The Great Guide Purge


In the next few weeks, myself and a few awesome helpers (read: Skumball) will be going over all the guides on this site. If the guide is of low quality (two or fewer stars), out of date, or redundant (other guides cover the same subject better or more thoroughly) it will be moved to a Work in Progress state.

Let me reiterate that – we are NOT deleting any guides. They are simply being moved out of finished mode so they are not visible to other users, but they can be updated and resubmitted if their author’s so chose.

We may also copy and paste this work to a wiki page, which can be updated by everyone. Your work on WoW-Pro does belong to you and if you would like us to NOT do this, you do have that right – simply let us know in a comment if your guide is moved to Work in Progress mode. If you do allow us to move the guide into a wiki format, you will be noted as the original author.

Additionally, all guide authors should start now getting their guides updates and ready for Cataclysm. Even if you are not in the Beta, you can easily update most guides using information from WoWHead or one of the many other Beta information sites.

If your guide is not up to date with the new expansion by a week after Cataclysm is released, it may be moved to Work in Progress mode at the choice of the site administrators.

Why are we implementing this policy?

It’s our goal as a site to provide useful, high quality guides. If we have some guides that are low quality or out of date to the point of not being useful, the image of the entire site goes down.

Any guide we move to Work in Progress mode will be left with a comment explaining why it was moved. If you feel it was moved unjustly, you are welcome to reply to the comment and I will respond within 24 hours. Additionally, if you address the issues with your guide, feel free to re-submit it in Finished mode and I’ll have another look!

Thank you for your contributions to the site, everyone, and please leave any questions or concerns you have as comments!