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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘JiyHin3035’, ‘Leveling’, ‘The Hinterlands’, ‘Jiyambi’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,29,34, 30.6218)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘JiyWes3540’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|69.00,34.78|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Drum Fel|
A Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|69.00,34.78|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Drum Fel. He can be found in Hammerfall (Arathi Highlands)\n\nIf you’ve not been to Hammerfall before, head along the road from Hillsbrad Foothills (watching out for one Level 30 mob walking along the road near Refuge Point)|
F The Hinterlands|QID|26430|M|68.19,33.44|N|Speak to Urda, the Bat Handler and ask for a ride to Revantusk Village.|CHAT|

f Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|81.69,81.80|N|From Gorkas.|
A Gammerita, Mon!|QID|26210|M|80.35,81.46|N|From Katoom the Angler.|
A Snapjaws, Mon!|QID|26211|M|80.35,81.46|N|From Katoom the Angler.|
A Pupellyverbos Port|QID|26225|M|77.35,79.96|N|From Grognard.|
A Lard Lost His Lunch|QID|26212|M|78.20,81.27|N|From Lard.|
h Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|78.20,81.27|N|At Lard.|
T Warchief’s Command: The Hinterlands!|QID|28574|M|78.16,81.37|N|To Elder Torntusk, upstairs in the inn.|ACTIVE|28574|
T Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|78.16,81.37|N|To Elder Torntusk, upstairs in the inn.|

C Pupellyverbos Port|QID|26225|S|NC|M|79.43,70.17|N|Loot the bottles of wine found along the coast.|
C Snapjaws, Mon!|QID|26211|S|M|78.21,66.51|N|Kill the turtles found along the coast.|
C Gammerita, Mon!|QID|26210|M|77.85,70.96|N|Kill and loot Gammerita, the huge turtle that patrols the area.|T|Gammerita|
C Lard Lost His Lunch|QID|26212|M|84.03,40.82|N|Head along the coast to The Overlook Cliffs, then swim out to the island. Click on Lard’s Picnic Basket. This will spawn a couple of Vilebranch Kidnappers. Kill and loot them for Lard’s Lunch.|
C Pupellyverbos Port|QID|26225|US|NC|M|79.43,70.17|N|Finish looting the bottles of wine found along the coast.|
C Snapjaws, Mon!|QID|26211|US|M|78.21,66.51|N|Finish killing the turtles along the coast.|

H Revantusk Village|QID|26212|N|Run back to Revantusk Village (or Hearthstone if it’s a long way away).|M|78.20,81.30|
T Lard Lost His Lunch|QID|26212|N|To Lard.|M|78.20,81.30|

T Gammerita, Mon!|QID|26210|M|80.31,81.48|N|To Katoom the Angler.|
T Snapjaws, Mon!|QID|26211|M|80.31,81.48|N|To Katoom the Angler.|
T Pupellyverbos Port|QID|26225|M|77.30,79.80|N|To Grognard.|

A The Savage Dwarves|QID|26238|M|78.16,81.37|N|From Elder Torntusk, upstairs in the Inn.|
A Thornar Thunderclash|QID|26263|M|78.16,81.37|N|From Elder Torntusk.|
A Stalking the Stalkers|QID|26223|M|79.09,79.57|N|From Huntsman Markhor.|
A Stomp To My Beat|QID|26240|M|78.79,78.44|N|From Mystic Yayo’jin.|

C Stalking the Stalkers|QID|26223|M|75.45,75.15;70.35,63.15;71.65,50.95;60.95,44.90|CC|N|Head up the path, then kill the Silvermane Stalkers.|
C The Savage Dwarves|QID|26238|S|M|71.03,50.04|N|Kill Wildhammer Dwarves.|
C Stomp To My Beat|QID|26240|NC|U|57920|M|71.48,50.40|N|Use the drums on Revantusk stalkers (not the casters!)|S|T|Revantusk Stalker|
C Thornar Thunderclash|QID|26263|M|70.97,48.47|N|He’s located inside a small fortified area.|
C Stomp To My Beat|QID|26240|NC|U|57920|M|71.48,50.40|N|Use the drums on Revantusk stalkers (not the casters!)|US|T|Revantusk Stalker|
C The Savage Dwarves|QID|26238|US|M|71.03,50.04|N|Finish killing Wildhammer Dwarves.|

H Revantusk Village|QID|26263|N|Hearthstone or run back to Revantusk Village|M|71.15,64.70;78.20,81.30|CC|
T The Savage Dwarves|QID|26238|M|78.17,81.42|N|To Elder Torntusk, upstairs.|
T Thornar Thunderclash|QID|26263|M|78.17,81.42|N|To Elder Torntusk|

A Skulk Rock Clean-Up|QID|26267|PRE|26238&26263|M|78.17,81.42|N|From Elder Torntusk.|
A Skulk Rock Supplies|QID|26268|PRE|26238&26263|M|78.17,81.42|N|From Elder Torntusk.|
T Stalking the Stalkers|QID|26223|M|79.12,79.51|N|To Huntsman Markhor.|
A Hunt the Savages|QID|26224|PRE|26223|M|79.12,79.51|N|From Huntsman Markhor.|
T Stomp To My Beat|QID|26240|M|78.79,78.41|N|To Mystic Yayo’jin.|
A Prime Slime|QID|26283|PRE|26238&26263|M|78.03,78.24|N|From Malcom Fendelson.|

C Hunt the Savages|QID|26224|M|76.33,76.38;72.78,68.80;61.05,62.40|CC|N|Follow the path, and kill any Savage Owlbeasts you find up there.|
C Skulk Rock Clean-Up|QID|26267|S|M|57.55,39.35|N|Kill oozes in and around Skull Rock.|
C Skulk Rock Supplies|QID|26268|S|NC|M|55.95,44.96|N|Loot the crates in and around Skull Rock. They are quite small, so look carefully!|
C Prime Slime|QID|26283|M|57.47,38.85;57.46,41.54|CS|N|The entrance to the cave is on the north side of Skull Rock. Head inside and jump down or go down the ramp – the Direglob should be there. Kill and loot it.|
C Skulk Rock Supplies|QID|26268|US|NC|M|55.95,44.96|N|Loot the crates in and around Skull Rock. They are quite small, so look carefully!|
C Skulk Rock Clean-Up|QID|26267|US|M|57.55,39.35|N|Kill oozes in and around Skull Rock.|

H Revantusk Village|QID|26267|N|Hearthstone or run back to Revantusk Village|M|71.15,64.70;78.20,81.30|CC|
T Skulk Rock Clean-Up|QID|26267|M|78.16,81.40|N|To Elder Torntusk, upstairs.|
T Skulk Rock Supplies|QID|26268|M|78.16,81.40|N|To Elder Torntusk.|
A The Fall of Jintha’Alor|QID|26432|PRE|26267^26268^26491^26492|M|78.16,81.40|N|From Elder Torntusk.|
T Hunt the Savages|QID|26224|M|79.07,79.60|N|To Huntsman Markhor.|
T Prime Slime|QID|26283|M|78.13,78.24|N|To Malcom Fendelson.|

R Jintha’Alor|QID|26432|M|76.01,76.02;72.77,68.68;67.79,66.38|CS|N|Head back up the cliff and to the camp near the entrance to Jintha’Alor.|
T The Fall of Jintha’Alor|QID|26432|M|67.79,66.38|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
A Start Taking Back|QID|26306|PRE|26432^26496|M|67.79,66.38|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
A Heads Up|QID|26366|M|67.79,66.38|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
A Faces of Evil|QID|26357|M|67.79,66.38|N|From Kotonga.|
A All That Skitters|QID|26310|M|67.74,66.50|N|From Eliza Darkgrin.|
C Start Taking Back|QID|26306|S|M|65.59,70.41|N|Kill headhunters and witchdoctors on the lower levels of Jintha’Alor.|
C All That Skitters|QID|26310|S|NC|M|65.37,67.67|N|Right-click the spiders to collect them. Don’t kill them!|
C Faces of Evil|QID|26357|S|NC|U|58209|M|66.66,70.94|N|Use the torch to burn tiki masks.|
C Heads Up|QID|26366|M|65.14,65.12|N|Kill and loot Umboda. He’s on the north end of the second level of Jintha’Alor.|
C All That Skitters|QID|26310|US|NC|M|65.37,67.67|N|Right-click the spiders to collect them. Don’t kill them!|
C Start Taking Back|QID|26306|US|M|65.59,70.41|N|Kill headhunters and witchdoctors on the lower levels of Jintha’Alor.|
T All That Skitters|QID|26310|M|67.74,66.55|N|To Eliza Darkgrin, back at the entrance to Jintha’Alor.|
A Dark Vessels|QID|26309|PRE|26310|M|67.74,66.55|N|From Eliza Darkgrin.|
T Start Taking Back|QID|26306|M|67.74,66.55|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
A Death to the Vilebranch|QID|26307|PRE|26306&26366|M|67.74,66.55|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
T Heads Up|QID|26366|M|67.74,66.55|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
C Dark Vessels|QID|26309|S|NC|M|63.93,74.39|N|Loot the cauldrons scattered around Jintha’Alor.|
C Death to the Vilebranch|QID|26307|M|63.56,70.34|N|Kill Berserkers and Shadowcasters on the third level of Jintha’Alor.|
T Death to the Vilebranch|QID|26307|M|67.81,66.44|N|To Primal Torntusk, back at the entrance to Jintha’Alor.|
A It’s Ours Now|QID|26308|PRE|26307|M|67.81,66.44|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
A Ongo’longo’s Revenge|QID|26367|PRE|26307|M|67.72,66.53|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
C It’s Ours Now|QID|26308|M|65.98,80.49|N|Kill Blood Drinkers and Soul Eaters on the fifth and sixth levels of Jintha’Alor.|
C Ongo’longo’s Revenge|QID|26367|M|62.28,75.49|N|On the fifth level of Jintha’Alor, fight the huge dire troll until it breaks free.|
C Dark Vessels|QID|26309|US|NC|M|63.93,74.39|N|Loot the cauldrons scattered around Jintha’Alor.|
C Faces of Evil|QID|26357|US|NC|U|58209|M|66.66,70.94|N|Use the torch to burn tiki masks.|
T Dark Vessels|QID|26309|M|67.72,66.53|N|To Eliza Darkgrin.|
A Venomous Secrets|QID|26368|PRE|26309|M|67.72,66.53|N|From Eliza Darkgrin.|
T It’s Ours Now|QID|26308|M|67.72,66.53|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
T Ongo’longo’s Revenge|QID|26367|M|67.80,66.48|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
A Summit of Fate|QID|26363|PRE|26308&26367|M|67.80,66.48|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
T Faces of Evil|QID|26357|M|67.81,66.36|N|To Kotonga.|
C Summit of Fate|QID|26363|NC|M|59.85,77.63|N|Loot the spider idols off the dead Vilebranch trolls.|
T Summit of Fate|QID|26363|M|67.81,66.47|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
A Hunt the Keeper|QID|26369|PRE|26363|M|67.81,66.47|N|From Primal Torntusk.|
C Venomous Secrets|QID|26368|S|M|54.61,83.81|N|Kill and loot spiders in the cave on the sixth level of Jintha’Alor.|
C Hunt the Keeper|QID|26369|M|57.47,86.44|N|In the back of a cave at the top of Jintha’Alor, kill and loot Morta’gya the Keeper.|
C Venomous Secrets|QID|26368|US|M|54.61,83.81|N|Kill and loot spiders in the cave on the sixth level of Jintha’Alor.|
T Hunt the Keeper|QID|26369|M|67.79,66.42|N|To Primal Torntusk.|
T Venomous Secrets|QID|26368|M|67.69,66.58|N|To Eliza Darkgrin.|
A Darkcleric Marnal|QID|26384|PRE|26369|M|67.62,66.51|N|From Eliza Darkgrin.|
R Hiri’watha Research Station|QID|26384|M|32.38,58.14|N|Follow the road west.|
f Hiri’watha Research Station|QID|26384|M|32.38,58.14|N|At Kellen Kuhn.|
h Hiri’watha Research Station|QID|26418|M|31.83,58.03|N|At Bitsy.|
T Darkcleric Marnal|QID|26384|M|31.96,58.41|N|To Darkcleric Marnal.|
A The Eye of Shadra|QID|26381|M|31.94,58.35|N|From Darkcleric Marnal.|
A Can’t Make An Omelette Without…|QID|26382|M|31.90,58.51|N|From Apothecary Surlis.|
C Can’t Make An Omelette Without…|QID|26382|NC|M|46.34,38.99|N|Loot eggs around Agol’watha.|
C The Eye of Shadra|QID|26381|NC|M|45.52,38.86|N|From the chest in Agol’Watha.|
T The Eye of Shadra|QID|26381|M|31.96,58.39|N|To Darkcleric Marnal, back at Hiri’watha Research Station.|
A The Fang of Shadra|QID|26406|PRE|26381|M|31.96,58.39|N|From Darkcleric Marnal.|
T Can’t Make An Omelette Without…|QID|26382|M|31.93,58.44|N|To Apothecary Surlis.|
A Starvation Diet|QID|26387|PRE|26382|M|31.93,58.44|N|From Apothecary Surlis.|
C The Fang of Shadra|QID|26406|NC|M|49.48,52.13|N|Loot the fang from the chest in The Creeping Ruin.|
C Starvation Diet|QID|26387|M|49.25,51.49|N|Kill cocooned victims in the Creeping Ruin.|
T The Fang of Shadra|QID|26406|M|31.90,58.38|N|To Darkcleric Marnal.|
A The Shell of Shadra|QID|26418|PRE|26406|M|31.90,58.38|N|From Darkcleric Marnal.|
T Starvation Diet|QID|26387|M|31.88,58.46|N|To Apothecary Surlis.|
C The Shell of Shadra|QID|26418|M|48.44,67.75|N|Kill and loot Qiaga the Keeper.|
H Hiri’watha Research Station|QID|26418|M|31.85,58.29|N|If you can’t hearth there, ride back.|
T The Shell of Shadra|QID|26418|M|31.85,58.29|N|To Darkcleric Marnal.|
A Summoning Shadra|QID|26558|PRE|26418|M|31.85,58.29|N|From Darkcleric Marnal.|
C Summoning Shadra|QID|26558|U|58784|M|36.99,71.53;32.52,75.90;32.17,67.29|CS|N|Use the idol at each altar.|
T Summoning Shadra|QID|26558|M|35.54,68.46|N|To Deathstalker Lookout.|
A Shadra the Venom Queen|QID|26419|PRE|26558|M|35.54,68.46|N|From Deathstalker Lookout.|
C Shadra the Venom Queen|QID|26419|M|34.59,69.70|N|Let the forsaken tank for you, and defeat the venom queen!|
T Shadra the Venom Queen|QID|26419|M|31.96,58.33|N|To Darkcleric Marnal, back at the Hiri’Watha Research Station.|
A The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28508|LEAD|26921|M|31.96,58.33|N|From Darkcleric Marnal. Pick this up if you’d like to do Western Plaguelands next.|



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    Jun 9, 2015 @ 19:34 pm

    Re: Guide Progression during CombatI did some experiments with this awhile ago.   I enabled something called “Unsafe Combat Mode” which tried to do more guides updates during combat.   The range of things that did not work was quite bizzare, but the main problem is that any controls that do macro or reference items cant be modified or instanciated.I *think* that was the only remaining problem, but I never finished verifying it and then trying it out.I’ll revisit the issue, as it is annoying, especially given how long you can remain in combat.

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    Jun 9, 2015 @ 15:57 pm

    Guide Progression during CombatWhen in combat, the guide doesn’t completely move onto the next step when you complete a step. The tomtom arrow moves onto the next quest, and the guide shows (C) in the step and a yellow tick in the box, but whilst in combat, the guide doesn’t move onto the next step.This behaviour was noticable in the Stomp to My Beat, as when you zap the Revantusk Stalkers, you are put into combat with the Wildhammer they are fighting, although you don’t need to kill them to progress in the task. 

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