77.36|N|To the Secret Lab Squawkbox.|
A Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped|QID|14310|PRE|14308|M|43.80,77.36|N|From the Secret Lab Squawkbox.|
C Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped|QID|14310|U|49132|M|49.37,74.92|N|Pull the lever! Use the Extinguisher on the cart when it starts flaming.|
T Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped|QID|14310|M|50.38,74.28|N|To Assistant Greely.|
A Mysterious Azsharite|QID|14370|PRE|14310|M|50.41,74.29|N|From Assistant Greely.|
A A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|PRE|14310|M|50.41,74.29|N|From Assistant Greely.|
T Mortar the Point|QID|14258|M|52.22,74.23|N|To Bombardier Captain Smooks.|

A To Gut a Fish|QID|14262|PRE|14258|M|50.68,75.30|N|From Torg Twocrush.|
A Investigating the Sea Shrine|QID|14267|PRE|14258|M|50.68,75.30|N|From Torg Twocrush.|
C A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|M|46.7,72.2|N|Kill and loot Mistwing Cliffdwellers.|S|
C Mysterious Azsharite|QID|14370|M|50.55,82.10|N|Loot Azharite Formations off the ground. If you come across a “Crystallized Note” while looting the formations, I would recommend reading it for a laugh and a hint on what Azharite is.|
C A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|M|46.7,72.2|N|Kill and loot Mistwing Cliffdwellers.|US|
C To Gut a Fish|QID|14262|M|55.49,76.45|S|N|Kill Spitelash Stormfurys and Seacallers.|
T Investigating the Sea Shrine|QID|14267|M|58.98,71.98|N|To the Naga Power Stone.|
A The Keystone Shard|QID|14270|PRE|14267|M|58.98,71.98|N|From the Naga Power Stone.|
C The Keystone Shard|QID|14270|M|57.57,71.02|N|Pick up the Keystone Shard.|
T The Keystone Shard|QID|14270|M|58.99,71.93|N|To the Naga Power Stone.|

A Report to Twocrush|QID|14271|PRE|14270|M|58.99,71.93|N|From the Naga Power Stone.|
C To Gut a Fish|QID|14262|M|55.49,76.45|US|N|Kill Spitelash Stormfurys and Seacallers.|
T To Gut a Fish|QID|14262|M|50.68,75.30|N|To Torg Twocrush.|
T Report to Twocrush|QID|14271|M|50.68,75.30|N|To Torg Twocrush.|
A Sisters of the Sea|QID|14295|PRE|14271|RANK|3|M|50.68,75.30|N|From Torg Twocrush.|
T Mysterious Azsharite|QID|14370|M|50.45,74.37|N|To Assistant Greely.|
T A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|M|50.45,74.37|N|To Assistant Greely.|
A Befriending Giants|QID|14377|PRE|14370&14371|M|50.45,74.37|N|From Assistant Greely.|
K Lady Silisthra|QID|14295|M|62.81,76.32|QO|1|N|Kill Lady Silisthra, disable the Power Stone behind her to make it easier to kill her.|
C Sisters of the Sea|QID|14295|M|63.13,79.38|N|Kill Lady Vesthra, disable the Power Stone behind her to make it easier to kill her.|QO|2|
T Sisters of the Sea|QID|14295|M|50.68,75.30|N|To Torg Twocrush.|
C Befriending Giants|QID|14377|M|47.78,75.47|N|Talk to Gormungan.|
T Befriending Giants|QID|14377|M|50.39,74.30|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A Azsharite Experiment Number One|QID|14385|PRE|14377|M|50.41,74.29|N|From Assistant Greely.|
A The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches|QID|14383|PRE|14377|M|50.50,74.75|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|
C The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches|QID|14383|S|M|43.49,83.00;40.07,84.43|CS|N|Follow the lit path West, kill gnomes on your way to Bingham Gadgetspring inside the house. Kill him.|
l Giant-Sized Laxative|QID|14385|M|43.49,83.00;40.07,84.43|CS|QO|1|N|The Laxative is upstairs in Bingham’s house.|
C The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches|QID|14383|US|M|43.49,83.00;40.07,84.43|CS|N|Kill the rest of the gnomes needed to finish the quest.|
C Azsharite Experiment Number One|QID|14385|M|47.8,75.5|N|Attempt to give the laxative to Gormungan.|QO|2|
T Azsharite Experiment Number One|QID|14385|M|50.41,74.29|N|To Assistant Greely.|
A Azsharite Experiment Number Two|QID|14388|PRE|14385|M|50.41,74.29|N|From Assistant Greely.|
T The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches|QID|14383|M|50.51,74.74|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|
C Azsharite Experiment Number Two|QID|14388|M|50.38,74.29;47.71,75.51|CS|N|Talk to Assistant Greely when you’re ready to shrink. Hop on a rat and run to Gormungan.|
T Azsharite Experiment Number Two|QID|14388|M|50.41,74.29|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A A Hello to Arms|QID|24458|PRE|14383&14388|M|50.53,74.77;51.48,74.32|CS|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|
F Bilgewater Harbor|QID|24458|M|51.48,74.3|N|Speak with Friz Groundspin for a free airlift.|
f Bilgewater Harbor|QID|24458|M|52.92,49.85|N|Head down to the docks to get the flight point.|
A Operation Fishgut|QID|14478|PRE|24452|M|52.31,50.30|N|From the Wrenchmen Recruitment Poster on the column.|
h Bilgewater Harbor|QID|24458|M|57.02,50.29|N|At Grimy Greasefingers.|
T A Hello to Arms|QID|24458|M|60.51,50.86|N|To Bleenik Fizzlefuse.|
T Operation Fishgut|QID|14478|M|60.62,50.67|N|To Commander Molotov.|
A Rapid Deployment|QID|24455|PRE|14478|M|60.62,50.67|N|From Commander Molotov.|
T Rapid Deployment|QID|24455|M|58.07,52.32|N|To Captain Desoto.|
A There Are Many Like It|QID|14479|PRE|24455|M|58.07,52.32|N|From Captain Desoto.|
F The Shattered Strand|QID|14479|M|57.89,52.22|N|Hop on the Surface to Other Surface Transport rocket when you’re ready to leave.|
A First Come, First Served|QID|24437|M|39.14,51.77|N|From Ruckus.|
T There Are Many Like It|QID|14479|M|41.50,53.63|N|To Lieutenant Drex.|

A Mop Up|QID|24435|PRE|14479|M|41.50,53.63|N|From Lieutenant Drex.|
A Halo Drops|QID|24436|M|41.41,53.92|N|From Sergeant Hort.|
C Mop Up|QID|24435|PRE|14479|S|M|41.50,53.63|N|Kill Naga.|
C Halo Drops|QID|24436|U|49679|M|41.41,53.92|N|Use the Flare Gun near Wounded Soldiers.|S|
N Southern Pagoda|QID|24437|U|49685|M|43.88,59.92|QO|1|N|Stand in the blue light and use the Flag and claim the Southern Pagoda.|
N Big ol’ Tower|QID|24437|U|49685|M|43.6,43.42|QO|2|N|Stand in the blue light and use the Flag and claim the Big ol’ Tower.|
C First Come, First Served|QID|24437|U|49685|M|45.46,38.54|QO|3|N|Stand in the blue light and use the Flag and claim the Northern Vista.|
C Halo Drops|QID|24436|U|49679|M|41.41,53.92|N|Use the Flare Gun near Wounded Soldiers.|US|
C Mop Up|QID|24435|PRE|14479|US|M|41.50,53.63|N|Finish killing Nagas for this quest.|
T First Come, First Served|QID|24437|M|39.14,51.77|N|To Ruckus.|
T Mop Up|QID|24435|M|41.50,53.63|N|To Lieutenant Drex.|
T Halo Drops|QID|24436|M|41.41,53.92|N|To Sergeant Hort.|

A Field Promotion|QID|24448|PRE|24435&24436|M|41.50,53.63|N|From Lieutenant Drex.|
T Field Promotion|QID|24448|M|34.34,44.89|N|To Captain Tork.|
A Still Beating Heart|QID|14487|PRE|24448|M|34.34,44.89|N|From Captain Tork.|
A Extermination|QID|14480|PRE|24448|M|34.44,44.77|N|From Sergeant Zelks.|
A Head of the Snake|QID|14484|PRE|24448|M|34.44,44.77|N|From Sergeant Zelks.|
A Ticker Required|QID|14485|PRE|24448|M|34.44,44.77|N|From Sergeant Zelks.|
A Handling the Goods|QID|14486|PRE|24448|M|34.52,44.71|N|From Tora Halotrix.|
C Handling the Goods|QID|14486|U|49629|S|M|35.11,49.95|N|Collect 12 Highborne Tablets from the Ruins of Eldarath.|
C Extermination|QID|14480|U|49629|S|M|33.49,48.16|N|Kill 30 Spitelash Naga in the Ruins of Eldarath.|
C Ticker Required|QID|14485|U|49629|M|34.30,48.21;34.06,51.64|CN|N|Bring Ticker into the ruins and cover him as he sets up bombs at 3 of the Spitelash Runestones. The first one should be respawned by the time you’ve blown the second one up.|
C Head of the Snake|QID|14484|U|49649|M|36.01,49.87|N|Kill Lord Kassarus. Pick up the Impaling Spines he throws and throw them back during the fight.|
C Still Beating Heart|QID|14487|U|49629|M|31.92,50.20|N|Recover the Heart of Arkkoroc from the center of the Ruins of Eldarath.|
C Handling the Goods|QID|14486|U|49629|US|M|35.11,49.95|N|Collect 12 Highborne Tablets from the Ruins of Eldarath.|
C Extermination|QID|14480|U|49629|US|M|33.49,48.16|N|Kill 30 Spitelash Naga in the Ruins of Eldarath.|
T Still Beating Heart|QID|14487|M|34.34,44.89|N|To Captain Tork.|
T Head of the Snake|QID|14484|M|34.44,44.77|N|To Sergeant Zelks.|
T Ticker Required|QID|14485|M|34.44,44.77|N|To Sergeant Zelks.|
T Extermination|QID|14480|M|34.44,44.77|N|From Sergeant Zelks.|
T Handling the Goods|QID|14486|M|34.52,44.71|N|To Tora Halotrix.|

A Shore Leave|QID|24449|PRE|14480&14484&14485&14486&14487|M|34.33,44.88;34.48,44.59|CS|N|From Captain Tork.|
T Shore Leave|QID|24449|M|60.59,50.57|N|To Uncle Bedlam. Hop on the Military Gyrocopter when ready to leave.|
A Azshara Blues|QID|14407|M|59.38,50.68|N|From Teemo.|
T Azshara Blues|QID|14407|M|55.47,52.16|N|To Kalec.|
A Friends Come In All Colors|QID|14130|PRE|14407|M|55.47,52.16|N|From Kalec.|
F Bitter Reaches|QID|14130|M|67.46,21.13|N|The flight point you’re actually headed to is Northern Rocketway north of Bilgewater Harbor.|
T Friends Come In All Colors|QID|14130|M|70.33,36.28|N|To Ergll.|
A A Little Pick-me-up|QID|14131|PRE|14130|M|70.33,36.28|N|From Ergll.|
A That’s Just Rude!|QID|14132|PRE|14130|M|70.33,36.28|N|From Ergll.|
A Absorbent|QID|14323|PRE|14130|M|70.33,36.28|N|From Ergll.|
C That’s Just Rude!|QID|14132|S|M|71.58,36.23|N|Collect Kawphi Beans and kill Makrinni while collecting Simmering Water Droplets.|
C A Little Pick-me-up|QID|14131|S|N|Collect 10 Kawphi Beans.|
C Absorbent|QID|14323|M|82.13,40.46|U|49168|N|Use the Enchanted Azshari Sea Sponge and run past the Vile Splashes.|
T Absorbent|QID|14323|M|81.91,40.71|N|(UI Alert)|

A Full of Hot Water|QID|14324|PRE|14323|M|81.91,40.71|N|(UI Alert)|
C Full of Hot Water|QID|14324|U|49176|M|81.18,30.62|N|Use the sponge, kill Scalding Water Lord, loot the Globe.|
C A Little Pick-me-up|QID|14131|M|72.58,34.56|N|Collect 10 Kawphi Beans. lol. Kawphi…Coffee! Nice!|US|
C That’s Just Rude!|QID|14132|US|M|71.58,36.23|N|Kill 10 Makrinni in the Ruins of Arkkoran.|
T A Little Pick-me-up|QID|14131|M|70.36,36.25|N|To Ergll.|
T That’s Just Rude!|QID|14132|M|70.36,36.25|N|To Ergll.|
T Full of Hot Water|QID|14324|M|70.36,36.25|N|To Ergll.|
A Wash Out|QID|14345|PRE|14131&14132&14324|M|70.36,36.25|N|From Ergll.|
T Wash Out|QID|14345|M|42.73,25.20|N|To Sorata Firespinner.|
A Dressed to Impress|QID|14340|PRE|14345|M|42.73,25.20|N|From Sorata Firespinner.|
A The Blackmaw Scar|QID|14431|M|42.40,23.62|N|From Haggrum Bloodfist.|
C The Blackmaw Scar|QID|14431|US|M|37.50,34.06|N|Slay 8 Talrendis Biologists and gather up Blackmaw Intelligence from one of the bodies.|
T The Blackmaw Scar|QID|14431|M|42.40,23.71|N|To Haggrum Bloodfist.|

A A Pale Brew|QID|14432|PRE|14431|M|42.40,23.71|N|From Haggrum Bloodfist.|
A Diplomacy by Another Means|QID|14433|PRE|14431|M|42.40,23.71|N|From Haggrum Bloodfist.|
C A Pale Brew|QID|14432|S|M|30.27,39.35|N|Gather up 10 samples of Briaroot Brew from Blackmaw furbolgs.|
C Diplomacy by Another Means|QID|14433|M|29.83,38.58|N|Gather a Blackmaw Meeting Agenda at Blackmaw Hold, and kill a Talrendis Ambassador to collect her Ambassador’s Robes.|
C A Pale Brew|QID|14432|US|M|30.27,39.35|N|Gather up 10 samples of Briaroot Brew from Blackmaw furbolgs.|
T A Pale Brew|QID|14432|M|42.43,23.61|N|To Haggrum Bloodfist.|
T Diplomacy by Another Means|QID|14433|M|42.43,23.61|N|To Haggrum Bloodfist.|
A The Blackmaw Doublecross|QID|14435|PRE|14442&14433|M|42.43,23.61|N|From Haggrum Bloodfist.|
C The Blackmaw Doublecross|QID|14435|U|49368|M|42.65,23.71;32.13,30.41|CS|N|Use Ambassador Disguise, talk to Andorel when you’re ready. Speak with Ungarl to wreck the negotiations, then kill 4 Blackmaw Warriors and 4 Blackmaw Shaman on your way out. |
T The Blackmaw Doublecross|QID|14435|M|42.39,23.62|N|To Haggrum Bloodfist.|
A Amberwind’s Journal|QID|14428|M|42.59,23.72|N|From Andorel Sunsworn.|
C Dressed to Impress|QID|14340|NC|U|49201|M|47.76,18.35;47.22,20.83|CS|N|Follow the path up the hill.\nPut on your new wizard hat and then speak to the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
T Dressed to Impress|QID|14340|M|47.22,20.83|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|

A Renewable Resource|QID|14250|PRE|14340|M|47.30,21.16|N|From Tharkul Ironskull.|
A Shear Will|QID|14249|PRE|14340|M|47.13,21.10|N|From Will Robotronic.|
A Waste of Thyme|QID|14263|PRE|14340|M|47.04,21.02|N|From Quarla Whistlebreak.|
C Waste of Thyme|QID|14263|S|M|49.27,18.71|N|Collect Living Ire Thyme. Almost impossible to see on the ground, watch for sparkles. You get a 20% damage done and taken debuff per patch you pick up (Lasts 60 secs)|
C Shear Will|QID|14249|S|M|42.38,18.43|N|Obtain 80 Pristine Thunderhead Feathers from Thunderhead Hippogryphs and Stagwings.|
C Renewable Resource|QID|14250|U|49038|M|52.10,20.10|N|Use the Arcane Charge in front of Balboa near the Ruins of Nordressa, loot 5 Animate Basalt after it goes off.|
C Amberwind’s Journal|QID|14428|M|49.85,28.43|N|Slay Lorekeeper Amberwind at the Darnassian Base Camp and retrieve her journal.|
T Amberwind’s Journal|QID|14428|M|49.53,28.73|N|At the Upper Scrying Stone.|
A Arcane De-Construction|QID|14429|PRE|14428|M|49.53,28.73|N|From the Upper Scrying Stone.|
C Arcane De-Construction|QID|14429|M|52.49,26.79|N|Slay Apprentice Investigators and Apprentice Illuminators to collect 10 Attuned Runestones.|
T Arcane De-Construction|QID|14429|M|52.99,29.00|N|To the Lower Scrying Stone.|

A Hacking the Construct|QID|14430|PRE|14429|M|52.99,29.00|N|From the Lower Scrying Stone.|
C Hacking the Construct|QID|14430|NC|M|52.97,29.84|N|Speak with the Arcane Construct at the Darnassian Base Camp and utter the words of arcane power.|
C Shear Will|QID|14249|US|M|42.38,18.43|N|Obtain 80 Pristine Thunderhead Feathers from Thunderhead Hippogryphs and Stagwings.|
C Waste of Thyme|QID|14263|US|M|49.27,18.71|N|Collect 8 bundles of Living Ire Thyme near the Ruins of Nordressa. Almost impossible to see on the ground, watch for sparkles. You get a 20% damage done and taken debuff per patch you pick up (Lasts 60 secs).|
T Waste of Thyme|QID|14263|M|47.04,21.02|N|To Quarla Whistlebreak.|
T Shear Will|QID|14249|M|47.11,21.04|N|To Will Robotronic.|
T Renewable Resource|QID|14250|M|47.28,21.19|N|To Tharkul Ironskull.|
A Manual Labor|QID|14230|PRE|14249&14250&14263|M|47.22,21.24|N|From Teresa Spireleaf.|
A Trouble Under Foot|QID|14226|PRE|14249&14250&14263|M|47.23,20.83|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
C Trouble Under Foot|QID|14226|S|M|54.17,23.96|N|Use your Personal Arcane Assistant to turn 12 Legash demons into insects and then squash them.|
C Manual Labor|QID|14230|M|55.23,25.07|N|Retrieve the Abjurer’s Manual from the Lagash Encampment. It is at the waypoint and the tooltip will say it is the Manual.|
C Trouble Under Foot|QID|14226|US|M|54.17,23.96|N|Use your Personal Arcane Assistant to turn 12 Legash demons into insects and then squash them.|
T Trouble Under Foot|QID|14226|M|47.18,20.83|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem. Use your personal Arcane Assistant to port you back.|
T Manual Labor|QID|14230|M|47.28,21.20|N|To Teresa Spireleaf.|

A The Pinnacle of Learning|QID|14413|PRE|14226&14230|M|47.28,20.80|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem. I found the next quest incredibly annoying, but there are quite a few after it, so it’s your call.|
T The Pinnacle of Learning|QID|14413|M|55.67,14.66|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
A Watch Your Step|QID|14296|PRE|14413|M|55.67,14.66|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
C Watch Your Step|QID|14296|M|55.95,11.89|N|Click on every conduit and run to the glowing circles to jump. Don’t get hit by energy charges or you start over.|
T Watch Your Step|QID|14296|M|55.92,12.20|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
A The Trial of Fire|QID|14300|PRE|14296|M|55.92,12.20|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
A The Trial of Frost|QID|24478|PRE|14296|M|55.92,12.20|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
A The Trial of Shadow|QID|24479|PRE|14296|M|55.92,12.20|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
C The Trial of Shadow|QID|24479|M|31.06,26.76|N|Click on the Shadow Portal Stone, then enter the portal. Lure 20 Weeping Souls into the shadow runes. Every time one hits you, you lose one.|
T The Trial of Shadow|QID|24479|M|31.06,26.76|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
C The Trial of Fire|QID|14300|M|32.98,23.59|N|Go through the Waning Sanity Portal. Click on the Fire Portal Stone, then enter the portal. Stand in the fire runes without getting hit by flame for 10 consecutive bursts. Watch for flares before they flame.|
T The Trial of Fire|QID|14300|M|32.98,23.59|N|To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
C The Trial of Frost|QID|24478|M|61.98,21.02|N|Go through the Waning Sanity Portal. Click on the Frost Portal Stone, then enter the portal. Collect 20 small ice orbs. Getting hit by Frostburns will lose some. Can use runes to jump straight up.|
T The Trial of Frost|QID|24478|M|62.16,21.16|N|Go through the Waning Sanity Portal. To the Image of Archmage Xylem.|

A Xylem’s Asylum|QID|14299|PRE|14300&24478&24479|M|55.92,12.17|N|From the Image of Archmage Xylem.|
T Xylem’s Asylum|QID|14299|M|56.17,12.11;25.54,38.01|CS|N|To Joanna. Take the portal.|
A Wasn’t It Obvious?|QID|14389|PRE|14299|M|25.54,38.01|N|From Joanna.|
C Wasn’t It Obvious?|QID|14389|NC|M|27.75,40.81|N|Take the portal behind her. Don’t panic.|
T Wasn’t It Obvious?|QID|14389|M|27.79,40.62|N|(UI Alert)|
A Easy is Boring|QID|14390|PRE|14389|M|27.79,40.62|N|(UI Alert)|
C Easy is Boring|QID|14390|NC|M|27.88,40.21|N|Talk to Azuregos.|
T Easy is Boring|QID|14390|M|27.88,40.21|N|To Spirit of Azuregos.|
A Turning the Tables|QID|14391|PRE|14390|M|27.88,40.21|N|From Spirit of Azuregos.|
T Hacking the Construct|QID|14430|M|42.58,23.72|N|Talk to Anara and rez. Turn in to Andorel Sunsworn.|
T Turning the Tables|QID|14391|M|66.59,20.39|N|Take the Rocket to the Northern Rocketway Terminus. Turn in to Kalec.|

A Fade to Black|QID|24467|PRE|14391|M|66.51,20.34|N|From Kalec.|
A Pro-liberation|QID|14297|M|66.42,20.29|N|From Jellix Fuselighter.|
A Ice Cold|QID|14261|M|66.57,19.63|N|From Feno Blastnoggin.|
C Ice Cold|QID|14261|S|N|Use the Cryomatic 16 to freeze and kill 8 Sable Drakes. Usually flying or on top of hills.|
C Pro-liberation|QID|14297|S|M|69.16,16.89|N|Kill cultists and dragonkin for Ironwrought Keys, use them to free 4 Goblin Workers.|
C Fade to Black|QID|24467|M|71.74,16.39|N|Kill Twilight Lord Katrana and Malicion in Sable Ridge. For the high-levels doing this, do not one-shot Katrana immediatly, aggro then kill her after she says something.|
T Fade to Black|QID|24467|M|71.79,16.68|N|To Kalecgos.|
C Pro-liberation|QID|14297|US|M|69.16,16.89|N|Kill cultists and dragonkin for Ironwrought Keys, use them to free 4 Goblin Workers.|
C Ice Cold|QID|14261|U|49596|US|M|69.59,19.40|N|Use the Cryomatic 16 to freeze and kill 8 Sable Drakes. Usually flying or on top of hills.|
T Ice Cold|QID|14261|M|66.57,19.63|N|To Blastnoggin.|
T Pro-liberation|QID|14297|M|66.42,20.29|N|To Jellix Fuselighter.|

A Farewell, Minnow|QID|14392|PRE|14261&14297&24467|M|67,20.4|N|From Azuregos.|
H Bilgewater Harbor|QID|14392|U|6948|M|67.07,21.15|N|Hearth to Bilgewater Harbor, or fly back.|
T Farewell, Minnow|QID|14392|M|53.25,49.96|N|Speak to Sorata Firespinner in Bilgewater Harbor.|
A Airborne Again|QID|24497|PRE|14392|M|52.98,49.78|N|Secure a ride to Valermok with the Airborne Priests in the eastern portion of Bilgewater Harbor.|
F Valormok|QID|24497|M|60.58,52.55|N|Hop in a Wings of Steel and fly to Valormok.|
T Airborne Again|QID|24497|PRE|14392|M|13.98,64.78|N|To Chawg.|
A Where’s My Head?|QID|14462|M|13.98,64.78|N|From Chawg.|
A Let Them Feast on Fear|QID|24433|M|13.98,64.78|N|From Chawg.|
A Commando Drop|QID|24434|M|13.87,64.50|N|From Andorel Sunsworn.|
A Grounded!|QID|14475|M|14.33,65.01|N|From Kroum.|
F Orgrimmar|QID|14462|M|14.33,65.01|N|Train, repair, sell, etc. if you wish.|
C Let Them Feast on Fear|QID|24433|S|M|12.74,74.19|N|Slay 12 Talrendis Defenders, and 6 Talrendis Sentinels.|
C Commando Drop|QID|24434|S|M|10.06,71.18|N|Slay 5 Talrendis Lorekeepers and locate a Lorekeeper Summoning Stone somewhere within Talrendis Point.|
T Where’s My Head?|QID|14462|M|12.55,67.45|N|To Slinky Sharpshiv.|

A Lightning Strike Assassination|QID|14464|PRE|14462|M|12.55,67.45|N|From Slinky Sharpshiv.|
C Lightning Strike Assassination|QID|14464|M|11.83,68.25|N|Talk to Slinky Sharpshiv to ascend the tower and assassinate Captain Grunwald. Collect Captain Grunwald’s head.|
T Grounded!|QID|14475|M|14.51,75.56|N|Find Bombardier Captain Smooks at the southernmost night elf tower at Talrendis Point.|
A Rigged to Blow|QID|14476|PRE|14475|M|14.51,75.56|N|From Bombardier Captain Smooks.|
C Rigged to Blow|QID|14476|M|14.99,74.22;15.42,73.60;15.63,74.38|CS|N|Arm the three Explosive Charges located around the base of the southern-most tower at Talrendis Point. |
T Rigged to Blow|QID|14476|M|14.55,75.54|N|To Bombardier Captain Smooks.|
A Push the Button!|QID|14477|PRE|14476|M|14.39,75.63|N|From Bombardier Captain Smooks.|
C Push the Button!|QID|14477|NC|M|14.39,75.63|N|You get to push THE BUTTON and detonate the explosives!|
C Commando Drop|QID|24434|US|M|10.06,71.18|N|Slay 5 Talrendis Lorekeepers and locate a Lorekeeper Summoning Stone somewhere within Talrendis Point.|
T Commando Drop|QID|24434|M|10.51,69.85|N|To the Lorekeeper’s Summoning Stone.|
C Let Them Feast on Fear|QID|24433|US|M|12.74,74.19|N|Fight your way across Talrendis Point, slaying 12 Talrendis Defenders and 6 Talrendis Sentinels.|
T Lightning Strike Assassination|QID|14464|M|13.95,64.79|N|To Chawg.|
T Let Them Feast on Fear|QID|24433|M|13.95,64.79|N|To Chawg.|
T Push the Button!|QID|14477|M|14.30,64.99|N|To Kroum.|

A Blacken the Skies|QID|24430|PRE|14477&24433|M|14.45,65.64|N|From Jr. Bombardier Hacke.|
C Blacken the Skies|QID|24430|M|9.28,72.53|N|Mount a Grounded Wind Rider. Destroy 6 Talrendis Glaive Throwers and bomb the Command Center. Don’t fly too low.|
T Blacken the Skies|QID|24430|M|14.44,65.74|N|To Jr. Bombardier Hackel.|
A The Conquest of Azshara|QID|24439|PRE|24430|M|14.05,64.86|N|From Chawg.|
C The Conquest of Azshara|QID|24439|M|9.14,72.80|N|Slay Commander Jarrodenus in Talrendis Point and collect his head.|
T The Conquest of Azshara|QID|24439|M|14.03,64.78|N|To Chawg.|

A Probing into Ashenvale|QID|24463|PRE|24439|M|14.32,65.05|N|From Kroum.|
T Probing into Ashenvale|QID|24463|M|94.39,46.80|Z|Ashenvale|N|Run back through all the hostile mobs and across the bridge to Kulg Gorespatter.|
A To The Ramparts!|QID|13866|LEAD|13612|PRE|24463|M|94.39,46.80|Z|Ashenvale|N|From Kulg Gorespatter.|
F Northern Barrens |QID|13866|M|94.39,46.80|Z|Ashenvale|N|Talk to Kulg for a free flight.|
T To The Ramparts!|QID|13866|M|42.41,15.18|Z|Northern Barrens|N|To Kadrak.|


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    Jun 22, 2015 @ 20:46 pm

    Re: Re: Scout’s Orders not auto-completingWell, I hate to say it, but with the version of WoWPro as of this morning, [Scout’s Orders] auto completes when I loot the item.   Maybe my bug fixes are working right! 

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    Jun 22, 2015 @ 16:39 pm

    Re: Scout’s Orders not auto-completing… so I guess my Blef Pally will be doing Azshara next.   Guess that what level locking is good for.

  • img
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 16:51 pm

    Scout’s Orders not auto-completingl Scout’s Orders|QID|14127|RANK|2|M|29.95,74.40|L|47039|N|Kill and loot Talrendis Scouts until this drops.|

    The above isn’t auto-completing for me when I’ve looted 47039 Scout’s Orders.

  • img
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 8:55 am

    Thank youThanks for bringing these details to our attention.  Souce code changed and on the next update, you will see the change in game.

  • img
    May 27, 2013 @ 7:17 am

    Sisters of the Sea questVersion 2.6.0aThe map coordinates for Lady Silisthra and Lady Vesthra are backwards. The first step says go kill Lady Silisthra, but it takes you to Lady Vesthra instead.

  • img
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 10:33 am

    Might be a good idea then toMight be a good idea then to take the rank 2 tag off of “Private Chat” which is the follow up to “Profitability Scouting”

  • img
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 12:51 pm

    Probably just easiest toProbably just easiest to remove the RANK tags from the steps you think that need them removed from, which there is a good chance it is just “Profitability Scouting”.

  • img
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 10:40 am

    Trying to clear up the confusion!Sorry my heads a bit “fuzzy” atm :DPossibly removing the earlier rank tags might work, however “Profitability Scouting” is part of a 2 quest chain and there are other rank 2 tagged quests, so we might need to check if any of those need to have been done in order for later quests in the guide to be picked up. it was only through wowhead comments I found that “Profitability Scouting” needs to have been done before “Operation Fishgut” will appear to players, even though there aren’t listed together as part of a chain.What I was trying to say was, if a user has set the guide to show only rank 1, then “Profitability Scouting” will not show within the guide, and because that hasn’t been completed, although the user will be pointed to “Operation Fishgut” later in the guide, they won’t be able to pick it up, or any of the rest of that chain. I don’t know if there are any more quests like that within this zone, as I haven’t had the time to dig through all the wowhead comments on all the quests within the guide

  • img
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 8:16 am

    That last part is a little confusingThat last part is a little confusing, but I’m assuming you mean what needs to be done in order for all the quests to become available?  Probably just the removal of the RANK tag.

  • img
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 1:21 am

    Rank 2 prerequisite for Rank 1 quest?Ok a slight bug has come to my attention via the chatroom today, although the problem the user was having wasn’t due to this, but this does need a fix….Step 153 “A Operation Fishgut|QID|14478|M|56.99,50.13|N|Speak with Friz Groundspin for a free airlift. From the poster|”requires you to have compled this quest before it’ll become availibleStep 69 “A Profitability Scouting|QID|24452|RANK|2|M|29.38,57.71|N|From Commander Molotov.|”As step 69 is rank 2, any user setting this guide to rank 1 is going to have issues, as “Operartion Fishgut” is rank 1 and the start of a 4 quest chain. What then needs parts/all of that being completed to become availible quests?

  • img
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 22:10 pm

    3 little Hordies, sitting on the fenceI have 3 horde toons I am running through each of the guides.    I hit this problem in Ashara and noticed the missing C step, which could also use some S tags.   Lots of coordinate corrections as well. 

  • img
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 21:05 pm

    Thanks, that helps.Thanks, that helps.

  • img
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 20:20 pm

    That’s the problem. I didn’tThat’s the problem. I didn’t by accident complete the quest while doing something else. I was surprised that I was supposed to hand in a quest that was not touched by me at all. I guess it could possibly be done at the same time as the step C Mysterious Azsharite, because this involves a bit of running around, just as A Gigantic Snack does, in about the same area.C Mysterious Azsharite|QID|14370|M|50.55,82.10|

  • img
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 20:08 pm

    Unfortunately I have no ideaUnfortunately I have no idea where I could put it, as I do not have a horde toon that could go through, nor do I plan to make another Horde toon for quite awhile.

    What quests were you doing at the same time as you completed “A Gigantic Snack”? I might be able to figure something out that way.

  • img
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:52 pm

    Step missingThere is no complete step for A Gigantic Snack, just accept and turn in:A A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|M|50.38,74.28|N|From Assistant Greely.|T A Gigantic Snack|QID|14371|M|50.45,74.37|N|To Assistant Greely.|A good location to complete it is around (46.7,72.2), however I am not sure where to best place the step.

  • img
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 16:24 pm

    Oui Mon Capitan!I’ll fix them. …. type, click, type, click …. OK, done.   Note that I reported errors with two guides that started with “nil_”.  I think those may be bogus and need to be deleted.  

  • img
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 16:02 pm

    12_20_Bitsem_Azshara.lua corrected for L steps sans QIDAdded QIDs to LVL 18,20 steps.

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    Jan 29, 2011 @ 6:28 am

    Currently, every step shouldCurrently, every step should have a QID no matter what kind of step it is. I want to change that in the future, though in general the “all steps get a QID” should hold – L steps would probably be the exception, since we want them to auto-complete based on level rather than progress through a questing sequence.

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    Jan 29, 2011 @ 0:16 am

    Does an L step need a QID? Azshara guide messed up (and others)Hmm, I notice that some of the L steps in this guide do not  have a QID.  Almost all of the uses of the L step include a QID.These do not:

    lfo@throne;926$ egrep \'^L\' */*.lua | fgrep -v QID
    Alliance/01_12_Bitsem_Teldrassil.lua:L Level 6|LVL|6|N|You should be around level 6 by this point.|
    Alliance/01_13_Rpotor_Worgen_Starter.lua:L Level 7|LVL|7|N|You should be around level 7 by this point.|
    Alliance/01_13_Rpotor_Worgen_Starter.lua:L Level 9|LVL|9|N|You should be around level 9 by this point.|
    Alliance/nil_01_05_Rpotor_Worgen_Starter.lua:L Level 7|LVL|7|N|You should be around level 7 by this point.|
    Alliance/nil_01_05_Rpotor_Worgen_Starter.lua:L Level 9|LVL|9|N|You should be around level 9 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua:L Level 2|LVL|2|N|You should be around level 3 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua:L Level 3|LVL|3|N|You should be around level 3 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua:L Level 4|LVL|4|N|You should be around level 4 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua:L Level 5|LVL|5|N|You should be around level 5 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua:L Level 6|LVL|6|N|You should be around level 6 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Jiyambi_Tirisfal_Glades.lua:L Level 4|LVL|4|N|You should be around level 4 by this point.|
    Horde/01_12_Snowflake_Eversong_Woods.lua:L Level 3|LVL|3|N|Kill mana wyrms until you ding.|
    Horde/01_12_Snowflake_Eversong_Woods.lua:L Level 4|LVL|4|N|Kill stuff until you hit level 4.|
    Horde/01_12_Snowflake_Eversong_Woods.lua:L Level 6|LVL|6|If not level 6 yet, kill stuffs.
    Horde/12_20_Bitsem_Azshara.lua:L Level 18|LVL|18|N|You should be around level 18 by this point.|
    Horde/12_20_Bitsem_Azshara.lua:L Level 20|LVL|20|N|You should be around level 20 by this point.|
    Horde/nil_01_05_Manovan_Troll_Starter.lua:L Level 5|LVL|5|N|Kill Naga until you are level 5.|

    Is QID required?

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    Jan 23, 2011 @ 12:12 pm

    I can’t manually click-offI can’t manually click-off the level 18 step in Aszhara part, screws the following quests with no arrow showing.

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    Jan 20, 2011 @ 11:51 am

    Tweaks in AzsharaOptimize quest acceptance for [Military Breakthrough]. Optimize quest
    ordering for [First Degree Mortar],  [Hand-me-downs], and [Military
    Breakthrough] to minimize time in the minefield.

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    Jan 18, 2011 @ 11:05 am

    Leadin questsAdded two leadin quests:

    T Warchief\'s Command: Azshara!|O|QID|28496|M|26.84,77.00|N|To Ag\'tor Bloodfist.|
    T Report to the Labor Captain|O|QID|25275|M|26.93,77.04|N|To Labor Captain Grabbit|

    The first you get from a quest board. The second is in the goblin quest line.

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