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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘WkjWin5055’, ‘Winterspring’, ‘Wkjezz’, ’50’, ’55’, ‘WkjSil5560’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

N This Guide:|QID|99999|N|Starts where the Felwood Guide leaves off. Did not do felwood? Don’t worry, Just make your way to Talenbranch Glade in Felwood to begin.|
R Timbermaw Hold|QID|99999|CC|M|64.33,10.50|Z|Felwood|N|Run into the tunnel here.|
T Speak to Salfa|QID|28521|M|21.09,46.23|N|To Salfa.|
A Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.09,46.23|N|From Salfa.|
T Wintersrping!|QID|28768|O|M|25.15,58.53|N|To Donova Snowden. (Optional from Felwood)|
A Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
C Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|28.91,58.27|
T Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|25.27,58.43|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
T Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|24.45,47.72|
A Mystery Goo|QID|28467|M|24.45,47.72|
C Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|23.00,48.69|
A Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|24.43,48.13|N|This quest will appear as a UI Alert, It should pop up after killing a few furbees.|
T Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|25.22,58.39|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari. Don’t worry about the rest of the beads for now, we’ll be killing pleanty more Furblogs later.|
T Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.09,58.56|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Mystery Goo|QID|28467|M|25.12,58.49|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.18,58.39|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|25.14,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|28.89,55.08|N|They are all over the main path.|
T Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.13,58.52|N|To Donova Snowden.|
C Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|33.35,49.20|
T Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|25.14,58.55|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|25.13,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|36.63,55.88|
C Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|35.72,55.89|
T High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|25.14,58.55|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A The Final Piece|QID|28471|M|25.13,58.57|
T The Final Piece|QID|28471|M|25.13,58.57|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.06,46.22|N|To Salfa. After you hand this in follow the path east to the Lake.|
T The Ruins of Kel’Theril|QID|28479|O|M|50.72,54.89|N|To Kaldorei Spirit. (optional from felwood)|
A Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.72,54.89|N|From Kaldorei Spirit.|
C Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.68,52.09|
T Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.73,54.86|N|To Kaldorei Spirit.|
A Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|M|50.73,54.86|N|From Kaldorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|M|50.83,55.02|N|To Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|50.83,55.02|N|From Quel’dorei Spirit.|
C Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|53.68,57.59|
T Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|50.79,55.06|N|To Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|M|50.79,55.06|N|From Quel’dorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|M|50.71,55.03|N|To Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|50.80,55.14|N|From Sin’dorei Spirit.|
C Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|49.45,57.78|N|Kill wretched blood elfs.|
T Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|50.68,55.11|N|To Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|50.68,55.11|N|From Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|50.68,55.07|N|From Sin’dorei Spirit.|
T The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|46.83,53.83|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|
A In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|46.83,53.83|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
R In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|CC|M|47.45,58.39|N|Run here on the way up tot he waterfall|
C In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|50.82,62.43|N|Beware the purple balls, they will explode and toss you off of the waterfall.|
T In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|46.87,53.89|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|
A Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|M|46.87,53.89|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
T Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|M|59.67,50.51|N|To Nymn.|
h Everlook|QID|28848|M|59.83,51.18|N|At Innkeeper Vizzie.|
A Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.84,49.27|N|From Lilith the Lithe.|
T Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.78,49.68|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|59.78,49.68|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
f Everlook|QID|28610|M|61.00,48.61|N|At Maethrya. (exit the town and get the flight path)|
C Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|58.89,57.40|
T Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|59.75,49.64|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|M|59.73,49.73|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|M|59.85,49.15|N|To Lilith the Lithe.|
A Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|M|59.81,49.19|N|From Kilram.|
T Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|M|59.75,49.64|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|59.75,49.64|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
C Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|49.77,48.64|N|Kill the treants.|
T Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|59.77,49.65|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Tree Delivery|QID|28626|M|59.85,49.52|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Tree Delivery|QID|28626|M|59.82,49.14|N|To Kilram.|
A Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|M|59.79,49.25|N|From Seril Scourgebane.|
T Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|M|59.77,49.69|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|59.76,49.70|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|59.34,49.83|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|59.34,49.83|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Echo Three|QID|28630|M|59.35,49.93|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.30,46.13|N|From Burndl.|
A Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.30,46.13|N|From Tanrir.|
C Turning the Earth|QID|28615|U|64637|M|67.49,49.99|N|Target totems and zap them with this weapon.|
C Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|69.05,50.67|
T Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.25,46.26|N|To Burndl.|
T Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.35,46.18|N|To Tanrir.|
R Echo Three|QID|28630|CS|M|67.00,50.06;66.76,51.50;66.18,51.73;66.78,52.93;67.03,55.09|N|Shimmy over the mountains following this line|
T Echo Three|QID|28630|M|67.03,55.11|
C The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|69.65,49.72|
C Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|68.58,54.58|N|Keep collecting Yeti furs as you go. Kill the ice spikes and be sure you have space in your inventory.|
C Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|66.70,56.02|
T Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|59.31,49.79|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
L Level 57|QID|28615|LVL|57|N|You should be around level 57 by this point. If not, don’t worry. (This step is a place holder) Manually close this step|
T The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|59.31,49.79|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Yetiphobia|QID|28722|M|59.31,49.79|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
C Yetiphobia|QID|28722|U|12928|M|60.04,50.87|N| Type /tar Leg (or target her) and use the yeti device.|
T Yetiphobia|QID|28722|M|59.30,49.81|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
T Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|59.78,49.68|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Ice Delivery|QID|28628|M|59.81,49.66|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Ice Delivery|QID|28628|M|59.78,49.21|N|To Seril Scourgebane.|
A Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|59.73,49.73|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|M|59.63,50.50|N|From Nymn.|
T The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|M|58.01,63.77|N|To Haleh.|
A Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|58.01,63.77|N|From Haleh.|
C Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|54.28,65.73|N|The are very small mobs, even critter like at times.|
T Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|58.02,63.83|N|To Haleh.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|28536|M|58.06,63.76|N|At Daleohm.|
A The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|58.02,63.83|N|From Haleh.|
C The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|57.15,75.50|N|From a chest under the ripped canopy.|
T The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|57.15,75.50|N|UI Alert.|
A Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|57.35,75.27|N|UI Alert.|
A Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.84,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
C Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|S|M|65.21,76.81|N|Kill Boom owls as you go|
C Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|NC|L|65899 |M|64.85,74.81|N|Loot the totem in the cave here.|
C Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|NC|L|65900 |M|65.22,76.76|
C Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|NC|L|65901 |M|64.82,81.03|
C Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|US|M|65.21,76.81|
T Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|64.27,80.24|N|UI Alert.|
A Winterwater|QID|28840|M|64.27,80.24|N|UI Alert|
T Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.92,74.71|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
A Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|61.92,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
A Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|61.79,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
C Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|S|M|59.50,76.18|N|Kill as you go. Do not worry about completing this yet, we’ll get it on the way out.|
C Winterwater|QID|28840|M|61.89,85.69|N|Kill Avatats on the way and loot them.|
R Winterwater|QID|28840|CC|M|56.94,79.16|
C Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|62.72,86.26|
C Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|US|M|59.50,76.18|
T Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|61.81,74.63|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|61.81,74.63|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Winterwater|QID|28840|M|58.01,63.78|N|To Haleh.|
A The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|M|58.02,63.74|N|From Haleh.|
A Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|58.03,63.77|N|From Haleh.|
r Repair/Restock|QID|28536|M|58.12,63.75|N|At Daleohm.|
C The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|U|66060|M|51.62,64.42|N|Zap the swirlies with this rod.|
C Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|U|66061|M|50.03,69.96|Z|Mazthoril|N|Use the ring AFTER you kill him.|
T The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|M|57.97,63.72|N|To Haleh.|
T Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|58.02,63.80|N|To Haleh.|
H Everlook|QID|99999|NC|N|Use your hearth stone|
T Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|48.65,40.97|N|To Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|48.65,40.97|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.65,40.97|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.77,40.95|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
A Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.77,40.95|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|45.77,40.95|N|To Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.64,41.61|N|To Remma Curtainfire.|
A Spray it Again|QID|28707|M|45.64,41.61|N|From Remma Curtainfire.|
C Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|S|M|48.06,41.36|N|Kill spiders and worms as you go.|
C Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|S|M|46.37,41.96|N|And collect shiney things|
T Spray it Again|QID|28707|M|46.27,42.58|N|To Marcy Curtainfire.|
A Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|M|46.27,42.58|N|From Marcy Curtainfire.|
R The path to greatness|QID|28710|CS|M|47.59,41.54;47.45,41.23;47.74,40.88;48.32,41.62;48.35,40.45|N|Follow me|
T Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|M|48.09,40.56|N|To Sana Curtainfire.|
A Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|M|48.09,40.56|N|From Sana Curtainfire.|
C Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|US|M|46.37,41.96|N|FInish this.|
C Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|48.06,41.36|N|Finish the job.|
T Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.79,41.03|N|To Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.68,41.02|N|To Wynd Nightchaser.|
T Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|M|55.95,28.14|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
A Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|55.95,28.14|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.96,28.16|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|55.97,28.18|N|From Jeb Guthrie.|
A A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|55.92,28.32|N|From Francis Morcott.|
C You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|S|M|56.82,22.63|N|From now on loot any nests you see.|
C The Owls Have It|QID|28638|S|M|57.47,32.09|N|Kill all owls you see|
C A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|S|M|54.22,30.99|N|and bears.|
C Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|52.00,24.84|
T Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|52.03,25.12|N|UI Alert|
A Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|52.03,25.12|N|UI Alert|
C Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|46.99,27.02|
C Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|46.25,24.99|
A Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.77,25.46|
T Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|46.99,26.98|
A Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.99,26.98|
C Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.64,18.45|
C Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.26,17.83|
C You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|US|M|55.20,22.97|
C You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|57.34,23.35|
C The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|55.62,30.26|
A Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|55.62,30.26|
C The Owls Have It|QID|28638|US|M|56.55,29.38|
T The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|56.53,29.55|
A Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|56.53,29.55|
C A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|US|M|56.45,29.69|
T A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|56.42,30.60|N|UI Alert.|
A A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|56.53,30.68|N|UI Alert.|
C A Little Gamy|QID|28719|S|M|53.46,40.22|
C Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|53.30,33.86|N|Snow white owls, all around this mountain.|
T Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|53.20,33.79|N|UI Alert.|
A A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|53.20,33.79|N|UI Alert.|
C A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|53.46,34.74|N|Flies all over this Mountain too.|
C A Little Gamy|QID|28719|US|M|53.46,40.22|N|Coal shaded bears.|
T A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|53.56,40.39|N|UI Alert.|
A Ursius|QID|28639|M|53.56,40.39|
C Ursius|QID|28639|M|59.21,40.78|
T Ursius|QID|28639|M|55.89,28.16|N|To Francis Morcott.|
T Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|55.95,28.10|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
T You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.97,28.16|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
T A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|55.98,28.20|N|To Jeb Guthrie.|
N End of the Guide.|QID|99999|N|Brrrr… Time for a nice hot coffee! Glad you could join us in Winterspring! Good Luck with your next guide. As always visit for more great guides and community feedback. (click to continue)|


Change Log

12/6/2010 – Edit by WKJezz

Addon Version: v2.0.6
Game Version: 4.0.3
Summary: More notes, user friendly, better optimised.

12/2/2010 – Edit by Jiyambi

Addon Version: v2.0.4
Game Version: 4.0.3
Summary: Created a source file page

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    May 6, 2011 @ 13:57 pm

    Not even worth it, as aNot even worth it.  Maybe do the mount quest chain as a separate guide, but it still is a long grind from what I’ve seen.

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    May 6, 2011 @ 13:45 pm

    Updated quest for 4.1 patchFrom patch notes, “An updated quest chain has been added for the Alliance in Winterspring. Players seeking out the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber should speak with Rivern Frostwind at Frostaber Rock.”As we’re now updating these guides with faction tags etc, is it also worth adding these into this one for the alliance mount?  

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