Will CD Projekt Red Add a New Mini Game to Cyberpunk 2077?


There has been a lot of debate over what could help save Cyberpunk 2077 and allow CD Projekt Red to reassert its status as one of the best developers in the world. Indeed, this site has already discussed how enhancing the NPCS or improving the AI of the police could add greater depth to the game. But how about the inclusion of a mini game like Gwent? The card game introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was a stroke of genius, and a similar offering could boost Cyberpunk 2077 massively.


Initial Response to Cyberpunk Has Been Underwhelming


The Witcher 3 won several game of the year awards and has been described by some as the greatest game ever made. It was a tough act to follow for CD Projekt Red, and the Polish studio spent a long time trying to perfect Cyberpunk 2077 to meet the expectations of players. Unfortunately, despite delaying the release for nearly a year, the futuristic title never lived up to expectations and ended up disappointing a vast number of players. CD Projekt Red will try to salvage its reputation with updates to the game, but it may require something huge to right the wrongs of this damp squib of a release.


A Thrilling Side Game Could Appeal to More Players

Introducing an engaging side game like Gwent could be a great way to widen Cyberpunk’s fanbase. The online casino industry is currently thriving, with many players enjoying the pick-up-and-play nature of the games at these sites. Online casino players could be attracted to Cyberpunk if there was a card or gambling-themed mini game within the universe. This could be a good way to draw people in, and after that, they may be persuaded to explore the other aspects of the game. This is one of the techniques used in the casino industry, where there are promotions to attract players to sites. Using a free spins guide, players can discover where the most lucrative bonuses are. They can use these to test out a site like Rizk which offers a 100% match deposit bonus up to $500 as well as 50 free spins and see if they want to keep playing there. A thrilling side game in Cyberpunk 2077 could have the same effect.

Of course, future updates would have to have a heavy focus on fixing the bugs and improving the overall gaming experience as well. However, there is a strong argument to say that a side game like Gwent could work well in Cyberpunk. The collectible card game was one of the highlights of The Witcher 3, and some players entered the world of Geralt of Rivia solely to play that. The fantasy themes of Gwent wouldn’t fit in Cyberpunk, but a futuristic version could work. If it gains a fantastic reputation like Gwent did, it could pull players in to Cyberpunk in the same way that Gwent did for The Witcher.

Could Anything Live up to Gwent?


The big question is whether it is possible for CD Projekt Red to create anything that could live up to Gwent. The game was so well loved that fans petitioned for the Polish studio to turn it into a standalone game. The developers decided to listen to these wishes, and Gwent is now a popular eSport. For a game within Cyberpunk to live up to Gwent, it would require a lot of work. Other amazing minigame examples are Blitzball in Final Fantasy X, or Fort Condor in the recent FF7 Remake Intermission.


Side games have become a key feature of open-world console epics in the modern age, and CD Projekt Red arguably created the ultimate one with Gwent. If the developers can recapture that greatness with an offering within Cyberpunk, they could redeem the futuristic title and attract some new players in the process.

What about you? What is your all time favourite minigame within a game? Let me know in a comment below 😉




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