V’s Skinning 1-300 (Alliance)


Dun Morogh [Wendigo (42, 58)] (1-75)
These creatures can be found in Dun Morogh south west of Kharanos.
Young skinners should complete The Grizzled Den quest while working on this as wendigos carry the objective of the quest.
A new skinner could in fact go from 1/75 to 75/75 in this zone alone.

Note that after 50/75 you will waste alot of time skinning here as the wendingos now con green to skin. As such I recommend heading to either the east side of Dun Morogh or Loch Moden. Skinning levels 8-10.

Barrens [Wailing Caverns: Instance] (75-150)
At skill 75 you can skin a level 17 (75/10+10 = 17.5) thus I recommend the Wailing Caverns although the instance itself is in the Barrens (a horde zone) the entrance area is full of level 15-17′s. Once you get to 90 skinning and can skin level 19′s the instance (you can get into it easily with the dungeon finder tool) is a wealth of skinning skill ups. From the entrance if you kill every raptor on the upper loop where Lady Anaconda is and then head west into the Pit of Fangs you should hit skinning 150 just before the second boss, provided you are the only skinner.

Hillsbran Foothills [Field and Caves] (150-225)
The best area to begin leveling from skill 150 is north of South Shore, bears and cougars level 23-25 will still give skill ups. You should continue to kill these animals till you hit 160-165 skinning. Then you will head to the Yeti Cave almost due north from South Shore.
These Yetis range in level from 30-32(150-165 skill). Once you get to 220 only the level 32′s will give skill ups but inside of the cave you will mostly find 31′s and 32′s. It took me only about 20 minuets to hit 225 from 150.

Ferals/Burning Steeps/Un’goro [Caves and Zone] (225-300)
From skill 225 (mob level 45) your choices get limited a little, however the Yeti’s in Ferals are level 41-45 and all grouped together in a cave. This makes it quick to skin and get you skill up this one area will NOT get you to skill 300, only to 285.
Your next step will be either Un’Goro Crater or Burning Steeps.
I choose Burning Steeps (tho it may be faster to fly to Un’goro) because my hearthstone was set to Ironforge. Once you arrive walk out of the camp and head east along the mountain you will find Scorpions and Various Dragonkin 285 to 300 skinning takes about 10 minuets at either location I was skinning Black Broodling mostly Black Broodlings they don’t drop much leather but some dragonscales.
After a few moments, and 19 kills I made 300 skinning.

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    Sep 24, 2011 @ 11:09 am

    UpdateSeems that the Wendigos can’t be skinned anymore…

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    Dec 1, 2010 @ 17:44 pm

    update a lil :)ok i did the first 2 parts of this fine and didnt run into any problems, after 150 skinning things got a bit annoying i couldnt find the right lvl mobs to skin and give me a i did cape of stranglethorn vale just outside theres loads of gorilla 32-35 and this got me to 225 easy :)havent checked the rest but will comment again if i find anything 🙂

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