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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘BitWes3540’, “Leveling”, ‘Western Plaguelands’, ‘Bitsem’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘CraEas4045′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Andorhal |QID|27161|N|Western Plaguelands is located north of The Hinterlands. You can take the quest The Battle for Andorhal from Booty Bay (War-Mage Erallier near the Flightmaster), Gryphon Master Talonaxe in Aerie Peak, or from Commander Ashlam Valorfist in Chillwind Camp. Each will give you transportation to Andorhal. Alternatively, you can also take the Hero’s Call from Ironforge or Stormwind City.|M|41.08,70.26|

F Andorhal|QID|27161|M|39.43,69.54|N|Flight Point|
T The Battle for Andorhal|QID|27158|M|40.97,70.38|N|To Thassarian.|O|
T The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28505|M|40.97,70.38|N|To Thassarian.|O|
T The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28749|M|40.97,70.38|N|To Thassarian.|O|
T Hero’s Call: Western Plaguelands!|QID|28576|M|40.97,70.38|N|To Thassarian.|O|

A Scourge First… Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.06,70.44|N|From Thassarian.|
A War Machines|QID|27160|M|40.97,70.38|N|From Lurid.|
A The Endless Flow|QID|27161|M|41.27,70.06|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

C Scourge First… Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.89,69.69|S|N|Kill the Desiccated Scourge.|
C War Machines|QID|27160|M|42.50,72.01|N|Kill Opengut Behemoths.|S|
C The Endless Flow|QID|27161|U|60849|M|42.44,65.55|N|Use Lang’s Hand Grenades to kill skeletons and the Scourge Bone Animus inside the tower.|
C War Machines|QID|27160|M|42.50,72.01|N|Finish killing Opengut Behemoths.|US|
C Scourge First… Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.89,69.69|US|N|Finish killing the Desiccated Scourge.|

T The Endless Flow|QID|27161|M|41.27,70.06|N|To Lang Loosegrip.|
A Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|PRE|27161|M|41.28,70.19|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

T Scourge First… Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.06,70.44|N|To Thassarian.|
T War Machines|QID|27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|To Lurid.|

A Brute Strength|QID|27163|PRE|27159&27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|From Thassarian.|S|
A Scholomancer|QID|27162|PRE|27159&27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|From Thassarian.|
A Brute Strength|QID|27163|PRE|27159&27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|From Thassarian.|US|

C Brute Strength|QID|27163|M|43.57,69.61|N|Level 35 Elite, inside the building.|
C Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|U|60849|M|45.20,69.32|N|Loot Araj’s Phylactery Shard. Araj guards the area, so you may need to attack him. If so, use Lang’s Hand Grenades if he summons skeletons.|NC|
C Scholomancer|QID|27162|M|45.39,72.34|N|Attack Darkmaster Gandling, a boss skull boss (HP 7620). You will be immobilised at 50% damage, when Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver will appear to help you. You then need to finish the last 100 HP yourself.|

T Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|S|
T Brute Strength|QID|27163|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|S|
T Scholomancer|QID|27162|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|
T Brute Strength|QID|27163|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|US|
T Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|US|

A Victory, For Now|QID|27165|PRE|27162&27163&27164|M|41.13,70.48|N|From Thassarian.|
f Andorhal|QID|27165|M|39.44,69.55|N|Get flightpoint from Ginny Goodwin.|
F Chillwind Camp |QID|27165|M|39.44,69.55|N|Speak to Ginny Goodwin for a free-flight to Chillwind Camp.|
f Chillwind Camp|QID|27165|M|42.95,84.95|N|Get flightpoint from Bibilfaz Featherwhistle.|

;The guide doesn’t one ask you to Hearthstone to Chillwind Camp, so commenting out this step.
;h Chillwind Camp|QID|27165|M|43.38,84.51|N|At Mother Matterly.|

r Repair and Sell Junk |QID|27165|M|43.08,84.28|N|Excellent opportunity to repair and sell your junk with Leonard Porter.\n\nClick this step to continue.|RANK|3|
T Victory, For Now|QID|27165|M|42.78,84.12|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|

A Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|42.78,84.12|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|M|42.78,84.12|N|From Thurman Grant.|

C A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|S|M|41.93,79.46;35.18,76.18|CN|N|From now on, kill and loot Shaggy Black Bears.|
C Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|35.56,79.50|N|Collect the feathers sparkling on the ground.|NC|
C A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|US|M|41.93,79.46;35.18,76.18|CN|N|Finish killing bears for Sides of Bear Meat.|

T Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|42.73,83.98|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
T A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|M|42.73,83.98|N|To Thurman Grant.|
A Uther’s Blessing|QID|27169|PRE|27166&27167|M|42.73,83.98|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A Those That Couldn’t Let Go|QID|27168|PRE|27166&27167|M|43.32,83.81|N|From High Priestess MacDonnell.|

; ** Added target button to make quest easier. Direction is irrelevant for this quest as long as you are within range to use Holy Thurible
C Those That Couldn’t Let Go|QID|27168|S|U|60861|T|Withdrawn Soul|M|49.84,80.79|N|From now on use the Holy Thurible on Withdrawn Souls. Some may turn hostile.|
C Uther’s Blessing|QID|27169|NC|U|61920|M|51.94,82.64|N|Use the Chillwind Tribute at Uther’s Tomb.|

T Uther’s Blessing|QID|27169|M|51.95,82.71|N|To High Priest Thel’danis.|
A The Abandoned Crypt|QID|27170|PRE|27169|M|51.95,82.71|N|From High Priest Thel’danis.|
T The Abandoned Crypt|QID|27170|M|54.32,79.92;53.75,80.43|CS|N|Head into the Crypt, go all the way down. Then turn the quest into the Broken Weapons Crate.|
A Ambushed!|QID|27171|PRE|27170|M|53.77,80.47|N|From the Broken Weapons Crate.|

C Ambushed!|QID|27171|M|54.82,79.75|N|Kill and loot the Skeletal Sorcerers, as you head out of the crypt.|
; ** Added target button to make quest easier. Direction is irrelevant for this quest as long as you are within range to use Holy Thurible
C Those That Couldn’t Let Go|QID|27168|US|U|60861|M|49.84,80.79|T|Withdrawn Soul|N|Finish off using the Holy Thurible on Withdrawn Souls as you head back to Chillwind Camp. Remember, they can turn hostile.|

T Those That Couldn’t Let Go|QID|27168|M|43.44,83.76|N|To High Priestess MacDonnell.|
A The Menders’ Stead|QID|27175|LEAD|26999|PRE|27168|M|43.02,83.61|N|From Argent Officer Pureheart.|
T Ambushed!|QID|27171|M|42.74,83.97|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A The Writhing Haunt|QID|27172|PRE|27171|M|42.74,83.97|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|

T The Writhing Haunt|QID|27172|M|53.78,64.67|N|To Thurman Grant.|
A This Is Our Army|QID|27173|PRE|27172|M|53.78,64.67|N|From Thurman Grant.|
C This Is Our Army|QID|27173|M|52.53,65.78|N|Go outside and kill 10 Forsaken Outriders.|
T This Is Our Army|QID|27173|M|53.78,64.67|N|To Thurman Grant.|

A Combat Training|QID|27174|PRE|27173|M|53.78,64.67|N|From Thurman Grant.|
C Combat Training|QID|27174|M|53.91,65.70|N|Talk to Gory, then help the villagers defeat Gory.|
T Combat Training|QID|27174|M|53.84,64.66|N|To Thurman Grant.|
T The Menders’ Stead|QID|27175|M|49.31,54.87|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|

A A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|M|49.31,54.87|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
A Zen’Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|48.98,54.75|N|From Adrine Towhide.|
A I Ain’t Sayin’ You a Gourd-Digger…|QID|26956|M|48.60,54.88|N|From Selyria Groenveld.|

f The Menders’ Stead|QID|27197|M|50.49,52.34|N|At Marge Heffman.|
r Repair and Sell Junk |QID|26999|M|50.69,53.12|N|Excellent opportunity to repair and sell your junk with Gurt.\n\nClick this step to continue.|RANK|3|

C I Ain’t Sayin’ You a Gourd-Digger…|QID|26956|M|47.41,52.91|CN|N|Click on the Unhealthy-Looking Pumpkins then kill the Thrashing Pumpkin that appears.|QO|3|
C I Ain’t Sayin’ You a Gourd-Digger…|QID|26956|M|46.33,54.45|CN|N|Click on the Rotten Apples then kill the Pome Wrath that appears.|QO|2|
C I Ain’t Sayin’ You a Gourd-Digger…|QID|26956|M|45.19,53.40|CN|N|Click on the Bad Corn then kill the Corn Stalker that appears.|QO|1|
C Zen’Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|52.11,58.67|N|Kill with Zen’kiki with you. If Zen’kiki isn’t with you, talk to Adrine Towhide at The Mender’s Stead to get him back.|S|
l Diseased Wolf Samples|QID|26999|M|46.98,46.34|QO|4|N|Kill and loot Diseased Wolves for their samples.|S|
l Hulking Plaguebear Samples|QID|26999|M|46.98,46.34|QO|3|N|Kill and loot Hulking Plaguebears for their samples.|
l Diseased Wolf Samples|QID|26999|M|46.98,46.34|QO|4|N|Kill and loot Diseased Wolves for their samples.|US|
C A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|M|54.92,60.83|N|Kill and loot Plague Lurkers and Venom Mist Lurkers to get their samples.|
C Zen’Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|52.11,58.67|N|Finish killing the wildlife with Zen’kiki. If Zen’kiki isn’t with you, talk to Adrine Towhide at The Mender’s Stead to get him back.|US|
T A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|M|49.33,54.92|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|

A Northridge Lumber Mill|QID|26935|LEAD|27000|PRE|26999|M|49.33,54.92|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
T I Ain’t Sayin’ You a Gourd-Digger…|QID|26956|M|48.58,54.89|N|To Selyria Groenveld.|

T Zen’Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|48.93,54.74|N|To Adrine Towhide.|

A A Different Approach|QID|26954|PRE|26953|M|48.93,54.74|N|From Adrine Towhide.|

N Hunters|QID|26954|C|Hunter|N|Just to make a note, you can take the Diseased Hawks. Just have Zen’kiki bring one down then take it. Close this step to continue.|
C A Different Approach|QID|26954|M|53.72,53.59|N|Head to the top of the hill (there’s a path that runs clockwise from the west). At the top, right click on Zen’Kiki to have him pull a Diseased Hawk. Help him kill it. Repeat.|
T A Different Approach|QID|26954|M|49.00,54.72|N|To Adrine Towhide.|
T Northridge Lumber Mill|QID|26935|M|48.12,32.45|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|M|48.12,32.45|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|
A Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|48.35,31.84|N|From Kelly Dumah.|

C Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|51.00,27.75|N|Hunt down those Rabid Foxes.|
T Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|To Kelly Dumah.|

A Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|PRE|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|From Kelly Dumah.|S|
A A Gnoll’s Resolve|QID|27012|PRE|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|From Kelly Dumah.|
A Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|PRE|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|From Kelly Dumah.|US|

C Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|M|47.67,31.80;45.33,35.73|CS|N|Hop on a charger, run into a group of spiders and use Ability 1 to scare them away.|NC|

C A Gnoll’s Resolve|QID|27012|S|M|49.71,42.20|N|Kill and loot Redpine Gnolls and Shamwns until you have 6 Repine Clubs and Staves.|
C Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|M|49.76,42.09|N|They look like stacks of three sparkling logs.|NC|
C A Gnoll’s Resolve|QID|27012|US|M|49.71,42.20|N|Finish killing Gnolls for the needed loot.|

T Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|M|48.41,32.11|N|To Kelly Dumah.|S|
T A Gnoll’s Resolve|QID|27012|M|48.41,32.11|N|To Kelly Dumah.|
T Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|M|48.41,32.11|N|To Kelly Dumah.|US|

T Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|M|48.13,32.44|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|PRE|27000|M|48.13,32.44|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|
C This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|M|47.95,33.53|N|Use the whinny to herd spiders back to the mill.|NC|
T This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|M|48.11,32.47|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A An Audience with the Highlord|QID|27002|PRE|27001|M|48.11,32.47|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|

f Hearthglen|QID|27002|M|47.67,31.80;44.67,18.58|CS|N|Hop on a Hearthglen Mustang and follow the road to Hearthglen. At William Henderson.|

A It’s About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.24,16.02|N|From Lieutenant Myner.|
T An Audience with the Highlord|QID|27002|M|42.04,14.64|N|To Highlord Tirion Fordring, upstairs in Mardenholde Keep.|

A Taelan Fordring’s Legacy|QID|27151|PRE|27002|M|42.19,14.98|N|From Daria L’Rayne.|

C It’s About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.09,16.33|N|Head outside the keep, then talk to Trainees. Challenge and beat them.|
T It’s About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.28,15.96|N|To Lieutenant Myner.|

A Drudges…|QID|27157|PRE|27156|M|43.28,15.96|N|From Lieutenant Myner.|
C Drudges…|QID|27157|M|45.86,12.31;45.37,9.73|CS|N|Enter the mine. Kill the *ew* huge spider.|
T Drudges…|QID|27157|M|43.27,15.91|N|To Lieutenant Myner.|

C Taelan Fordring’s Legacy|QID|27151|M|54.78,24.69|N|Kill the Redpine Looters.|
T Taelan Fordring’s Legacy|QID|27151|M|54.99,24.73|N|(UI Alert)|

A Unusual Behavior… Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|PRE|27151|M|54.99,24.73|N|(UI Alert)|
R Unusual Behavior… Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|NC|M|54.78,34.10;56.16,34.70;57.07,35.56|CS|N|Follow the arrows up the path to investigate the Gnoll Camp.|
C Unusual Behavior… Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|M|54.78,34.10;56.16,34.70;57.07,35.56|CS|N|Kill Moldfang.|QO|1|T|Moldfang|; Moldfang slain: 1/1
T Unusual Behavior… Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|M|57.28,35.71|N|(UI Alert)|

A The Good People of Hearthglen|QID|27153|PRE|27152|M|57.28,35.71|N|(UI Alert)|
C Bree Ironstock|QID|27153|M|43.68,17.22|QO|3|N|Head back to Hearthglen, then talk to Bree Ironstock in the stables.|CHAT|
C High Cleric Alphus|QID|27153|M|42.15,18.24|QO|4|N|Talk to High Cleric Alphus in the Town Hall.|CHAT|
C Morris Vant|QID|27153|M|44.38,13.55|QO|1|N|Talk to Morris Vant inside the blacksmith building.|CHAT|
r Repair and Sell Junk |QID|27153|M|44.38,13.55|N|Excellent opportunity to repair and sell your junk with Morris Vant.\n\nClick this step to continue.|RANK|3|
C Outfitter Mendelev|QID|27153|M|44.82,12.47|QO|2|N|Talk to Outfitter Mendelev in the hut to the west.|CHAT|
T The Good People of Hearthglen|QID|27153|M|44.82,12.47|N|(UI Alert)|

A Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|PRE|27153|M|42.16,18.33|N|(UI Alert)|
C Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|M|45.90,18.46|N|Head up to the top of the tower and confront Bisp. He will turn hostile when you speak to him. Kill him.|
T Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|M|45.90,18.46|N|(UI Alert)|

A Turning Yourself In|QID|27155|PRE|27154|M|45.90,18.46|N|(UI Alert)|
T Turning Yourself In|QID|27155|M|42.06,14.61|N|Head to the Highlord and face the music.|

A The Long Trip Home|QID|26957|M|42.11,14.85|N|From Del Gahrron.|
F The Menders’ Stead|QID|26957|NC|M|44.62,18.37|N|Fly to The Menders’ Stead.|
T The Long Trip Home|QID|26957|M|50.59,52.52|N|To Del Gahrron.|

A Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|PRE|26957|M|50.59,52.52|N|From Del Gahrron.|
A Gahrron’s Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|PRE|27002|M|49.30,54.84|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
C Gahrron’s Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|M|62.71,59.17|N|Kill the Cauldron Lord and loot his key.|
T Gahrron’s Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|M|62.58,58.62|N|At the Scourge Cauldron.|

A Return to the Stead|QID|27057|PRE|27053|M|62.58,58.62|N|From the Scourge Cauldron.|
C Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|NC|M|64.88,59.32|CS|N|Collect the Painting, which is hanging over the fireplace downstairs.|QO|2|; Faded Finger Painting: 1/1
C Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|NC|M|64.93,59.43|CS|N|Collect the Prayer Book, which can be found upstairs.|QO|1|; Gahrron Prayer Book: 1/1

T Return to the Stead|QID|27057|M|49.32,54.76|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|
A Desperate Acts|QID|27054|PRE|27057|M|49.32,54.76|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
A Zen’Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|PRE|27057|M|48.93,54.76|N|From Adrine Towhide.|
T Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|M|50.60,52.60|N|To Del Gahrron.|

A The Battle Resumes!|QID|27197|PRE|27175^27233|M|50.39,52.70|N|From Durnt Brightfalcon.|

C Zen’Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|NC|M|66.78,47.12|N|Take Zen’Kiki to the cages. Open them, let him heal.|S|
C Desperate Acts|QID|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|Kill Instructor Malicia and loot the orders.|
T Desperate Acts|QID|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|(UI Alert)|
A Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|PRE|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|(UI Alert)|
C Zen’Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|NC|M|66.78,47.12|N|Take Zen’Kiki to the cages. Open them, let him heal.|US|
C Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|M|65.22,38.83;64.64,35.20|CS|N|Enter the cave and kill, kill, kill.|
T Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|M|49.31,54.81|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|
T Zen’Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|M|48.93,54.77|N|To Adrine Towhide.|

F Andorhal|QID|27197|M|50.52,52.36|N|Fly to Andorhal.|

T The Battle Resumes!|QID|27197|M|39.84,69.47|N|To Thassarian.|
A Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|PRE|27197|M|39.84,69.47|N|From Thassarian.|
A Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|PRE|27197|M|40.11,69.17|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

C Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|S|M|44.45,65.66|N|Kill Andorhal Deathguards.|
C Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|M|44.70,65.11|N|Kill three Deathguard War-Captains on their horses.|
C Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|US|M|44.45,65.66|N|Finish killing Deathguards.|

T Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|M|39.94,69.42|N|To Lang Loosegrip.|
T Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|M|39.94,69.42|N|To Thassarian.|
A The Depravity of the Forsaken|QID|27205|PRE|27198&27199|M|39.74,69.52|N|From Thassarian.|

T The Depravity of the Forsaken|QID|27205|M|39.84,69.51|N|To Thassarian.|
A Val’kyr Incursion|QID|27201|PRE|27205|M|39.84,69.51|N|From Thassarian.|
A Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|PRE|27205|M|39.82,69.69|N|From Thurman Grant.|

C Val’kyr Incursion|QID|27201|S|M|41.80,70.42|N|War! Kill Lesser Val’kyr.|
C Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|M|41.44,73.62|N|Kill 20 Forsaken Troopers, they will be in packs of 4, your companions will be there to help you.|
C Val’kyr Incursion|QID|27201|US|M|41.80,70.42|N|Finish killing those Lesser Val’kyr!|

T Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|M|39.90,69.65|N|To Thurman Grant.|
T Val’kyr Incursion|QID|27201|M|39.89,69.55|N|To Thassarian.|

A Aradne|QID|27204|PRE|27201&27202|M|39.89,69.55|N|From Thassarian.|
C Aradne|QID|27204|M|40.37,72.24|N|Head up the tower and kill the elite Aradne. Your companions will be there to help you.|
T Aradne|QID|27204|M|39.97,69.58|N|To Thassarian.|

A Alas, Andorhal|QID|27206|PRE|27204|M|39.97,69.58|N|From Thassarian.|
F Chillwind Camp|QID|27206|NC|N|Fly to Chillwind Camp.|M|39.43,69.55|
T Alas, Andorhal|QID|27206|M|42.73,84.12|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|

A Into the Woods|QID|27683|LEAD|27367|M|42.97,83.51|N|From Argent Officer Pureheart, if you intent to continue onto Eastern Plaguelands.|


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    Feb 2, 2014 @ 16:25 pm

    Re: The Depravity of BlizzardI was cleaning my desktop this morning, trying to figure out where things were.I came down with chickenpox a week ago and my brain has just not been in gear.I then looked at the notes I took for the above problem and though:When we get the last QUEST_LOG_UPDATE message and see that the “new” quest has appeared, check to see if it is marked as completed.   If so, mark it as not completed, complete any A steps and uncomplete all others and let the guide update clean things up.That should make the “T” step re-appear at the right point.

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    Jan 1, 2014 @ 1:08 am

    The Depravity of BlizzardOK.  I captured the event sequence around this quest.   It is NOT normal.QUEST_DETAILQUEST_FINISHED !!!!QUEST_COMPLETEQUEST_LOG_UPDATEQUEST_FINISHEDCINEMATIC_STARTQUEST_ACCEPTEDQUEST_LOG_UPDATECINEMATIC_STOPLOADING_SCREEN_ENABLEDLOADING_SCREEN_DISABLEDSo we are getting false quest completion messages followed by a QUEST_ACCEPTED message, which is confusing poor WoW-Pro!

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    Dec 31, 2013 @ 16:16 pm

    Re: The Depravity of the ForsakenWell, I suspect this problem happens with many quests that involves a cut-scene.When the loading screen pops up, all of the addons are re-initialized and we lose some state.If you have the toon in the right spot, try:/run WoWPro:PopulateQuestLog()and see if the quest gets “sensed”.   I suspect that after the cut-scene, we are not getting the event which says there is quest log information present and thus we think the questlog is empty.   If you can send me a debug log around the accept/cutscene I could confirm this and perhaps find an event to key off of to reload the questlog.  

  • img
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 0:57 am

    The Depravity of the ForsakenThe Depravity of the Forsaken – for some unknown reason the guide won’t show the T step, no matter what I do with it. Without the ACTIVE, the guide skips the T step (says “Not in your questlog”) and goes straight to the next step (which incidentally shouldn’t be there since you haven’t completed the PRE step!)

    With the ACTIVE, it keeps the A step (so at least the guide can say take the quest, watch the cinematic, then hand it in), but any ideas why the guide is not behaving at this point?

  • img
    Jun 9, 2011 @ 14:58 pm

    Western Plaguelands (Alliance)Note tweaks.

  • img
    Apr 8, 2011 @ 7:15 am

    Quest levels requiredAddon version 2.17The quest “Into the Woods” requires level 39 and the quest “The Battle Resumes” require level 38, however you can start the zone at lvl 34-35. Indeed the zone is tagged as 35-40. So you cannot pick these quests up but they stay right at the top of the quest tracker. Every time you repeat a step further down the list, the TomTom waypoint re-appears for “Into the Woods”.I started the zone at level 34, however I have BoA shoulders (+10% xp) and guild perk (+10% xp). I am currently lvl 38 having just completed the quest “Taelan Fordring’s Legacy”.

  • img
    Jan 1, 2011 @ 2:20 am

    Q: Into the Woods – pickup levelNoticed this when working through the guide at proper level (i began the zone at level 36)The guide says to pick up “Into the Woods” during your first trip to chillwind camp.  Due to level restrictions, you can’t pick up this quest until you’re level 39.  I would recommend moving the pick up for this quest to after you turn in “Alas, Andorhal“.  By this time I was able to pick up Into the Woods, which is just a breadcrumb line for EPL anyway.

  • img
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 14:19 pm

    DrugesIt doesnt automaticly close off when complete and when i attempt to close it of It crashes my game, when I relog it puts the guide to the one I was using before(cape of stranglethorn) and resets some of the ones in the western plaugelands quide.

  • img
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    It’s no problem, I understandIt’s no problem, I understand about not having time to do things.

  • img
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 0:19 am

    Thanks Cracker! I’ve hadThanks Cracker! I’ve had pretty much zero free time lately. Sorry I haven’t been around much. 🙁

  • img
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 22:17 pm

    Few fixesRemoved “Threat to the Kingdom” quest, which somehow snuck in.

    EDIT 1: Fixed step: C Drudges… |QID|27157|QO|Shadril slain: 1/1|M|45.86,12.31;45.37,9.73|N|Enter the mine. Kill the *ew* huge spider.|
    Changed “Shadril slain: 0/1” to 1/1.

    EDIT 2: Added in QO steps for “The Good People of Hearthglen” to make it easier to find the NPCS.

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