The Fundamentals


I was reading “Basic and Clinical Pharmacology” and the chapter on “Clinical Use of Antimicrobial Agents” and then I had an insight about the Leveling, Dailies, and Dungeon add-ons.

You are allowed to complete a leveling quest once and you never get to repeat it again for a toon.  You get to complete a daily quest once a day.  You want to go through a quest for a dungeon even if you do not have the quest.

The last one might be a bit confusing.   Let us say that you run through the Deadmines more than once.   After the first time, you will not get the quests, but if you are using our addon, you still want all the advice and directions and kills, in spite of not having the quests.   The guide has to be written for the first and the subsequent runs in mind.

Similarly, a Dailies guide has to be written in mind that the rep or profession level you have will change over time and the proper changes need to be made.

A simple leveling guide in contrast is more static, offering the quests in a logical sequence, ordered roughly by level and by “rank”.

The “Fundamentals of Guide Writing” is now over. Back to reading Katzung, with a mojito.

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