The Lasting Legacy of the Final Fantasy Franchise


The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most compelling series to ever appear on any gaming console, and throughout the years, Final Fantasy has refused to be bound by a single console, as a matter of fact. The game was first released for the Famicom on December 18, 1987, and quickly explored another platform, the NES, by 1990.


Over the past 30 years, the game may not have been pushing to appear on many new platforms, but it has certainly evolved its storyline creating engaging narratives and focusing on every aspect of the experience. To get an idea of just how popular the game is, there are 54 chapters in the series, and the game has been sold 144 million times, fetching the enviable $11.7 billion.


The Final Fantasy doesn’t stop at official releases, though, because the game has been taken up by fans, and the developers at Square Enix have explored the depth of the game by releasing mainstream titles and spinoffs by the bucketful.


In many ways, the following that has emerged around Final Fantasy is similar to sports betting. You have your millions of fans rooting for one team or, in the case of Final Fantasy, character.

FFVII Vincent Valentine 800px

When this happens, you usually want a good sportsbook review. A review of the BetMGM Michigan bonus found here at Bonusfinder can just give you an idea of what bonus to pick for your sports betting sessions, much like a good review of a Final Fantasy game can tell you how to explore the entire franchise.

New to Final Fantasy: It’s Easy to Get Started

Clearly, Final Fantasy is a game that has been developed to win fans over, a mission it has set out on proudly and has successfully embarked on. Players who are looking to get involved with Final Fantasy, though, may feel a little overwhelmed because of how many games there are.


But, to a true RPG fan, Final Fantasy is more than a game series – it’s an opportunity to explore a fantastic world that goes beyond standards set by other games. While even the most successful RPGs have only had storylines that go ten or so years, Final Fantasy is focusing on creating a multiverse that can rival other popular myths in popular culture.

To get yourself started, you may want to explore one of the smaller versions of the games, and particularly those available for handheld devices. The game already has numerous games scheduled for release in 2022, with two new chapters coming.


To create a more immersive experience, Square Enix has developed a massive online role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIV, based on the established universe to give life to more narratives that fans will no doubt find exciting and worthwhile exploring.

Will Final Fantasy Continue to Unite Fans Worldwide?

FFX Tidus & YunaThe simple answer is yes. Over the years, Square Enix has not only proven that the franchise has a lasting legacy but that it is capable of delivering new chapters that can excite fan involvement and make for a true one-of-a-kind experience that pays off every step of the way.

Players will rediscover Final Fantasy with every new chapter, regardless of whether they haven’t been playing for a few years or have been dedicated fans that haven’t missed a single iteration. Final Fantasy has created a world where every detail is carefully tended to, allowing you to explore different scenarios and emerge yourself in one of the best-made fantasy worlds.


Final Fantasy’s legacy lives on because there are millions of fans who are keen on getting back into its magical world.


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