What Does 2024 Have in Store for World of Warcraft?


World of Warcraft, a game that has been a part of our lives for two decades, is turning 20 this year. However, the grand celebration that we all anticipated for this iconic franchise will not be happening, leaving us all in a state of uncertainty about what the future holds for Azeroth.

Spectators of the MMORPG have converged in Anaheim, California, for BlizzCon annually since 2005. Enthusiasts would come to the convention dressed in epic costumes, meet other fans of the show, and get a first peek at what’s in store for the massive fantasy realm of Azeroth. However, game producer Activision Blizzard has cancelled the famous event’s 2024 edition, and we’re hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come.

While Activision Blizzard has reassured fans that BlizzCon will return, the lack of a specific date has left the gaming community in a state of uncertainty. In the interim, the company has pledged to host a series of smaller, more intimate gatherings to keep the community connected and excited. The question on everyone’s mind remains: when will the grandeur of BlizzCon be restored, and what does WoW have in store for 2024 and beyond?

Is Microsoft to Blame?

With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the gaming industry witnessed a seismic shift. The tech giant, in a bold move, purchased the renowned gaming company for a staggering $69 billion (£56 billion), raising questions about the future of iconic titles like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. This acquisition has sparked a flurry of speculation within the gaming community about Microsoft’s intentions with its newly acquired titles, including the beloved World of Warcraft.

Within the gaming community, there has been conjecture over the intentions of the Xbox owner regarding its recently acquired titles, which encompass popular brands such as Call of Duty and Candy Crush as well as WoW.

The main focus of the discussion revolved around whether Microsoft will make its new titles available on Game Pass, a subscription service similar to Netflix, which is considered a crucial component of its gaming enterprise.

Another significant event following the acquisition was Microsoft’s announcement that It had terminated the employment of 1,900 individuals out of its 22,000 workforce in the gaming sector. The impact of these incidents was mostly felt by Activision Blizzard employees, leading to the cancellation of Odyssey, a well-known survival game project.

Despite the uncertainty and panic, not everything about WoW in 2024 holds a bleak outlook. We’re just months away from the game’s tenth expansion release, ‘The War Within,’ and the eSports scene continues to thrive.

WoW Esports: Arena World Championships in Full Effect

Wow arena world championship show

Licenses Owned by Blizzard and Activison.

The arena gates reopened for the 2024 Dragonflight Season 4 Arena World Championship (AWC) on May 3, two weeks ago! As always, the world’s best World of Warcraft competitors have been battling it out in the last two Cups, which fans have been able to watch on Twitch and YouTube.

Season 4’s high-stakes combat has resumed, with the top gladiators having just two chances to win. Cups 3 and 4 have seen competitors go head-to-head to secure a place in the May 17–19 Dragonflight Grand Finals!

Stay tuned for the Tournament finals to witness the most intense close combat, thrilling confrontations, and thrilling action, and don’t worry if you missed the cup action… You can catch up on the action online.

Fans of WoW who are also enthusiastic bettors using the best mobile casino apps for players might notice the lack of available odds for the AWC, but keep your eyes peeled as the betting odds for the finals will be available soon.

WoW: The War Within Fights Back

This year will mark the release of World of Warcraft’s tenth expansion, the War Within, which is not a particularly noteworthy development; nine have been released thus far. However, this time appears to be a bit different. At least with regard to World of Warcraft operations, Blizzard is experiencing a gust of change.

And as far as changes go, it’s been abundantly necessary. In addition to other massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) like Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft has never had more competition from games that could almost be considered MMOs, like Fortnite. We’re uncertain as to whether World of Warcraft continues to dominate the market due to Blizzard’s refusal to discuss numbers, which in itself is likely indicative.

Furthermore, Blizzard has been subjected to severe backlash in recent times. Although the lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination at the company was resolved for millions of dollars last year, it has nonetheless inflicted significant damage. Concurrently, there was the prolonged saga of the Microsoft Activision Blizzard acquisition, which has now been finalised and will bring about its own set of changes, including the redundancies mandated by Microsoft earlier this year.

Bring in the Trilogy

In contrast to all previous World of Warcraft expansions, The War Within will be the culmination of a trilogy known as the Worldsoul Saga. This saga will continue to grow in scope until we finally confront the legendary titans that have been extensively mentioned in the game’s foundational mythology. Already in development, expansions two and three—Midnight and The Last Titan, respectively—should culminate in the game’s most ambitious interconnected narrative to date.

Additionally, there is a feeling that the game is entering a new era. Based on past expansion cycles, the combined development effort for the Worldsoul Saga is anticipated to last a minimum of six years.

However, a great deal of the War Within is also quite recognisable. As with the vast majority of other World of Warcraft expansions, this one will include a level limit increase, a new playable race, and a new explorable zone. It makes sense that the new playable race is a dwarf known as the Earthen, given that the theme delves deeply underground. Despite delving underground, the experience remains un-claustrophobic.

The War Within: New Features

Delves, Hero Talents, and Warbands are three noteworthy new mechanics. An additional layer of customisation, Hero Talents Excite, is intended to bring you closer to your ideal class. A few for each class, there will be a total of 39 Hero Talent trees; they have been described in numerous official website articles.

Another noteworthy innovation is Delves, which are narrative dungeons for a single player that are intended to be completed in brief spurts. They are accessible across various difficulty levels, and it appears that higher levels will provide thrilling rewards in the form of competitive endgame equipment. For them to be accessible independently, they will be accompanied by an NPC companion who functions as either a restorative or damage dealer during combat.

Lastly, Warbands bears a striking resemblance to Diablo, another game developed by Blizzard. Its system compiles all of your account’s characters onto a single login screen, highlighting them more prominently. The game will feature Warband-specific rewards, a shared Warband treasury, and the ability to share reputation and reward gains across all Warband members.

Blizzard Entertainment has stated that the expansion will be accessible no later than December 31, 2024.

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