Wailing Caverns Farming


This is my first guide, and hopefully it will be some help to someone.

In patch 3.2.2 some new non-combat raptor pets were added that drop from various rare raptors or are rare drops from slightly more common ones. This guide will focus on finding Deviate Hatchlings in Wailing Caverns

Table of Contents

  1. What You Need
  2. The Run
  3. Last Comments


1. What You Need

  1. Level 40+
  2. Fishing Pole
  3. Skinning Knife

Also, I would suggest having the following:

Atlas Add-on – This add-on is very helpful with its maps of both the instance itself and the entrance room.

A macro like:
/tar Boahn
/tar Trigore
/cast spell

But replace spell with the name of an instant spell that does not require you to be facing the enemy, like Corruption.

2. The Run

Start off by running to the entrance to the cave that contains the wailing caverns. To get to the instance entrance simply take a left at the first fork and a right at the next one and follow the path until you get to the large circular room.

Once there you are going to look for your first two objectives, Trigore the Lasher and Boahn.

Trigore drops Runescale Girdle and Serpent’s Kiss both of which sell for 15-18 gold.

Boahn drops Brambleweed Leggings and Boahn’s Fang. The legs only sell for 2-3 gold, but the axe can sell from 50-60 gold, which is a significant sum.

To find these two mobs, simply spam the macro that i showed above, or run around trying to find them. Either way works.

After you have dealt with these two, you might want to fish in the pond here. This step is optional, but you can fish up Deviate Fish which sell for 50 silver, or you can cook the fish (requires cooking 85) into Savory Deviate Delight, which sells for 1 gold.

Finally, you can enter the instance itself.

Inside the instance, go in a circle, killing and skinning (those that can be) all Deviate Ravagers, Deviate Guardians, Druid of the Fangs, and Lady Anacondra.

The raptors have about a 1% chance to drop Deviate Hatchlings, which go for about 500-600 gold! I generally get about 1 hatchling every 5 or 6 runs, but I have gone as long as 12 runs without one dropping, so don’t be on your last run with none dropped and be thinking “I know I’m gonna get it this time,” because it might not drop.

The druids have about the same drop rate for Gloves of the Fang, which is a twink item and sells for about 15 gold.

Lady Anacondra has no BoE blue drops, but she does have some nice BoP’s that sell for a small amount.

The mobs can skin or drop Perfect Deviate Scales or Deviate Scale which both sell well based on server economics, as they are mats for the twink item Deviate Scale Belt. If you have a Leather Worker who can make the belt, do so, as it sells for more than the raw mats, 12-17 gold.

3. Last Comments

If you get five runs and hour, I would estimate that you would get between 50-1000 gold with an average close to 350-450 gold. This is a solid way of farming that can produce massive amounts of gold in a short time. As a level 80 blood DK, all five runs take me about 20-30 minutes, meaning if I did 25 runs in a day, it would take me 4 and a half hours and generate about 2000 gold.

That’s a lot of gold, but you have to remember to space out your auctions of Deviate Hatchlings, only have one or two up at a time, which will keep the price high.

Thanks for reading!

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    Feb 17, 2010 @ 21:08 pm

    I don’t know much aboutI don’t know much about balance Druids, but I would suspect that a level 70would have no trouble doing this quickly for any class or spec. As to the recepie, I’ll look into that, just checked this right before bed on my iPod so I’m not in the mood to go researching recepie drops right now.

    EDIT: Ok, looked up the recipe, its a very rare drop from almost everything in The Barrens. There is no specific mob to kill, so if you want to farm it, I would suggest killing everything on sight in the Barrens, or looking on the AH. It is a very expensive recipe there though, about 100g buyout.

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    Feb 9, 2010 @ 1:09 am

    Nice job man! 😛 Nice job, but just one question, and one idea. Think a level 70 druid balance could do this pretty fast? Cause on my DK I don’t wanna drop my prof. just to skin. and you might wanna include (or write a new guide) where best place is to get Deviate Fish recipe 😀 Thanks nice job

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    Dec 26, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

    Nice guideNice guide well written and formated, I’ve only notticed one mistake Succulent Deviate Delight is actually Savory Deviate Delight.

    I’ve done the instance(5 times) earlier this morning as a reti pala. It took me less than 3 min to gather all the mobs in one place and about 8 min :jawdrop: to loot and skin them all.

    The hatchling didn’t drop yet but i’ve filled my bags with a ton of light and medium leather, 2 stacks of deviate scales, 1 stack of perfect deviate scales(1.20g each on silvermoon server), 8 shadowgems(6g each), 6 moss agathe(10-11g each) and many many greens worth about 200g in total. So even if you’re out of luck with the hatchling it’s not a complete waste of time.

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    Dec 25, 2009 @ 16:09 pm

    ThanksThanks, fixed the mistake. 😉

    Also, that’s why I farm here, it takes so little time and you can get nice rewards. I’d say you were probably pretty lucky with the amount of gems that you got, normally I get 2 or 3 per 5 runs, but thats good for you

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