The New Final Fantasy 16: Is it as good as it’s hyped up to be?


This June the new addition to the Final Fantasy franchise was released pending great anticipation. In general, the game has been received with quite a hype despite various previous features being left out of the game. Read more about the new Final Fantasy 16 here.

On June 22nd, the latest contribution to the popular Final Fantasy series Final Fantasy 16 was released. The game was highly anticipated and has been received with massive hype. Gamers express that the new release finally lives up to the potential of the series and that game is up there with the very best PS5 RPG games. Some are even claiming that the Final Fantasy 16 experience surpasses the experience of its popular and award-winning predecessor God of War: Ragnarok Elden Ring. Others aren’t quite so sure. So, the question is whether this new Final Fantasy release is as good as it is hyped up to be.

What can you expect from Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 is an action RPG from Square Enix.  The name reveals that it’s the sixteenth main release in the Final Fantasy series. It’s also released as a timed exclusive. The game is set in the fictional magical world of Valisthea. This world has six different nations with various magical powers. The offset of the game is the growing conflict between these nations. We follow the main character Clive Rosfield who watches his kingdom fall apart and becomes involved in the conflict himself.

The game differentiates itself from its predecessor in various ways. Final Fantasy has returned to a more linear type of storyline and progression. This also means that they have removed the mini-games that were previously a part of the game. So unlike previously, you can’t play sports, farm, or gamble in Final Fantasy 16. These side activities like gambling have been a fun addition to the main story. Many gamers also like to gamble or bet on sports as you have many of the same fun elements as in video games. Even though you can’t place bets in this new Final Fantasy release, you can still get free bet offers in the real world. The free bet offers allow you to have some fun betting on your favorite sports. The reason why you can no longer place bets inside the world of Final Fantasy is because the creator wanted more focus on the main story and its protagonist Clive. They wanted a more immersive experience where you aren’t distracted by side stories and mini-games.

Final Fantasy 16 versus God of War: Ragnarok Elden Ring

Kratos vs Thor Fight in God of War RagnarokThe Final Fantasy fans aren’t exactly agreeing to whether or not Final Fantasy 16 surpasses God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring in quality. Some believe Final Fantasy 16 is what God of War: Ragnarok should have been. Others aren’t convinced yet. They can agree on the fact that the two franchises have their pros and cons. They’re discussing that the combats and boss battles are better in the new Final Fantasy, but that the question and looting system isn’t up to par. As mentioned, they have different approaches to storytelling. Whether you prefer one of the other may depend on whether you prefer the linear storyline or a more open and flexible progression. God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring may perhaps have an immersive advantage because of its one-take camera style, but on the other hand, the new Final Fantasy 16 has an immersive linear progression. When comparing the two games, it’s clear that the preference for one or the other will depend on the particular player’s specific priorities and likings. However, according to our favorite guide writer, Jame, Final Fantasy 16 is beyond good, it’s a HUGE game and it’s worthy of a Platinum Guide. But let’s provide you with some more information so you can make your own opinion about FF16.

What can we expect from the Final Fantasy series going forward?

The release of Final Fantasy makes it clear that the series is heading in new directions. Throughout the many-year-long lifespan of the series, there have been many different protagonists, characters, and worlds. But something other than that is happening in this new release. It has a darker story, a completely new catalog of video game music, and a new approach to combat. Previously, there has been a focus on having other characters fighting alongside the protagonist. This time the focus is on the main character Clive. So, he’s the only one that you’re controlling. The only other character that you can give commands to is Clive’s brother Torgal who’s always by his side. In that way, you can also control Torgal by giving his commands through Clive. In general, there’s more focus on the actual combats and the action part of the game than previously.

Shaping a new world using the best music

Another major focus in the new Final Fantasy is music. The developers from Square Enix have made the game’s music a major priority. It’s all about the game experience and creating an immersive game world. Here, music plays a huge part in the total experience. Music can be a way of enhancing the overall atmosphere of the game. They’ve prioritized making music that matches the great quality of the game. There are many ways to approach the sound design of a video game but the way that the creators of Final Fantasy 16 have approached this task takes the game to a new level.

Is Final Fantasy 16 shaping the new standard in the series?

In many ways, the new Final Fantasy is very different from the previous games, so one could easily assume that the developers want to take this franchise in a new direction. According to the developers, this is not necessarily the case though. They believe that just like every single one of the previous games has been different from each other, so will the new ones. The next game might have features from Final Fantasy 16, some from other games in the series, and some new ones. To find out more about the future of the Final Fantasy series, we’ll have to wait until it gets here.

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    Jul 15, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

    I’ve enjoyed Final Fantasy 16, it’s very cinematic heavy but otherwise they did an amazing job with the gameplay in general.

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