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Camp Narache Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘GylNar0105’, “Leveling”, ‘Camp Narache (Tauren)’, ‘Gylin’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘GylMul0512’)
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,”Icon”, WoWPro:GuidePickGender(“Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Tauren_Male”,”Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Tauren_Female”))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A The First Step|QID|14449|M|27.72,28.28|N|From Chief Hawkwind.|
T The First Step|QID|14449|M|39.45,37.25|N|To Grull Hawkwind.|
A Rite of Strength|QID|14452|PRE|14449|M|39.45,37.25|N|From Grull Hawkwind.|
C Rite of Strength|QID|14452|M|40.65,38.26|N|Kill the Quilboars fighting with the defenders.|
T Rite of Strength|QID|14452|M|39.45,37.25|N|To Grull Hawkwind.|

A Our Tribe, Imprisoned|QID|24852|PRE|14452|M|39.45,37.25|N|From Grull Hawkwind.|
C Our Tribe, Imprisoned|NC|QID|24852|M|47.10,43.14|N|Free the captured braves from the cages in this area.|
T Our Tribe, Imprisoned|QID|24852|M|39.45,37.25|N|To Grull Hawkwind.|
A Go to Adana|QID|14458|PRE|24852|M|39.45,37.25|N|From Grull Hawkwind.|

T Go to Adana|QID|14458|M|30.92,50.59|N|To Adana Thunderhorn.|
A Rite of Courage|QID|14456|M|30.92,50.59|N|From Adana Thunderhorn.|;removed pre as it was causing step to skip
A Stop the Thorncallers|QID|14455|PRE|14458|M|30.92,50.59|N|From Adana Thunderhorn.|
C Rite of Courage|S|QID|14456|M|34.67,61.32|N|Kill Britlebark Gun Thiefs and loot the Stolen Rifles from them.|
C Stop the Thorncallers|QID|14455|M|33.59,69.23|N|Kill Bristleback Thorncallers|
C Rite of Courage|US|QID|14456|M|34.67,61.32|N|Kill Britlebark Gun Thiefs and loot any Stolen Rifles you still need.|

T Rite of Courage|QID|14456|M|30.92,50.59|N|To Adana Thunderhorn.|
T Stop the Thorncallers|QID|14455|M|30.92,50.59|N|To Adana Thunderhorn.|
A The Battleboars|QID|14459|PRE|14455&14456|M|30.92,50.59|N|From Adana Thunderhorn.|
A Feed of Evil|QID|14461|PRE|14455&14456|M|30.92,50.59|N|From Adana Thunderhorn.|
C Feed of Evil|NC|QID|14461|M|26.38,66.35;25.15,69.15;28.22,70.45|CS|N|Use Adona’s Torch on the Troughs|U|49539|
C The Battleboars|QID|14459|M|26.68,68.39|N|Kill any Battleboars you still need|
T The Battleboars|QID|14459|M|30.92,50.597|N|To Adana Thunderhorn.|

T Feed of Evil|QID|14461|M|30.92,50.59|N|To Adana Thunderhorn.|
A Rite of Honor|QID|14460|PRE|14459&14461|M|30.92,50.59|N|From Adana Thunderhorn.|
C Rite of Honor|QID|14460|M|15.32,46.69|N|Kill and loot Chief Squealer Thornmantle, who is hanging out in this small cave.|

H Camp Narache|QID|14460|M|27.76,28.29|U|6948|N|Use your hearthstone to return to Camp Narache (or run there).|

T Rite of Honor|QID|14460|M|27.72,28.28|N|To Chief Hawkwind.|
A Last Rites, First Rites|QID|24861|PRE|14460|M|27.72,28.28|N|From Chief Hawkwind.|
C Last Rites, First Rites|NC|QID|24861|M|27.79,28.75|U|50465|N|Use the Water Pitcher to place an offering for Greatmother Hawkwind.|
T Last Rites, First Rites|QID|24861|M|27.72,28.28|N|To Chief Hawkwind.|

A Rites of the Earthmother|QID|23733|PRE|24861|M|27.72,28.28|N|From Chief Hawkwind.|
R Fargaze Mesa|ACTIVE|23733|M|21.03,34.52;15.76,27.68|CS|N|Head up the path on the hill to Fargaze Mesa.|
T Rites of the Earthmother|QID|23733|M|15.62,30.28|N|To Dyami Windsoar.|

A Rite of the Winds|QID|24215|PRE|23733|M|15.62,30.28|N|From Dyami Windsoar.|
F Bloodhoof Village|NC|QID|24215|M|47.82,59.87|Z|Mulgore|N|Use the Water of Vision to become an eagle spirit and fly to Bloodhoof Village.|U|49652|
T Rite of the Winds|QID|24215|M|47.65,59.58|Z|Mulgore|N|To Ahmo Thunderhorn.|



Mulgore Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘GylMul0512’, “Leveling”, ‘Mulgore’, ‘Gylin’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,5,9,4.84868 )
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘BitNor1220’)
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,”Icon”, WoWPro:GuidePickGender(“Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Tauren_Male”,”Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Tauren_Female”))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Sharing the Land|QID|14438|M|47.70,59.66|N|From Ahmo Thunderhorn.|
h Bloodhoof Village|QID|14438|M|46.85,60.38|N|At Innkeeper Kauth.|
;N Sell junk|QID|14438|M|46.85,60.36|
;B Train First Aid|QID|14438|M|46.94,60.29|N|Train the secondary profession “First Aid” if you want to.|RANK|3|
A Poison Water|QID|20440|M|48.68,59.76|R|Tauren|N|From Mull Thunderhorn.|
A Swoop Hunting|QID|761|M|48.71,58.82|N|From Harken Windtotem.|
A Kyle’s Gone Missing!|QID|11129|M|48.34,53.18|N|From Ahab Wheathoof.|
C Tender Strider Meat|S|QID|11129|N|Kill any Plainstrider you see, until you have a Tender Strider Meat.|L|33009 1|
C Poison Water|S|QID|20440|R|Tauren|N|Kill and loot any Plainstriders and Praire Wolves you see.|
C Swoop Hunting|S|QID|761|N|Kill any Swoops you see.|
C Sharing the Land|QID|14438|M|36.1,61.4|N|Kill Gnolls around the camp and in the cave behind it.|
C Poison Water|US|QID|20440|R|Tauren|N|Finish killing and looting any Plainstriders and Praire Wolves you see.|
C Swoop Hunting|US|QID|761|N|Finish killing any Swoops you see.|
H Bloodhoof Village|QID|14438|M|48.19,59.59|N|Hearth to Bloodhoof Village, and sell any junk you might have to Innkeeper Kauth.|

T Sharing the Land|QID|14438|M|47.60,59.58|N|To Ahmo Thunderhorn.|
A The Restless Earth|QID|14491|PRE|14438|M|47.60,59.58|N|From Ahmo Thunderhorn.|

A Morin Cloudstalker|QID|24459|LEAD|749|M|47.54,59.56|N|From Ahmo Thunderhorn.|
A Dangers of the Windfury|QID|743|M|47.51,61.22|N|From Ruul Eagletalon.|
T Poison Water|QID|20440|M|48.57,59.88|R|Tauren|N|To Mull Thunderhorn.|

A Winterhoof Cleansing|QID|24440|PRE|20440|M|48.58,59.88|R|Tauren|N|From Mull Thunderhorn.|
C Winterhoof Cleansing|NC|QID|24440|M|53.41,65.16|R|Tauren|N|Head to the Winterhoof Water Well, and use the Winterhoof Cleansing Totem to clean it.|
T Winterhoof Cleansing|QID|24440|M|48.69,59.92|R|Tauren|N|To Mull Thunderhorn.|
A Thunderhorn Totem|QID|24441|PRE|24440|M|48.69,59.92|R|Tauren|N|From Mull Thunderhorn.|

T Swoop Hunting|QID|761|M|48.76,58.89|N|To Harken Windtotem.|
A Mazzranache|QID|26188|M|47.24,56.75|N|From Maur Raincaller.|

T Morin Cloudstalker|QID|24459|M|57.12,60.48|N|To Morin Cloudstalker.|
A The Ravaged Caravan|QID|749|M|57.12,60.48|N|From Morin Cloudstalker.|
C Thunderhorn Totem|S|QID|24441|R|Tauren|N|Kill and loot the Flatland Cougars and Prairie Stalkers for their claws.|
C Mazzranache|S|QID|26188|N|Kill Flatland Cougars you see until you get a femur|QO|1|; Flatland Cougar Femur: 1/1
T The Ravaged Caravan|QID|749|M|53.57,48.34|N|At the Sealed Supply Crate.|
A The Ravaged Caravan|QID|751|PRE|749|M|53.57,48.34|N|From the Sealed Supply Crate.|
T The Ravaged Caravan|QID|751|M|57.05,60.24|N|To Morin Cloudstalker.|

A The Venture Co.|QID|26179|PRE|751|M|57.05,60.24|N|From Morin Cloudstalker.|
A Supervisor Fizsprocket|QID|26180|PRE|751|M|57.05,60.24|N|From Morin Cloudstalker.|
C The Venture Co.|S|QID|26179|N|Kill Workers as you make your way up the hill to the mine.|QO|1|; Venture Co. Worker slain: 7/7
K Supervisor Fizsprocket|QID|26180|M|60.92,47.07|N|Kill Supervisor Fizsprocket inside the mine and loot his clipboard.|T|Supervisor Fizsprocket|QO|1|
C The Venture Co.|US|QID|26179|N|Kill Workers you still need as you make your way back down the hill.|QO|1|; Venture Co. Worker slain: 7/7
C Mazzranache|S|QID|26188|N|Kill Flatland Cougars you see until you get a femur.|QO|1|; Flatland Cougar Femur: 1/1
C Thunderhorn Totem|US|QID|24441|R|Tauren|N|Finish killing and looting the Flatland Cougars and Prairie Stalkers for their claws.|
C Tender Strider Meat|US|QID|11129|N|Kill any Plainstrider you see, until you have a Tender Strider Meat.|L|33009 1|
T The Venture Co.|QID|26179|M|57.06,60.32|N|To Morin Cloudstalker.|
T Supervisor Fizsprocket|QID|26180|M|57.06,60.32|N|To Morin Cloudstalker.|
C Dangers of the Windfury|QID|743|M|63.43,68.61|N|Kill and loot the Windfury for their Talons.|

H Bloodhoof Village|QID|743|M|46.82,60.46|N|Hearth to Bloodhoof Village, or run back. Sell any junk you might have to Innkeeper Kauth.|

C Kyle’s Gone Missing!|NC|S|QID|11129|U|33009|T|Kyle the Frenzied|N|While in Bloodhoof Village turning in your quests, keep a look out for Kyle the Frenzied running around. Target him and place the Tender Strider Meat on the ground.|
T Dangers of the Windfury|QID|743|M|47.50,61.34|N|To Ruul Eagletalon.|
T Thunderhorn Totem|QID|24441|M|48.59,59.89|R|Tauren|N|To Mull Thunderhorn.|
A Thunderhorn Cleansing|QID|24456|PRE|24441|M|48.59,59.89|R|Tauren|N|From Mull Thunderhorn.|
T Mazzranache|QID|26188|M|47.15,56.66|N|To Maur Raincaller.|
C Kyle’s Gone Missing!|NC|US|QID|11129|M|47.18,56.76|U|33009|T|Kyle the Frenzied|N|Wait here until you see Kyle the Frenzied. Target him and place the Tender Strider Meat on the ground.|
T Kyle’s Gone Missing!|QID|11129|M|48.31,53.17|N|To Ahab Wheathoof.|
C Thunderhorn Cleansing|NC|QID|24456|M|44.98,45.25|R|Tauren|N|Use the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem at the well.|U|5415|
C The Restless Earth|QID|14491|U|49647|QO|1|M|32.76,48.97|N|Play the Drums of the Soothed Earth to the Agitated Earth Spirits. They will charge at you and either become calmed or displeased, in which case they will attack you.|

H Bloodhoof Village|QID|14491|M|46.82,60.46|N|Hearth to Bloodhoof Village, or run back. Sell any junk you might have to Innkeeper Kauth.|

T The Restless Earth|QID|14491|M|47.60,59.58|N|To Ahmo Thunderhorn.|
T Thunderhorn Cleansing|QID|24456|M|48.55,59.79|R|Tauren|N|To Mull Thunderhorn.|
A Rite of Vision|QID|24457|PRE|24456|M|48.55,59.79|R|Tauren|N|From Mull Thunderhorn.|
T Rite of Vision|QID|24457|M|47.86,57.21|R|Tauren|N|To Zarlman Two-Moons.|
A Rite of Vision|QID|20441|PRE|24457|M|47.86,57.21|R|Tauren|N|From Zarlman Two-Moons.|
C Rite of Vision|NC|QID|20441|R|Tauren|N|Drink the Water of Vision to become a Wolf Spirit and travel to Camp Sungraze.|U|49651|

T Rite of Vision|QID|20441|M|49.37,17.49|R|Tauren|N|To Una Wildmane.|
A Wildmane Totem|QID|24523|PRE|20441|M|49.37,17.49|R|Tauren|N|From Una Wildmane.|
A Rite of Wisdom|QID|773|PRE|20441|M|49.48,17.21|R|Tauren|N|From Lorekeeper Raintotem.|

A A Sacred Burial|QID|833|M|49.48,17.21|N|From Lorekeeper Raintotem.|
K Ghost Howl|AVAILABLE|770|M|43.13,16.01|T|Ghost Howl|N|Go find Ghost Howl parolling around the well and whack him for the quest. He is on a long spawn timer, so skip this if you like.|
U Demon Scarred Cloak|AVAILABLE|770|U|4854|N|Click to get the quest.|

T The Demon Scarred Cloak|QID|770|M|49.63,17.22|N|To Skorn Whitecloud.|

A Preparation for Ceremony|QID|744|M|49.60,17.49|N|From Eyahn Eagletalon.|
C Wildmane Totem|QID|24523|S|M|47.87,21.86|R|Tauren,Troll,Blood Elf,Orc|N|Kill any Prairie Wolf Alpha you see.|
C Preparation for Ceremony|QID|744|M|54.73,12.95|N|Kill and loot the Windfury Sorceress for the Azure Feathers, and kill and loot Windfury Matriarch for the Bronze Feathers.|

R Red Rocks|ACTIVE|773|M|59.62,22.42|N|Head to Red Rocks.|
C A Sacred Burial|QID|833|M|60.77,22.52|N|Kill the Bristleback Interloper as you head towards the Ancestral Spirit.|S|
T Rite of Wisdom|QID|773|M|60.77,22.52|N|To Ancestral Spirit.|
C A Sacred Burial|QID|833|M|60.77,22.52|N|Finish killing the Bristleback Interloper.|US|
C Wildmane Totem|QID|24523|US|M|47.87,21.86|R|Tauren|N|Finish killing any Prairie Wolf Alpha you see.|
T A Sacred Burial|QID|833|M|49.51,17.10|N|To Lorekeeper Raintotem.|
T Wildmane Totem|QID|24523|M|49.45,17.31|R|Tauren|N|To Una Wildmane.|

A Wildmane Cleansing|QID|24524|PRE|24523|M|49.45,17.31|R|Tauren|N|From Una Wildmane.|
T Preparation for Ceremony|QID|744|M|49.59,17.59|N|To Eyahn Eagletalon.|
C Wildmane Cleansing|QID|24524|NC|U|5416|M|43.07,16.41|R|Tauren|N|Use the Wildmane Cleansing Totem at the well. If you see a Ghost Wolf, kill and loot it.|

T Wildmane Cleansing|QID|24524|M|49.31,17.34|R|Tauren|N|To Una Wildmane.|
A Journey into Thunder Bluff|QID|24550|PRE|24524|M|49.31,17.34|R|Tauren|N|From Una Wildmane.|
T The Demon Scarred Cloak|QID|770|M|49.68,17.23|N|To Skorn Whitecloud.|

H Bloodhoof Village|ACTIVE|6361|M|46.82,60.46|N|Hearth to Bloodhoof Village, or run back. Sell any junk you might have to Innkeeper Kauth.|

A A Bundle of Hides|QID|6361|M|46.11,58.17|R|Tauren|N|From Varg Windwhisper.|
;This next step is auto-learned
;f Bloodhoof Village|QID|6361|M|47.41,58.68|R|Tauren|N|At Tak.|
T A Bundle of Hides|QID|6361|M|47.41,58.68|R|Tauren|N|To Tak.|

A Ride to Thunder Bluff|QID|6362|PRE|6361|M|47.41,58.68|R|Tauren|N|From Tak.|
F Thunder Bluff|QID|6362|M|42.48,28.66|R|Tauren|N|Fly to Thunder Bluff.|

B Thunder Bluff Tabard|QID|6362|M|47.03,50.28|N|If you plan on doing instances to raise your reputation with Thunder Bluff, you can buy a tabard here from Brave Tuha, next to the FlightMaster.|RANK|3|L|45584|
T Ride to Thunder Bluff|QID|6362|M|45.32,55.69|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|To Ahanu. Go to the bottom of the ramp then outside, Ahanu is in the 1st building on the left.|
A Tal the Wind Rider Master|QID|6363|PRE|6362|M|45.32,55.69|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|From Ahanu.|

;A Warchief’s Command: Azshara!|QID|28496|M|42.75,57.29|Z|Thunder Bluff|N|From Warchief’s Command Board. \n\nOnly take if you plan on going to Azshara after Mulgore (this guide will auto-send you to Northern Barrens.|RANK|3|

T Tal the Wind Rider Master|QID|6363|M|46.69,49.82|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|To Tal.|
A Return to Varg|QID|6364|PRE|6363|M|46.69,49.82|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|From Tal.|
T Journey into Thunder Bluff|QID|24550|M|59.90,51.68|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|To Baine Bloodhoof. 3rd level.|
A War Dance|QID|24540|PRE|24550|M|59.90,51.68|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|From Baine Bloodhoof.|
;N Visit your trainer|QID|6362|N|Visit your trainer and buy any new skill/spells you have available. Ask a Bluff Watcher where you trainer’s are, there are some outside the buildings either side of the building Baine Bloodhoof is in.|

R Mulgore|ACTIVE|24540|M|40.76,24.81|N|Head to the lift and let it take you down to Mulgore, and continue north-west.|
R Stonetalon Path|QID|24540|M|38.23,14.22|R|Tauren|N|Continue to run north-west to the Stonetalon Pass.|
C War Dance|QID|24540|M|37.19,13.06|R|Tauren|N|Start Orno Grimtotem at the top. You only need to achieve about 25% damage, before Bain Bloodhoof comes and finishes him off. Also, don’t bother attacking any Defenders if you can get past them, as they offer no loot or XP.|

H Bloodhoof Village|ACTIVE|6364|M|46.82,60.46|N|Hearth to Bloodhoof Village, or run back. Sell any junk you might have to Innkeeper Kauth.|

T Return to Varg|QID|6364|M|46.14,58.20|R|Tauren|N|To Varg Windwhisper.|
F Thunder Bluff|QID|24550|M|42.48,28.66|R|Tauren|N|Fly to Thunder Bluff.|

T War Dance|QID|24540|M|59.88,51.62|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|To Baine Bloodhoof.|

A Walk With The Earth Mother|QID|26397|PRE|24540|M|59.88,51.62|Z|Thunder Bluff|R|Tauren|N|From Baine Bloodhoof.|
F Orgrimmar|ACTIVE|26397|M|46.79,49.81|N|Speak to Tal the Wind Rider Master and select Send me to Orgrimmar.|

R Valley of Strength|ACTIVE|26397|M|51.21,63.07|N|Head down the lift and onto Valley of Strength.|
T Walk With The Earth Mother|QID|26397|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Tauren|N|To High Overlord Saurfang. Inside the building.|



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    Jul 29, 2018 @ 6:12 am

    RE: The Hunters Way QuestThanks for letting us know. I will update the guide.

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    Jul 22, 2018 @ 8:09 am

    The Hunter’s Way has been removedThe quest “The Hunter’s Way” has been removed according to wowhead:

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    Aug 15, 2013 @ 23:59 pm

    Over-exhuberanceUhh, there were more guide updates to incorportate than I thought.It’s going to take me at least another day to finish pulling them together,  merging the changes and testing them.Sorry for the delay folks!

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    Aug 13, 2013 @ 22:52 pm

    Missing CheckFunction()!I have a fix for the CheckFunction() problem you reported checked in right now.  The guide completion logic waits till all the steps are completed or skipped, so the missing CheckFunction() might be the problem.I’ll cut a release tomorrow and let you try it!

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    Aug 7, 2013 @ 6:16 am

    Does in stop on those stepsDoes in stop on those steps and not proceed forward, or does it leave them unchecked but proceed to next step? 

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    Aug 6, 2013 @ 5:19 am

    Mulgore Guide will not completeI have 2 steps in the guide that are unchecked. When I try to check them off manually, I get the following error in the chat window:WoWPro.UpdateCurrentGuidePanel.OnClick: Module Leveling does not have CheckFunction()!The first step is level 11.  The tooltip in Current Guide says “NextStep(): Skipping L step because player level is high enough.”The second step is Enemies Below (quest turn in). Originally, it was the step to get to the turn in point that wasn’t completed even though I’d turned in the quest. When I went back to the coordinates to trigger the next step, it completed but the quest turn in wouldn’t complete because I already turned in the quest.

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    Jun 26, 2013 @ 13:36 pm

    Selling and Crafting Error MessageWhen crafting as Miner & Blacksmith the following Error Message shows up:WoWPro: No closest waypoint? Please report a bug: Guide GylMul0105, Step R [War Dance} I was crafting & learning new items when it would come up after every item or learned item message would come up

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    Mar 20, 2011 @ 1:34 am

    Here are some tweaks andHere are some tweaks and fixes for the guide, hope you consider merging them. There is still room for improvement of course and there are some stuff that are not working properly, mainly addon related; for example `R |CC|` does not auto-complete and when sticky steps are active the non-sticky step does not advance when completed. You may find all my changes in the following pastebin link in unified diff format. If you know how to work with the `patch` *nix tool it is a breeze to apply them. Cheers.

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    Jan 29, 2011 @ 16:15 pm

    01_12_Gylin_Mulgore.lua fixed for L steps sans QIDAdded missing QIDs to Level 2,3,4,5,6 steps.

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    Jan 21, 2011 @ 18:19 pm

    The Final Mulgore tweak, I SWEAR!Added the last set of |R| tweaks to Mulgore.Poor goblins can’t do it all.Off to Durotar ….

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    Jan 21, 2011 @ 13:35 pm

    Mulgore UpdateAdded |R|Tauren,BloodElf| to quests not showing for my poor goblin.Removed spurious whitepaces.   Removed stuttered ||’s. 

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    Jan 21, 2011 @ 3:12 am

    Dual Race quests in MulgorePoison Water Mull Thunderhorn seem to be Tauren and Blood Elf only.Time for some corrections!

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    Jan 14, 2011 @ 14:19 pm

    After some more testing, theAfter some more testing, the only way I could get the thunderhorn quest to tick itself off without having done it, was by reloading the interface while I had the quest, which is weird.[url=]Ghost Howl[/url] is now far less rare, and easier to find as he now only paths around the Wildmane Well rather than all the way around Thunder Bluff. He won’t always be there for everybody, as he still is on a timer, however that timer is now only 30 minutes. I’ve added it into my version of the guide, and I’ll update here once I made some other tweaks.

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    Jan 12, 2011 @ 15:49 pm

    Ok I’ll check it out tonight,Ok I’ll check it out tonight, as there nothing in the Thunderhorn code that should autocomplete without you having cleansed the well.As for the wandering mob, it’s [url=]Ghost Howl[/url] and the cloak he drop starts this quest [url=]The Demon Scarred Cloak[/url]. The reason for not including him is that he’s a rare spawn, and hence won’t always be there. I may add an note step to do an anti-clockwise lap of TB to look for him as he’s worth while looking for as his respawn timer is quite fast.

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    Jan 12, 2011 @ 10:58 am

    So ive said this on the mainSo ive said this on the main page, but for some reason step 91:C Thunderhorn Cleansing |NC| |QID|24456|M|44.98,45.25|Z|Mulgore|N|Use the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem at the well.| |U|5415| |QO|Well Cleansed| starts of ticked.also on another note, while your doing the last cleansing quest:C Wildmane Cleansing |QID|24524|NC|U|5416|M|43.07,16.41|N|Use the Wildmane Cleansing Totem at the well.|theres a ghost wolf mob that walks around who drops a quest-starting item called demon scarred hide (or something like that). I’ve seen it three times so far, so thought you might want to add it.

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