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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘WkjWet2025’, “Leveling”, ‘Wetlands’, ‘Wkjezz’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘BitAra2025′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Algaz Station|QID|26137|M|25.45,17.97|Z|Loch Modan|N|Start by heading to Algaz Station, located to the north-west of Loch Modan.\n\nIf you don’t want the zone feeder quests, please change your Rank level.\nRank 2: Loch Modan and Dun Algaz\nRank 1: Wetlands Only|LEAD|27116|

N Drop the Hero’s Call: Wetlands! quest|QID|28565|Z|Loch Modan|N|Your Quest log includes Hero’s Call: Wetlands! quest, but you have not completed the quest Checking on the Boys. The Hero’s call earns you just 155 experience and 10 reputation with Ironforge. Checking with the boys offers you 780 experience, 75 reputation with Ironforge and 6 silver – for exactly the same quest.|LEAD|28565|RANK|2|ACTIVE|28565|
A Checking on the Boys|QID|26137|M|25.45,17.97|Z|Loch Modan|N|From Mountaineer Stormpike.|LEAD|25395|
T Checking on the Boys|QID|26137|M|49.96,79.24|N|To Mountaineer Rharen.|
T Hero’s Call: Wetlands!|QID|28565|M|49.96,79.24|N|To Mountaineer Rharen.|O|
A The Stolen Keg|QID|25395|M|49.96,79.24|N|From Mountaineer Rharen.|RANK|2|
A Cleaning Hovel|QID|25211|M|49.96,79.24|N|From Mountaineer Grugelm.|RANK|2|
C Cleaning Hovel|QID|25211|S|M|47.99,75.41|N|Kill 5 Dragonmaw Orcs.|RANK|2|
C The Stolen Keg|QID|25395|M|47.86,74.35|N|This is in the top of the bunker.|RANK|2|
C Cleaning Hovel|QID|25211|US|M|47.99,75.41|N|Kill 5 Dragonmaw Orcs.|RANK|2|
T Cleaning Hovel|QID|25211|M|49.88,79.19|N|To Mountaineer Grugelm.|RANK|2|
T The Stolen Keg|QID|25395|M|49.90,79.19|N|To Mountaineer Rharen.|RANK|2|

A Keg Run|QID|25770|LEAD|25721|M|50.00,79.18|N|From Mountaineer Rharen.|RANK|2|PRE|25395|
R Wetlands|QID|257700|M|48.23,67.29;49.23,70.51;53.93,70.37|CC|N|Follow the path until you get to the Wetlands.|
f Slabchisel’s Survey|QID|25770|M|56.87,71.17|N|At Elgin Baelor.|
T Keg Run|QID|25770|M|57.48,71.76|N|To Forba Slabchisel.|RANK|2|

A Fight the Flood|QID|25721|M|57.48,71.76|N|From Forba Slabchisel.|
A Sedimentary, My Dear|QID|25722|M|57.57,71.54|N|From Surveyor Thurdan.|
A Thresh Out of Luck|QID|25723|M|57.73,71.53|N|From Dunlor Marblebeard.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|25722|M|57.73,71.44|N|At Darvish Quickhammer.|
C Fight the Flood|QID|25721|S|M|64.51,67.95|N|Kill the Flood Elementals.|
C Thresh Out of Luck|QID|25723|S|M|64.25,70.07|N|Kill and loot Threshers.|
C Sedimentary, My Dear|QID|25722|M|63.77,74.00|N|Click on Sediment Deposits in the water.|
C Thresh Out of Luck|QID|25723|US|M|64.25,70.07|N|Kill and loot Threshers.|
C Fight the Flood|QID|25721|US|M|64.51,67.95|N|Kill the Flood Elementals.|

T Thresh Out of Luck|QID|25723|M|57.93,71.46|N|To Dunlor Marblebeard.|
A Fenbush Berries|QID|25725|M|57.92,71.47|N|From Dunlor Marblebeard.|PRE|25723|
T Fight the Flood|QID|25721|M|57.55,71.76|N|To Forba Slabchisel.|
A Drungeld Glowerglare|QID|25727|M|57.55,71.76|N|From Forba Slabchisel.|PRE|25721|
T Sedimentary, My Dear|QID|25722|M|57.57,71.48|N|To Surveyor Thurdan.|
A A Dumpy Job|QID|25726|M|57.60,71.45|N|From Surveyor Thurdan.|PRE|25722|

C Fenbush Berries|QID|25725|S|M|63.29,76.08|N|Loot the sparkling Fenbush Berry bushes from around the lake.|NC|
C Drungeld Glowerglare|QID|25727|M|63.82,78.19|N|In the cave by the lake, kill and loot Drungeld.|
C Fenbush Berries|QID|25725|US|M|63.29,76.08|N|Loot the sparkling Fenbush Berry bushes.|NC|
C A Dumpy Job|QID|25726|M|55.71,72.21|N|Kill and loot Silty Oozelings until you have a Dumpy level in your bags.|

T A Dumpy Job|QID|25726|M|57.43,71.47|N|To Surveyor Thurdan.|
A Down In Thelgen Rock|QID|25734|M|57.43,71.47|N|From Surveyor Thurdan.|PRE|25726|
T Fenbush Berries|QID|25725|M|57.83,71.50|N|To Dunlor Marblebeard.|
A Incendicite Ore|QID|25735|M|57.82,71.61|N|From Dunlor Marblebeard.|PRE|25725|
T Drungeld Glowerglare|QID|25727|M|57.57,71.80|N|To Forba Slabchisel.|
A Get Out Of Here, Stalkers|QID|25733|M|57.55,71.79|N|From Forba Slabchisel.|PRE|25727|

C Get Out Of Here, Stalkers|QID|25733|QO|1|M|54.10,63.39|N|Kill spiders by the cave until you have killed 7 Leech Stalkers.|
R Thelgen Rock Cave|QID|25733|CC|M|52.05,62.73|N|Run into this cave.|
C Get Out Of Here, Stalkers|QID|25733|S|M|53.99,66.00|N|Kill Cave Stalkers.|
C Incendicite Ore|QID|25735|S|U|55240|M|47.82,65.97|N|Gather Incedicite Ore.|NC|
C Down In Thelgen Rock|QID|25734|NC|M|47.78,65.99|N|Keep to the left as you go through the cave. Pick up the Thelgen Seismic Record.|

K Torrention|QID|25736|M|47.8,65.4|L|55243|N|Kill and loot Torrention, who appears behind you.|ACTIVE|25734|
A The Floodsurge Core|QID|25736|M|47.8,65.4|U|55243|N|From the Floodsurge Core, looted from Torrention.|ACTIVE|25734|
C Incendicite Ore|QID|25735|US|U|55240|M|47.82,65.97|N|Finish gathering the Incedicite Ore.|NC|
C Get Out Of Here, Stalkers|QID|25733|US|M|48.54,60.83|N|Finish killing the Cave Stalkers as you leave the cave.|
T Down In Thelgen Rock|QID|25734|M|57.50,71.49|N|To Surveyor Thurdan.|
T Incendicite Ore|QID|25735|M|57.83,71.63|N|To Dunlor Marblebeard.|
T Get Out Of Here, Stalkers|QID|25733|M|57.46,71.81|N|To Forba Slabchisel.|
T The Floodsurge Core|QID|25736|M|57.46,71.81|N|To Forba Slabchisel.|

A Onwards to Menethil|QID|25777|LEAD|25780|M|57.47,71.79|N|From Forba Slabchisel.|PRE|25733&25734&25735&25736|
r Repair/Restock|QID|25777|M|57.69,71.35|N|At Darvish Quickhammer.|
R Menethil Harbor|QID|25777|M|57.07,71.67;10.53,55.66|CC|N|Click on Brisket, Slabchisel’s Ram, to get a free ride to Menethil Harbor.|ACTIVE|25777|
T Onwards to Menethil|QID|25777|M|10.53,55.66|N|To Captain Stoutfist.|

A Assault on Menethil Keep|QID|25780|M|10.53,55.66|N|From Captain Stoutfist.|
C Assault on Menethil Keep|QID|25780|M|9.91,57.60|N|Work your way to the upper room of the keep, then kill Horghast Flarecrazed.|
T Assault on Menethil Keep|QID|25780|M|10.50,55.71|N|To Captain Stoutfist.|

A A Mother’s Worries|QID|25820|M|11.83,57.90|N|From Derina Rumdnul.|
A When Life Gives You Crabs|QID|25800|M|11.18,57.72|N|From Karl Boran.|
A The Third Fleet|QID|25815|M|10.86,59.59|N|From First Mate Fitzsimmons.|
h Deepwater Tavern|QID|25815|M|10.66,61.02|N|At Innkeeper Helbrek.|
C The Third Fleet|QID|25815|M|10.64,61.69|N|In the cellar, loot the Fitzsimmons’ Mead.|
T The Third Fleet|QID|25815|M|10.90,59.70|N|To First Mate Fitzsimmons.|

A Cursed to Roam|QID|25816|M|10.90,59.70|N|From First Mate Fitzsimmons.|PRE|25815|
f Menethil Harbor|QID|25820|M|09.53,59.56|N|From Shellei Brondir.|
C When Life Gives You Crabs|QID|25800|S|M|19.85,59.98|N|Kill the crabs and loot them.|
C A Mother’s Worries|QID|25820|M|19.42,58.34|N|Kill the sharks.|
C When Life Gives You Crabs|QID|25800|US|M|19.85,59.98|N|Kill the crabs and loot them.|
T A Mother’s Worries|QID|25820|M|11.79,57.85|N|To Derina Rumdnul.|
T When Life Gives You Crabs|QID|25800|M|11.18,57.85|N|To Karl Boran.|

A Claws from the Deep|QID|25801|M|11.18,57.85|N|From Karl Boran.|PRE|25800|
A Reclaiming Goods|QID|25802|M|11.18,57.85|N|From Karl Boran.|PRE|25800|
C Claws from the Deep|QID|25801|S|QO|1|M|8.33,58.56|N|Kill Murlocs as you travel.|; Bluegill Murloc slain: 12/12
T Reclaiming Goods|QID|25802|M|13.53,41.48|N|To the Damaged Crate.|

A The Search Continues|QID|25803|M|13.53,41.48|N|From the Damaged Crate.|PRE|25802|
T The Search Continues|QID|25803|M|13.66,38.26|N|To the Sealed Barrel.|
A Search More Hovels|QID|25804|M|13.66,38.26|N|From the Sealed Barrel.|PRE|25803|
K Gobbler|QID|25801|QO|2|M|14.43,37.44|N|Kill and loot Gobbler.|
T Search More Hovels|QID|25804|M|13.93,34.90|N|To the Half-Buried Barrel|
A Return the Statuette|QID|25805|M|13.93,34.90|N|From the Half-Buried Barrel|PRE|25804|
C Claws from the Deep|QID|25801|QO|1|M|15.13,31.76|N|Finish killing Murlocs.|US|; Bluegill Murloc slain: 12/12
T Cursed to Roam|QID|25816|M|15.25,29.48|N|To First Mate Snellig.|

A The Cursed Crew|QID|25817|M|15.25,29.48|N|From First Mate Snellig.|PRE|25816|
C The Cursed Crew|QID|25817|M|14.06,24.34|N|Kill Cursed Sailors and Marines between the two ships.|
T The Cursed Crew|QID|25817|M|15.23,29.43|N|To First Mate Snellig.|
A Lifting the Curse|QID|25818|M|15.17,29.23|N|From First Mate Snellig.|PRE|25817|
C Lifting the Curse|QID|25818|M|15.08,23.79|N|Kill and loot Captain Halyndor, he is on deck near the wheel.|
T Lifting the Curse|QID|25818|M|14.37,24.02|N|Jump off the northside of the boat, swim down to the bottom of the ship and look for a hole. Swim in and turn the quest into the Intrepid’s Locked Strongbox.|

A The Eye of Paleth|QID|25819|M|14.37,24.02|N|From the Intrepid’s Locked Strongbox.|PRE|25818|
H Menethil Harbor|QID|25819|M|10.58,60.59|N|Hearth back to Menethal Harbor.|
T The Eye of Paleth|QID|25819|M|10.61,60.56|N|To Glorin Steelbrow.|
T Claws from the Deep|QID|25801|M|11.14,57.76|N|To Karl Boran.|
T Return the Statuette|QID|25805|M|11.14,57.76|N|To Karl Boran.|

A Swiftgear Station|QID|26980|M|10.47,55.70|N|From Captain Stoutfist.|PRE|25801&25819|LEAD|25864|
T Swiftgear Station|QID|26980|M|26.83,26.14|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|

A Dinosaur Crisis|QID|25864|M|26.83,26.14|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|
A I’ll Call Him Bitey|QID|25854|M|26.81,25.97|N|From Fradd Swiftgear.|
A Crocolisk Hides|QID|25856|M|26.77,26.64|N|From James Halloran.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|25856|M|25.67,25.86|N|At Wenna Silkbeard.|
C Crocolisk Hides|QID|25856|S|M|27.23,23.21|N|Kill and loot any Crocolisk you see.|
C Dinosaur Crisis|QID|25864|M|39.28,20.68|N|Kill 8 Highland Raptors.|S|
C I’ll Call Him Bitey|QID|25854|M|35.45,20.20|N|Collect 6 Wobbling Raptor Eggs.|
C Dinosaur Crisis|QID|25864|M|39.28,20.68|N|Kill 8 Highland Raptors.|US|
C Crocolisk Hides|QID|25856|US|M|27.23,23.21|N|Kill and loot any Crocolisk you see.|

T Dinosaur Crisis|QID|25864|M|26.98,26.03|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|
A The Mosshide Job|QID|25865|M|26.98,26.03|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|PRE|25864|
T Crocolisk Hides|QID|25856|M|26.79,26.63|N|To James Halloran.|
A Hunting Horrorjaw|QID|25857|M|26.75,26.63|N|From James Halloran.|PRE|25856|
T I’ll Call Him Bitey|QID|25854|M|26.78,25.92|N|To Fradd Swiftgear.|
A Gizmos and Gadgets|QID|25855|M|26.78,25.92|N|From Fradd Swiftgear.|PRE|25854|

C Hunting Horrorjaw|QID|25857|M|31.16,22.11|N|Kill and loot Horrorjaw for his hide.|
C The Mosshide Job|QID|25865|S|M|33.73,31.21|N|Loot from gnolls.|
C Gizmos and Gadgets|QID|25855|M|31.39,29.92|N|Look for sparkles in the ground and loot them.|
C The Mosshide Job|QID|25865|US|M|33.73,31.21|N|Loot from gnolls.|
T Hunting Horrorjaw|QID|25857|M|26.79,26.65|N|To James Halloran.|
T The Mosshide Job|QID|25865|M|26.90,26.16|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|
T Gizmos and Gadgets|QID|25855|M|26.82,25.92|N|To Fradd Swiftgear.|

A Dark Iron Trappers|QID|25866|M|26.94,26.15|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|PRE|25865|
A Gnoll Escape|QID|25867|M|26.94,26.15|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|PRE|25865|
C Gnoll Escape|QID|25867|M|45.38,34.90|S|N|Free Gnolls from the Gnoll Cages when you get keys from Dark Iron Trappers.|
C Dark Iron Trappers|QID|25866|M|43.62,34.27|N|Kill Dark Iron Trappers and loot their keys.|
C Gnoll Escape|QID|25867|M|45.38,34.90|US|N|Free Gnolls from the Gnoll Cages when you get keys from Dark Iron Trappers.|
T Dark Iron Trappers|QID|25866|M|26.91,26.18|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|
T Gnoll Escape|QID|25867|M|26.91,26.18|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|
A Yorla Darksnare|QID|25868|M|26.91,26.18|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|PRE|25866&25867|
C Yorla Darksnare|QID|25868|M|41.25,22.00|N|Kill Yorla Darksnare.|
T Yorla Darksnare|QID|25868|M|27.00,26.03|N|To Shilah Slabchisel.|
A Whelgar’s Retreat|QID|26981|LEAD|25849|M|27.00,26.03|N|From Shilah Slabchisel.|PRE|25868|
f Whelgar’s Retreat|QID|26981|M|38.77,39.03|N|At Damon Baelor.|
T Whelgar’s Retreat|QID|26981|M|38.84,39.30|N|To Prospector Whelgar.|

A When Archaeology Attacks|QID|25849|M|38.84,39.30|N|From Prospector Whelgar.|
A Strike the Earth!|QID|25850|M|38.65,39.47|N|From Ormer Ironbraid.|
A Tooling Around|QID|25853|M|38.81,39.71|N|From Merrin Rockweaver.|
C Strike the Earth!|QID|25850|M|33.59,47.47|S|N|Kill Paleolithic Elementals.|
C When Archaeology Attacks|QID|25849|M|34.49,46.65|S|N|Kill and loot Living Fossils.|
C Tooling Around|QID|25853|M|35.37,50.71|N|The Tools are little sparkling boxes.|
C Strike the Earth!|QID|25850|M|33.59,47.47|US|N|Kill Paleolithic Elementals.|
C When Archaeology Attacks|QID|25849|M|34.49,46.65|US|N|Kill and loot Living Fossils.|
T Strike the Earth!|QID|25850|M|38.67,39.48|N|To Ormer Ironbraid.|
T Tooling Around|QID|25853|M|38.77,39.65|N|To Merrin Rockweaver.|
T When Archaeology Attacks|QID|25849|M|38.89,39.47|N|To Prospector Whelgar.|

A The Angerfang Menace|QID|26189|M|38.89,39.47|N|From Prospector Whelgar.|PRE|25849|
C The Angerfang Menace|QID|26189|QO|2|M|53.33,54.44|N|Kill Angerfang Dragonmaw Orcs.|S|; Angerfang Dragonmaw slain: 16/16
K Gorfax Angerfang|QID|26189|M|53.33,54.44|QO|1|N|Kill Gorfax Angerfang.|ACTIVE|26189|; Gorfax Angerfang slain: 1/1
C The Angerfang Menace|QID|26189|QO|2|M|53.33,54.44|N|Kill Angerfang Dragonmaw Orcs.|US|; Angerfang Dragonmaw slain: 16/16
T The Angerfang Menace|QID|26189|M|38.94,39.46|N|To Prospector Whelgar.|

A Who Wards The Greenwarden|QID|26195|M|38.94,39.46|N|From Prospector Whelgar.|PRE|25850&25853&26189|
f Greenwarden’s Grove|QID|26195|M|56.32,41.85|N|At Halana.|
T Who Wards The Greenwarden|QID|26195|M|56.48,39.93|N|To Ferilon Leafborn.|

A The Crazed Dragonmaw|QID|26120|M|56.47,39.79|N|From Huntress Iczelia.|
A Mired in Hatred|QID|25926|M|56.40,40.35|N|From Rethiel the Greenwarden.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|25926|M|57.88,40.78|N|At Victorina.|
C The Crazed Dragonmaw|QID|26120|M|62.53,42.62|N|Kill 12 Dragonmaw Whelpstealers.|
C Mired in Hatred|QID|25926|M|55.90,35.67|N|Kill 10 Mouldering Mirebeasts.|
T The Crazed Dragonmaw|QID|26120|M|56.38,39.70|N|To Huntress Iczelia.|
T Mired in Hatred|QID|25926|M|56.36,40.23|N|To Rethiel the Greenwarden.|

A The Threat of Flame|QID|25927|M|56.36,40.23|N|From Rethiel the Greenwarden.|PRE|25926|
A For Peat’s Sake|QID|25939|M|56.41,39.93|N|From Ferilon Leafborn.|PRE|25926|
C The Threat of Flame|QID|25927|M|56.74,29.50|S|N|Kill Rampant Fire Elementals.|
C For Peat’s Sake|QID|25939|U|56134|M|63.43,33.10|N|Stand in the fire and use your Floodlilly.|
C The Threat of Flame|QID|25927|M|56.74,29.50|US|N|Kill Rampant Fire Elementals.|
T The Threat of Flame|QID|25927|M|56.48,40.39|N|To Rethiel the Greenwarden.|
T For Peat’s Sake|QID|25939|M|56.41,39.94|N|To Rethiel the Greenwarden.|

A Longbraid the Grim|QID|26196|M|56.41,39.94|N|From Rethiel the Greenwarden.|PRE|25939|
f Dun Modr|QID|26196|M|49.98,18.58|N|At Caleb Baelor.|
T Longbraid the Grim|QID|26196|M|49.88,18.36|N|To Longbraid the Grim.|
A Anvilmar the Hero|QID|26327|LEAD|26127|M|49.88,18.36|N|From Longbraid the Grim.|
T Anvilmar the Hero|QID|26327|M|49.53,17.29|N|To Thargas Anvilmar.|
A The Twilight’s Hammer Revealed|QID|26127|M|49.53,17.29|N|From Thargas Anvilmar.|
C The Twilight’s Hammer Revealed|QID|26127|M|46.49,15.98|N|Kill 12 Twilight Converts.|
T The Twilight’s Hammer Revealed|QID|26127|M|49.39,17.23|N|To Thargas Anvilmar.|
A The Battle of Thandol Span|QID|26128|M|49.50,17.28|N|From Thargas Anvilmar.|PRE|26127|
C The Battle of Thandol Span|QID|26128|M|51.11,9.04|N|Go onto the bridge, but not past the waypoint. Watch the little scene (pun intended), then kill Calamoth Ashbeard.|
T The Battle of Thandol Span|QID|26128|M|49.53,17.25|N|(UI Alert) Or you can go and turn the quest into Thargas Anvilmar.|
A Into Arathi|QID|26139|M|49.53,17.25|N|(UI Alert) Or you can get this quest from Thargas Anvilmar, accept if you intend to move onto Arathi Highlands for your next zone.|LEAD|26093|PRE|26128|



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    Sep 2, 2019 @ 22:32 pm

    Guide “ClassicWetlands2223” step 56/QID1133 – bad waypoint.Step 56 for quest “Journey to Astranaar” is a quest picked up in Theramore Isle from Fiora Longears at 66.44, 45.15. This requiers taking multiple boats and a very long walk. I suggest completely removing the step due to the wasted time. If the step is left in then it should be moved up to Step 52 and 2 additional boat rides to Theramore and back to Menethil Harbour. So the next step after these changed would be the current boat ride to Auberdine.

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    Jun 8, 2011 @ 0:29 am

    Wetlands updateAdded missing notes, fixed some notes, added more info for some notes. Fixed a couple of stickies, added a sticky step or two.

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