Understanding World of Warcraft: How to Learn About This Complex Game


You may remember WoW first coming out, or you may have been inspired to check it out when watching the film spinoff directed by Duncan Jones. There is a massive competitive gaming scene and a mythology and folklore that Tolkien would be proud of in the game, at first glance, you will be very confused by all of the different in-game roles and tactics, as you try to establish the difference between a Shaman and an Orc, or whether to be a Tauren or a Troll.

You might feel like you’re never going to understand all the different team roles, quests, raids, and other playing modes the developers have included in this huge MMO.

WoW is not a static game, it is a community and an evolving story, so there’s something new to learn even for those who are veterans and can remember the game’s launch over a decade ago because Blizzard Entertainment’s developers are always working on a new expansion for the game.

Professional Esports and Betting Markets

One of the ways that people can learn about the elite level of the game is to watch the competitive esports scene surrounding World of Warcraft.

Watching the people who are making a living out of their WoW skills is a great place to start, and though we know you’ll feel intimidated, you can pick things up pretty quickly.

The numerous betting markets show just how many potential outcomes there are in a game of WoW, and there are different ways to bet, especially as the game is usually played against the computer, trying to defeat the AI rather than trying to defeat other players directly.

We’ve seen a lot of these betting markets crop up on cryptocurrency casinos, and the modern players at sites like Thunderpick tend to call for more markets than traditional casinos. It is thought that the majority of Bitcoin transactions now involve gambling in some way, and when you consider the numerous crypto casino and WoW betting pros and cons it is clear why so many have turned to crypto to stake money and predict the outcome of WoW fixtures. Crypto is quicker and adds a level of anonymity, plus some of the biggest crypto casinos even offer streaming for events like WoW, which means people can watch players and learn what they are doing with their WoW gameplay.

Crypto gambling and the pro scene of esports have become intertwined, and players can learn a lot by checking out the markets offered on crypto betting sites, as they are different from other esports. WoW modes such as “Race to World First” allow players to bet on who will complete a raid first on the hardest difficulty, which is very different from betting on a direct 1v1 game or team game like CS2.


Understand Updates and Patches in WoW

This game is evolving, and the story and world it is set in are constantly being tweaked to create new gaming modes, and methods, and just add to the mythology that makes up World of Warcraft. The game’s worldbuilding is spectacular, and the developers and fans have a story that stretches 150,000 years back in this mythical realm.

The latest update Fury Incarnate is a minor content patch, but the WoW site is the place to keep on top of these new patches and additions to the game, plus read the notes to understand how it is going to impact your playing.


A Detailed Newcomers Guide

You’ll need to do some reading on the game, it is really hard to just jump in and start playing unless you want to get destroyed as soon as you join a game. As we say in our guide, “Toogie learned the hard way so you don’t have to” and a full walkthrough for WoW for beginners is a way to get your head around a lot of the terms.

One of the most important considerations at this early stage is choosing a race and a class, and while choosing a race for your character is more about just the type of design you like the look and feel of, the class has more impact on the gameplay.

There are 12 WoW classes with different specializations and abilities such as healing, or dishing out extra damage, so you’ll need to work out good combos of these specs before committing to them with your own in-game character. Blizzard Entertainment’s class guide helps to wrap your head around all of the quirks of the classes.

And if you’re into World of Warcraft Classic, then you can’t go wrong with our list of WoW Classic Leveling Guides written by Jame and the community, and of course all these guides are 100% free.

Conclusion – Baby Steps into WoW

Start slow, as a lot is going on here, and while you can check out a beginner guide and go through the early stages of WoW, it may help to watch a lot of the professional scene to see exactly what the pros are up to and what the elite level of World of Warcraft entails.


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    Always wanted World of Warcraft to to ported for PlayStation and/or Xbox.

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