Will FF7 Remake Part 2 have Chocobo Racing? – Arguments For and Against its Possible Introduction


Amongst the PlayStation’s shocking E3 surprises in the recent past was the company’s announcement of launching the long-time awaited Final Fantasy Remake. The game was actually pushed as amongst the biggest exclusive titles in the PS4’s portfolio. Post a lengthy and detailed development cycle, it was finally launched successfully in 2020, exclusively for the PS4 platform, positioned as one of PS4’s top-rated exclusive games to have been released that entire year. However, if we go by the rumours floating around in the gaming circles, there is a high likelihood that the PS4’s exclusivity is about to end and the game may soon be available on PC and PS5 too.


Furthermore, Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 is also under development and is expected to carry the story forward. One of the biggest questions in the minds of FF7 fans right now is that if the Remake Part 2 will have Chocobo racing or not? Regardless of whatever happens, please know that the launch of FF7 Remake last year after such a long time was like a jackpot won at an online casino for the Final Fantasy lovers. And now that they finally got the remake, they are yearning for more and more. Let’s look at an important argument for and against the introduction of Chocobo racing in Part 2.


Argument For: The introduction of Chocobo Racing will be in line with the narrative

The venue for Chocobo racing is Gold Saucer that the party visits in FF7’s Disc 1, after the Mount Corel. Even though Midgar constituted a very tiny segment of the original game and was still FF7 Remake’s entirety, making measurement of timeline expectations very hard, it won’t be surprising to see the Part 2 venturing into some less iconic locations. In that case, we’ll see locations beyond Gold Saucer, and more like the Temple of the Ancients.


In the event that the party does visit the Gold Saucer in the upcoming part which is under development, there’s a high likelihood that we’ll see Chocobo racing. This is mainly because it’s one of the primary attractions of that location, and there’s a good chance of allowing betting on the races.

FF7 Chocobo Racing

Argument Against: The entire narrative of FF7 Remake 2 could be different

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake mostly stuck to the Midgar’s narrative beats (from the original game), everyone was taken aback by how it entirely changed the script, something that was well evident even by the time the credits rolled. FF7 Remake made a good number of significant changes to the original story, especially towards the end part of the game. This implies that this unpredictability would be expected even in the future versions of the game. Although the original game was based on classic JRPG adventure, in the aspect of scaling of both threats and environments, it doesn’t necessarily imply that FF7 Remake Part 2 will follow the same path.

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