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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘LiaSwa5255’, “Leveling”, ‘Swamp of Sorrows’, ‘Liavan’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘JiyBla5560’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

T The Bogpaddle Bullet|QID|28570|M|72.97,14.78|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|72.97,14.78|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
f Bogpaddle|QID|27587|M|72.14,12.13|N|At Skeezie.|
A Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.63,9.29|N|From Brono Goodgroove.|
C Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|U|62795|M|85.33,11.98|
C Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|0.00,0.00|
T Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.59,9.27|N|To Brono Goodgroove.|
T Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|73.23,14.60|N|MAKE SURE to grab more Silversnap Swim tonic will make your future much easier.|
A Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|PRE|27587|M|73.21,14.71|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Croc-Out|QID|27656|PRE|27587|M|73.21,14.71|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|PRE|27587|M|74.22,12.39|N|From Pierre Fishflay.|
C Croc-Out|QID|27656|S|M|82.31,38.23|N|Kill Sawtooth Crocolisk|
C Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|S|M|83.15,28.46|N|Kill Swampstrider.|
C Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|78.53,27.00|N|Disarm the bombs, don’t get to close!|
C Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|US|M|83.15,28.46|N|Kill Swampstrider.|
C Croc-Out|QID|27656|US|M|82.31,38.23|N|Kill Sawtooth Crocolisk|
T Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|73.04,14.91|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
T Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|73.04,14.91|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Crazy Larry|QID|27597|PRE|27536&27656|M|73.04,14.91|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
T Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|74.22,12.41|N|To Pierre Fishflay.|
T Crazy Larry|QID|27597|M|83.89,40.00|N|To Crazy Larry.|
A Kill Gil|QID|27598|PRE|27597|M|83.89,40.00|N|From Crazy Larry.|
A Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|PRE|27597|M|83.89,40.00|N|From Crazy Larry.|
C Kill Gil|QID|27598|U|62795|M|87.06,30.53|
C Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|U|62795|M|90.25,24.92|
T Kill Gil|QID|27598|M|83.88,40.02|N|To Crazy Larry.|
T Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|83.88,40.02|N|To Crazy Larry.|
A In With a Bang|QID|27600|PRE|27598&27599|M|83.88,40.02|N|From Crazy Larry.|

C In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|83.82,37.62;98.75,26.96|CC|N|Talk to Lil’Crazy jerry, and use the cannon to launch you to the ship.|
T In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|84.00,40.11|N|Use the cannon on the top deck to launch you back to the shore.|
A Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|PRE|27600|M|84.00,40.11|N|From Crazy Larry.|
T Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|M|82.8,40.9|N|Talk to Lil’Crazy Daisy and have him launch you to Baba Bogbrew.|
A Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.11,76.48|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
C Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|85.25,78.50|
T Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.15,76.48|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
A The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|PRE|27691|M|69.15,76.48|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
C The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|66.3,74.5;64.3,80.7;64.4,85.9;63.14,85.75|N|Enter the cave and follow the waypoints.|CS|
T The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|69.07,76.57|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
A Slithering Signs|QID|27818|PRE|27757|M|69.07,76.57|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
C Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|74.0,83.4;79.59,73.98|CN|
T Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|69.10,76.44|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
A The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27869|LEAD|27694|PRE|27818|M|69.10,76.44|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
T The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27869|M|69.47,54.53|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|69.5,54.57|N|From Lord Itharius.|
C Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|65.95,48.22|
T Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|69.5,54.57|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|PRE|27694|M|69.5,54.57|N|From Lord Itharius.|
C Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|NC|M|69.55,51.85;70.96,45.96;71.41,43.55;54.27,79.02|CN|
C Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|NC|M|74.26,44.52|
T Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|M|74.26,44.52|
A Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|PRE|27704|M|74.26,44.52|
C Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|73.04,46.30;74.79,49.24|CN|
T Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|74.66,49.19|
A Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|PRE|27705|M|53.99,79.65|N|From Lord Itharius.|
C Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|77.52,46.16|
T Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|77.55,46.26|
A Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|PRE|27768|M|54.48,79.13|
C Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|76.72,41.57|
T Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|76.64,41.48|
A Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|PRE|27773|M|76.64,41.48|
T Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|M|69.47,54.53|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A The Heart of the Temple|QID|27915|LEAD|27633|PRE|27914|M|69.47,54.53|N|From Lord Itharius.|
A To Stonard|QID|27871|M|69.47,54.53|N|From Lord Itharius.|
T To Stonard|QID|27871|M|49.39,55.39|N|Top of the building.|
A Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|49.39,55.39|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Lumbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|49.39,55.39|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
C Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|60.08,43.83|
C Lumbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|60.34,35.85|
T Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|49.43,55.40|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
T Lumbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|49.43,55.40|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|49.43,55.40|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|49.43,55.40|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|49.43,55.40|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
C Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|62.65,42.18|
C Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|62.88,40.34|
C Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|U|62548|M|62.20,46.79|
T Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|49.41,55.40|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
T Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|49.41,55.40|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
T Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|49.41,55.40|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A We’re Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|49.41,55.40|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
C We’re Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|47.97,54.26|
T We’re Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|49.38,55.36|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Neeka Bloodscar|QID|27906|M|49.38,55.36|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
T Neeka Bloodscar|QID|27906|M|21.20,51.83|N|To Neeka Bloodscar at the top of the tower in the hut.|
A Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|21.20,51.83|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
A Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|21.20,51.83|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
C Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|31.66,43.42|N|Kill the Shifting Mireblobs in the rivers for the Silt.|
C Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|31.66,43.42|N|Loot the flowers scattered across the area.|
T Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|21.22,51.78|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
T Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|21.22,51.78|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
A The Purespring|QID|27909|M|21.22,51.78|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
A Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|21.22,51.78|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
C The Purespring|QID|27909|M|18.69,60.44|N|Drops off the Elementals in the area.|
C Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|10.47,33.78|N|Kill Duskfang in the cave up north.|
T The Purespring|QID|27909|M|21.24,51.86|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
T Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|21.22,51.87|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
A With Dying Breath|QID|27911|M|21.22,51.87|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
T With Dying Breath|QID|27911|M|21.22,51.87|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
A Ruag’s Report|QID|27916|LEAD|28865|PRE|27911|M|21.22,51.87|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
T Ruag’s Report|QID|27916|M|49.38,55.36|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
A Okrilla and the Blasted Lands|QID|28553|LEAD|25674|PRE|27196|M|49.39,55.39|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag. Take this if you’re going to Blasted Lands next.|

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    Apr 9, 2011 @ 23:12 pm

    Turn in loc for The Dragon and the Temple needs adjustedThe turn in location for The Dragon and the Temple has 53.99,79.65 which shows up in the wrong place on the Swamp of Sorrows map because that location for Lord Itharius is relative to Sunken Temple or The Temple of Atal’Hakkar. Either the zone needs to be specified, or a position used for the Swamp of Sorrows map that points to his location accurately.69.47,54.50 seems to be the right spot for the Swamp of Sorrows map.  

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    Dec 6, 2010 @ 4:52 am

    should be done but might needshould be done but might need some rework with all the quest cords around Sunken temple. I had the same problem here that was happening around dire maul.

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