The Diplomat (Alliance & Horde)


This Guide was last verified during Patch 3.2.2

Table of Contents


Step 1: Sporeggar Reputation

  1. Complete the (62)Now That We’re Friends… (Now That We’re Still Friends…) quest until Exalted. (750 rep per, non-human).
  2. Alternative1: (62)Fertile Spores (More Fertile Sports) until Exalted. (750 rep per, non-human).
  3. Alternative2: (63)Bring Me A Shrubbery! (Bring Me Another Shrubbery!) until Exalted. (750 rep per, non-human).
  4. Once Exalted, you gain the following:

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Step 2: Timbermaw Hold Reputation
(see also, Timbermaw Guide by Brune)

  1. Complete the initial quest for: (45)Timbermaw Ally for 700 rep(non-human).
  2. From there, continue to complete the (45)Feathers for Nafien or Feathers for Grazle quest(s) until Exalted. (300 rep per, non-human).
  3. Alternative1: Complete initial quest (45)Winterfall Activity and then continue to complete (50)Beads for Salfa until Exalted. (300 rep per, non-human).
  4. Addition to Alternative1: Continue to complete both of these together until Exalted: (59)Winterfall Intrusion(250 non-human Wintersaber rep) and (50)Beads for Salfa(300 non-human Timbermaw Hold rep).
  5. Once Exalted, you gain the following:

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Step 3: Kurenai Reputation ((ALLIANCE))
(see also, Guide by Snownation)

  1. Complete all of the quests listed here: (58-66)Alliance Filter
  2. After completing those, continue to complete (65)More Warbeads until Exalted. (500 rep per, non-human).
  3. Once Exalted, you gain the following:

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You are now awarded the The Diplomat achievement, and title.

Congratulations, Mr/Mrs Alliance Diplomat!

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Step 3: The Mag’har Reputation ((HORDE))
(see also, Guide by Snownation)

  1. Complete all the Mag’har quests you can to soften the grind: Horde Filter
  2. Continue killing any ogre in Nagrand(10 rep) and collecting the Obsidian Warbeads. Turn those in in sets of 10 for 500 rep per.(More Warbeads!)
  3. Once Exalted, you gain the following:

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((COMING SOON: Please note, this is just an initial release. I plan to update this guide with some images of common areas to find the quests, some calculations, and more detail on the Kurenai quests.))

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    Feb 27, 2010 @ 0:23 am

    you betYou bet. I don’t check back all to often, but when I see your guide I’ll link it!

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    Feb 12, 2010 @ 20:18 pm

    *hugs at Brune* Glad to see*hugs at Brune* Glad to see you back!

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    Feb 12, 2010 @ 7:38 am

    Returning to WoW-ProI’m going to come back and pick up a few of the pieces I left off, starting with Part II of the Diplomat: The Czar of Sporeggar.

    I’d be more than happy if you chose to link that in here too 🙂

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    Jan 5, 2010 @ 9:05 am

    rep grinds are gruelling.rep grinds are gruelling. all of these require a sufficient grind that would take you about a week, sometimes more, but with everyone grinding LFG instances in northrend, outland farming is usually tedious and easygoing, even in PVP servers.

    the first thousand kills of each mob are often the hardest to get past, but if you’re severely dedicated, or OCD, it’s not too hard if you keep small goals, like say 20 feathers, or 50 beads, then taking a long break/sleeping. at 200 kills a day, you can come back and farm for a few hours and switch to sporeggar/nagrand and do 100-200 for a few hours as well for the variety and repair/rest before heading out for regular dailies to make real money.

    the timbermaw grind is hardest IMO, since the drop rates are low compared to the numbers you need to kill to get revered. with the rep boost, somewhere after you kill 1k mobs for ~200 feathers, you won’t get rep from each kill, but you will probably not have enough feathers, unless they bumped the drop rate as well. if you don’t have any other turnins, you *only* need 290 feathers to push from revered to exalted, with a typical 20% drop rate, that’s 1500 furbolgs or so (usually more), at 20 rep per kill. that many kills will get you to revered though. if you’re aiming for the title/achievement, farming for feathers will get you into the mindset of gruelling rep-farming.

    like nagrand, there’s 2 sets of mobs furbolgs on each side of the timbermaw border you can farm “for the variety”, until revered. when you hit revered with timbermaw, you can finally hand in the cloth/totem/feathers/beads, but now you are very limited on rep gains, since you can’t farm the normal mobs for rep.

    as for sporeggar, you can farm bog lords for the tendrils till honored, which can be done in a few hours. herbalists will have a great time mowing down the bog lords and farming glowcaps and the occasional fertile spores, but mostly the unidentified plant parts for cenarion rep will make it worthwhile. once you get the dailies, eradicating bloodscale slavedrivers/enchantresses will be about 3k rep/hr. soloing underbog is akward for the sanguine hibiscus, but if you’re dedicated, it’s somewhat easier work than the bloodscale aoe. plus, you can buy/sell sanguine hibiscus.

    and finally, which still has the grind-rep charms of having to 1k kills for the number of obsidian beads to exalted,
    to be fair, it’s the kurenai/maghar reputation which require quests across half of nagrand and the tail end of the hellfire peninsula quests, to get up to honored/revered. i.e.'har & has the quest lists.

    at 33% drop rate, obsidian beads are relatively easy to obtain with a few days grinding, maybe 2k rep/hr if it’s being heavily farmed.

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    Nov 27, 2009 @ 15:50 pm

    This is a good list forThis is a good list for quick reference 🙂

    However, these factions require some pre-quests and [i]looong[/i] quest chains to properly open up the reputaion gaining… Perhaps these details should also be included? If they were this would be an absolute top-notch guide! I see there are links to the lists of quests but some of these won’t open until you have done the pre-requesit chains.

    Other than that, I like it 🙂

    – Skumball

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    Nov 25, 2009 @ 0:58 am

    For Timbermaw: Do NOT turnFor Timbermaw: Do NOT turn in feathers or beads until your revered. Please add this, it’s very important and will save newbies tons of time. After revered you only get rep from these turn-ins, NOT from killing the furbies, so it’s much better to simply grind rep through killing up to that point, then turn in all the feathers/beads you got.

    Ideally you will calculate for us how many beads/feathers we will need at Revered – if we get more than that while grinding, then it’s okay to turn those in 🙂

    Other than that, this looks like a promising guide. The formatting is good, pictures would be nice but it looks like you plan on adding some later. Thank you for linking to Brune’s Timbermaw guide, it’s awesome when writers on the site support eachother 🙂

    I’ll refrain from giving too much feedback or rating it until you’ve finished it, but it looks like it will be a nice guide once complete!

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