The 10 best Dota 2 secrets


Today, Dota 2 games are diverse. DOTA 2 matches are becoming even more enjoyable with each patch. The Esports version of Dota 2 makes it possible to use various game features in a new way.

There are always new and exciting features being added by the developers. The most innovative patches have been collected for your convenience. Dota 2 matches will never be the same after you play them online.

  1. Support 4 and 5 players exchange health with their opponents on the line in Dota 2 matches. In order to recover resources, you will often have to run back to the base. I have great news to share with you. Dota 2 players should teleport back to their line today. Teleporting in mid should become a habit. Especially at the stage where mid has a bottle, this is relevant to Dota 2 esports teams. The effect is very strong on your mind. Dota 2 esports involves giving your hero four sips from a bottle. So he can cast more aggressively while saving time behind the hiking runes.
  1. The direction of teleportation. There are few Dota 2 players aware of this feature. Heroes are automatically turned in the direction in which they teleport. Your teammate will receive more accurate information with this feature.

  1. The Bulwark hero is among the strongest in Dota 2 pro matches. His Bulwark, however, has magical properties few people are aware of. 70% of the damage you take is redirected to your shield when you use this ability. It works even in the fog of war, which is the best part.
  1. It is possible to use branches in Dota 2. There are many benefits to using them. Click the hero icon at the bottom of the branch in your inventory once you’ve selected one. There will be a branch behind the hero in the game. Your progress will be accelerated. Dota 2 matches can use this track today.
  1. Smokey. Besides being a perfect gang item, it also dodges the ultimate. Smokey will save the ultimate Sniper from you, and he will protect the ultimate Zeus. We recommend keeping Smokey handy if you’re playing support. Dota 2 matches will benefit from this.

  1. Dota 2 pro games today can be improved by using this trick if you play Pudge. This can be done by hitting your opponent with Hook near Smoke’s edge of the ledge. The position he is in prevents him from escaping. The hero blocks him on one side, and the climbing texture blocks him on the other.
  1. Dota 2’s report system has been amended in esports. You will receive a 25% bonus if your complaint is confirmed – Dota 2 games today. There will be a lot of benefits from this change, due to the difficulty of reporting players. You will now be rewarded if you report someone for lousy play.
  1. In Dota 2 matches today changed the system rank. You will get the rank if you play 10 games at rank. It used to take 25 games to reach that point. The live score of Dota 2 may change as a result.

  1. Dota 2 has added new items. The item in question is Crystals. It improves your character. A new ability was added to the Invoker. His abilities can improve.
  1. Shift is used when picking up rare tangos in Dota 2 pro matches. If the path is blocked, this will save seconds and prevent turning around.

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