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Source Code – Gnome Starter (01-04)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“GylGno0105”, “Leveling”, “New Tinkertown (Gnome)”, “Gylin – Gnome”, “Alliance”)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, “GamDun0510″)
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,”Icon”, WoWPro:GuidePickGender(“Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Gnome_Male”,”Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Gnome_Female”))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
A Pinned Down|QID|27670|M|34.10,32.22|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|From Nevin Twistwrench standing in front of you.|
C Pinned Down|QID|27670|M|40.39,32.03|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|Kill 6 Crazed Leper Gnomes.|
T Pinned Down|QID|27670|M|34.10,32.22|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|To Nevin Twistwrench|

A Report to Carvo Blastbolt|PRE|27670|QID|28167|M|34.10,32.22|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
T Report to Carvo Blastbolt|QID|28167|M|50.99,31.92|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|To Carvo Blastbolt, at the top of the ramp.|

A See to the Survivors|PRE|28167|QID|27671|M|50.99,31.92|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|From Carvo Blastbolt.|
C See to the Survivors|QID|27671|M|45.6,28.6|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|Use the Teleport Beacon on the survivors around the lower level of the room.|U|62057|NC|
T See to the Survivors|QID|27671|M|50.99,31.92|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|To Carvo Blastbolt.|

A Withdraw to the Loading Room!|PRE|27671|QID|28169|M|50.99,31.92|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|From Carvo Blastbolt.|
T Withdraw to the Loading Room!|QID|28169|M|53.07,82.36|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|To Gaffer Coilspring.|

A Decontamination|PRE|28169|QID|27635|M|53.07,82.36|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|From Gaffer Coilspring.|
C Decontamination|QID|27635|M|58.84,81.69|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|Board a Sanitron 500.|NC|
T Decontamination|QID|27635|M|66.46,81.64|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|Wait for the decontamination to finish, then to Technician Braggle.|

A To the Surface|PRE|27635|QID|27674|M|66.46,81.64|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|To Technician Braggle.|
C To the Surface|QID|27674|M|67.29,84.14|Z|The Old Dormitory|N|Speak to Torben Zapblast and ask him to send you to the surface.|CHAT|
T To the Surface|QID|27674|M|39.50,38.39|N|To Nevin Twistwrench in front of you.|

A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|26197|C|Mage|M|39.15,38.49|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|26199|C|Priest|M|39.50,38.39|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|26206|C|Rogue|M|39.50,38.39|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|26202|C|Warlock|M|39.50,38.39|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|26203|C|Warrior|M|39.50,38.39|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|PRE|27674|QID|31135|C|Monk|M|39.50,38.39|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|
A The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|41217|PRE|27674|C|Hunter|M|39.50,38.38|N|From Nevin Twistwrench.|

T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|26202|M|37.68,37.97|N|To Alamar Grimm.|C|Warlock|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|26197|M|41.00,29.23|N|To Bipsi Frostflinger.|C|Mage|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|26199|M|39.44,28.35|N|To “Doc” Cogspin.|C|Priest|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|26206|M|38.04,33.70|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|C|Rogue|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|26203|M|40.65,35.35|N|To Drill Sergeant Steamcrank, who wanders.|C|Warrior|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|31135|M|40.09,35.61|N|To Xi.|C|Monk|
T The Future of Gnomeregan|QID|41217|C|Hunter|M|41.86,31.58|N|To Muffinus Chromebrew.|

A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|26202|QID|26424|C|Warlock|M|37.68,37.97|N|From Alamar Grimm.|
A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|26197|QID|26421|C|Mage|M|41.10,29.12|N|From Bipsi Frostflinger.|
A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|26199|QID|26422|C|Priest|M|39.40,28.38|N|From “Doc” Cogspin.|
A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|26206|QID|26423|C|Rogue|M|38.03,33.56|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|26203|QID|26425|C|Warrior|M|40.65,35.35|N|From Drill Sergeant Steamcrank.|
A Meet the High Tinker|PRE|31135|QID|31137|C|Monk|M|40.09,35.61|N|From Xi.|
A Meet the High Tinker|QID|41218|PRE|41217|C|Hunter|M|41.86,31.58|N|From Muffinus Chromebrew.|

T Meet the High Tinker|QID|26424|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Warlock|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|26421|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Mage|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|26422|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Priest|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|26423|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Rogue|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|26425|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Warrior|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|31137|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Monk|
T Meet the High Tinker|QID|41218|M|38.68,32.94|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|C|Hunter|

A The Fight Continues|QID|26208|M|38.72,32.74|N|From High Tinker Mekkatorque.|PRE|26421^26422^26423^26424^26425^31137^41218|
C The Fight Continues|QID|26208|M|38.72,32.74|N|Wait for High Tinker Mekkatorque to start the holo-table.|NC|
T The Fight Continues|QID|26208|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|

A A Triumph of Gnomish Ingenuity|PRE|26208|QID|26566|M|38.72,32.81|N|From High Tinker Mekkatorque.|
T A Triumph of Gnomish Ingenuity|QID|26566|M|40.62,28.07|N|To Engineer Grindspark.|

A Scrounging for Parts|PRE|26566|QID|26222|M|40.62,28.07|N|From Engineer Grindspark.|
C Scrounging for Parts|QID|26222|N|Collect Spare Parts scattered on the ground around the area.|M|38.35,30.55|NC|
T Scrounging for Parts|QID|26222|M|40.62,28.07|N|To Engineer Grindspark.|

A A Job for the Multi-Bot|PRE|26222|QID|26205|N|From Engineer Grindspark.|M|40.62,28.07|
A What’s Left Behind|QID|26264|M|39.22,26.55|N|From Tock Sprysprocket.|PRE|26222|RANK|2|
A Dealing with the Fallout|QID|26265|M|38.20,40.21|N|From Corporal Fizzwhistle, behind the building near the toxic dump.|PRE|26222|

C What’s Left Behind|S|QID|26264|N|Kill and loot the Toxic Sludge for the Recovered Possessions.|M|37.56,45.90|
C Dealing with the Fallout|QID|26265|N|Destroy 6 Living Contaminations at the Toxic Airfield.|M|39.5,40.75|S|
C A Job for the Multi-Bot|QID|26205|N|Stand near the erupting Toxic Geysers in the green pools nearby and the Multi-Bot will clean them up.|NC|
C What’s Left Behind|US|QID|26264|N|Kill and loot the Toxic Sludge for the Recovered Possessions.|M|37.56,45.90|
C Dealing with the Fallout|QID|26265|N|Destroy 6 Living Contaminations at the Toxic Airfield.|M|39.5,40.75|US|

T Dealing with the Fallout|QID|26265|M|38.20,40.21|N|To Corporal Fizzwhistle.|
T A Job for the Multi-Bot|QID|26205|M|40.62,28.07|N|To Engineer Grindspark.|
T What’s Left Behind|QID|26264|M|39.22,26.55|N|To Tock Sprysprocke.|

A What’s Keeping Jessup?|QID|26316|M|38.38,33.48|N|From Captain Tread Sparknozzle.|PRE|26205|
T What’s Keeping Jessup?|QID|26316|M|37.28,65.20|N|To Jessup McCree, at the Frostmane Hold.|

A Get Me Explosives Back!|QID|26285|M|37.28,65.20|N|From Jessup McCree.|PRE|26316|
A Missing in Action|QID|26284|M|37.28,65.20|N|From Jessup McCree.|PRE|26316|

C Get Me Explosives Back!|QID|26285|N|Kill and loot the Rockjaw Bonepicker and Rockjaw Marauder for the Stolen Powder Kegs.|S|
C Missing in Action|QID|26284|N|Attack the cages to release captives.|M|37.75,73.50|
C Get Me Explosives Back!|QID|26285|M|37.75,73.50|N|Kill and loot the Rockjaw Bonepicker and Rockjaw Marauder for the Stolen Powder Kegs.|US|

T Get Me Explosives Back!|QID|26285|M|37.28,65.20|N|To Jessup McCree|
T Missing in Action|QID|26284|M|37.28,65.20|N|To Jessup McCree|

A Finishin’ the Job|QID|26318|N|From Jessup McCree.|M|37.28,65.20|PRE|26285&26284|
C Finishin’ the Job – Boss Bruggor|QID|26318|N|Kill Boss Bruggor|QO|2|M|29.15,48.45|T|Boss Bruggor|S|
C Finishin’ the Job – Detonator|QID|26318|N|Enter the cavern to the west, then go through the cave to the detonator, then use the detonator.|QO|1|M|29.15,48.45|NC|
C Finishin’ the Job – Boss Bruggor|QID|26318|N|Kill Boss Bruggor|QO|2|M|29.15,48.45|T|Boss Bruggor|US|
T Finishin’ the Job|QID|26318|M|37.28,65.20|N|To Jessup McCree.|

A One More Thing|PRE|26318|QID|26329|M|37.28,65.20|N|From Jessup McCree.|
T One More Thing|QID|26329|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|

A Crushcog’s Minions|QID|26331|M|38.72,32.74|N|From High Tinker Mekkatorque.|PRE|26329|
A No Tanks!|QID|26333|M|38.19,33.68|N|From Hinkles Fastblast.|PRE|26329|
C Crushcog’s Minions|QID|26331|M|57.20,19.37|N|Kill Crushcog’s Minions (Irradiated Technicians and Crushcog Battle Suits).|S|
C No Tanks!|QID|26333|N|Use the Techno-Grenades to blow up Mechano-Tanks.|U|58200|M|59.04,20.12|NC|
C Crushcog’s Minions|QID|26331|M|57.20,19.37|N|Kill Crushcog’s Minions (Irradiated Technicians and Crushcog Battle Suits)|US|
T Crushcog’s Minions|QID|26331|M|38.72,32.74|N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque.|NC|
T No Tanks!|QID|26333|M|38.19,33.68|N|To Hinkles Fastblast.|

A Staging in Brewnall|QID|26339|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|M|38.03,33.56|PRE|26331&26333|
T Staging in Brewnall|QID|26339|M|48.75,52.90|N|Follow the road southeast to Jarvi Shadowstep.|

A Paint it Black|PRE|26339|QID|26342|M|48.75,52.90|N|From Jarvi Shadowstep.|
C Paint it Black|QID|26342|M|53.80,49.80|N|Use the Paintinator on Sentry Bot’s on Iceflow Lake.|U|58203|NC|
T Paint it Black|QID|26342|M|48.75,52.90|N|To Jarvi Shadowstep.|

A Down with Crushcog!|PRE|26342|QID|26364|M|48.75,52.90|N|From Jarvi Shadowstep.|
C Down with Crushcog! – High Tinker Mekkatorgue|QID|26364|M|57.17,47.57|N|Speak to High Tinker Mekkatorque on the island of Iceflow Lake.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Down with Crushcog! – Orbital Targeting Device|QID|26364|M|58.81,43.61|N|Use the Orbital Targeting Device on the area where Crushcog is standing. Defend yourself if attacked.|U|58253|QO|2|

r Sell and Repair|M|49.67,51.92|QID|26364|N|Take this opportunity to sell junk and repair with Burdrak Harglhelm.|ACTIVE|26364|T|Burdrak Harglhelm|S|
T Down with Crushcog!|QID|26364|M|48.75,52.90|N|To Jarvi Shadowstep|
A On to Kharanos|PRE|26364|QID|26373|LEAD|25724|M|48.75,52.90|N|From Jarvi Shadowstep.|

A Bound for Kharanos|QID|26380|M|49.91,44.98|Z|Dun Morogh|N|From Ciara Deepstone, on the road east towards Kharanos.|


Source Code – Dwarf Starter (01-04)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“GylDwa0105″,”Leveling”, “Coldridge Valley (Dwarf)”, “Gylin – Dwarf”, “Alliance”)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, “GamDun0510″)
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,”Icon”, WoWPro:GuidePickGender(“Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Dwarf_Male”,”Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Dwarf_Female”))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

R Coldridge Valley |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|R|Gnome|N|Head to the Dwarf starting zone, in Coldridge Valley, south-west of Dun Morogh. \n\nFrom Ironforge/Karanos, just follow the road south-west.|
R Coldridge Valley |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|R|Draenei|N|Head to the Dwarf starting zone, in Coldridge Valley, south-west of Dun Morogh. \n\nFrom Ironforge/Karanos, just follow the road south-west.|
R Coldridge Valley |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|R|Night Elf|N|Head to the Dwarf starting zone, in Coldridge Valley, south-west of Dun Morogh. \n\nFrom Ironforge/Karanos, just follow the road south-west.|
R Coldridge Valley |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|R|Human|N|Head to the Dwarf starting zone, in Coldridge Valley, south-west of Dun Morogh. \n\nFrom Ironforge/Karanos, just follow the road south-west.|
R Coldridge Valley |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|R|Worgen|N|Head to the Dwarf starting zone, in Coldridge Valley, south-west of Dun Morogh. \n\nFrom Ironforge/Karanos, just follow the road south-west.|

A Hold the Line! |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|N|From Joren Ironstock.|
C Hold the Line! |QID|24469|M|60.82,50.85|N|Slay 6 Rockjaw Invaders.|
T Hold the Line! |QID|24469|M|67.18,41.41|N|To Joren Ironstock.|

A Give ’em What-For |PRE|24469|QID|24470|M|67.18,41.41|N|From Joren Ironstock.|
A Aid for the Wounded |PRE|24469|QID|24471|M|65.61,43.39|N|From Sten Stoutarm.|
C Give ’em What-For |QID|24470|M|62.82,52.70|N|Kill 3 Rockjaw Goons.|S|
C Aid for the Wounded |QID|24471|M|62.82,52.70|N|Use Sten’s First Aid Kit to heal the Wounded Coldridge Mountaineers.|U|49743|NC|
C Give ’em What-For |QID|24470|M|62.82,52.70|N|Kill 3 Rockjaw Goons.|US|

T Aid for the Wounded |QID|24471|M|65.61,43.39|N|To Sten Stoutarm.|
T Give ’em What-For |QID|24470|M|67.18,41.41|N|To Joren Ironstock.|
A Lockdown in Anvilmar |PRE|24470&24471|QID|24473|M|67.00,41.35|N|From Joren Ironstock.|
T Lockdown in Anvilmar |QID|24473|M|62.45,22.05|N|To Jona Ironstock, walking around the room.|

A First Things First: We’re Gonna Need Some Beer|PRE|24473|QID|24474|N|From Jona Ironstock.|M|62.45,22.05|
A Dwarven Artifacts |PRE|24473|QID|24477|M|61.75,22.17|N|From Grundel Harkin.|

C Dwarven Artifacts |S|QID|24477|N|Scattered on the ground, they look like glowing broken tablets.|NC|

C Cask of Gnomenbrau|QID|24474|L|49746|M|68.19,27.95|N|Pick up the Keg of Gnomenbrau, just to the east of Anvilmar.|QO|3|NC|
C Cask of Stormhammer Stout|QID|24474|L|49744|M|56.90,28.13|N|Pick up the Keg of Stormhammer Stout, to the west of Anvilmar.|QO|1|NC|
C Cask of Theramore Pale Ale|QID|24474|L|49745|M|39.95,29.03|N|Continue west, and pick up the Keg of Theramore Pale Ale.|QO|2|NC|

C Dwarven Artifacts |US|QID|24477|M|23.5,33.5;78.5,25.0|CN|N|Scattered on the ground, they look like glowing broken tablets.|NC|

T Dwarven Artifacts |QID|24477|M|61.75,22.17|N|To Grundel Harkin.|
A Make Hay While the Sun Shines |PRE|24477|QID|24486|N|From Grundel Harkin.|M|61.75,22.17|
T First Things First: We’re Gonna Need Some Beer |QID|24474|M|62.45,22.05|N|To Jona Ironstock.|
A All the Other Stuff |PRE|24474|QID|24475|N|From Jona Ironstock.|M|62.45,22.05|

C All the Other Stuff – Haunch|S|QID|24475|N|Kill and loot the Small Crag Boars for their Haunches|QO|1|
C All the Other Stuff – Ragged Hide |S|QID|24475|N|Kill and loot the Ragged Timber Wolf for the Ragged Hides.|QO|2|
C Make Hay While the Sun Shines |QID|24486|M|52.35,46.04|N|Attack the Rockjaw Scavengers, and they will throw the artifacts at you, or kill them and loot the artifacts.|
C All the Other Stuff – Ragged Hide |US|QID|24475|N|Kill and loot the Ragged Timber Wolf for the Ragged Hides.|QO|2|M|52.35,46.04|
C All the Other Stuff – Haunch |US|QID|24475|N|Kill and loot the Small Crag Boars for their Haunches|QO|1|M|45.00,40.00|

T Make Hay While the Sun Shines |QID|24486|M|61.75,22.17|N|To Grundel Harkin.|
T All the Other Stuff |QID|24475|M|62.45,22.05|N|To Jona Ironstock.|
A Whitebeard Needs Ye |PRE|24475&24486|QID|24487|N|From Jona Ironstock.|M|62.45,22.05|

T Whitebeard Needs Ye |QID|24487|M|42.74,62.22|N|To Grelin Whitebeard.|
A The Troll Menace |PRE|24487|QID|182|N|From Grelin Whitebeard.|M|42.74,62.22|RANK|2|
A A Refugee’s Quandary |PRE|24487|QID|3361|M|42.04,63.34|N|From Felix Whindlebolt.|RANK|2|
A Trolling for Information |PRE|24487|QID|24489|M|43.24,63.12|N|From Apprentice Soren.|
C The Troll Menace |S|QID|182|N|Kill Frostmane Troll Whelps around the camps. This quest is not necessary for zone completion if you want to drop it. |
C Felix’s Box|QID|3361|M|21.30,64.00|L|10438|N|Pick up Felix’s Box.|QO|1|NC|
C Trolling for Information – Mirim’koa|QID|24489|M|21.11,66.45|N|Head into the tent, stand next to Soothsayer Mirim’koa, then listen to the dialogue.|QO|3|NC|
C Felix’s Chest|QID|3361|M|30.95,83.84|L|16313|N|Pick up Felix’s Chest.|QO|2|NC|
C Trolling for Information – Rikkari |QID|24489|M|30.47,84.96|N|Head into the tent, stand next to Soothsayer Rikkari, then listen to the dialogue.|QO|2|NC|
C Felix’s Bucket of Bolts|QID|3361|M|49.06,80.31|L|16314|N|Pick up Felix’s Bucket of Bolts.|QO|3|NC|
C Trolling for Information – Shi’kala |QID|24489|M|49.25,81.28|N|Stand next to Soothsayer Shi’kala, then listen to the dialogue.|QO|1|NC|
C The Troll Menace |US|QID|182|M|33.31,77.83|N|Finish killing the Frostmane Troll Whelps. The Trolls inside the cave do not count.|

T Trolling for Information |QID|24489|M|43.24,63.12|N|To Apprentice Soren.|
T The Troll Menace |QID|182|M|42.74,62.22|N|To Grelin Whitebeard.|
A Ice and Fire |PRE|24489|QID|218|M|42.74,62.22|N|From Grelin Whitebeard.|
T A Refugee’s Quandary |QID|3361|M|42.04,63.34|N|To Felix Whindlebolt.|
C Ice and Fire |S|QID|218|M|51.17,82.44;37.17,78.31|N|Enter the cave, keeping to the left as you go throught it, killing Frostmane Novices and Blades as you go.|CC|
K Wayward Fire Elemental |QID|218|M|12.61,36.80;34.15,35.67;66.63,29.93|Z|Frostmane Hovel|CS|T|Wayward Fire Elemental|QO|2|N|Kill the Wayward Fire Elemental|ACTIVE|218|
K Grik’nir the Cold |QID|218|M|76.24,32.00|Z|Frostmane Hovel|T|Grik’nir the Cold|QO|1|N|Kill Grik’nir the Cold.|ACTIVE|218|
C Ice and Fire |US|QID|218|M|33.31,77.83|N|Finish killing the Frostmane Novice and Blades in the cavern, then make your way out of the cave.|

T Ice and Fire |QID|218|M|42.74,62.22|N|To Grelin Whitebeard.|
A A Trip to Ironforge |PRE|218|QID|24490|N|From Grelin Whitebeard.|M|42.74,62.22|

T A Trip to Ironforge |QID|24490|M|87.50,44.39|N|To Hands Springsprocket at the top of the hill.|
A Follow that Gyro-Copter! |PRE|24490|QID|24491|N|From Hands Springsprocket.|M|87.50,44.39|
T Follow that Gyro-Copter! |QID|24491|M|69.95,44.08|N|To Milo Geartwinge at the bottom of the hill.|
A Pack Your Bags |PRE|24491|QID|24492|N|From Milo Geartwinge.|M|69.95,44.08|

A Don’t Forget About Us |QID|24493|M|62.45,22.05|N|From Jona Ironstock.|RANK|2|
r Repair and Sell Junk|QID|24492|S|ACTIVE|24492|N|Take this opportunity to sell your junk and repair with the sellers in Anvilmar.|T|Grundel Harkin|
C Coldridge Beer Flagon|QID|24492|M|62.45,23.87|N|Go to near the entrance, and all the items are around a table. Pick up the barrel of Coldridge Beer from the floor.|QO|1|NC|
C Ragged Wolf-Hide Cloak|QID|24492|M|62.45,23.87|N|Pick up the box of Wolf-Hide Cloaks.|QO|2|NC|
C Leftover Boar Meat|QID|24492|M|62.45,23.87|N|Pick up the Leftover Boar Meat that’s on the table.|QO|3|NC|
T Pack Your Bags |QID|24492|M|69.95,44.08|N|To Milo Geartwinge. On handing this quest, you will be whisked by gyro-copter to Kharanos.|
T Don’t Forget About Us |QID|24493|M|53.16,49.98|N|To Tharek Blackstone.|Z|Dun Morogh|


Source Code – Dun Morogh (05-10)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘GamDun0510’, ‘Leveling’, ‘Dun Morogh’, ‘Gameldar’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘WkjLoc1220’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[
A Beer Basted Boar Ribs|QID|384|M|53.89,50.79|N|From Ragnar Thunderbrew. Kill any boars you see from now on for Tender Boar Meat.|
T Bound for Kharanos|QID|26380|M|54.47,50.81|N|To Innkeeper Belm.|R|Gnome|
h Thunderbrew Distillery|QID|26373|M|54.47,50.81|N|Make Thunderbrew Distillery your new home at Innkeeper Belm.|
N Sell junk|QID|26373|M|54.47,50.81|N|To Innkeeper Belm. Close when done.|
B Rhapsody Malt|QID|384|M|54.47,50.81|N|From Innkeeper Belm.|L|2894|

N Secondary Profession: Cooking |QID|26373|M|54.73,50.58|N|If you want to learn Cooking, now’s the time to start, Gremlock Pilsnor will start you off. Click this step to continue.|R|Gnome,Dwarf|
A Honor Students |QID|6387|M|54.73,50.58|N|From Gremlock.|R|Gnome,Dwarf|

; [aldavor] removed references to class training – redundant.
A The Perfect Stout|QID|315|M|54.12,51.21|N|From Rejold Barleybrew.|

N Primary Professions |QID|26373|M|53.80,51.95|N|Stop off at Wembil Taskwidget to learn your chosen Primary Professions. Click this step to continue. |R|Gnome,Dwarf|

T On to Kharanos|QID|26373|M|53.68,52.17|N|To Captain Tharran.|R|Gnome|
A Frostmane Aggression|QID|25724|M|53.68,52.17|N|From Captain Tharran.|

T Honor Students |QID|6387|M|53.80,52.75|N|To Brolan Galebeard.|R|Gnome,Dwarf|

A Bound for Kharanos|QID|26380|M|49.89,45.01|N|From Ciara Deepstone.|R|Dwarf,Human,Nightelf,Worgen,Draenei|

A Ride to Ironforge |RANK|2|QID|6391|PRE|6387|M|53.80,52.75|N|The next three quests see you ride to Ironforge and back, and is worth 1,580 XP and some reputation with Ironforge and Gnomeregan.|R|Gnome,Dwarf|
F Ironforge |RANK|2|QID|6391|M|53.80,52.75|N|Speak with Brolan Galebeard and ask him to fly you to Ironforge|R|Gnome,Dwarf|
T Ride to Ironforge |RANK|2|QID|6391|M|51.37,26.27|N|To Golnir Bouldertoe, inside the Deepmountain Mining & Jewelcrafting shop (climb steps to first floor, then go downstairs to him)|R|Gnome,Dwarf|Z|Ironforge|
A Gryth Thurden |RANK|2|QID|6388|M|51.37,26.27|N|From Golnir Bouldertoe|PRE|6391|R|Gnome,Dwarf|Z|Ironforge|
T Gryth Thurden |RANK|2|QID|6388|M|55.42,47.80|N|Back to the flight master, Gryth Thurden|PRE|6391|R|Gnome,Dwarf|Z|Ironforge|
A Return to Gremlock |RANK|2|QID|6392|PRE|6388|M|55.42,47.80|N|From Gryth Thurden|R|Gnome,Dwarf|Z|Ironforge|
F Thunderbrew Distillery|RANK|2|QID|6392|M|54.73,50.58|N|Either Fly back to Kharanos then run into the Inn, or use your Hearthstone back to Kharnos|PRE|6391|R|Gnome,Dwarf|
T Return to Gremlock |RANK|2|QID|6392|M|54.73,50.81|N|To Gremlock Pilsnor|PRE|6391|R|Gnome,Dwarf|

R Shimmer Ridge|QID|25724|M|49.95,43.90|N|Run to here then head up the hill.|
C The Perfect Stout|QID|315|N|Collect Shimmerweeds from the baskets on the ground.|S|
C Frostmane Aggression|QID|25724|M|49.03,37.87|N|Kill Frostmane Seers and Snowstriders.|
C The Perfect Stout|QID|315|N|Collect any Shimmerweeds you still need from the baskets on the ground.|US|

T Bound for Kharanos|QID|26380|M|54.45,50.70|N|To Innkeeper Belm.|R|Dwarf,Human,Nightelf,Worgen,Draenei|
T The Perfect Stout|QID|315|M|54.12,51.21|N|To Rejold Barleybrew.|
T Frostmane Aggression|QID|25724|M|53.68,52.17|N|To Captain Tharran.|
A Culling the Wendigos|QID|25667|PRE|25724|M|53.68,52.17|N|From Captain Tharran.|
A Forced to Watch from Afar|QID|313|PRE|25724|M|53.68,52.17|N|From Captain Tharran.|
A Pilfered Supplies|QID|25668|PRE|25724|M|53.67,52.14|N|From Quartermaster Glynna.|

R Grizzled Den|QID|25667|CC|M|49.51,52.90|N|Head into the Grizzled Den.|
C Culling the Wendigos|QID|25667|S|M|48.28,47.38|N|Kill Wendigos as you make your way through the cave.|
C Pilfered Supplies|QID|25668|S|M|49.22,47.77|N|Collect the supplies as you go through the cave.|
C Mountaineer Dunstan|QID|313|QO|1|M|48.31,47.12|N|Talk to Mountaineer Dunstan.|CHAT|
C Mountainer Lewin|QID|313|QO|2|M|49.14,47.75|N|Talk to Mountainer Lewin.|CHAT|
C Forced to Watch from Afar|QID|313|M|49.30,44.44|N|Talk to Mountainer Valgrum.|QO|3|CHAT|
C Culling the Wendigos|QID|25667|US|M|48.28,47.38|N|Kill any Wendigos you still need.|
C Pilfered Supplies|QID|25668|US|M|49.22,47.77|N|Collect any supplies you still need.|
H Thunderbrew Distillery|QID|25668|U|6948|N|Hearth to Thunderbrew Distillery.|

T Pilfered Supplies|QID|25668|M|53.67,52.11|N|To Quartermaster Glynna.|
T Culling the Wendigos|QID|25667|M|53.68,52.17|N|To Captain Tharran.|
T Forced to Watch from Afar|QID|313|M|53.68,52.17|N|To Captain Tharran.|
A Pushing Forward|QID|25792|PRE|313&25667|M|53.68,52.17|N|From Captain Tharran.|
A Operation Recombobulation|QID|412|PRE|313&25667|M|53.32,51.98|N|From Razzle Sprysprocket.|
f Kharanos|M|53.77,52.71|N|At Brolan Galebeard.|QID|412|R|Human,NightElf,Draenei,Worgen|

C Beer Basted Boar Ribs|QID|384|S|N|Kill and loot boars you to the Tender Boar Ribs.|
C Operation Recombobulation|QID|412|S|M|58.00,57.29|N|Kill Frostmane Salvagers and loot Gyromechanic Gears (be prepared to spend time on this; they respawn very slowly).|
C Pushing Forward|QID|25792|U|56009|M|58.14,57.63|N|Use the Rune of Fire to burn the Constriction Totems.|
C Operation Recombobulation|QID|412|US|M|58.00,57.29|N|Kill Frostmane Salvagers and loot Gyromechanic Gears (be prepared to spend time on this; they respawn very slowly).|
C Beer Basted Boar Ribs|QID|384|US|N|Kill any boars you still need meat from.|M|51.73,55.8|

T Operation Recombobulation|QID|412|M|53.32,51.98|N|To Razzle Sprysprocket.|
T Pushing Forward|QID|25792|M|53.66,52.23|N|To Captain Tharran.|
A Help from Steelgrill’s Depot|QID|25838|PRE|412&25792|M|53.66,52.23|N|From Captain Tharran.|
N Sell junk, then train any new skills/spells you need|QID|384|N|Close this step to continue.|
T Beer Basted Boar Ribs|QID|384|M|53.91,50.81|N|To Ragnar Thunderbrew.|

T Help from Steelgrill’s Depot|QID|25838|M|56.80,46.97|N|To Delber Cranktoggle.|
A The Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher|QID|25839|PRE|25838|M|56.80,46.97|N|From Delber Cranktoggle.|
C The Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher|QID|25839|M|56.75,46.51|N|Right click on the blue electrical fields to use the Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher to transport you to Frostmane Retreat.|

T The Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher|QID|25839|M|62.53,53.62|N|To Slamp Wobblecog.|
A Eliminate the Resistance|QID|25840|PRE|25839|M|62.53,53.62|N|From Slamp Wobblecog.|
A Strike From Above|QID|25841|PRE|25839|M|62.53,53.62|N|From Slamp Wobblecog.|
A The View from Down Here|QID|28868|PRE|25839|M|62.54,53.72|N|From Snevik the Blade.|

C Eliminate the Resistance|QID|25840|S|M|62.04,56.13|N|Kill Frostmane Warriors.|
C The View from Down Here|QID|28868|S|U|67249|N|Use the Viewpoint Equalizer on Frostmane Builders.|T|Frostmane Builders|
C Attack on Northern Frostmane Retreat|QID|25841|U|56048|QO|1|M|64.47,54.37|N|Use the Signal Flare in the circle of stones on the ground.|
C Kill Battok the Berserker|QID|25840|T|Battok the Berserker|QO|1|M|63.81,55.68|N|Dancing in the middle of the camp.|
C Strike From Above|QID|25841|U|56048|QO|2|M|63.20,57.16|N|Use the Signal Flare just in front of the buildings.|
C Eliminate the Resistance|QID|25840|US|M|62.04,56.13|N|Kill Frostmane Warriors.|
C The View from Down Here|QID|28868|U|67249|N|Use the Viewpoint Equalizer on Frostmane Builders.|T|Frostmane Builders|US|
T The View from Down Here|QID|28868|M|62.54,53.72|N|To Snevik the Blade.|
T Eliminate the Resistance|QID|25840|M|62.53,53.62|N|To Slamp Wobblecog.|
T Strike From Above|QID|25841|M|62.53,53.62|N|To Slamp Wobblecog.|
A A Hand at the Ranch|QID|25882|LEAD|25932|PRE|25840&25841|M|62.55,53.73|N|From Slamp Wobblecog.|

T A Hand at the Ranch|QID|25882|M|70.42,49.00|N|To Sergeant Flinthammer.|
A It’s Raid Night Every Night|QID|25932|M|70.42,49.00|N|From Sergeant Flinthammer.|
C It’s Raid Night Every Night|QID|25932|M|70.38,49.23|N|5 Frostmane Raiders will sneak into the stables and steal some rams, when they line up outside you can attack. Help kill 4 of them to defend the ranch.|
T It’s Raid Night Every Night|QID|25932|M|70.43,48.99|N|To Sergeant Flinthammer.|
A Protecting the Herd|QID|314|PRE|25932|M|70.30,48.25|N|From Rudra Amberstill.|
R Protecting the Herd|QID|314|CC|M|69.37,49.57|N|Follow this path up the hill.|
K Vagash|QID|314|T|Vagash|M|69.3,45.4|N|Go to the cave and kill Vagash and loot the fang for the quest Protecting the Herd.|L|3627|QO|1|
T Protecting the Herd|QID|314|M|70.31,48.26|N|To Rudra Amberstill.|
A Rams on the Lam|QID|25905|PRE|25932|M|70.58,48.77|N|From Veron Amberstill.|
C Rams on the Lam|QID|25905|M|69.76,57.21|N|Get within 15 yards of them.|NC|T|/cleartarget\n/targetexact Stolen Ram\n/whistle\n|
T Rams on the Lam|QID|25905|M|70.63,48.92|N|To Veron Amberstill and then sell any junk you’ve got to him.|
A Help for the Quarry|QID|25933|PRE|314&25905|M|70.46,48.92|N|From Sergeant Flinthammer.|

A Priceless Treasures|QID|25937|M|76.16,53.10|N|From Prospector Drugan.|
A The Public Servant|QID|433|M|75.88,54.30|N|From Senator Mehr Stonehallow.|
f Gol’Bolar Quarry|QID|25986|M|75.87,54.36|N|At Dominic Galebeard.|
T Help for the Quarry|QID|25933|M|76.31,54.60|N|To Foreman Stonebrow.|
A Those Blasted Troggs!|QID|432|M|76.31,54.60|N|From Foreman Stonebrow.|
C Priceless Treasures|QID|25937|S|U|56226|M|78.31,53.59|N|Collect Frozen Artifacts as you make you way through the cave.|NC|
R Gol’Bolar Quarry Mine|QID|25937|M|77.89,54.87|N|Go down into the quarry and head into the cave.|
C The Public Servant|QID|433|S|U|56222|M|79.53,50.06|N|Free Trapped Miners as you make you way through the cave.|T|Trapped Miner|
C Priceless Treasures|QID|25937|US|U|56226|M|78.31,53.59|N|Finish collecting Frozen Artifacts.|NC|
C Those Blasted Troggs!|QID|432|M|77.65,55.69|N|Finish off any Troggs you still need.|
T Priceless Treasures|QID|25937|M|76.20,53.12|N|To Prospector Drugan.|
T Those Blasted Troggs!|QID|432|M|76.30,54.60|N|To Foreman Stonebrow.|
T The Public Servant|QID|433|M|75.84,54.34|N|To Senator Mehr Stonehallow.|
A Trouble at the Lake|QID|25986|LEAD|25978|PRE|432&433&25937|M|75.91,54.26|N|From Senator Mehr Stonehallow.|

T Trouble at the Lake|QID|25986|M|82.79,48.36|N|Head out eastwards to Sergeant Bahrum.|
A Entombed in Ice|QID|25978|M|82.79,48.36|N|From Sergeant Bahrum.|
A Dealing with the Surge|QID|25979|M|82.59,48.22|N|From Khurgorn Singefeather.|
C Dealing with the Surge|QID|25979|M|83.41,49.78|N|Kill Helm’s Bed Surfgers.|S|
C Entombed in Ice|QID|25978|M|82.94,50.96|N|Attack the Icy Tombs to free the Frozen Mountaineers.|
C Dealing with the Surge|QID|25979|M|83.41,49.78|N|Kill Helm’s Bed Surfgers.|US|
T Dealing with the Surge|QID|25979|M|82.69,48.32|N|To Khurgorn Singefeather.|
T Entombed in Ice|QID|25978|M|82.90,48.38|N|To Sergeant Bahrum.|

A Dark Iron Scheming|QID|25997|PRE|25978&25979|M|82.80,48.38|N|From Sergeant Bahrum.|
C Dark Iron Scheming|QID|25997|S|QO|1|M|85.15,60.61|N|Kill Dark Iron Spies.|
C Dark Iron Scheming|QID|25997|T|Captain Beld|QO|2|M|85.15,60.61|N|Kill Captain Beld and loot the Dark Iron Attack Plans.|
C Dark Iron Scheming|QID|25997|US|QO|1|N|Kill Dark Iron Spies.|

T Dark Iron Scheming|QID|25997|M|82.76,48.31|N|To Sergeant Bahrum.|
A Get to the Airfield|QID|25998|PRE|25997|M|82.76,48.31|N|From Sergeant Bahrum.|
F Ironforge Airfield|QID|25998|M|75.28,52.80|N|Use Mathel’s Flying Machine at Gol’Bolar Quarry to fly to Ironforge Airfield.|

T Get to the Airfield|QID|25998|M|78.21,20.48|N|To Commander Stonebreaker.|
A Extinguish the Fires|QID|26078|PRE|25998|M|78.21,20.48|N|From Commander Stonebreaker.|
C Extinguish the Fires|QID|26078|U|56803|M|78.37,23.96|N|Use the Firefighting Gear to put out the fires.|
T Extinguish the Fires|QID|26078|M|78.21,20.46|N|To Commander Stonebreaker.|
A Rallying the Defenders|QID|26085|PRE|26078|M|78.21,20.46|N|From Commander Stonebreaker.|
C Rallying the Defenders|QID|26085|U|56809|M|78.42,29.65|N|Place the Ironforge Banners in Loose Snow near Dun Morogh Mountaineers in combat.|NC|
T Rallying the Defenders|QID|26085|M|78.21,20.47|N|To Commander Stonebreaker.|
A Striking Back|QID|26094|PRE|26085|M|78.21,20.47|N|From Commander Stonebreaker.|
R Striking Back|QID|26094|M|77.14,18.52|N|Put the bombs on the action bar. Jump into the Repaired Bomber here.|CC|
C Striking Back|QID|26094|U|56814|M|78.25,20.50|N|Drop Bombs on the Dark Iron Attackers.|
T Striking Back|QID|26094|M|78.20,20.45|N|To Commander Stonebreaker.|
A Grimaxe’s Demise|QID|26102|PRE|26094|M|78.20,20.45|N|From Commander Stonebreaker.|
C Grimaxe’s Demise|QID|26102|T|Dark Iron Golem|M|78.40,34.66|N|Kill the Dark Iron Golem, then Grimaxe will appear – kill him too.|
T Grimaxe’s Demise|QID|26102|M|78.23,20.49|N|To Commander Stonebreaker.|
A Demanding Answers|QID|26112|PRE|26102|M|78.24,20.50|N|From Commander Stonebreaker.|

H Thunderbrew Distillery|QID|26112|U|6948|N|Head to Ironforge. Your Hearthstone is probably set to Thunderbrew Distillery and will shorten your distance.|
F Ironforge|QID|26112|M|53.78,52.72|N|Fly to Ironforge.|
T Demanding Answers|QID|26112|M|39.78,57.23|Z|Ironforge|N|To Moira Thaurissan.|
A Seize the Ambassador|QID|26118|PRE|26112|M|39.78,57.23|Z|Ironforge|N|From Moira Thaurissan.|
A Reinforcements for Loch Modan|QID|26131|Z|Ironforge|M|41.47,52.32|N|From Mountaineer Barleybrew. Accept if you plan on going to Loch Modan next.|
C Seize the Ambassador|QID|26118|U|56837|T|Ambassador Slaghammer|M|38.4, 45.83|Z|Ironforge|N|Use the Sturdy Manacles to arrest Ambassador Slaghammer, then head back to the High Seat. The quest will complete after some dialogue.|
T Seize the Ambassador|QID|26118|M|39.78,57.23|Z|Ironforge|N|To Moira Thaurissan.|
N Visit your trainers, AH, etc.|N|Close this step to continue to Loch Modan.|

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    May 16, 2015 @ 15:56 pm

    Dwarf starter updatedI’ve updated virtually all the coordinates in the zone. Also had to replace some ‘l’ tags with ‘C’ and numeric QOs. Checked with both monk and priest to level 6, seemed ok.

  • img
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 4:54 am

    re:cracked the codethats very cool!

  • img
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 16:26 pm

    Cracked the CodeAs a side effect of this investigation into the starter zones, I have also discovered how to discover *all* the new terrain floors that Blizzard introduced.

    Turned out to be simple. If you know a particular dungeon floor exists, you can probe for the name of the dungeon by doing:

    floorname =_G[“DUNGEON_FLOOR_” .. mapname .. floorNum]

    But it turns out that this is
    DUNGEON_FLOOR_DUNMOROGH11=”Gol’Bolar Quarry”
    Note that this information was collected from a level 1 gnome, so the fact that I see FROSTFIRERIDGE is a major win. And I see *all* the caves we discovered by hand!

  • img
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

    CarboniteLooks like Carbonite is causing the issues with the arrows pointing to 0yds… I’ve disabled it and it all seems to be OK now. I’ll continue to investigate but on 3 toons (DK, panda, new gnome) looks like its fine.[edit to add] Note: currently the Gnome starter New Tinkertown arrow is pointing about 250 yds NE out of sync with map coords.

  • img
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 17:25 pm

    I’ve rolled a DK, andI’ve rolled a DK, and unfortunately it’s the same… the arrow points to “0 yds” constantly, although the coords are correct within the starter zone.

  • img
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 14:48 pm

    I’ll go through what I canI’ll go through what I can this weekend – meantime I’ve also updated the Dun Morogh 5-12 guide. [edit to add] Just rolled a panda, checked the first few quests and the arrow still points to “0 yds” in Wandering Isle starter zone 🙁 sorry.

  • img
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 13:52 pm

    Starter Zones Issues.I got one starter zone working right, but anything in this list is not going to work until I fix Astrolabe:
    WoWPro.SubZone = {
    [30] = 864, — “Elwynn Forest” => “Northshire”
    [9] = 890, — “Mulgore” to “Camp Narache”
    [27] = {866, 895}, — “Dun Morogue” to Coldridge Valley or New Tinkertown”
    [462] = 893, — “Eversong to Sunstrider”
    [20] = 892, — “Tirisfal Glades to Deathknell”
    [464] = 894, — “Azuremyst Isle to Ammen Vale”
    [41] = 888, — “Teldrassil to Shadowglen”
    [4] = {889,891}, — “Durotar to Valley of Trials or Echo Isles”

    However, I could use help to verify that the Death Knight, Goblin and Padaren starting zones are still OK.

  • img
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 12:25 pm

    IssueI’ve found an issue with this zone; I’ll post that and any others I find onto GitHub as issues. [edit to add]Updated Gnome starter zone in New Tinkertown for Warlock with corrected coords and some amendments – needs updating for other classes.

  • img
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 15:23 pm

    Re: Excellent news! Is that justAcross the board.   I’m in the process of testing it, but as you can imagine, it is tedious.So many races!

  • img
    Apr 7, 2015 @ 22:01 pm

    Excellent news! Is that justExcellent news! Is that just the gnome one, or all of them?

  • img
    Apr 7, 2015 @ 19:03 pm

    Re: Gnome Starter (01-05)The next update to WoWPro should restore the arrow in the gnome starter zone. 

  • img
    Apr 7, 2015 @ 18:55 pm

    Gnome Starter (01-05)Looks like this zone too has been affected by the change of coords Blizz carried out in the Warlords expac; I’ll do a run through with another Gnome over the next few days and redo the coords. Same as others, the TomTom crazy arrow doesn’t operate within the initial starter zone.

  • img
    Jun 6, 2011 @ 21:15 pm

    Dun Morogh updateDwarf starting area update: Added race tags for the Dwarf only steps,
    added missing notes, added missing cords, removed unneeded zone tags,
    and QO tags.
    Gnome starting area update: Added race tags for the Gnome only steps,
    added missing notes, added missing cords, removed unneeded zone tags,
    and QO tags. Added a note for non-Gnome races that this is Gnome only.
    5-12 guide update: Added race tags for a few steps (non-Gnome step for
    “Bound for Kharanos”, non-Gnome/Dwarf step for getting FP at Kharanos),
    added missing notes, added missing waypoint, tweaked a few notes,
    tweaked a few waypoints. Added in steps done by Fluclo (as I missed his
    edits before I started my edits).
    I still can’t believe I missed Flulco’s edits.  >_<

  • img
    Apr 2, 2011 @ 18:59 pm

    Tweaks for Gylin_Gnome_StarterSpun up a Gnome Mage and ran into a bug.QID on [Get Me Explosives Back!] was wrong.  Added advice to [Down with Crushcog!].Now corrected.

  • img
    Feb 8, 2011 @ 4:56 am

    While I’m in support ofWhile I’m in support of non-headaches, and tabs/whitespace are normally great tools for this, I’d rather this page work well with the updater tool than have it look nicer. Sorry, Gylin 🙁

  • img
    Feb 5, 2011 @ 20:35 pm

    ApologiesSince this was the only guide that looked like this, I assumed it was a mistake.Please feel free to revert my changes

  • img
    Feb 5, 2011 @ 20:22 pm

    whitespace / tabsThey were there for a reason, in that they make reading the code far easier and much less headache inducing

  • img
    Feb 5, 2011 @ 0:21 am

    The Janitor at work on Dun MoroghRemoved extra tabs and whitespace.Removed empty tags (aka ||’s).It was causing tons of silly changes on my WoWPro -> GitHub updater.

  • img
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 13:46 pm

    /facepalm Fixed the |CC|/facepalm Fixed the |CC| step example to the way it should be.

  • img
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 13:46 pm

    Just started a Gnome to checkJust started a Gnome to check it out. You go from the sub-zone of Gnomeregan, then when you teleport your in the sub-zone of New Tinkertown. So it can probably be handled a couple of different ways.

    For the R type step:
    R New Tinkertown|NC| |QID|27674| |M|29.60,37.96| |N|Talk to Torben Zapblast and ask him to teleport you to the surface|

    Or since it seems you will be transported to the same cords everytime, you can use a |CC| tag like this:
    C To the Surface |NC| |QID|27674| |M|29.60,37.96;33.88,38.59| |N|Talk to Torben Zapblast and ask him to teleport you to the surface|CC|

  • img
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 0:57 am

    No, you talk to a NPC whoNo, you talk to a NPC who teleports you to the surface, you don’t move, I’ll check it again later see what tweaks I can make to make it better.

  • img
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 20:15 pm

    Are the sub-zone namesAre the sub-zone names different?  If so, you can just make it a R (run to) step, and in the notes just state what to do, instead of a C (complete) step.

  • img
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 3:49 am

    Yes unfortunately that stepYes unfortunately that step doesn’t and I couldn’t figure out anyway to make it do so

  • img
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 0:48 am

    C To the Surface |NC|C To the Surface |NC| |QID|27674| |M|29.60,37.96| |N|Talk to Torben Zapblast and ask him to teleport you to the surface|didnt tick for me when i went to the surface.

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