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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘LiaTwi8485’, “Leveling”, ‘Twilight Highlands’, ‘Liavan’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, nil)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Orgrimmar|QID|28717|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Make your way to Orgimmar.|
A Warchief’s Command: Twilight Highlands!|QID|28717|M|49.67,76.45|Z|Orgrimmar|
T Warchief’s Command: Twilight Highlands!|QID|28717|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Eitrigg.|

A Machines of War|QID|26293|PRE|28717|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|
T Machines of War|QID|26293|M|26.18,78.80|Z|Azshara|N|To Foreman Glibbs.|

A Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|PRE|26293|M|26.18,78.80|Z|Azshara|N|From Foreman Glibbs.|
C Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|NC|M|73.88,8.15|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Click the demo to find faulty one, then punt a gnome!|
T Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Eitrigg.|

A Sauranok Will Point the Way|QID|28909|LEAD|26311|PRE|26294|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|
T Sauranok Will Point the Way|QID|28909|M|48.07,71.15|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sauranok the Mystic.|

A Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|48.07,71.15|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Sauranok the Mystic.|
C Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|71.24,50.60|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Talk to Herezegor Flamecrusk inside building. After the ambush, talk to him again to get the chart.|
T Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|47.97,71.07|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sauranok the Mystic.|

A Where Is My Warfleet?|QID|26324|PRE|26311|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|
T Where Is My Warfleet?|QID|26324|M|60.05,50.46|Z|Azshara|N|To Warlord Krogg. Fly to Azshara.|

A Ready the Navy|QID|26335|PRE|26324|M|60.15,50.43|Z|Azshara|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
A Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|PRE|26324|M|60.15,50.43|Z|Azshara|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
A Ready the Air Force|QID|26358|PRE|26324|M|60.15,50.43|Z|Azshara|N|From Captain Krazz.|

T Ready the Air Force|QID|26358|M|54.52,51.21|Z|Azshara|N|To Fleep.|
A Smoot’s Samophlange|QID|26361|PRE|26358|M|54.52,51.21|Z|Azshara|N|From Fleep.|

T Ready the Navy|QID|26335|M|53.52,47.36|Z|Azshara|
A Beating the Market|QID|26337|PRE|26335|M|53.52,47.36|Z|Azshara|

C Beating the Market|QID|26337|M|58.12,52.42|Z|Azshara|N|Scattered throughout the harbor. Tag AWOL grunts as you look for him.|
C Smoot’s Samophlange|QID|26361|M|54.73,48.78|Z|Azshara|N|Running Wildly through the harbor.|
C Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|M|55.24,48.15|Z|Azshara|N|Find any awol grunts you still might need.|

T Smoot’s Samophlange|QID|26361|M|54.57,51.27|Z|Azshara|N|To Fleep.|
A Pre-Flight Checklist|QID|26372|PRE|26361|M|54.57,51.27|Z|Azshara|N|From Fleep.|

T Beating the Market|QID|26337|M|60.14,50.40|Z|Azshara|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
T Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|M|60.14,50.40|Z|Azshara|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
T Pre-Flight Checklist|QID|26372|M|60.14,50.40|Z|Azshara|N|To Captain Krazz.|
A Twilight Skies|QID|28849|PRE|26337&26372&26374|M|60.14,50.40|Z|Azshara|N|From Captain Krazz.|

T Twilight Skies|QID|28849|M|50.69,73.97|Z|Azshara|N|To Friz Groundspin. Top of the tower.|
A Twilight Skies|QID|26388|PRE|28849|M|50.69,73.97|Z|Azshara|N|From Friz Groundspin.|
C Twilight Skies|QID|26388|M|81.97,50.32|N|Wait for the boat|
T Twilight Skies|QID|26388|M|82.53,49.90|N|To Admiral Stonefist.|

A Stalled Negotiations|QID|26539|PRE|26388|M|82.53,49.90|N|From Admiral Stonefist.|
A Emergency Aid|QID|26538|PRE|26388|M|82.55,50.02|N|From Warlord Krogg.|

T Stalled Negotiations|QID|26539|M|78.84,51.75|N|To Ornak, on the main land. Don’t take the boat, it’s too slow.|
A Madness|QID|26549|PRE|26539|M|78.84,51.75|N|From Ornak.|
C Madness|QID|26549|M|75.16,54.62|
T Madness|QID|26549|M|73.75,53.88|N|To Zaela.|
A Negotiations Terminated|QID|26608|PRE|26549|M|73.75,53.88|N|From Zaela.|

C Emergency Aid|QID|26538|M|76.53,49.47|
T Emergency Aid|QID|26538|M|76.53,49.49|N|To Gregor.|

A Dangerous Compassion|QID|26540|PRE|26538|M|76.53,49.49|N|From Gregor.|
T Negotiations Terminated|QID|26608|M|82.42,49.79|N|To Admiral Stonefist, back on the boat.|
T Dangerous Compassion|QID|26540|M|82.58,49.91|N|To Warlord Krogg.|

A You Say You Want a Revolution|QID|26619|PRE|26540&26608|M|82.58,49.91|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
T You Say You Want a Revolution|QID|26619|M|76.59,49.55|N|To Zaela, back in the small hut.|

A Insurrection|QID|26621|PRE|26619|M|76.59,49.55|N|From Zaela.|
C Insurrection|QID|26621|M|74.96,52.62|
T Insurrection|QID|26621|M|76.56,49.54|N|To Zaela.|

A Death to Mor’ghor|QID|26622|PRE|26621|M|76.56,49.54|N|From Zaela.|
C Death to Mor’ghor|QID|26622|M|75.43,55.57|N|Back in the big building|
T Death to Mor’ghor|QID|26622|M|74.73,53.07|N|To Garrosh Hellscream.|

A Securing the Beach Head|QID|26786|PRE|26622|M|74.73,53.07|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
A Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|PRE|26622|M|74.29,53.34|N|From Ornak.|
T Securing the Beach Head|QID|26786|M|73.83,53.90|N|To Artesh.|
A Muddied Waters|QID|26784|PRE|26786|M|73.83,53.90|N|From Artesh.|
C Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|M|66.20,44.15|
C Muddied Waters|QID|26784|M|65.01,41.58|
T Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|M|74.23,53.25|N|To Ornak.|
T Muddied Waters|QID|26784|M|73.82,53.89|N|To Artesh.|

A The Warchief Will be Pleased|QID|26798|PRE|26784&26788|M|73.82,53.89|N|From Artesh.|
T The Warchief Will be Pleased|QID|26798|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Eitrigg. Go through the portal.|

A Traitor’s Bait|QID|26830|PRE|26798|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|
C Traitor’s Bait|QID|26830|M|43.73,63.68|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Bottom of the tower.|
T Traitor’s Bait|QID|26830|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Eitrigg.|

A Return to the Highlands|QID|26840|PRE|26830|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|
f Dragonmaw Port|QID|26840|M|73.78,52.81|N|Take the portal from Org to Twilight Highlands.Get flight path|
T Return to the Highlands|QID|26840|M|75.30,54.84|N|To Zaela.|

A The Northern Flank|QID|27583|PRE|26840|M|75.30,54.84|N|From Zaela.|
A The Southern Flank|QID|27607|PRE|26840|M|75.30,54.84|N|From Zaela.|

T The Southern Flank|QID|27607|M|78.18,62.43|N|To Rok’tar.|
A Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|PRE|27607|M|78.18,62.43|N|From Rok’tar.|
A Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|PRE|27607|M|78.18,62.43|N|From Rok’tar.|

C Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|NC|M|77.57,65.12|
C Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|M|77.42,66.74|

T Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|M|78.24,62.63|N|To Rok’tar.|
T Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|M|78.24,62.63|N|To Rok’tar.|
A Mo’ Better Shredder|QID|27622|PRE|27610&27611|M|78.40,62.59|N|From Juice Gnugat.|

C Mo’ Better Shredder|QID|27622|M|69.17,63.25|
T Mo’ Better Shredder|QID|27622|M|78.41,62.63|N|To Juice Gnugat.|
A Krazzworks|QID|28583|PRE|27622|M|78.41,62.63|N|From Juice Gnugat.|

T The Northern Flank|QID|27583|M|70.24,43.30|N|To Gralok.|
A Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|PRE|27583|M|70.24,43.30|N|From Gralok.|
A Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|PRE|27583|M|70.24,43.30|N|From Fergus Gearchum.|

C Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|M|70.72,38.45|
C Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|M|70.11,38.77|

T Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|M|70.25,43.27|N|To Gralok.|
T Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|M|70.30,43.39|N|To Fergus Gearchum.|
A Blast Him!|QID|27606|PRE|27584&27586|M|70.30,43.39|N|From Fergus Gearchum.|

C Blast Him!|QID|27606|U|61928|M|72.10,41.42|
T Blast Him!|QID|27606|M|70.32,43.32|N|To Fergus Gearchum.|

A Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer|QID|27690|PRE|27606|M|70.23,43.29|N|From Gralok.|
T Krazzworks|QID|28583|M|77.61,16.67|N|To Captain Krazz.|

A Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|PRE|28583|M|77.61,16.67|N|From Captain Krazz.|
A Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|PRE|28583|M|77.61,16.67|N|From Flashbang Rothman.|
A Quality Construction|QID|28584|PRE|28583|M|77.61,16.67|N|From Brett the Bomber.|

C Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|75.55,16.39|S|
C Quality Construction|QID|28584|U|65146|M|75.70,17.76|N|Fix leaking valves while killing Raiders|
C Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|75.55,16.39|US|
C Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|U|65162|M|81.07,21.19|N|Stay mounted and fly low near the water and throw out Ponies to the goblins.|
f The Krazzworks|QID|28584|M|75.37,17.76|N|At Harpo Boltknuckle.|

T Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|77.60,16.72|N|To Captain Krazz.|
T Quality Construction|QID|28584|M|77.60,16.72|N|To Brett the Bomber.|
T Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|M|77.60,16.72|N|To Flashbang Rothman.|

A Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|PRE|28584&28586&28588|M|77.60,16.72|N|From Captain Krazz.|
C Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|M|77.43,15.91|N|Fly up to one of the cannons.|
T Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|M|77.66,16.63|N|To Captain Krazz.|

A Reprisal|QID|28590|PRE|28589|M|77.66,16.63|N|From Captain Krazz.|
T Reprisal|QID|28590|M|81.00,70.05|N|To Patch on the zeppelin.|

A Off The Wall|QID|28591|PRE|28590|M|81.63,70.34|N|From Patch.|
C Off The Wall|QID|28591|M|79.08,80.40|N|Tommygun time!!|
T Off The Wall|QID|28591|M|78.57,80.33|N|To Patch.|

A Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|PRE|28591|M|77.70,78.86|N|From Patch.|
A Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|PRE|28591|M|77.21,77.53|N|From Patch.|
A Parting Packages|QID|28592|PRE|28591|M|77.09,75.72|N|From Ticker.|
C Highbank Boat bombed|QID|28592|QO|1|U|64669|M|81.60,78.78|; Highbank boat bomb placed: 1/1
C Highbank Tower bombed|QID|28592|QO|2|U|64669|M|82.00,73.42|; Highbank tower bomb placed: 1/1
C Keep bombed|QID|28592|QO|3|U|64669|M|79.90,77.22|N|Must be under the archway of the keep.|
C Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|M|79.47,77.61|N|Go down to the basement.|
C Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|M|80.48,76.76|N|Kill any Highbank Gaurdsmans you may still need.|

T Parting Packages|QID|28592|M|81.86,80.31|N|To Ticker.|
T Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|M|82.08,80.05|N|To Patch.|
T Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|M|82.08,80.05|N|To Patch.|

A Krazz Works!|QID|28595|PRE|28592&28593&28594|M|82.08,80.05|N|From Patch.|
T Krazz Works!|QID|28595|M|77.72,16.62|N|Go to the top of the tower and take the Krazzworks Gyrocopter. Be careful though, it may drop you in a group of hostile mobs. Then go to Captain Krazz.|

T Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer|QID|27690|M|54.81,44.14|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Drag ’em Down|QID|27929|PRE|27690|M|54.81,44.14|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|PRE|27690|M|54.81,44.14|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Total War|QID|27747|PRE|27690|M|55.10,43.67|N|From Harkkan.|

f Bloodgulch|QID|27747|M|54.16,42.28|N|At Bramok Gorewing.|

A War Forage|QID|27750|PRE|27690|M|53.84,43.30|N|From Griff.|

C War Forage|QID|27750|S|M|49.11,37.78|N|Loot food scattered around the buildings.|
C Total War|QID|27747|S|M|46.08,37.61|N|Smash up kegs.|
C Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|M|52.28,42.17|N|Kill Wildhammer Warbrands and loot Insignias.|
C War Forage|QID|27750|US|M|49.11,37.78|N|Loot food scattered around the buildings.|
C Total War|QID|27747|US|M|46.08,37.61|N|Smash up kegs|
C Drag ’em Down|QID|27929|U|62775|M|51.38,39.98|N|Use Barbed Fleshhook to pull down Gryphon Riders and kill them.|

T War Forage|QID|27750|M|53.86,43.25|N|To Griff.|
T Drag ’em Down|QID|27929|M|54.77,44.19|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
T Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|M|54.77,44.19|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|

A Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|PRE|27929|M|54.77,44.19|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|

T Total War|QID|27747|M|55.11,43.51|N|To Harkkan.|
A Blood in the Highlands|QID|28038|PRE|27929|M|55.11,43.51|N|From Harkkan.|

A Paint it Black|QID|27945|PRE|27929|M|53.24,42.74|N|From Mallia.|
A A Vision of Twilight|QID|27947|PRE|27929|M|53.24,42.74|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

C Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|M|51.60,47.95|N|Kill and loot an Untamed Gryphon.|

T Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|M|51.60,47.95|
A How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|PRE|28041|M|51.60,47.95|
T Blood in the Highlands|QID|28038|M|50.69,58.37|N|To Wodin the Troll-Servant.|

C How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|U|62917|M|42.30,62.30|N|Place the bait on the ground, defeat the drake.|

T How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|M|54.33,43.88|N|To Zaela.|
A The Demon Chain|QID|28123|PRE|28043|M|54.33,43.88|N|From Zaela.|

T A Vision of Twilight|QID|27947|M|57.85,33.58|N|Turns in to an altar.|
A We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|PRE|27947|M|57.85,33.58|N|Back to the altar.|

C Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|60.46,34.42|N|Kill Obsidian Stoneslaves for Black Diamond Heart.|S|
C We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|M|56.37,33.10|
C Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|60.46,34.42|US|

T We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|M|57.91,33.55|N|Back to the altar.|
A The Eyes Have It|QID|27954|PRE|27951|M|57.91,33.55|

C The Demon Chain|QID|28123|M|49.15,28.20|N|Laying on the ground near a corpse.|

T The Demon Chain|QID|28123|M|54.33,43.83|N|To Zaela.|
A Fury Unbound|QID|28133|PRE|28123|M|54.29,43.77|N|From Zaela.|
T Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|53.19,42.73|N|To Mallia.|
A The Weeping Wound|QID|27375|PRE|27945|M|53.19,42.73|N|From Mallia.|
T The Eyes Have It|QID|27954|M|53.28,42.72|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Eye Spy|QID|27955|PRE|27954|M|53.28,42.72|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

C Eye Spy|QID|27955|M|53.36,42.89|N|Click on the Eye of Twilight in the room with you.|
T Eye Spy|QID|27955|M|53.31,42.73|N|To Garona Halforcen.|

T The Weeping Wound|QID|27375|M|44.01,10.49|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Torn Ground|QID|27299|PRE|27374^27375|M|44.01,10.49|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|

C Torn Ground|QID|27299|M|41.92,11.56|N|Kill the smaller non elite tentacles.|

T Torn Ground|QID|27299|M|44.06,10.52|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Pushing Back|QID|27300|PRE|27299|M|44.06,10.52|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Unbroken|QID|27301|PRE|27299|M|44.02,11.23|N|From Earthmender Duarn.|
A Simple Solutions|QID|27302|PRE|27299|M|44.39,11.50|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|

C Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|42.50,18.64|N|Kill Captivators and Bonebreakers|S|
C Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|42.61,18.50|N|Continue to kill Captivators for Pyreburn Oil as well as looting it off the ground.|S|
T Unbroken|QID|27301|M|44.27,18.08|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|PRE|27301|M|44.27,18.08|N|From Omak’Tul.|
C Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|M|38.32,16.82|N|Kill Bound Fleshburners for their hearts.|
C Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|42.50,18.64|US|
C Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|42.61,18.50|US|

T Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|M|43.90,11.23|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|44.37,11.49|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
T Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|44.07,10.56|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A The Maw of Iso’rath|QID|27376|PRE|27300&27302&27303|M|44.07,10.56|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|

C The Maw of Iso’rath|QID|27376|M|44.41,10.72|N|Hop on a Earthen Ring Gryphon.|

T The Maw of Iso’rath|QID|27376|M|48.38,14.52|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Devoured|QID|27377|PRE|27376|M|48.38,14.52|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|

C Devoured|QID|27377|M|48.26,13.86|N|Don’t worry if you die. You actually have to, it’s part of the quest.|

T Devoured|QID|27377|M|33.32,50.40|Z|The Maelstrom|N|To Thrall.|
A The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|PRE|27377|M|33.32,50.40|Z|The Maelstrom|N|From Thrall.|

C The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|M|33.37,50.22|Z|The Maelstrom|
T The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|M|48.68,16.61|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|

A The Terrors of Iso’rath|QID|27379|PRE|27378|M|48.68,16.61|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|

C Stormcaller Jalara|QID|27379|M|49.37,15.84|QO|2|N|Free the ones from the non elites first they will help you on the elites|; Save Stormcaller Jalara: 1/1
C Earthmender Duarn|QID|27379|M|49.09,13.21|QO|3|; Save Earthmender Duarn: 1/1
C Hargoth Dimblaze|QID|27379|M|47.21,13.27|QO|1|; Save Hargoth Dimblaze: 1/1
C Stormcaller Mylra|QID|27379|M|47.24,15.80|QO|4|

T The Terrors of Iso’rath|QID|27379|M|48.63,16.59|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|

A Nightmare|QID|27380|PRE|27379|M|48.63,16.59|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
C Nightmare|QID|27380|M|48.37,15.40|N|Brain evading seemed to be a problem on the Beta logging out and back in seemed to fix it|

T Nightmare|QID|27380|M|44.02,10.58|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Warm Welcome|QID|27486|PRE|27380|M|44.04,10.51|N|From Golluck Rockfist.|

C Fury Unbound|QID|28133|M|36.59,38.18|N|Talk to Zaela and tell her your ready to fight Torth|
T Fury Unbound|QID|28133|M|36.45,38.15|

A Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|36.43,37.99|N|From Buunu.|
A Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|36.76,38.01|N|From Rotgrum.|
f The Gullet|QID|28147|M|36.86,37.99|N|At San’shigo.|

C Warm Welcome|QID|27486|M|27.59,21.11|
T Warm Welcome|QID|27486|M|29.29,26.01|N|To Calen.|
A Even Dragons Bleed|QID|27504|PRE|27485^27486|M|29.29,26.01|N|From Calen.|
T Even Dragons Bleed|QID|27504|M|29.85,31.27|N|To Velastrasza.|
A Draconic Mending|QID|27505|PRE|27504|M|29.85,31.27|N|From Velastrasza.|
A Life from Death|QID|27506|PRE|27504|M|29.85,31.27|N|From Baleflame.|

C Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.87,33.36|S|N|Go near Acridostrasz or a similar large red drake and defend the Menders from Wyrmkillers.|
C Life from Death|QID|27506|U|61323|M|31.08,33.58|N|Use the seed on any Wyrmkillers corpse.|
C Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.87,33.36|US|

T Life from Death|QID|27506|M|29.85,31.41|N|To Baleflame.|
T Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.82,31.26|N|To Velastrasza.|
A In Defense of the Redoubt|QID|27564|PRE|27505&27506|M|29.82,31.26|N|From Velastrasza.|

T In Defense of the Redoubt|QID|27564|M|29.33,26.04|N|To Calen. Back at the tree.|
A Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|PRE|27564|M|29.33,26.04|N|From Calen.|
A Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|PRE|27564|M|29.33,26.04|N|From Calen.|
A Far from the Nest|QID|27508|PRE|27564|M|29.33,26.04|N|From Lirastrasza.|
f Vermillion Redoubt|QID|27507|M|28.50,24.92|N|At Aquinastrasz.|

C Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|M|17.85,16.82|N|Inside the cave.|
C Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|21.90,19.18|S|N|Laying on the ground and dropped by mobs carrying them after being killed.|
C Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|M|20.08,14.66|
C Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|21.90,19.18|US|

T Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|29.35,26.03|N|To Lirastrasza.|
T Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|M|29.35,26.03|N|To Calen.|
T Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|M|29.35,26.03|N|To Calen.|
A Patchwork Command|QID|27576|PRE|27507&27508&27509|M|29.40,26.07|N|From Calen.|

T Patchwork Command|QID|27576|M|27.31,36.76|N|To Patch.|
A Easy Pickings|QID|28091|PRE|27576|M|27.31,36.76|N|From Patch.|
A Precious Goods|QID|28090|PRE|27576|M|27.31,36.76|N|From Patch.|

C Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|25.13,38.76|S|
C Precious Goods|QID|28090|M|25.62,37.92|N|Key can drop off most mob in this encampment. Use it on the chest inside the caravan.|
C Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|25.13,38.76|US|

T Precious Goods|QID|28090|M|27.31,36.77|N|To Patch.|
T Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|27.31,36.77|N|To Patch.|
A The Gates of Grim Batol|QID|28097|PRE|28090^28091|M|27.31,36.77|N|From Patch.|

T The Gates of Grim Batol|QID|28097|M|29.59,41.00|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
A If The Key Fits|QID|28092|PRE|28097|M|29.59,41.00|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
A Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|29.61,41.14|N|From Patch.|

C Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|31.16,47.67|S|
C If The Key Fits|QID|28092|M|29.74,51.70|N|Head down the road to the gate.|
T If The Key Fits|QID|28092|M|29.31,52.24|N|To Patch.|
A Pressing Forward|QID|28093|PRE|28092|M|29.31,52.24|N|From Patch.|
C Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|31.16,47.67|US|N|Make sure to complete this before going too far forward to complete Pressing Forward or your squad will run off.|
T Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|29.53,51.85|N|To Patch. Make sure to complete this before going to far forward to complete Pressing Forward or your squad will run off.|
C Pressing Forward|QID|28093|M|22.60,56.26|
T Pressing Forward|QID|28093|M|22.13,56.54|N|To Calen.|

A Enter the Dragon Queen|QID|28712|PRE|28109^28093|M|21.81,57.03|N|From Alexstrasza the Life-Binder.|

C Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|40.90,45.93|S|N|Kill Windwarpers for Scraps.|
C Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|39.35,47.31|QO|1|N|Click the statue.|; Windspeaker Charm: 1/1
C Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|40.88,47.50|QO|2|N|Kill Storm Vortex.|; Breath of the Vortex: 5/5
C Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|40.90,45.93|US|

T Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|36.41,38.09|N|To Buunu.|
A Thog’s Nightlight|QID|28166|PRE|28149|M|36.42,38.09|N|From Buunu.|
T Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|36.73,38.08|N|To Rotgrum.|
A Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|PRE|28147|M|36.73,38.08|N|From Rotgrum.|

C Thog’s Nightlight|QID|28166|M|40.67,32.86|N|In the big building with Thog, it’s sitting on the table.|
C Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|M|40.70,30.72|N|Kill ogres.|

T Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|M|36.73,38.00|N|To Rotgrum.|
T Thog’s Nightlight|QID|28166|M|36.43,38.04|N|To Buunu.|
A Night Terrors|QID|28170|PRE|28166|M|36.43,38.04|N|From Buunu.|

R Night Terrors|QID|28170|U|67537|CC|M|35.14,36.62;35.00,35.16;34.15,35.65|N|Enter the cave and talk to Uchek, then Head North.|
C First Shrine|QID|28170|U|67537|M|34.24,35.68|QO|1|; First Shrine Cleansed: 1/1
R Night Terrors|QID|28170|U|67537|CC|M|33.97,35.10;33.43,36.81|N|Jump off north, then head southwest.|
C Second Shrine|QID|28170|U|67537|M|34.11,35.63|QO|2|; Second Shrine Cleansed: 1/1
R Night Terrors|QID|28170|U|67537|CC|M|34.20,36.63;34.64,37.98;34.27,37.82|N|Head back east toward where Uchek was, then go right.|
C Third Shrine|QID|28170|U|67537|M|34.11,35.63|QO|3|; Third Shrine Cleansed: 1/1

T Night Terrors|QID|28170|M|36.37,37.99|N|Jump down and head back out the cave to Buunu.|

T Enter the Dragon Queen|QID|28712|M|14.93,16.28|N|To Lirastrasza.|
A Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|PRE|28712|M|14.18,15.44|N|From Calen.|

C Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|M|19.21,46.71|N|Mount the drake behind the quest giver.|

T Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|M|22.08,56.61|N|To Calen.|
A And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|PRE|28758|M|22.08,56.61|N|From Calen.|
C And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|M|22.08,56.61|
T And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|M|59.06,69.82|N|To Lirastrasza.|

A A Fitting End|QID|28191|PRE|28171|M|59.06,69.82|N|From Lirastrasza.|
A Blackout|QID|28173|PRE|28171|M|59.06,69.82|N|From Lirastrasza.|
A Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|PRE|28171|M|59.06,69.82|N|From Velastrasza.|

C A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|60.69,83.65|S|
C Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|U|63139|M|63.86,77.93|N|Cave under the tree entrance is on the west side.|
C Blackout|QID|28173|U|63092|M|62.60,86.62|N|Use the hook to grapple on to a drake’s back and kill it. You can use the hook while flying on your mount or on the back of a dying Drake. You can also grapple on to a friendly drake.|
C A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|60.69,83.65|US|

T Blackout|QID|28173|M|59.06,69.79|N|To Lirastrasza.|
T A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|59.06,69.79|N|To Lirastrasza.|
T Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|M|59.06,69.79|N|To Velastrasza.|
A Following the Young Home|QID|28176|PRE|28173&28175&28191|M|59.06,69.79|N|From Lirastrasza.|
C Following the Young Home|QID|28176|U|63126|M|58.09,80.24;49.88,85.69|CN|QO|1|N|Use Mother’s flame to hatch the eggs outside the cave. There are several clumps of eggs in this area.|
C Following the Young Home|QID|28176|M|49.88,85.69|N|Follow the whelps into the cave.|
T Following the Young Home|QID|28176|M|44.99,90.95|N|To Baleflame. Deeper inside the cave.|
A Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|PRE|28176|M|44.99,90.95|N|From Baleflame.|

C Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|M|45.07,91.82|

T Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|M|59.06,69.78|N|To Lirastrasza.|
A Crushblow|QID|28249|PRE|28247|M|59.06,69.78|N|From Lirastrasza.|

T Crushblow|QID|28249|M|45.32,75.42|N|To Warlord Zaela.|
A Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|PRE|28249|M|45.32,75.42|N|From Warlord Zaela.|
A Kor’kron Drop|QID|27491|PRE|28249|M|45.32,75.42|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|
A Call in the Artillery|QID|27497|PRE|28249|M|45.32,75.42|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|
f Crushblow|QID|27497|M|45.68,76.25|N|At Tokrog.|

C Kor’kron Drop|QID|27491|M|45.72,76.02|QO|1|N|Talk to Jon-Jon right next to flight master.|
C Kor’kron Drop|QID|27491|M|39.17,64.57|QO|2|N|Fly northwest. X on ground marks the spot.|
C Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|42.47,71.21|S|
C Northern building|QID|27497|U|61367|M|39.10,62.51|QO|1|; Northern building targeted: 1/1
C Northeastern building|QID|27497|U|61367|M|40.93,64.18|QO|2|; Northeastern building targeted: 1/1
C Southwestern building|QID|27497|U|61367|M|39.88,69.25|QO|3|; Southwestern building targeted: 1/1
C Southern building|QID|27497|U|61367|M|41.25,72.70|QO|4|
C Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|42.47,71.21|US|

T Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|45.26,75.42|N|To Warlord Zaela.|
T Kor’kron Drop|QID|27491|M|45.26,75.42|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
T Call in the Artillery|QID|27497|M|45.26,75.42|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
A Move the Mountain|QID|27495|PRE|27491&27493&27497|M|45.26,75.42|N|From Warlord Zaela.|

C Move the Mountain|QID|27495|M|38.10,66.24|N|Back to the northwest half way up the path going up the MT.|

T Move the Mountain|QID|27495|M|38.10,66.24|
A Signal the Attack|QID|27499|PRE|27495|M|38.10,66.24|

C Signal the Attack|QID|27499|U|61511|M|40.45,62.23|N|Go to the top of the tower between the northern and northeastern buildings.|
T Signal the Attack|QID|27499|M|40.45,62.23|
A Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27609|PRE|27499|M|40.45,62.23|

C Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27609|M|37.73,71.26|QO|1|N|Go in the cave take the path to the left.|; Za’s Head: 1/1
C Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27609|M|38.78,70.63|QO|3|N|Then take the path to the right.|

T Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27609|M|45.34,75.49|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
A Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|PRE|27501|M|45.34,75.49|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|

C Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|38.96,64.09|QO|1|N|Same location as the X on the ground from earlier.|
C Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|37.61,65.53|QO|2|

T Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|37.71,64.96|N|To Cho’gall.|
A Just You and Garona|QID|27638|PRE|27503|M|37.73,64.89|N|From Cho’gall.|

T Just You and Garona|QID|27638|M|36.37,65.93|N|To Garona Halforcen. She top the hill bottom of a tower.|
A Dark Assassins|QID|27653|PRE|27638|M|36.37,65.93|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|PRE|27638|M|36.37,65.93|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A Help from the Earthcaller|QID|27658|PRE|27638|M|36.37,65.93|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

C Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.46,73.71|S|N|Kill Dark Assassins and loot their pendants.|
C Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|M|38.61,75.54|N|Kill cultists.|
C Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.46,73.71|US|

T Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.34,65.97|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|M|36.34,65.97|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|PRE|27653&27655|M|36.34,65.97|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|PRE|27653&27655|M|36.34,65.97|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

C The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|40.20,84.02|S|
C Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|36.28,70.29|QO|2|N|Down in the pit.|; Master Klem slain: 1/1
C Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|42.29,83.61|QO|3|N|Second floor of this building.|; Mia the Rose slain: 1/1
C Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|43.23,88.32|QO|1|; Dame Alys Finnsson slain: 1/1
C The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|40.20,84.02|US|

T Help from the Earthcaller|QID|27658|M|37.57,88.70|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Portal Overload|QID|27659|PRE|27657^27658|M|37.57,88.70|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Unbinding|QID|27662|PRE|27657^27658|M|37.57,88.70|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
A Spirit of the Loch|QID|27660|PRE|27657^27658|M|37.54,88.72|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|

C Unbinding|QID|27662|M|40.12,77.88|S|N|Kill Enslaved Infernos and Tempests.|
C Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|44.47,81.45|QO|2|N|Above the ground on a floating plateau. You must click the Air Portal Controller before killing him.|; Debilitated Aetharon slain: 1/1
C Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|38.29,79.99|QO|1|N|Click the Earth Portal Controller and kill him.|; Debilitated Apexar slain: 1/1
C Unbinding|QID|27662|M|40.12,77.88|US|
T The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|36.39,66.01|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|36.39,66.01|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|PRE|27689&27696|M|36.36,66.02|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

C Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|32.71,62.41|QO|3|N|Remember to click the Water Portal Controller.|; Debilitated Edemantus slain: 1/1

C Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|U|62248|M|32.41,68.60|N|Use The Elementium Axe near Lirastrasza.|

T Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|M|36.36,65.95|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Coup de Grace|QID|27703|PRE|27701|M|36.36,65.95|N|From Garona Halforcen.|

T Spirit of the Loch|QID|27660|M|27.65,63.91|N|To Countess Verrall underwater.|
A Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|PRE|27660|M|27.65,63.91|N|From Countess Verrall.|
C Coup de Grace|QID|27703|M|29.98,67.35|N|Kill any Twilight Skyterrors you see laying wounded on the ground or in the water.|

C Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|M|40.87,79.07|

T Coup de Grace|QID|27703|M|36.36,65.95|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|M|27.64,63.87|N|To Countess Verrall.|
A Water of Life|QID|27798|PRE|27661|M|27.64,63.87|N|From Countess Verrall.|

C Water of Life|QID|27798|U|62503|M|35.07,61.04|N|The corpse is under the water.|

T Water of Life|QID|27798|M|36.34,65.97|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|37.50,88.50|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T Unbinding|QID|27662|M|37.52,88.65|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A Mr. Goldmine’s Wild Ride|QID|28885|PRE|27659&27662|M|37.60,88.67|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|

C Mr. Goldmine’s Wild Ride|QID|28885|M|37.60,88.67|N|Speak to Goldmine and say that you’re ready.|

T Mr. Goldmine’s Wild Ride|QID|28885|M|38.32,93.89|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A A Little on the Side|QID|27742|PRE|27720^28885|M|38.32,93.89|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
A While We’re Here|QID|27743|PRE|27720^28885|M|38.32,93.89|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
A Rune Ruination|QID|27744|PRE|27720^28885|M|37.47,93.23|N|Jump down. From Twilight Rune of Earth.|

C A Little on the Side|QID|27742|M|36.61,93.54|N|Found on the ground and dropped from Elementium Spinners.|S|
C While We’re Here|QID|27743|M|36.97,93.06|S|
C Rune Ruination|QID|27744|M|34.33,86.71|QO|1|N|Go northwest.|; Rune of Earth destroyed: 1/1
C Rune Ruination|QID|27744|M|34.33,86.71|QO|1|N|Keep going down into the cave.|; Rune of Water destroyed: 1/1
C Rune Ruination|QID|27744|M|34.33,86.71|QO|1|; Rune of Air destroyed: 1/1
C Rune Ruination|QID|27744|M|34.33,86.71|QO|1|; Rune of Fire destroyed: 1/1
C A Little on the Side|QID|27742|M|36.61,93.54|N|Found on the ground and dropped from Elementium Spinners.|US|
C While We’re Here|QID|27743|M|36.97,93.06|N|Kill the remaining cultists you need.|US|

T A Little on the Side|QID|27742|N|To Initiate Goldmine running after you.|
T While We’re Here|QID|27743|N|To Initiate Goldmine running after you.|
T Rune Ruination|QID|27744|N|To Initiate Goldmine running after you.|
A A Fiery Reunion|QID|27745|PRE|27742&27743&27744|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|

C A Fiery Reunion|QID|27745|U|62394|M|36.36,83.85|N|Take the bridge to your left to get to the other side. Kill the Magmatooth, loot the Fire Portal Controller and use it where Magmatooth stood.|

T A Fiery Reunion|QID|27745|M|37.60,88.67|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A Garona Needs You|QID|27783|PRE|27745|M|37.60,88.67|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|

T Garona Needs You|QID|27783|M|53.24,42.74|N|To Garona.|
A The Hammer of Twilight|QID|27786|PRE|27783|M|53.24,42.74|N|From Garona.|
T The Hammer of Twilight|QID|27786|M|45.37,88.01|N|To The Hammer of Twilight.|

A Skullcrusher the Mountain|QID|27788|PRE|27786|M|45.37,88.01|N|From The Hammer of Twilight.|
C Skullcrusher the Mountain|QID|27788|M|45.37,88.01|N|Watch the cinematic. When it’s done, fly back to Skullcrusher the Mountain and help Zaela and Garona kill him. You can use the 4 altars to give you buffs that will make it easier to kill him. When someone dies, right click on them to revive them.|
T Skullcrusher the Mountain|QID|27788|M|45.26,75.35|N|To Warlord Zaela back in Crushblow.|

N Congratulations!|N|You’ve now finished Twilight Highlands! Time for dungeons!|



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    Jan 25, 2015 @ 7:33 am

    Change co-ords for Use Mother’s Flame to hatchA Following the Young Home|QID|28176|M|59.06,69.79|N|From Lirastrasza.|C Following the Young Home|QID|28176|U|63126|M|58.09,80.24|QO|Obsidian Whelps hatched: 1/1|N|Use Mother’s flame to hatch the eggs outside the cave.|

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    Apr 28, 2011 @ 22:04 pm

    Yes that was me, I have nowYes that was me, I have now edited a lot of the last half of the guide to give better explanations 🙂

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    Apr 28, 2011 @ 11:36 am

    Re: Love from Chrisser000 for Twilight Highlands (Horde)Chrisser000 is currently editing the Twilight Highlands (Horde) guide.

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    Apr 27, 2011 @ 21:58 pm

    Could use some loveIt would be really appreciated if someone could play this guide through and apply further explanations for quests and fix the coordinates.Especially the last 2/3 of the guide could use some better explanations for quests.

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    Jan 18, 2011 @ 9:43 am

    The Hammer of Twilight (Accept Fix)line should read:

    A The Hammer of Twilight|QID|27786|M|36.38,65.95|From Garona.|

    27786 does not appear directly beside QID| in the 2.1.2 released file. Also it appears this page does not contain latest source used.

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    Jan 16, 2011 @ 1:19 am

    Madness waypoint points toMadness waypoint points to wrong building.
    How To Maim Your Dragon waypoint points to end of quest instead of where bait should be placed.
    Following Young Home points to location of mother not eggs
    “A Little on the Side” and “While We’re Here” should be as you go

  • img
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 2:26 am

    How to Maim Your Dragon coordinates offCurrent coords are in Blood Gulch for the step where you place the bait and kill the dragon. Corrdinates should be 47.9,63.1 or thereabouts.

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