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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘JiyWin5055’, “Leveling”, ‘Winterspring’, ‘Jiyambi’, ‘Neutral’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘CraBla5458|JiyBla5560′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Winterspring|QID|28521|M|21.04,46.22|N|Head through the Timbermaw tunnels to Winterspring.|
T Speak to Salfa|QID|28521|M|21.04,46.22|N|To Salfa.|
A Delivery for Donova|QID|28524|LEAD|28460|M|21.07,46.25|N|From Salfa.|
A Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.07,46.25|N|From Salfa.|
R Snowden Chalet|QID|28524|M|25.15,58.52|N|Follow the road.|
T Delivery for Donova|QID|28524|M|25.15,58.52|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.15,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|25.15,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|25.16,58.50|N|From Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
C Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|28.90,58.62|N|Kill and loot Rimepelt, on a hill to the east.|
T Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
C Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|S|M|27.09,48.97|N|Kill furbolgs in the Frostfire Hot Springs area.|
C Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|S|M|24.80,49.13|N|Kill and loot furbolgs in the Frostfire Hot Springs area.|

A Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|24.45,47.67|N|Kill Winterfall Furbolgs. The quest will eventually appear automatically.|S|
T Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|24.45,47.67|N|To the cauldron in the furbolg camp.|
A Mystery Goo|QID|28467|PRE|28464|M|24.45,47.67|N|From the cauldron in the furbolg camp.|
A Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|24.45,47.67|N|Kill Winterfall Furbolgs. The quest will eventually appear automatically.|US|
C Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|US|M|27.09,48.97|N|Kill furbolgs in the Frostfire Hot Springs area.|
C Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|US|M|24.80,49.13|N|Kill and loot furbolgs in the Frostfire Hot Springs area.|
T Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|25.18,58.53|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
T Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.11,58.51|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Mystery Goo|QID|28467|M|25.11,58.51|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|PRE|28467|M|25.11,58.51|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.01,55.44|N|The runners patrol the road to the north.|
T Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.12,58.53|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|PRE|28469|M|25.12,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Scalding Signs|QID|28530|PRE|28467|M|25.12,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|36.91,55.61|N|Kill and loot the chief in the camp to the east.|

A The Final Piece|QID|28471|U|12842|M|36.91,55.61|N|Use the Crudely Written Log you looted from the chief.|
C Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|32.99,48.65|N|At the hot spring to the north. Kill and loot Scalding Springsurges and Boiling Springbubbles.|
T High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|25.11,58.56|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T The Final Piece|QID|28471|M|25.14,58.49|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A Words of the High Chief|QID|28472|LEAD|28479|PRE|28471|M|25.14,58.49|N|From Donova Snowden.|
T Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|25.11,58.56|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.05,46.26|N|To Salfa.|
R Lake Kel’Theril|QID|28472|M|46.85,53.86|N|Follow the road east.|
T Words of the High Chief|QID|28472|M|46.85,53.86|N|To Kelek Skykeeper. Congrats on a very nice trinket!|
A The Ruins of Kel’Theril|QID|28479|PRE|28472|M|46.85,53.86|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
T The Ruins of Kel’Theril|QID|28479|M|50.67,54.87|N|To the Kaldorei Spirit.|
A Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|PRE|28479|M|50.67,54.87|N|From the Kaldorei Spirit.|
C Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|52.73,52.91|N|Kill the spirits on the north side of the ruins.|
T Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.74,54.85|N|To the Kaldorei Spirit.|

A Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|PRE|28513|M|50.74,54.85|N|From the Kaldorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|M|50.81,54.94|N|To the Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|PRE|28534|M|50.81,54.94|N|From the Quel’dorei Spirit.|
C Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|53.96,57.83|N|Kill and loot Archmage Maenius in the ruins to the south.|
T Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|50.82,55.03|N|To the Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|PRE|28518|M|50.82,55.03|N|From the Quel’dorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|M|50.68,55.10|N|To the Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|PRE|28535|M|50.68,55.10|N|From the Sin’dorei Spirit.|
C Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|49.38,57.64|N|Kill wretched spirits to the south-west.|
T Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|50.64,55.05|N|To the Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|PRE|28519|M|50.64,55.05|N|From the Sin’dorei Spirit.|
T The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|46.87,53.83|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|
A In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|PRE|28536|M|46.87,53.83|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
C In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|50.71,63.60|N|Follow the frozen river to the south. There will be arcane “boulders” rolling down it – dodge them, they knock you back. You should eventually come to the Shade of the Spiritspeaker – kill and loot him.|
T In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|46.82,53.89|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|

A Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|PRE|28537|M|46.82,53.89|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
R Everlook|QID|28848|M|59.65,50.46|N|Follow the road east.|
T Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|M|59.65,50.46|N|To Nymn.|
A Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.85,49.17|N|From Lilith the Lithe.|
T Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.77,49.65|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|PRE|28609|M|59.77,49.65|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
h Everlook|QID|28848|M|59.84,51.17|N|At Innkeeper Vizzie.|
C Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|60.04,57.18|N|Kill and loot earth elementals in the hills to the south.|
T Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|59.77,49.70|N|To Deez Rocksnitch, back in Everlook.|
A Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|PRE|28610|M|59.77,49.70|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|M|59.89,49.21|N|To Lilith the Lithe.|

A Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|PRE|28618|M|59.82,49.18|N|From Kilram.|
T Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|M|59.77,49.66|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Chop Chop|QID|28625|PRE|28624|M|59.77,49.66|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
C Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|47.93,51.18|N|Kill and loot treants in the hills west of Everlook.|
T Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|59.77,49.70|N|To Deez Rocksnitch, back in Everlook.|
A Tree Delivery|QID|28626|PRE|28625|M|59.77,49.70|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Tree Delivery|QID|28626|M|59.82,49.18|N|To Kilram.|
A Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|PRE|28626|M|59.80,49.24|N|From Seril Scourgebane.|
T Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|M|59.79,49.61|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|

A Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|PRE|28627|M|59.79,49.61|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|PRE|28627|M|59.33,49.84|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|PRE|28627|M|59.34,49.83|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Echo Three|QID|28630|PRE|28627|M|59.33,49.84|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
C Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|S|M|71.73,51.91|N|Kill and loot yetis.|
T Echo Three|QID|28630|M|67.03,55.11|N|To Echo Three, the box outside the yeti cave.|
C The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|69.65,49.72|N|Don’t be alarmed! Attack the ice imprisoning you to be set free. Once you are free, kill and loot Icewhomp.|
C Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|69.69,54.61|N|Make your way out of the cave, attacking any chunks of Solid Ice you might see.|
C Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|US|M|71.73,51.91|N|Kill and loot yetis.|
T Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|59.35,49.84|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker, back in Everlook.|
T The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|59.31,49.79|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|

A Yetiphobia|QID|28722|PRE|28629^28631|M|59.31,49.79|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
C Yetiphobia|QID|28722|U|12928|M|60.04,50.87|N|Go over to Legacki, target her and use the yeti device.|T|Legacki|
T Yetiphobia|QID|28722|M|59.30,49.81|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
T Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|59.79,49.62|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Ice Delivery|QID|28628|PRE|28632|M|59.79,49.62|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Ice Delivery|QID|28628|M|59.76,49.18|N|To Seril Scourgebane.|
A Starfall Village|QID|28674|LEAD|28676|PRE|28722&28628|M|59.78,49.65|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|LEAD|28837|PRE|28537&28722|M|59.66,50.45|N|From Nymn.|
R Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|48.65,41.03|N|Follow the road to Starfall Village.|
T Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|48.65,41.03|N|To Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|48.65,41.03|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.65,41.03|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
T Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|45.77,40.97|N|To Rinno Curtainfire, just inside the barrow den.|

A Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.77,40.97|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
A Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.77,40.97|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
C Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|S|NC|M|46.33,42.00|N|Loot the relics scattered around the barrow den.|
C Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|S|M|47.53,40.82|N|Kill worms and spiders in the barrow den.|
T Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.63,41.60|N|To Remma Curtainfire, at the bottom of the first room in the barrow den.|
A Spray it Again|QID|28707|PRE|28706|M|45.63,41.60|N|From Remma Curtainfire.|
T Spray it Again|QID|28707|M|46.30,42.52|N|Continue down the tunnel past Rema. Turn-in to Marcy Curtainfire, at the bottom of the next room.|
A Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|PRE|28707|M|46.30,42.52|N|From Marcy Curtainfire.|
T Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|M|48.10,40.64|N|To Sana Curtainfire. Follow the tunnel to the final room, and head up up to the center walkway, then through the south-eastern tunnel to reach her.|
A Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|LEAD|28640|PRE|28710|M|48.10,40.64|N|From Sana Curtainfire.|
C Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|US|M|47.53,40.82|N|Kill worms and spiders in the barrow den.|
C Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|US|NC|N|Loot the relics scattered around the barrow den.|
T Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.78,41.04|N|To Rinno Curtainfire, back at the entrance to the barrow den.|
T Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.65,40.99|N|To Wynd Nightchaser, at Starfall Village.|

R Goodgrub Smoking Pit|QID|28718|M|55.98,28.13|N|To the east.|
T Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|M|55.98,28.13|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
A Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|55.98,28.13|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.98,28.13|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|55.87,28.27|N|From Francis Morcott.|
A The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|56.01,28.25|N|From Jeb Guthrie.|
C A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|S|M|53.40,31.60|N|Kill bears south of the camp.|
C The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|59.85,30.83|N|Kill owls south of the camp.|
C A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|US|M|53.40,31.60|N|Kill bears south of the camp.|
T The Owls Have It|QID|28638|N|(UI Alert)|
A Screechy Keen|QID|28745|PRE|28638|N|(UI Alert)|
T A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|N|(UI Alert)|

A A Little Gamy|QID|28719|PRE|28637|N|(UI Alert)|
C A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|52.65,41.37|N|Kill bears further to the south.|S|
C Screechy Keen|QID|28745|N|Kill owls on the mountain to the south-west.|
T Screechy Keen|QID|28745|N|(UI Alert)|
A A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|PRE|28745|N|(UI Alert)|
C A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|N|At the very top of the hill.|
C A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|52.65,41.37|N|Kill bears further to the south.|US|
T A Little Gamy|QID|28719|N|(UI Alert)|
A Ursius|QID|28639|PRE|28719|N|(UI Alert)|
C Ursius|QID|28639|M|59.51,40.77|N|In a cave to the east.|
C Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|51.83,24.72|N|Kill Frostsabers and Frostsaber Stalkers to the north.|
T Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|N|(UI Alert)|
A Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|PRE|28640|N|(UI Alert)|
C Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|45.91,24.37|N|Kill Frostsaber Huntresses and Pride Watchers west of the road.|
T Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|N|(UI Alert)|

A Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|PRE|28641|N|(UI Alert)|
C Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.25,17.86|N|At Frostsaber Rock to the north.|
C You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|NC|M|58.68,19.64|N|In the hills to the east. The chimeras will attack if they see you taking their eggs.|
T A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|55.90,28.32|N|To Jeb Guthrie, back at the Goodgrub Smoking Pit.|
T Ursius|QID|28639|M|55.96,28.13|N|To Francis Morcott.|
T Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
T You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|56.01,28.17|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
R Winterfall Village|QID|28614|M|65.31,46.14|N|East of Everlook.|
A Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.31,46.14|N|From Burndl.|
A Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.31,46.14|N|From Tanrir.|
C Turning the Earth|QID|28615|U|64637|M|67.37,50.25|N|Use the totem on Winterfall totems in the village.|
C Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|69.48,50.50|N|Kill Grolnar the Berserk in the cave at the top of Winterfall Village.|
T Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.36,46.15|N|To Tanrir.|
T Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.33,46.15|N|To Burndl.|

R Beryl Egress|QID|28847|M|58.03,63.76|N|South of Everlook.|
T The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|M|58.03,63.76|N|To Haleh.|
A Altered Beasts|QID|28837|PRE|28847|M|55.24,67.70|N|From Haleh.|
C Altered Beasts|QID|28837|N|Kill and loot altered beasts. They can be found all around Mazthoril.|
T Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|58.05,63.87|N|To Haleh, back at the Beryl Egress.|
A The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|PRE|28837|M|58.05,63.87|N|From Haleh.|
C The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|NC|M|57.15,75.40|N|In a chest at the abandoned camp in Dun Mandarr, to the south.|
T The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|N|(UI Alert)|
A Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|PRE|28838|N|(UI Alert)|
A Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.90,74.69|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
C Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|S|M|64.30,77.76|N|Kill owlbeasts in the Owl Wing Thicket.|
C Essence of the Claw-Totem|QID|28839|NC|QO|1|M|65.1,73.9|N|Right-click the Claw-Totem inside the cave.|; Essence of the Claw-Totem: 1/1
C Essence of the Life-Totem|QID|28839|NC|QO|2|M|65.6,77.6|N|Right-click the Life-Totem inside the cave.|; Essence of the Life-Totem: 1/1
C Essence of the Moon-Totem|QID|28839|NC|QO|3|M|64.79,81.04|N|Right-click the Moon-Totem inside the cave.|; Essence of the Moon-Totem: 1/1
T Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|N|(UI Alert)|
A Winterwater|QID|28840|PRE|28839|N|(UI Alert)|
C Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|US|N|Kill owlbeasts in the Owl Wing Thicket.|
T Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.92,74.70|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|

A Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|PRE|28829|M|61.92,74.70|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
A Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|PRE|28829|M|61.92,74.70|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
C Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|59.44,80.51|N|Kill frost giants.|
C Winterwater|QID|28840|S|M|62.47,86.04|N|Kill and loot ice avatars at the bottom of Frostwhisper Gorge.|
C Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|63.14,86.09|N|Frostilicus is at the bottom of Frostwhisper Gorge, on the east side. The ramp down is on the wast side.|
C Winterwater|QID|28840|US|M|62.47,86.04|N|Kill and loot ice avatars at the bottom of Frostwhisper Gorge.|
T Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|61.85,74.61|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|61.85,74.61|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Winterwater|QID|28840|M|58.04,63.78|N|To Haleh, back at the Beryl Egress.|
A The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|PRE|28840|M|58.04,63.78|N|From Haleh.|
A Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|PRE|28840|M|58.04,63.78|N|From Haleh.|
N Warning to epileptics|QID|28841|N|And those with sensitive eyes to flashing lights. Inside Mazthoril cave the portals are flashing red, pink, white and blue lights.|
C The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|S|U|66060|M|49.52,70.39|N|In Mazthoril, kill the guardians for each portal, then use the totem to close it.|
C Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|49.52,70.39|N|Kill Umbranse at the bottom of the cave.|U|66060|
C The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|US|U|66060|M|49.52,70.39|N|In Mazthoril, kill the guardians for each portal, then use the totem to close it.|
T The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|U|66061|M|57.99,63.82|N|Use the sigil to return to Haleh.|
T Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|57.99,63.82|N|To Haleh. Congrats on a very nice piece of gear!|

A Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World|QID|28857|LEAD|25710|M|59.8,51.2|N|From Innkeeper Vizzie.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World|QID|28858|LEAD|25674|M|59.8,51.2|N|From Innkeeper Vizzie.|FACTION|Horde|

N This ends|N|The Winterspring guide, next stop is Blasted Lands. Close this step to continue on.|


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    Jan 25, 2017 @ 9:42 am

    Doin’ De E’ko MagicAfter killing Rimepelt, there is no waypoint for Witch Doctor Mau’ari.  It should be 25.16,58.50

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    May 28, 2011 @ 14:30 pm

    Winterspring tweaksNote tweaks, added warning about Mazthoril cave portals.

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    May 28, 2011 @ 4:17 am

    Winterspring UpdateAdded “Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World” in for both Horde and Alliance.

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    Feb 28, 2011 @ 22:30 pm

    Re: Can’t get ‘Starfall Village’ quest without two pre-req questI added [Perfect Horns], which was on the Alliance Winterspring guide.  There is no quest by the name of ‘Scare Legaki’, but I remember with great fondness [Yetiphobia], which I added in as well.That should do the trick.   I think the two guides should be merged.  There are almost no faction specific quests in this zone. 

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    Feb 27, 2011 @ 19:23 pm

    Can’t get ‘Starfall Village’ quest without two pre-req questsWhile doing the Everlook stuff I found out you now have to do ‘Perfect Horns’ and ‘Scare Legacki’ to open up ‘Starfall Village’ quest.  The ‘Echo Three’ quest takes you to the spot you need to kill the mob with the ‘perfect horns’. so those two need to be added into guide.

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