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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“KurRed1520”, “Leveling”, “Redridge Mountains”, “Kurich”, “Alliance”)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,14,17, 15.1325)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, “TwiDus2025″)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Redridge Mountains|QID|26503|M|96.68,72.33|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|Head to Redridge Mountains, to the east of Elwynn Forest. You can fly to Eastvale Logging Camp, then run east along the road.\n\nThe two breadcrumb quests to this zone are [Threat to the Kingdom] from Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle in Sentinel Hill for those who quested in Westfall, and [Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains!] available from both Hero’s Callboards in Stormwind City, as well as from King Anduin Wrynn. |

A WANTED: Redridge Gnolls|QID|26504|M|16.15,64.54|N|From the Wanted Poster board.|RANK|2|
A Franks and Beans|QID|26506|M|15.67,65.28|N|From Darcy Parker.|RANK|2|
T Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains!|QID|28563|M|15.32,64.86|N|To Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|O|
T Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains!|QID|26365|M|15.32,64.86|N|To Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|O|
A Still Assessing the Threat|QID|26503|M|15.32,64.86|N|From Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|
C Franks and Beans|QID|26506|S|M|20.46,64.70|N|Kill any Tarantulas, Condors, and Gortusks you see, to get their respective body part.|
C Wanted: Redridge Gnolls|QID|26504|S|M|28.21,73.94|N|Kill any Gnoll you come across.|
C Gnoll Battle Plans|QID|26503|NC|QO|1|M|16.19,55.25|N|Pick up the Gnoll Battle Plans here.|
C Gnoll Orders|QID|26503|NC|QO|2|M|28.02,74.72|N|Pick up the Gnoll Orders at this waypoint.|
C Gnoll Strategy Guide|QID|26503|QO|3|NC|M|30.57,62.7|N|Pick up the Gnoll Strategy Guide here.|
C Wanted: Redridge Gnolls|QID|26504|US|M|28.21,73.94|N|Kill any Gnoll you come across.|
C Franks and Beans|QID|26506|US|M|20.46,64.70|N|Kill any Tarantulas, Condors, and Gortusks you see, to get their respective body part.|
T Franks and Beans|QID|26506|M|15.71,65.27|N|To Darcy Parker.|
T Still Assessing the Threat|QID|26503|M|15.31,64.82|N|To Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|
A Parker’s Report|QID|26505|PRE|26503|M|15.31,64.82|N|From Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|
T WANTED: Redridge Gnolls|QID|26504|M|15.31,64.82|N|To Watch Captain Parker on top of the tower.|

f Lakeshire|M|29.48,53.77|N|At Ariena Stormfeather.|QID|26761|
r Repair, Sell Junk|QID|26505|S|ACTIVE|26505|N|Take this opportunity to sell unwanted junk and to repair at the Blacksmith hut as you head to the Town Hall.|
T Threat to the Kingdom|QID|26761|M|28.91,41.11|N|To Magistrate Solomon inside the town hall.|O|
T Parker’s Report|QID|26505|M|28.78,41.15|N|To Magistrate Solomon inside the town hall.|
A We Must Prepare!|QID|26510|M|28.78,41.15|N|From Magistrate Solomon.|
A Lake Everstill Clean Up|QID|26511|M|28.61,40.99|N|From Bailiff Conacher.|RANK|2|
h Lakeshire|QID|26509|M|26.38,41.54|N|At Innkeeper Brianna.|ACTIVE|26510|

A An Unwelcome Guest|QID|26509|M|22.03,42.79|N|From Martie Jainrose to the west of the town.|RANK|3|
C An Unwelcome Guest|QID|26509|M|17.59,44.80|N|Find and kill Bellygrub. Loot his tusk, once he is dead.|
T An Unwelcome Guest|QID|26509|M|21.89,42.82|N|To Martie Jainrose.|

A Nida’s Necklace|QID|26508|M|28.35,48.72|N|From Shawn on the second pier.|RANK|3|
C Nida’s Necklace|QID|26508|NC|M|20.43,47.21;35.6,49.6|CN|N|Jump in the water and look for Glinting Mud. It can be anywhere within the 2 waypoints. Head to the west first, if not there then head east.|
C Lake Everstill Clean Up|QID|26511|S|M|37.46,43.48|N|Kill any murloc you see.|
C We Must Prepare!|QID|26510|NC|M|37.82,42.14|N|Pick up the Gnomecorder on the small isle.|
C Lake Everstill Clean Up|QID|26511|US|M|37.46,43.48|N|Kill any murloc you see.|
T Nida’s Necklace|QID|26508|M|28.30,48.73|N|To Nida.|
T Lake Everstill Clean Up|QID|26511|M|28.62,41.01|N|To Bailiff Conacher inside the town hall.|
T We Must Prepare!|QID|26510|M|28.74,41.10|N|To Magistrate Solomon.|
A Tuning the Gnomecorder|QID|26512|PRE|26510|M|28.74,41.10|N|From Magistrate Solomon.|
A Like a Fart in the Wind|QID|26513|PRE|26510|M|31.73,44.80|N|From Marshal Marris near the bridge.|RANK|2|
C Tuning the Gnomecorder|QID|26512|NC|M|32.36,39.53|N|Head to the Lakeshire Graveyard.|
T Tuning the Gnomecorder|QID|26512|M|32.31,39.51|N|(UI Alert)|

A Canyon Romp|QID|26514|M|32.31,39.51|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26512|
N Wandering Elite|QID|26514|ACTIVE|26514|N|Note: There is a wandering Level 18 elite called Canyon Ettin in this area. Until you get the orb later, you should avoid him. The ground will shake when he is near you.|S|
C Like a Fart in the Wind|QID|26513|S|M|32.27,25.10|N|Look for the sparkling supply crates, grab them when you see them.|NC|
C Canyon Romp|QID|26514|M|32.14,25.18|N|Kill and loot any Redridge Mystic and Bashers you see. Be careful of the elite Etin wandering around.|S|
A He Who Controls the Ettins|QID|26519|PRE|26512|M|32.14,25.18|N|Kill and loot Redridge Mystic and Bashers until one drops a Dirt-Stained Scroll. This quest will auto-start upon looting the scroll.|
C Canyon Romp|QID|26514|M|32.14,25.18|N|Finish killing and looting Redridge Mystic and Bashers|US|
T Canyon Romp|QID|26514|M|32.57,25.13|N|(UI Alert)|
A They’ve Wised Up…|QID|26544|M|32.57,25.13|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26514|
C They’ve Wised Up…|QID|26544|NC|M|20.22,23.77|N|Head inside of Rethbane Caverns and look for a Blackrock Overseer. Kill him to get the Blackrock Missive.|
T They’ve Wised Up…|QID|26544|M|20.22,23.77|N|(UI Alert)|
A Yowler Must Die!|QID|26545|M|20.22,23.77|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26544|
C He Who Controls the Ettins|QID|26519|CC|M|20.55,23.70;22.45,21.15;21.18,15.15;19.95,16.22;18.05,18.48|N|Head to the back of the cavern (right passage when first entering caverns), find and kill Ardo Dirtpaw.|
T He Who Controls the Ettins|QID|26519|M|17.93,18.53|N|Turn it in at the orb.|
A Saving Foreman Oslow|QID|26520|PRE|26519|M|17.93,18.53|N|From the Ettin Control Panel.|
K Yowler Must Die!|QID|26545|U|58895|L|58937|M|27.45,22.09|N|Leave the Caverns, and look for the Canyon Ettin. When you see him, use the orb to subdue him. Once subdued, head to Yowler (waypoint location), kill him and loot the plans. You can mount up whilst controlling the Ettin.|T|Canyon Ettin|
C Like a Fart in the Wind|QID|26513|US|M|32.27,25.10|N|Finish collecting the supply crates.|NC|
C Saving Foreman Oslow|QID|26520|U|58895|M|31.75,44.41|N|Run to the boulder at Lakeshire Bridge. When you get to the boulder, use the orb again to get the rock off Oslow.|NC|

T Like a Fart in the Wind|QID|26513|M|31.80,44.76|N|To Marshal Marris.|
r Repair, Sell Junk|QID|26545|S|ACTIVE|26545|N|Take this opportunity to sell unwanted junk and to repair at the Blacksmith hut as you head to the Town Hall.|
T Yowler Must Die!|QID|26545|M|28.76,41.12|N|To Magistrate Solomon inside the town hall.|
T Saving Foreman Oslow|QID|26520|M|28.76,41.12|N|To Magistrate Solomon.|

A John J. Keeshan|QID|26567|PRE|26545|M|28.76,40.90|N|From Colonel Troteman.|
T John J. Keeshan|QID|26567|M|26.20,39.86|N|Head to the basement of the Inn to find John J. Keeshan.|
A This Ain’t My War|QID|26568|M|26.20,39.90|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26567|
T This Ain’t My War|QID|26568|M|28.57,40.84|N|To Colonel Troteman in the town hall.|
A Weapons of War|QID|26571|M|28.57,40.84|N|From Colonel Troteman.|PRE|26568|
A In Search of Bravo Company|QID|26586|PRE|26568|M|28.58,40.90|N|From Colonel Troteman.|
A Surveying Equipment|QID|26569|PRE|26520&26568|M|29.63,44.41|N|From Foreman Oslow outside towards the bridge.|RANK|2|
A Render’s Army|QID|26570|PRE|26568|M|29.63,44.41|N|From Marshal Marris.|RANK|2|

R Alther’s Mill|QID|26586|M|41.25,35.60|N|Head along the road north-east to Alther’s Mill.|
C Render’s Army|QID|26570|S|M|29.35,10.76|N|Kill any and all orcs for this quest. Except for the elites.|
T In Search of Bravo Company|QID|26586|M|47.42,41.68|N|To Messner. |
A Breaking Out is Hard to Do|QID|26587|M|47.42,41.68|N|From Messner.|PRE|26586|
C Weapons of War|QID|26571|M|50.82,41.45|N|Kill Homurk for the knife, and Murdunk for the bow.|
T Weapons of War|QID|26571|M|51.45,41.30|N|(UI Alert)|
A His Heart Must Be In It|QID|26573|M|51.45,41.30|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26571|
C Breaking Out is Hard to Do|QID|26587|NC|M|49.06,37.83|N|Be careful not to be seen by the Worg Captain, go into the center of the sleeping Worgs and loot the key from the stump.|
T Breaking Out is Hard to Do|QID|26587|M|47.57,41.81|N|To Messner.|
A Jorgensen|QID|26560|M|47.60,41.83|N|From Messner. It takes a few seconds after completing the previous quest before he appears next to you and offers this quest.|PRE|26587|
C Surveying Equipment|QID|26569|M|32.46,9.82|N|Kill and loot Blackrock Trackers.|S|

C Jorgensen|QID|26560|L|58969|M|43.56,11.03|N|Head back to the road then head north. Kill Utroka the Keymistress to get Jorgensen’s Cage Key.|
T Jorgensen|QID|26560|M|33.62,11.75|N|To Jorgensen, he can be found in Render’s Camp to the west.|
A Krakauer|QID|26561|M|33.63,11.37|N|From Jorgensen. Again, it takes a few seconds after completing the previous quest before he appears next to you and offers this quest.|PRE|26560|
C Surveying Equipment|QID|26569|M|32.46,9.82|N|Finish killing and looting the Blackrock Trackers.|US|
C His Heart Must Be In It|QID|26573|M|26.67,10.65|N|Enter the cave, and then at the split turn right, loot the Blackrock Coffer.|
C Krakauer|QID|26561|M|26.41,10.40|N|Kill Ritualist Tarak.|
T Krakauer|QID|26561|M|26.03,10.45|N|To Krakauer.|
A And Last But Not Least… Danforth|QID|26562|M|26.08,10.48|N|From Krakauer. Again, it takes a few seconds after completing the previous quest before he appears next to you and offers this quest.|PRE|26561|
C And Last But Not Least… Danforth|QID|26562|M|28.13,18.25|N|Kill Overlord Barbarius and recover the Blackrock Lever Key. Use the Blackrock Lever Key to free Danforth. |
T And Last But Not Least… Danforth|QID|26562|M|28.21,17.11|N|Use the Chain Level, then wait for Danforth to drop into the water. To Danforth.|
A Return of the Bravo Company|QID|26563|M|28.07,17.29|N|From Danforth. Again, it takes a few seconds after completing the previous quest before he appears next to you and offers this quest.|PRE|26562|
C Render’s Army|QID|26570|US|M|29.35,10.76|N|Finish killing any and all orcs for this quest. Except for the elites.|

H Lakeshire Inn|QID|26563|N|Hearth back to Lakeshire or run if it is on cooldown.|ACTIVE|26563|
T His Heart Must Be In It|QID|26573|M|28.51,40.85|N|To Colonel Troteman in the town hall.|
T Return of the Bravo Company|QID|26563|M|28.51,40.85|N|To Colonel Troteman.|
A They Drew First Blood|QID|26607|M|28.51,40.85|N|From Colonel Troteman.|PRE|26573&26563|
T Surveying Equipment|QID|26569|M|29.65,44.38|N|To Foreman Oslow.|
T Render’s Army|QID|26570|M|29.65,44.38|N|To Marshal Marris.|
r Repair, Sell Junk|QID|26607|S|ACTIVE|26607|N|Take this opportunity to sell unwanted junk and to repair with Kimberly Hiett just inside the Inn as you head to John J. Keeshan|T|Kimberly Hiett|
T They Drew First Blood|QID|26607|M|26.29,39.90|N|Head to the basement of the inn to John J. Keeshan.|
A It’s Never Over|QID|26616|M|26.29,39.90|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26607|
C It’s Never Over|QID|26616|NC|M|34.25,45.6|N|Head to the dock just beyond the bridge, and click on the boat to head to Camp Everstill.|
f Camp Everstill|QID|26616|M|52.87,54.51|N|At Arlen Marsters.|

T It’s Never Over|QID|26616|M|52.48,55.19|N|To John J. Keeshan, who is now in Camp Everstill.|
A Point of Contact: Brubaker|QID|26639|M|52.48,55.19|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26616|
A Hunting the Hunters|QID|26638|M|52.46,55.38|N|From Danforth.|PRE|26616|
A Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform|QID|26637|M|52.49,55.47|N|From Messner.|PRE|26616|
A Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage|QID|26636|M|52.49,55.47|N|From Krakauer.|PRE|26616|
C Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform|QID|26637|NC|M|42.75,53.87|N|Enter the lake, then kill and loot any Muckdweller you see. Unless you have underwater breathing, don’t forget to surface now and then. Be aware of the elite Ol’ Gummers patrolling the waters.|
C Hunting the Hunters|QID|26638|S|M|52.95,67.78|N|Kill any Blackrock Hunter you see. They are stealthed.|
C Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage|QID|26636|S|M|50.40,65.50|N|The poop is everywhere, look for the sparkling piles. The leaves are under trees.|NC|
T Point of Contact: Brubaker|QID|26639|M|53.01,67.78|N|To Brubaker.|
A Unspeakable Atrocities|QID|26640|M|53.01,67.78|N|From Brubaker.|PRE|26639|
C Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage|QID|26636|US|M|50.40,65.50|N|The poop is everywhere, look for the sparkling piles. The leaves are under trees.|NC|
C Hunting the Hunters|QID|26638|US|M|52.95,67.78|N|Kill any Blackrock Hunter you see. They are stealthed.|
T Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage|QID|26636|M|52.47,55.45|N|To Krakauer.|
T Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform|QID|26637|M|52.47,55.45|N|To Messner.|
T Hunting the Hunters|QID|26638|M|52.47,55.45|N|To Danforth.|
T Unspeakable Atrocities|QID|26640|M|52.47,55.45|N|To John J. Keeshan.|

A Prisoners of War|QID|26646|M|52.50,55.48|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26636&26637&26638&26640|
C Blackrock Holding Pen Key|QID|26646|NC|U|60384|M|69.4,76.53|N|Use the field kit. Then use ability #1 (Camoflauge) when you get near the camp. Use #2 (Distraction) to get past guards (can backfire somewhat). Use #3 (Chloroform) on the orc where the key is.|L|59261|
C Prisoners of War|QID|26646|U|60384|M|69.40,58.59|N|If the orc is about to wake up, use ability #3 again. Use #2 to get out of the cave. Then head to the waypoint, click on one of the cages to free the people.|
T Prisoners of War|QID|26646|M|69.46,58.62|N|(UI Alert)|

A To Win a War, You Gotta Become War|QID|26651|M|69.46,58.62|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26646|
C To Win a War, You Gotta Become War|QID|26651|U|60385|QO|2|M|66.4,71.43|N|Re-apply the Camouflage if it’s low. Head to the waypoint and use #2 to get in the tower. Use the Chloroform to get to the top. Once inside at the top use ability #4.|
C To Win a War, You Gotta Become War|QID|26651|U|60385|QO|1|M|63.86,70.34|N|Same deal as the Tower. Use a distraction to get in and plant a charge,|
R Shalewind Canyon|QID|26651|U|60385|M|72.4,64.3;77.26,65.86|CC|N|Head to Shalewind Canyon. Use your field kit abilities to get there.|ACTIVE|26651|
f Shalewind Canyon|QID|26651|M|77.91,65.85|N|At Nora Baldwin.|
T To Win a War, You Gotta Become War|QID|26651|M|77.60,65.56|N|To John J. Keeshan.|

A Detonation|QID|26668|M|77.60,65.56|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26651|
C Detonation|QID|26668|NC|M|77.60,65.61|QO|1|N|Enjoy the brief cut scene.|
T Detonation|QID|26668|M|77.60,65.61|N|To John J. Keeshan.|

A The Dark Tower|QID|26693|M|77.57,65.57|N|From John J. Keeshan.|PRE|26668|
A Shadowhide Extinction|QID|26692|M|77.59,65.54|N|From Danforth.|PRE|26668|RANK|2|
C Shadowhide Extinction|QID|26692|S|N|Kill any Gnoll you come across.|
C The Dark Tower|QID|26693|M|67.58,29.61|N|Enter the cave and kill General Fangore. Loot his corpse to get the Key of Ilgalar.|
T The Dark Tower|QID|26693|M|67.55,29.54|N|(UI Alert)|
A The Grand Magus Doane|QID|26694|M|67.55,29.54|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26693|
C The Grand Magus Doane|QID|26694|M|72.08,44.85|N|Run to the Tower of Ilgalar, click on the Ward of Ilgalar to enter the tower, then head to the top and kick Grand Magus Doane’s butt.|
C Shadowhide Extinction|QID|26692|US|M|70.24,39.53|N|Kill any Gnoll you come across.|
T Shadowhide Extinction|QID|26692|M|77.79,65.16|N|(UI Alert)|
T The Grand Magus Doane|QID|26694|M|77.77,65.23|N|To John J. Keeshan.|

A AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!|QID|26708|M|77.29,65.80|N|From Colonel Troteman.|PRE|26694|
C AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!|QID|26708|M|60.76,36.57|N|Hop in the tank and head NORTH towards Keeshan’s post. Your buddies will do the killing for you. You should have all 200 by the time you get there.|
T AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!|QID|26708|M|60.76,36.57|N|To Colonel Troteman.|
A Showdown at Stonewatch|QID|26713|M|60.76,36.57|N|From Colonel Troteman.|PRE|26708|
C Showdown at Stonewatch|QID|26713|QO|1|M|60.29,47.27|N|Head up to Stonewatch, and kill Tharil’zun.|T|Tharil’zum|
C Showdown at Stonewatch|QID|26713|QO|2|M|58.44,55.60|N|Head through the castle grounds and kill Gath’Ilzogg.|T|Gath’Ilzogg|
T Showdown at Stonewatch|QID|26713|M|58.44,55.53|N|(UI Alert)|
A Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker|QID|26714|M|58.44,55.53|N|(UI Alert)|PRE|26713|
C Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker|QID|26714|M|58.89,55.27|N|Use the horn that should be next to Gath’Ilzogg’s corpse. Try to stay on Darkblaze’s side, and just attack as hard as you can. You can not pull it off of Keeshan.|
T Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker|QID|26714|M|60.55,36.46|N|To Colonel Troteman back at Keeshan’s post. All mobs from Stonewatch will be gone.|
A Triumphant Return|QID|26726|M|60.55,36.46|N|From Colonel Troteman.|PRE|26714|
H Lakeshire Inn|QID|26726|N|Hearth back to Lakeshire Inn, or run if your hearth is on cooldown.|ACTIVE|26726|
T Triumphant Return|QID|26726|M|28.79,41.11|N|To Magistrate Solomon in the town hall.|



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    tomtom coordsThe entire redridge quest guide where it has you leaving redridge to turn in quests in other zones (most notably in elwynn) the coords all point you back to places in redridge despite having to turn in the quests in stormwind and goldshire.

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    Redridge Mountains updateAdded some notes, removed unneeded zone tags, fixed one or two cords.

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    Finished source code, AddedFinished source code, Added spaces, fixed date.

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