The Influence Of League of Legends On The World Esports: A Comparative Analysis


League of Legends (LOL) is inarguably one of the most popular titles in esports. It isn’t just a game; it is a sensation that attracts millions of online and onsite viewers.

Its competitive nature contributes to its worldwide acceptance, with professional teams from across the globe competing in leagues and tournaments. It is a platform for players to showcase their gaming skills, teamwork, and strategies.

In this article, we will explore the impact of League of Legends on esports globally. The game provides accessibility, a massive and passionate player base, an introduced structured league format, and increased fan viewership.

We will also be viewing LOL from a comparative lens, matching it against other popular esports titles, and predicting the future of LOL and the esports industry.


League of Legends

Why has the League of Legends experienced an exponential rise in popularity since it was developed in 2009? We might have an answer to that. LOL’s rapid rise in popularity can be partly attributed to its free-to-play (F2P) feature. Who doesn’t like free games, right?

Its F2P feature makes it accessible to any player, whether a seasoned esports player or an individual testing the competitive online gaming scene for the first time. Unlike other games requiring payment before access, LOL eliminates that financial barrier.

This fostered a massive player/fan base, creating an atmosphere that allowed competition to flourish. This competitive potential was also nurtured by LOL developers – Riot Games.

Every part of the game was designed to capture players’ attention fully and cause an adrenaline rush that keeps them glued to their screens. With ranked ladders, aspiring players get to test their skills. The regular updates to the game software and the balance changes keep the game meta fresh and exciting.

This has resulted in the growth of professional esports leagues all around the globe, culminating in the League of Legends World Championship, the highest tournament in LOL esports with one of the highest viewerships.


The Influence of League Of Legends On The World’s Esports

League of Legends (LOL) has dramatically influenced the esports industry since its release in 2009. Here, we will examine how the LOL title has impacted esports:


One significant factor facilitating LOL’s influence on esports is its accessibility. The game offers a free-to-play (F2P) feature, which means you don’t have to pay to play.

This F2P feature has helped it gain a large followership from players worldwide, resulting in a massive player base. At its peak, LOL boasted over 100 million active monthly players.

This massive player base translates to an increased audience during competitive tournaments, increased media attention, sponsorship, and advertising deals.

Structured League Format

LOL spurred the development of a structured league format in esports. Establishing the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in North America and the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) in Europe provided a structured pathway for players to climb the competitive ladder.

Several esports titles have adopted this model. These regional leagues allow players to compete at different levels, and winning teams qualify for major international tournaments culminating in a World championship.

Increased Viewership

As we mentioned earlier, LOL has a passionate player base, which naturally translates to a dedicated viewership. Various esports streaming platforms have experienced increased subscribers, many of whom are esports players/fans.

Twitch, an esports streaming platform, thrives on the popularity of LOL and other esports titles and has become a dedicated channel for streaming professional matches, match highlights, and analysis.

The streaming platforms increase esports broadcasting, leading to a wider audience reach. They also gain popularity among esports fans, which translates to increased subscribers—a win-win for both parties.

Culture Infusion

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) stands as one of the most prestigious esports events, drawing millions of viewers worldwide. The best teams from different regions compete for the Summoner’s Cup, with their fans cheering them in the arena.

This international championship event has been infused with cultural elements, such as K-pop opening ceremonies and international cuisines. Famous artists are often invited to perform at these events.

Betting On League of Legends

Betting on league of legends has become very popular thanks largely to the popularity of LOL itself and due to the so many LOL tournaments we have. However, betting on LoL requires finding the right betting sites. And if you prefer online casino games that are LOL related, you must find the right online casino sites with the right LOL theme casino games. The good thing is, with the advent of minimum deposit casino sites such as, gone are those days when you needed big bucks to be able to enjoy your favorite LOL themed casino games.

LOL vs Other Esports Titles

Other titles have dominated the esports scene, including League of Legends. So, it is valuable to compare its success with that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Dota 2.

Although these other titles boast a dedicated fanbase and passionate esports communities, LOL’s accessibility and strategy give it a competitive edge.

League of Legends’ influence extends beyond the game. Its large player base and international tournaments have helped legitimize competitive gaming. It has also attracted major sponsorship deals, significantly contributing to revenue generation in the esports industry.

The Future Of League Of Legends And Esports

The esports industry is constantly evolving, and League of Legends must continually adapt to these changes to remain relevant. Riot Games should continue its regular updates and invent new and exciting game modes that will keep players and viewers engaged.

Game developers should also remain committed to providing a gaming environment that encourages healthy competition.



How has the free-to-play feature of League of Legends contributed to its popularity in the esports world?

League of Legends’ free-to-play feature has significantly contributed to its popularity by removing the financial barrier for players to access the game. This accessibility has attracted millions of players worldwide, fostering a massive player base and increasing audience engagement during competitive tournaments.

What is the impact of the League of Legends on the structure of esports leagues and tournaments?

League of Legends has influenced the structure of esports leagues and tournaments by introducing a structured league format, such as the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

These regional leagues allow players to climb the competitive ladder, culminating in major international tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship.



League of Legends’ influence on esports is undeniable. It has shaped the industry by increasing its accessibility to players worldwide and attracting a massive player base. Its influence can also be seen in the massive viewership it attracts across several streaming platforms, like Twitch.

Several lessons can be learned from LOL’s success, which will undoubtedly influence future esports titles. As the esports industry continues to evolve, LOL’s legacy as a trailblazer in online competitive gaming will be long-lasting.

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