The Hunter Epic Quest – The Hunt for Rhok’delar


The Hunter Epic Quest – The Hunt for Rhokdelar

About this guide.
I am making this guide because the guides I found online were for hunters that were a little more decked out than myself. (Although based off stratagies I found. Credits and links at the end of the guide) The strategies included are a combination of what I learned from the other guides and what I modified to suit my hunter. I believe that if you follow this guide the demon fights will go as smoothly as possible minimizing your cost (because buying pots and buffs for the fights and then failing gets expensive) and maximizing your and your parties time.

How to read this guide.
Before each demon there will be 5 lists pertaining to the fight.

1. party list: The party list is a party that you MUST HAVE* before attempting the fight. I will list each players part of each fight. Trying the fight without a certain buff from a party member can cost you the fight, waste time and money.
2. consumable list: These are consumables that you MUST HAVE* before the fight. I will explain each why each one is necessary in the demon fight. I will list more items than you will use during the fight. But the key is to have them in case you need them. Why loose a demon fight, waste a few buffer potions, and have to wait for respawn because you didn’t bring extra pots with you?
3. additional items list: These are items that you might consider if you are having problems with the demon.
4. talents and skills: These are the talents and skills required to beat this demon. I highly recommend moving your skills that you will be using into key binding you can hit easily. i.e. I always had the sting I was using for the demon in the 4 quick key and I switched my wing clip to my mouse thumb button. What ever feels the most comfortable and easiest for you.
5. weapons and armor: Weapons and armor used for the fight.
*Like I said before. I am writing this guide as a way to keep you from dieing and to make your fight with the demons as easy as possible. So I am going to suggest that you be overly ready and pull out every stop on your first attempts because that will lower your cost (less pots and repairs), time (if you de-spawn the demon it takes 15 mins to spawn again).

General rules for every demon fight.

1. No one can help you on any demon fight after you have engaged in combat. If the demon or their pet, or helpers, target anyone besides you during the fight they de-spawn for 15 mins. This includes your pet! You must have your pet dismissed and have all buffs on before engaging combat. As a general rule you do not want to use any aura buffs. If you go in of or out of an aura it will count is as a buff during combat and de-spawn the demon.
2. Every demon has a weakness. All you have to do is focus on that weakness to beat them. Do not make the fight more complicated than necessary. You will be using your hunter in ways you haven’t before. It’s alright. Trust me ;D
3. I recommend giving each demon a few tries with out using any of your consumables to get the hang of the fight. Once again this is to save you money. You can attempt the demon with just buffs and reset the demon with feign death. Once you feel comfortable with the demon use your potions and other consumables. Id suggest 2 tries without buffs to get the hang of it.
4. Warlocks are very important because they give you healthstones. These are on different timers from potions and can save your life while waiting to use a potion again.
5. if the fight isnt going well feign death and start again. Its always better to have a solid fight the entire time than to start shaky and have a chance of finishing.
6. Warn your party to not go near the demon. They like to hit people not on the quest very very hard : -) well they like to hit people on the quest hard as well….


Burning Steppes, Klinfran

party list: Priest – Power Word Fortitude, Spirit, and Shield before the pull. Pally – Blessing of Might Druid – Mark of the Wild, and Thorns before the pull Warlock – Healthsones, Healthsones, Healthsones!

consumable list: Elixir of the Mongoose Elixir of demon slaying Major Health Potions Major Mana Potions Major Rejuvenation Potions Major Healthstone Greater Healthstone (you will not use all of these in this fight. But have them in case you need them!)

additional items list: any kind of food that will boost stamina or agility.

talents and skills: scorpid sting rank 4, wingclip rank 1, aspect of the monkey.

weapons and armor: 2H sword demonslayer* any gear that increases meele attack. I used black dragonscale.

About the demon: Enrages every 15 seconds extremely increasing his DPS, to upwards 2000 damage per hit. Upon enraging he wipes all effects on him. (i.e. scorpid sting and wing clip)

Strategy: This fight is one long repetition of 3 basic moves. Get at maximum distance from the demon. Hunter mark him, lay a ice trap and get your mana back. Pull him with an aimed shot. Concussive shot him to get in as much ranged damage before he hits your ice trap. When he hits the trap back up and aimed shot him again. This will be the last time you use ranged damage against him. When you hit him with your aimed shot immediately use your scorpid sting. Run at him and meele. Do not try to squeeze in more shots first, do not try to kite him, run at him and start swinging! This is crucial because you are developing a rhythm that you will follow for the rest of the fight. Here is the pattern.
Scorpid Sting. Run at him and meele 3 times*, after your third swing wing clip him and start strafing away at full speed. Keep running until he enrages. Do not try to do any ranged damage while running. Do not use your scorpid sting before he enrages. Once he enrages and removes all of your effects scorpid sting him again and repeat the process.
Eliminating attempts for ranged damage keeps you from messing up and missing your sting. It Keeps you in a rhythm where you should always be at a safe distance when he enrages so you do not get hit by him. You do not have to watch the clock. Just swing 3 times, wing clip, run away, sting. Swing 3 times, wing clip, run away, sting….
Consumables: How you use these depends on how much health / mana you have during the fight. If you only need health use a warlocks stone first because you can just get a new one and it saves $ potions $. To save mana during the fight use wingclip rank 1.
*the amount of swings is based on the stats of the 2H sword demon slayer. If you are using a different weapon you will have to find the amount of swings you can get in before having to wingclip and run for your dear life.


I found this area the best to fight in. There are no mobs to kill and no Drakes to watch out for. The only thing to concern yourself with is people moving along the road. But most players respect the quest. Just try to start the demon away from the road so he doesn t kill people that happen to ride by.


UnGoro Crater, Simone

party list: Priest – Power Word Fortitude, Spirit, and Shield before the pull. Pally – Blessing of Might Druid – Mark of the Wild, and Thorns before the pull Warlock – Healthsones, Healthsones, Healthsones! Hunter – A second hunter to use Aspect of the wild (explained in strategy)

consumable list: Magic Dust (dropped from Dust Devils in Westfall. you will 2-3 per fight) Greater Stoneshield potion Elixir of the Mongoose Elixir of demon slaying Major Health Potions Major Mana Potions Major Rejuvenation Potions Major Healthstone Greater Healthstone (you will not use all of these in this fight. but have them in case you need them!)

additional items list: any kind of food that will boost stamina or agility. If you are an engineer, you can use the Goblin Rocket Helmet to take the Felhound pet out of the fight for an extended duration

talents and skills: Viper Sting, Scatter Shot, Aspect of the monkey.

weapons and armor: 2H sword demonslayer any agility gear that you have.

About the demon: Simone comes with a pet. The pet has the same rules as the demon and can not be attacked by anyone other than yourself until Simone is dead. She casts Temptress Kiss which reduces ranged attack power by 1400 for 45 seconds and a slow casting lightning bolt for about 800 damage.

Strategy: Before the fight starts have your hunter friend come close to where you will be fighting. They should turn on their aspect of the wild and then feign death. If they are a night elf then they can shadowmeld which will keep them from dieing. This is a close proximity fight so you shouldn t ever go out of range of their aspect. Just make sure to keep the fight near the AoW hunter. Also do not use your stoneshield potion before the fight. You will use it during the battle.
After you get your buffs and your hunter is feigning or melded, Hunter mark simone and lay a ice trap. Pull her with an aimed shot then immediately hit her with a concussive shot. This lets her pet hit your ice trap. Make sure to hit her with a viper sting. When she gets to you start meeleing. As you fight her keep an eye on her pet. When the ice trap breaks you will need to target the pet and use a magic dust to put the pet to sleep.
Simone will cast a very slow lightening spell. You have two options. If you have scatter shot use it and keep on attacking her. If you do not (I do not have scatter shot) you will have to strafe out immediately when she starts casting to get a sting in her before she can cast. If you run backwards you will move to slowly and get hit. It must be a strafe. You will keep this pattern up with Simone until she dies. It is a melee fight with her. Pour on as much damage you can in the beginning while her pet is in the ice trap and the first time you sleep the pet.
When her pet comes out of the first sleep you will still have a cool down on your magic dust. This is when you use the stoneshield potion. You will be tanking both the pet and simone until you can sleep the pet again. *warning* you just used a potion. You should have your greater healthstone to keep you alive. This is why they are so important.
When possible sleep the pet again and then continue the fight with simone. Once she dies your party can help you kill her pet.

I found this area the best to fight in. There are only 3 spawns in this area and no elite dinosaurs. The place you are looking for is to the west of a giant tree along the south wall. On her path she will walk right behind the tree east to west.


Silithus, Solenor

party list: Priest – Power Word Fortitude, Spirit, Shadow Protection, Fear Ward, Shield pre-pull Pally – Blessing of Kings Druid – Mark of the Wild, and Thorns before the pull Warlock – Healthsones, and Curse of Recklessness

consumable list: Shadow Protection Potion Elixir of the Mongoose Elixir of demon slaying Major Health Potions Major Mana Potions Major Rejuvenation Potions Major Healthstone Greater Healthstone (you will not use all of these in this fight. but have them in case you need them!)

additional items list: any kind of food that will boost stamina or agility.

talents and skills: Wing Clip Rank 3 (must be rank 3), Volley Rank 3, Aspect of the Hawk

weapons and armor: I used Bone Slicing Hatchet x 2 for their agility bonus. Put on all gear that gives you ranged attack.

About the demon: Solenor starts as a gnome named Nelson the Nice. He has the ability to poot out homing beetles throughout the entire fight. The beetles come at you and hurt a lot. He hits very hard and fast.

Strategy: Before you use your potions and get your final buffs for the fight you have to remove his enraged state. To do so place a freezing trap on the ground. Hit him and let him hit your freezing trap. Feign death and let him go back to where he came from. This will remove is enraged state and make him hit you for less when you start the fight.
When you are ready to start the fight have your priest hit you with shadow protection and fear ward. Solenor deals shadow damage and shadow protection will keep you alive while you kill him. Shadow protection pots also help with this. Hunters mark him and then lay down a immolation trap. Now comes the unexpected twist. Have your warlock duel you. As soon as the duel starts have them cast Curse of Recklessness on you. This will keep you from getting feared by him and will make the fight much easier to manage. Both you and the warlock have to stay in the duel area during the fight. They should re curse you during the battle about every minute to keep you from getting feared.
Now to battle. Pull him with an aimed shot and let him hit your immolation trap. As soon as you can wing clip him and run away until you get into ranged attack distance. Your wing clip will keep him stationary. Now all you have to do keep on hitting him and strafing around him in a circle to avoid the beetles. Make sure to keep ahead of them during the fight. It more important to stay alive than to squeeze in a few shots while getting hit by a beetle. In the beginning of the fight use skills like rapid fire to get his health down quickly. It will be easier then because you have less beetles to deal with. When your wing clip breaks he will come at you. Just clip him again and run out to do more ranged damage.
When there are too many beetles coming at you strafe around him to get all of the beetles moving at you in a group. When they are together volley the area that they are and kill all of them. Allow the ones that are behind to run into your volley. Eliminate as many as possible. This will allow you to get back to killing Solenor.

Consumables: Once again health stones are a big player here. I also used a rejuvenation pot as opposed to a health or mana pot because you go through a lot of health and mana in this fight.


I found this area the best to fight in. There are less monsters to kill here than anywhere else on his path. Stand to the west of the stairs to AQ.


Winterspring, Artorius

party list: Priest – Power Word Fortitude, Spirit, Shadow Protection, Remove Magic, and Shield before the pull. Druid – Mark of the Wild

consumable list: Major Health Potions

additional items list: none

talents and skills: Aspect of the Cheeta, Serpent Sting.

weapons and armor: Agility based.

About the demon: Artorius starts out as a Tauren. He casts Demonic Doom which makes you look like a demon and causes 350 shadow damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute. This will kill you.

Strategy: This is a kiting fight. You should start him on the south western part of his route. This is the closest area to the road. Have your party clear the area you will need to kite through before you start the fight. When you are ready have your party mount up so they can keep up with you as you kite. Hunters mark him and lay an ice trap. Pulled with an aimed shot. When he hits your ice trap back up and hit him with another aimed shot. Now hit him with a serpent sting, turn around and start running. The key to this fight is staying out of his demonic doom cast, but keeping enough agro on him to keep him chasing you. If you see him go out of range for your weapons let him catch up! But not too much or youll get doomed.
The easiest way to do this is to keep jump shoting him with serpent sting about every 4 seconds. (a jump shot is where you jump while running, and while in the air you spin around 360 degrees. While facing backwards you shoot. You should land going the same way you took off and not loose a lot of momentum). You can also zoom in your mini map and keep a eye on his distance through tracking, but i found this to be unreliable. It was easier for me to develop a pattern.
Once you start kiting him lead him to the road (hardest part of the kite) and keep on kiting him down the path. Make sure to have your priest mounted and running near you. If you get hit with demonic doom feign death. Once you feign and Artorius resets the priest can safely remove the magic from you. This will keep you from dieing and save tons on your armor bill. But make sure they know to wait until you have feigned and he has reset.
If you get him to 10% or less and then get hit with doom you can try to kill him before you die.


By kiting him down the road you do not have to worry about other monsters. Just other players. The hardest part of the kite is the corner from where you start the fight to get him on the road. If you cut it to wide he gains a lot of distance.

Download Download a PDF of this guide.
Resources All of my fights were based on the basic info in the guide from TKA Something. Written by Fritti Tailchaser. I also got some info and techniques from this video made by Gebbatron.

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    KlinfranUnfortunately, the Klinfran guide is currently unuseable as scorpid sting does not work after the last patch, turning it into a kiting fight. If you start where suggested and kite him along the road it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Also note that these fights CAN be done without any party members and most of the suggested consumables (elixirs of demonslaying help a lot, the magic dust for Simone, Shadow Protection for Solenar, and mana pots for Artorius). I completed Klinfran (the old way), Simone, and Solenar without any outside help. Artorius took a few tries to perfect my kiting path and I had help keeping the path clear. Then I took a break, came back, cleared the path myself and beat him.

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