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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘WkjCap3035’, “Leveling”, ‘The Cape of Stranglethorn’, ‘Wkjezz’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,29,34, 30.1269)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘JiyWes3540′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

f Hardwrench Hideaway|QID|26404|M|35.15,29.24|N|At Hizzle.|
T Above My Pay Grade|QID|26404|M|34.79,29.49|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
A It’s You!!|QID|26489|R|Goblin|M|34.76,29.54|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
A Akiris by the Bundle|QID|26487|R|-Goblin|M|34.76,29.54|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
A If They’re Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around…|QID|26450|M|34.81,29.58|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
A The Holy Water of Clarity|QID|26433^26590|M|33.73,29.16|N|From Flem Gizzix.|
h Hardwrench Hideaway|QID|26433|M|35.07,27.20|N|At Innkeeper Draxle.|

C It’s You!!|QID|26489|R|Goblin|S|QO|Akiris Reed: 0/6|
C Akiris by the Bundle|QID|26487|R|Blood Elf,Orc,Tauren,Troll,Undead,Pandaren|S|
C If They’re Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around…|QID|26450|S|
C The Holy Water of Clarity|QID|26433^26590|M|43.84,49.10|N|Work your way up the winding paths of the naga hills.|
C If They’re Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around…|QID|26450|US|M|42.56,50.32|
C It’s You!!|QID|26489|R|Goblin|US|M|39.18,48.93|
C Akiris by the Bundle|QID|26487|R|Blood Elf,Orc,Tauren,Troll,Undead,Pandaren|US|M|39.18,48.93|
t It’s You!!|QID|26489|R|Goblin|M|34.76,29.54|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
t Akiris by the Bundle|QID|26487|M|34.65,29.48|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
T If They’re Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around…|QID|26450|M|34.65,29.48|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
A There’s Somebody Out There Who Wants It|QID|26493|PRE|26450&26487|M|34.70,29.33|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T The Holy Water of Clarity|QID|26433|M|33.78,29.16|N|To Flem Gizzix.|
T The Holy Water of Clarity|QID|26590|M|33.78,29.16|N|To Flem Gizzix.|
A Primal Reagents of Power|QID|26434|PRE|26433^26590|M|33.78,29.16|N|From Flem Gizzix.|
A Diffractory Chromascope|QID|26592|PRE|26433^26590|M|33.78,29.16|N|From Flem Gizzix.|
C Primal Reagents of Power|QID|26434|S|M|46.41,18.44|
C Diffractory Chromascope|QID|26592|M|48.88,36.24|
C There’s Somebody Out There Who Wants It|QID|26493|M|62.47,30.87|
R Run here and kill|QID|99999|CC|M|47.90,14.03|N|Once you get here start clearing south to camp.|
C Primal Reagents of Power|QID|26434|US|M|43.97,21.09|
T There’s Somebody Out There Who Wants It|QID|26493|M|34.72,29.59|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
A Mixmaster Jasper|QID|26494|PRE|26493|M|34.72,29.59|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
A Chabal|QID|26495|PRE|26493|M|34.70,29.59|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Primal Reagents of Power|QID|26434|M|33.73,29.19|N|To Flem Gizzix.|
T Diffractory Chromascope|QID|26592|M|33.73,29.19|N|To Flem Gizzix.|
A I’m A Huge Liar and a Fraud|QID|26435|PRE|26434^26592|M|33.73,29.19|N|From Flem Gizzix.|
T Mixmaster Jasper|QID|26494|M|35.09,27.56|N|To Mixmaster Jasper.|
A Zanzil’s Secret|QID|26533|PRE|26494|M|35.09,27.56|N|From Mixmaster Jasper.|
T Chabal|QID|26495|M|34.62,27.92|N|To Chabal.|
A Backdoor Dealings|QID|26550|PRE|26495|M|34.62,27.92|N|From Chabal.|
C Zanzil’s Secret|QID|26533|S|M|52.04,32.24|
R Run to the totem|QID|99999|CC|M|54.18,31.42|N|Clearing and looting all zombies on your way. Right click on the totem.|
C Backdoor Dealings|QID|26550|M|61.53,43.05|
C Zanzil’s Secret|QID|26533|M|52.64,32.75|
T Backdoor Dealings|QID|26550|M|34.58,28.05|N|To Chabal.|
A Eliminate the Outcast|QID|26551|PRE|26550|M|34.57,28.02|N|From Chabal.|
T Zanzil’s Secret|QID|26533|M|35.15,27.51|N|To Mixmaster Jasper.|
A Let’s See What You’ve Got, Zanzil|QID|26534|PRE|26533|M|35.15,27.51|N|From Mixmaster Jasper.|

C Let’s See What You’ve Got, Zanzil|QID|26534|M|35.81,30.23|N|All of these guys are in a hut. Talk to them in turn (Do Orgus Last)|
T Let’s See What You’ve Got, Zanzil|QID|26534|M|35.16,27.52|N|To Mixmaster Jasper.|
A Recipe for Disaster|QID|26535|PRE|26534|M|35.16,27.52|N|From Mixmaster Jasper.|
R Ruins of Aboraz|QID|26535|M|63.50,41.46|
C Recipe for Disaster|QID|26535|M|60.58,41.35|N|From the witch doctors.|
C Eliminate the Outcast|QID|26551|U|58964|M|61.25,43.13|
T Eliminate the Outcast|QID|26551|M|61.33,42.83|N|UI Alert|
A Through the Troll Hole|QID|26552|PRE|26551|M|61.33,42.83|N|UI Alert|
C Through the Troll Hole|QID|26552|U|58964|M|78.51,35.68|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|
T Through the Troll Hole|QID|26552|M|78.51,35.68|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
A High Priestess Jeklik|QID|26553|PRE|26552|M|78.51,35.68|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
C High Priestess Jeklik|QID|26553|U|58964|M|77.17,45.12|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|Attack Zanliz until he takes a break, then focus on the Priest. When Zanzil breaks, you can regen from a green bottle he drops on the floor.|
T High Priestess Jeklik|QID|26553|M|77.17,45.12|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
A Plunging Into Zul’Gurub|QID|26554|PRE|26553|M|77.17,45.12|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
C Plunging Into Zul’Gurub|QID|26554|U|58964|M|82.21,35.42|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|
T Plunging Into Zul’Gurub|QID|26554|M|82.36,35.48|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
A High Priest Venoxis|QID|26555|PRE|26554|M|82.36,35.48|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|UI Alert|
C High Priest Venoxis|QID|26555|U|58964|M|83.73,35.99|Z|Northern Stranglethorn|N|Similar deal to before, except snakes will combart the Priest to heal him. Grab the ladder when it appears. (You may need to shift out of a shapeshifted form to do this)|
T High Priest Venoxis|QID|26555|M|34.63,27.89|N|To Chabal.|
T Recipe for Disaster|QID|26535|M|35.14,27.50|N|To Mixmaster Jasper.|
A The Captain’s Chest|QID|26599|M|40.16,67.77|N|From Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
A Stranglethorn Fever|QID|26597|M|41.87,72.81|N|From Fin Fizracket.|
A Scaring Shaky|QID|26593|M|42.03,73.44|N|From “Sea Wolf” MacKinley.|
T I’m A Huge Liar and a Fraud|QID|26435|M|41.98,73.57|N|To Garley Lightrider. The floor below the building “Sea wolf” is standing|
f Booty Bay|QID|26593|M|40.58,73.34|N|At Gringer.|
h Booty Bay|QID|26593|M|40.90,73.74|N|At Innkeeper Skindle.|
C The Captain’s Chest|QID|26599|M|52.80,66.79|N|Fight the Sea Giant.|
A Message in a Bottle|QID|26603|M|54.21,65.44|N|Look for a bottle with a yellow ! on the shore.|
T Message in a Bottle|QID|26603|M|59.42,79.16|N|To Princess Poobah.|
A Protecting Her Royal Highness Poobah|QID|26604|PRE|26603|M|59.42,79.16|N|From Princess Poobah.|
C Protecting Her Royal Highness Poobah|QID|26604|M|55.94,82.98|
T Protecting Her Royal Highness Poobah|QID|26604|M|59.43,79.15|N|To Princess Poobah.|
A Grubby Little Paws|QID|26605|PRE|26604|M|59.43,79.15|N|From Princess Poobah.|
C Grubby Little Paws|QID|26605|M|63.30,75.79|N|Go Bananas, Kill Monkeys… What don’t look at me like that!|
T Grubby Little Paws|QID|26605|M|59.41,79.26|N|To Princess Poobah.|
A Mukla’s Demise|QID|26606|PRE|26605|M|59.41,79.26|N|From Princess Poobah.|
C Mukla’s Demise|QID|26606|M|62.04,81.34|
T Mukla’s Demise|QID|26606|M|59.49,79.12|N|To Princess Poobah.|
H Booty Bay|QID|99999|N|Quit the Monkey Business, Hearth Back. (It’s not getting better is it)|
A The Bloodsail Buccaneers|QID|26609|PRE|26595^26601^26606|M|42.51,72.03|N|From First Mate Crazz.|
T The Captain’s Chest|QID|26599|M|40.32,67.85|N|To Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
A A Giant’s Feast|QID|26600|PRE|26599|M|40.32,67.85|N|From Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
l A Giant’s Feast|QID|26600|L|59036 |M|42.80,69.15|N|Grade-E Meat from Kelsey Yance, in the Port Authority building near by.|
C A Giant’s Feast|QID|26600|M|41.02,74.03|N|In the Inn as you first enter.|
T A Giant’s Feast|QID|26600|M|40.30,67.85|N|To Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
A A Dish Best Served Huge|QID|26602|PRE|26600|M|40.30,67.85|N|From Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
T The Bloodsail Buccaneers|QID|26609|M|41.17,61.19|N|To “Good-Boy” Bruce.|
A Bloodsail Treachery|QID|26610|PRE|26609|M|41.13,61.18|N|From “Good-Boy” Bruce.|
A An Old Sea Dog|QID|26617|U|59143|M|40.82,60.93|N|Bruce drops this.|
C Scaring Shaky|QID|26593|S|M|50.92,54.93|N|Go Ape, Kill Gorillas! (I am at it again) Make sure you loot a gorilla fang too.|
C Stranglethorn Fever|QID|26597|M|54.13,46.39|N|Take the Gorilla fang to Witch Doctor Unbagwa to begin. Then it’s on like donkey…|
C Scaring Shaky|QID|26593|US|M|53.12,49.60|
T Scaring Shaky|QID|26593|M|40.57,67.83|N|To “Shaky” Phillipe.|
A Return to MacKinley|QID|26594|PRE|26593|M|40.57,67.83|N|From “Shaky” Phillipe.|
r Visit the Old Port Authority building|QID|99999|M|42.94,70.31|N|To Repair and Sell stuff.|
T Bloodsail Treachery|QID|26610|M|42.63,71.89|N|To First Mate Crazz.|
A The Baron Must Be Told|QID|26611|PRE|26610|M|42.63,71.89|N|From First Mate Crazz.|
T Stranglethorn Fever|QID|26597|M|41.91,72.75|N|To Fin Fizracket.|
T Return to MacKinley|QID|26594|M|42.04,73.41|N|To “Sea Wolf” MacKinley.|
A Kill-Collect|QID|26595|PRE|26594|M|42.04,73.41|N|From “Sea Wolf” MacKinley.|
T An Old Sea Dog|QID|26617|M|41.07,73.29|N|To Fleet Master Seahorn. Top of the inn on an out cropping.|
T The Baron Must Be Told|QID|26611|M|41.13,73.12|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Details of the Attack|QID|26612|PRE|26611|M|41.13,73.12|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
A Up to Snuff|QID|26613|PRE|26611|M|40.72,73.81|N|From Deeg.|
A Keep An Eye Out|QID|26614|PRE|26611|M|43.43,71.34|N|From Dizzy One-Eye at the top level of the dock.|
C Up to Snuff|QID|26613|S|M|44.54,81.65|N|Kill all pirates and loot them.|
C Keep An Eye Out|QID|26614|S|N|Kill and loot all Pirates.|
R Kill Pirates as you go|QID|99999|CC|M|51.51,67.57|N|Once you get here work Northwards.|
l Kill-Collect|QID|26595|L|59034 |M|56.35,57.71|N|Talk to Freewheelin’ Juntz and get ready to attack.|
l Kill-Collect|QID|26595|L|59035 |M|56.32,50.46|N|Look for Ephram around this location.|
C Kill-Collect|QID|26595|M|58.78,49.02|
l Bloodsail Charts|QID|26612|L|3920 |M|45.05,79.41|N|On a crate|
l Bloodsail Orders|QID|26612|L|59145 |M|40.86,82.06|N|Under a table|
C Details of the Attack|QID|26612|M|48.37,77.61|
C Up to Snuff|QID|26613|US|M|43.24,81.14|N|Don’t have these yet? Keep killing and looting pirates until you do.|
C Keep An Eye Out|QID|26614|US|M|47.06,79.47|N|If you don’t have this yet, keep on grinding pirates until you get it.|
R A Dish Best Served Huge|QID|26602|CC|M|49.61,81.09|N|Run to the boat and right click it.|
C A Dish Best Served Huge|QID|26602|M|49.68,81.09|
T Keep An Eye Out|QID|26614|M|43.40,71.42|N|To Dizzy One-Eye.|
T A Dish Best Served Huge|QID|26602|M|40.35,67.84|N|To Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
A Mok’rash the Cleaver|QID|26601|PRE|26602|M|40.35,67.84|N|From Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
C Mok’rash the Cleaver|QID|26601|M|34.87,65.73|
T Kill-Collect|QID|26595|M|42.05,73.32|N|To “Sea Wolf” MacKinley.|
T Up to Snuff|QID|26613|M|40.71,73.80|N|To Deeg.|
T Details of the Attack|QID|26612|M|41.13,73.09|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Getting In With the Bloodsail|QID|26624|PRE|26612|M|41.13,73.09|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
T Mok’rash the Cleaver|QID|26601|M|40.31,67.81|N|To Captain Hecklebury Smotts.|
T Getting In With the Bloodsail|QID|26624|M|43.84,56.39|N|To Yancey Grillsen.|
A Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie|QID|26629|PRE|26624|M|43.84,56.39|N|From Yancey Grillsen.|
A Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me|QID|26630|M|41.07,73.23|N|From Fleet Master Seahorn.|
l Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me|QID|26630|L|59147 |N|From bossy the cow upstairs in the building next to where Dizzy One-Eye is stood.|
l Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me|QID|26630|L|59148 |M|42.70,69.15|N|Obtained from Narkk, the Pirate Supplies vendor in the Old Port Authority. He’s in the inner left corner.|
C Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me|QID|26630|M|41.01,73.30|
T Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me|QID|26630|M|41.06,73.24|N|To Fleet Master Seahorn.|
T Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie|QID|26629|M|43.84,56.55|N|To Yancey Grillsen.|
A Your First Day as a Pirate|QID|26631|PRE|26629|M|43.84,56.55|N|From Yancey Grillsen.|
T Your First Day as a Pirate|QID|26631|M|44.37,91.58|N|To Captain Keelhaul in the lower captain’s cabin.|
A Swabbing Duty|QID|26633|PRE|26631|M|44.37,91.58|N|From Captain Keelhaul.|
A Cannonball Swim|QID|26635|PRE|26631|M|44.46,92.62|N|From “Pretty Boy” Duncan.|
A The Bane of Many A Pirate|QID|26634|PRE|26631|M|44.54,92.05|N|From Garr Salthoof.|
C Swabbing Duty|QID|26633|M|44.52,92.76|N|Grab a mop and start right clicking green and grey slimes on the deck. Prioritise the ones with red arrows over them.|
T Swabbing Duty|QID|26633|M|44.48,91.61|N|To Captain Keelhaul.|
C Cannonball Swim|QID|26635|M|50.39,95.08|N|Dive deep in the nearby waters to loot the cannon balls.|
C The Bane of Many A Pirate|QID|26634|M|56.53,80.90|N|Crates on the land near trees.|
T Cannonball Swim|QID|26635|M|44.55,93.55|N|To “Pretty Boy” Duncan.|
T The Bane of Many A Pirate|QID|26634|M|44.46,91.92|N|To Garr Salthoof.|
A Attracting Attention|QID|26644|PRE|26633&26634&26635|M|44.40,91.68|N|From Captain Keelhaul.|
T Attracting Attention|QID|26644|M|46.71,95.28|N|To Fleet Master Firallon on the next ship in the lower captains cabin.|
A Ol’ Blasty|QID|26647|PRE|26644|M|46.71,94.95|N|From Ironpatch left of the captain’s cabin as you head out.|
A Our Mortal Enemies|QID|26648|PRE|26644|M|46.81,93.89|N|From “Dead-Eye” Drederick McGumm.|
C Ol’ Blasty|QID|26647|M|46.91,93.96|N|Aim your cannon at the raft. When the end of the firing graphic is a yellow/green ball, hit 1 then 2 then 3. THis might take some practice.|
T Ol’ Blasty|QID|26647|M|46.61,94.92|N|To Ironpatch.|
A Drive-By Piracy|QID|26649|PRE|26647|M|46.61,94.92|N|From Ironpatch.|
R Drive-By Piracy|QID|26649|M|45.88,90.00|N|Go here and talk to the Oarsman. (Click the checkbox to continue)|
C Drive-By Piracy|QID|26649|M|61.16,61.89|N|Same mechanics as the last quest, when you are done, hit button 5.|
C Our Mortal Enemies|QID|26648|U|59226|M|60.85,86.73|
T Our Mortal Enemies|QID|26648|M|60.61,86.65|N|ui alert|
T Drive-By Piracy|QID|26649|M|46.63,94.99|N|To Ironpatch.|
A The Damsel’s Luck|QID|26650|PRE|26648|M|46.73,95.15|N|From Fleet Master Firallon.|
T The Damsel’s Luck|QID|26650|M|50.29,91.49|
A The Brashtide Crew|QID|26662|PRE|26650|M|50.29,91.49|
A Sinking From Within|QID|26663|PRE|26650|M|50.29,91.49|
A Making Mutiny|QID|26664|PRE|26650|M|50.29,91.49|
C Sabotage the Grog|QID|26663|QO|1|M|50.63,91.49|N|Head to the lower deck and nudge the grog barrel’s cork.|; Sabotage the Grog: 1/1
C Long John Copper|QID|26662|QO|1|M|51.30,91.35|N|Head to the middle deck of this ship and chat with Copper.|; Speak with Long John Copper: 1/1
C Making Mutiny|QID|26664|S|M|48.92,91.03|N|Speak to Corsairs and teach them a lesson.|
C Sabotage the Gunpowder|QID|26663|QO|2|M|46.80,93.77|N|Head to the lower deck and nudge the Gunpowder barrel. |; Sabotage the Gunpowder: 1/1
C Enormous Shawn Stooker|QID|26662|QO|2|N|Right behind you is Enormous, speak to him.|; Speak with Enormous Shawn Stooker: 1/1
C Wailing Mary Smitts|QID|26662|QO|3|M|44.50,93.21|N|On the Middle deck of this ship is Mary.|; Speak with Wailing Mary Smitts: 1/1
T The Brashtide Crew|QID|26662|M|44.45,92.72|N|UI Alert|
C Sinking From Within|QID|26663|M|44.72,92.74|N|Lower deck in a box.|
T Sinking From Within|QID|26663|M|44.72,92.74|N|UI Alert.|
C Making Mutiny|QID|26664|M|44.43,92.17|
T Making Mutiny|QID|26664|US|M|44.43,92.20|N|UI Alert.|
A Call of Booty|QID|26665|PRE|26662&26663&26664|M|44.43,92.20|
H Booty Bay|QID|26665|N|Hearth back me hearthies! (yes, the pun was intended)|
T Call of Booty|QID|26665|M|41.13,73.12|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Doublerum|QID|26678|PRE|26665|M|41.13,73.12|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
T Doublerum|QID|26678|M|40.67,73.25|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Return to Revilgaz|QID|26679|PRE|26678|M|40.69,73.34|
T Return to Revilgaz|QID|26679|M|41.13,73.08|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Prepare for Takeoff|QID|26695|PRE|26679|M|41.13,73.08|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
A Seeking Seahorn|QID|26698|PRE|26679|M|41.13,73.08|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
T Seeking Seahorn|QID|26698|M|41.53,73.07|N|To Fleet Master Seahorn.|
A The Damsel’s (Bad) Luck|QID|26700|PRE|26698|M|41.53,73.07|N|From Fleet Master Seahorn.|
C The Damsel’s (Bad) Luck|QID|26700|M|41.47,71.85|N|Use the roap by Seahorn to board the ship.|
A Turning the Brashtide|QID|26699|PRE|26698|M|41.53,73.07|N|From Fleet Master Seahorn.|
C Turning the Brashtide|QID|26699|S|
C Prepare for Takeoff|QID|26695|M|42.60,69.11|N|In a crate in the old port authority building.|
C Turning the Brashtide|QID|26699|US|M|42.25,69.68|
T Prepare for Takeoff|QID|26695|M|41.18,73.03|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A The Final Voyage of the Brashtide|QID|26697|PRE|26695|M|41.18,73.03|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
R The Final Voyage of the Brashtide|QID|26697|CC|N|Talk to Keebok right behind you near the horde flightpath.|
C The Final Voyage of the Brashtide|QID|26697|M|31.93,58.35|N|Drop lots of bombs. Make sure you hit little boats too.|
T Turning the Brashtide|QID|26699|M|41.18,73.09|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
T The Damsel’s (Bad) Luck|QID|26700|M|41.18,73.09|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
T The Final Voyage of the Brashtide|QID|26697|M|41.18,73.09|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A Bloodsail’s End|QID|26703|PRE|26697&26699&26700|M|41.18,73.09|N|From Baron Revilgaz.|
R Bloodsail’s End.|QID|26703|CC|N|Talk to Keebok right behind you near the horde flightpath.|
C Bloodsail’s End|QID|26703|M|36.08,66.52|
T Bloodsail’s End|QID|26703|M|41.13,73.12|N|To Baron Revilgaz.|
A The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28750|LEAD|26921|M|41.73,74.05|N|From Arcanist Arman.|
T The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28750|M|47.81,65.17|Z|Western Plaguelands|N|Take the portal and hand in to Koltira Deathweaver.|


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    Email Comment on Horde Cape of Stranglethorn GuidI’m not sure who this needs to go to i was gonna post it in general discussion but for some reason i can’t post there. Basically i usually run an alliance toon and I’ve found wow-pro to be excellent. I just recently started a horde toon and went to cape of stranglethorn. with the exceptions of the quest givers the quests are almost identical i have both alliance AND horde set to level one in thoroughness. but i find that the horde version is horribly lacking. whole quests left out at one point i had a quest to go kill gorillas and the guide didn’t even send me there it made a in my opinion smart assed comment and told me to hearth to booty bay i’ve basically had to do the cape of stranglethorn from alliance memory because the horde guide is so bad. one quest is completely left out and it’s a prereq to sev level 1 quests at least on on alliance side.sorry to bother i just wanted someone to know… 

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