Twitch Streamer Shroud Discusses The Battlefield 2042 Weapon Bloom Feature


Battlefield is a great old game that showcases the online shooter scenes from the huge scale battles from World War I to World War II. The game shows the combination of infantry combat for the last many years. The game also has a modern theme, and it has jumped around from many different settings. Battlefield 2042 is no less, as it will be released for the players from November 19, 2021, but its weapon bloom feature has recently come up.

Early access game is already available for the players from November 12, 2021. They are the ones who have bought the Ultimate or Gold Versions of the game and the EA Play Pro subscribers. However, the Twitch Streamer’ Shroud’ reviewed the game’s new weapon bloom feature, showing some of the controversial features.

Weapon Bloom In Battlefield 2042: What It Is All About?


MMO games are always around and reward the players with the best to worst gaming features. Shroud feels that the weapon bloom feature added to this game is not so good and rewards the worst players during the gameplay. Like, few casino games sometimes reward the losing punters too. For example at the deserving players are given greater rewards while offering sophisticated gameplay. The Shroud’s views for the Weapon Bloom from Battlefield 2042 show that this feature adds to the uncontrollable weapons spread, making the weapons look less accurate. It proved as one of the controversial features under EA’s latest trial.

On the other hand, a few more viewers and gamers believe that this new edition from Battlefield will be a disappointment if players play for 10 to 12 hours and get nothing of it. The reason is that the game is crammed with new systems, making the game look weird rather than worth playing. However, the game’s fans from across the globe have some other views. They believe that Weapon Bloom helps them take down their opponents quickly, and it is excellent to use it rather than lasers. But, Shroud says that this game’s rewarding of the worse players is a real turn-off for the good players. He says, “It doesn’t feel excellent since it rewards worse players that are kind of weird. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this.”

Introduction of Weapon Bloom in other MMO Games

Two other games also introduced the weapon bloom to their games other than the Battlefield franchise. ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ has brought weapons blooming along with the ‘New World’ game. To improve the accuracy of the game, the weapon bloom can be attached in the Vanguard.

Moreover, the game Battlefield 2042 has some patches released too that make the game to be played with utter precision. The DICE developers need to keep Battlefield 2042 and its three modes competitively and healthily. The developers will be working on the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone, All-Out Warfare, and Battlefield Portal to help it deliver the moments that the players love in this game. Many guides are released to help the players know about the patch notes that will help the players track the game’s changes.

Overall, a few experts believe that it will be hard for players out there to use a few features to run from the light armaments provided in the game because the weapon bloom spread may feel a little heavy to unlock. But, a few fans of Battlefield 2042 believe that they are rewarded by playing this game. The game provides a look at the traditional battlefield.


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