[WotLK] Blacksmithing 1-450


Like any profession there are always difficulties entailed. This guide was created using the current patch notes, level ranges provided by wowhead, and several testers of my previous guide Blacksmithing 1 to 300. I’m always looking for help and suggestions to find good ways to smooth out things based on availability and material costs.

Blacksmithing 1 to 300

Skill Level
1 to 25
Rough Sharpening Stone *
25 Rough Stone
26 to 45
Rough Grinding Stone *
40 Rough Stone
46 to 75
Copper Chain Belt *
180 Copper Bars
76 to 110
Runed Copper Belt *
350 Copper Bars
111 to 130
Thick Bronze Darts *
120 Bronze Bars
40 Rough Grinding Stones
20 Medium Leather
131 to 145
Rough Bronze Leggings *
90 Bronze Bars
146 to 155
Bronze Warhammer *
80 Bronze Bars
10 Strong Flux
10 Medium Leather
156 to 165
Green Iron Leggings *
80 Iron Bars
10 Heavy Grinding Stones
10 Green Dye
166 to 190
Green Iron Bracers *
150 Iron Bars
25 Green Dye
191 to 210
Golden Scale Bracers *
100 Steel Bars
40 Heavy Grinding Stones
211 to 215
Mithril Scale Pants *
60 Mithril Bars
216 to 235
Mithril Scale Bracers **
160 Mithril Bars
235 to 250
Mithril Coif *
150 Mithril Bars
90 Mageweave Cloth
251 to 255
Dense Sharpening Stone *
5 Dense Stone
256 to 280
Thorium Belt */§
Thorium Bracers */§
200 Thorium Bars
200 Thorium Bars
281 to 300
Thorium Boots */§
Thorium Helm */§
240 Thorium Bars
160 Rugged Leather
240 Thorium Bars
20 Star Rubies
* Pattern obtained through Trainer.
** Pattern obtained from Vendor.
*** Pattern obtained through Quest.
§ Pattern obtained from Auction House. (Or lucky world drop)
¤ Pattern obtained from Profession only drop.

As of Patch 3.0.3 There were a few changes to Blacksmithing to try and help level things out and make the last few steps to 300 a bit easier. The Thorium Armor set is a set of patterns that are uncommon world drops that has become a trainable pattern. They can currently be found on any Artisan Blacksmithing Trainer for both factions.

I’ve removed all world drop and quest patterns from the current list and left only one pattern that must obtained through a vendor. The Mithril Scale Bracers pattern can only be bought from two vendors, one for each faction and is carried in limited supply. Alliance will find Haggran in Aerie Peak and Horde will find Gharash in Stonard. Beyond this one pattern the rest of the guide is pretty much a running game for materials from your choice of sources and the trainers. Below is a full list of the materials you will need if you want to do this all in one sitting.

— List of Materials —

– Mining –
* 145 Rough Stone
* 530 Copper Bars
* 290 Bronze Bars (145 Copper Bars & 145 Tin Bars)
* 230 Iron Bars
* 100 Steel Bars (100 Iron Bars & 100 Coal)
* 150 Heavy Stone
* 370 Mithril Bars
* 5 Dense Stone
* 440 Thorium Bars
* 20 Star Ruby

– Skinning –
* 30 Medium Leather
* 160 Rugged Leather (Optional)

– Vendor –
* 35 Green Dye

– Drop –
* 90 Mageweave

Blacksmithing 300 and beyond!

Skill Level
Number of Items
301 to 310
Fel Iron Chain Coif *
40 Fel Iron Bars
311 to 320
Fel Iron Chain Gloves *
50 Fel Iron Bars
321 to 325
Fel Iron Chain Bracers *
30 Fel Iron Bars
326 to 330
Fel Iron Chain Tunic *
45 Fel Iron Bars
331 to 335
Fel Iron Breastplate *
50 Fel Iron Bars
336 to 345
Adamantite Plate Bracers **
60 Adamantite Bars
20 Primal Earth
20 Primal Fire
346 to 350
Adamantite Breastplate **
60 Adamantite Bars
20 Primal Earth
10 Primal Fire
351 to 360
Cobalt Belt *
40 Cobalt Bars
361 to 370
Cobalt Bracers *
40 Cobalt Bars
371 to 380
Cobalt Gauntlets *
50 Cobalt Bars
381 to 395
Reinforced Cobalt Shoulders ¤
60 Cobalt Bars
396 to 415
Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece ¤
80 Cobalt Bars
416 to 420
Brilliant Saronite Breastplate *
70 Saronite Bars
1 Crystalized Water
421 to 425
Ornate Saronite Bracers *
60 Saronite Bars
5 Eternal Air
426 to 440
Daunting Legplates *
210 Saronite Bars
15 Eternal Earth
441 to 450
Titansteel Shield Wall *
40 Saronite Bars
30 Titansteel Bars
10 Frozen Orb
* Pattern obtained through Trainer.
** Pattern obtained from Vendor.
*** Pattern obtained through Quest.
§ Pattern obtained from Auction House. (Or lucky world drop)
¤ Pattern obtained from Profession only drop.

With the release of Wrath we saw a bit of a change for Blacksmithing in the 350 to 375 range. Instead of having you start crafting at the top of the previous end game as they did with the release of Burning Crusade, Wrath has you starting at 350. This range was the end game items for the blacksmithing profession in which a lot of crafted items became difficult to gather materials. This time around that gap was eliminated by the Grand Master range of items. So in an effort to make this step of the guide smooth I have worked those items into this section.

Again I’ve minimized the patterns for this section to mostly trainer taught items. For the Master blacksmithing range you’ll only need to purchase two patterns; Plans: Adamantite Plate Bracers and Plans: Adamantite Breastplate. These patterns are sold by their respective faction vendors; Krek Cragcrush is located in Shadowmoon Village, Shadowmoon Valley (29, 30) and Loolruna is located in Telredor, Zangarmarsh (68, 50).

In the Grand Master range you’ll be farming for a pair of patterns that are bind on pickup. These patterns as far as I can tell are likely only attainable by blacksmiths as all previous BOP patterns have been. I chose two patterns based on the levels of the mobs should anyone choose to do this while leveling their character instead of waiting till level 80 as I tend to do. First, Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Shoulders can be found on Onslaught Masons level 72 to 73 in Lights Trust, Dragonblight (Northwest Quadrant). Next, Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece can be found on Venture Co. Excavator level range 75 to 76 north of the Suntouched Pillar, Sholazar Basin.

Most of the 350 to 450 section should be pretty easy until you get to Daunting Legplates. There is NOTHING from 435 to 440 that isn’t green in skill level. So I’ve listed the bare minimum amount of materials to meet the goal of 440. Its not going to be fun getting that last 5 points to get the last 10 points. There is nothing from 440 to 450 that does not require Titansteel bars. Smelting Titansteel bars has a 20 hour cooldown, so if you plan to buy these bars prepare to spend a lot of gold.

— List of Materials —

– Mining –
* 215 Fel Iron Bars
* 120 Adamantite Bars
* 250 Cobalt Bars
* 380 Saronite Bars
* 30 Titansteel Bars
* 40 Primal Earth
* 30 Primal Fire
* 5 Crystalized Water
* 5 Eternal Air
* 15 Eternal Earth

– Drop –
* 10 Frozen Orbs

Thats all folks! Please feel free to comment and help me out so if you see any ways to smooth out any part of this guide, and thanks again!

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    Feb 1, 2011 @ 14:34 pm

    Update your guide please :)Hey! You need to update this guide for Cataclyism please 🙂 I love your work and its helped me a whole lot, my guild’s low levels wouldn’t be as equiped as they are if it wasn’t for you 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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    Oct 11, 2010 @ 8:14 am

    I think it’s fine, I can’tI think it’s fine, I can’t see any crafts in the guide that require Linen Cloths to create them. Then again I do usually miss the obvious things 😛


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    Oct 11, 2010 @ 7:23 am

    u forgot to put linen clothu forgot to put linen cloth in the guide but good guide tough 🙂

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    Jan 27, 2010 @ 22:23 pm

    Return I have!Alright, its back to work time. I’ve returned to the game recently after a long hiatus and hope to start work again. I realize things are a little out of date and could use some work obviously. Let me know what you all would like to see and I shall endeavor to help. Thank you for all the kind comments and helpful hints to posters who’ve taken time to comment. I appreciate criticism more than kudos, but its all the same that its nice to know people do like my work.

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Nov 28, 2009 @ 21:53 pm

    ThanksGreat guide, slowly working my way through it for my DK, just had to point out that you can skip the Bronze Darts and go straight into the Rough Bronze Leggings at 110.

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    Oct 31, 2009 @ 6:16 am

    if you use plans that onlyif you use plans that only need bars and nothing else you can go up faster and its cheaper
    always use plans u just learned and use them for 5 – 10 levels make sure there is a blacksmithing trainer nearby because with the WotLK upgrade you can learn new things every 5 levels

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    Sep 29, 2009 @ 18:47 pm

    Onslaught Masons level 72 to 73 in Lights Trust, DragonblightOnslaught Masons level 72 to 73 in Lights Trust, Dragonblight. It does not contain Onslaught Masons,

    Lights Trust is an Argent Crusade quest hub.

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    May 13, 2009 @ 13:04 pm

    This guide is kinda out ofThis guide is kinda out of date atm. I was using this to level my black smithing and all was great, until i got to 380. The items you have suggested to go from 380 to 415 require double the Ore/Bars now, and 2 eternal waters a piece to craft. So either you will have to change the mat’s list or come up with new items for the 380 – 415 void. I’ll report on the items i used to “git’r’done”.

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    Apr 26, 2009 @ 3:09 am

    Great guide!!!Great guide!!! I just skimmed over it but it looks very good, the only thing I don’t like is the fact that you put your lists below the tables, I find that it helps if they are above the tables so then you can get all the mats first. Anyways great guide.

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    Mar 28, 2009 @ 2:46 am

    275-280If you mined all your Thorium, like I did, you should have a few Arcane Crystals. I saved about 8 of them and had someone transmute them, and 8 Thorium Bars, into Arcanite Bars. With the 8 Arcanite Bars, and 8 Dense Grinding Stones, you can easily, and for a lower cost of Thorium, get 275-80 just as fast.

    “Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives.” Yet, you can’t flip life upside-down and restart.

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    Mar 11, 2009 @ 11:56 am

    The 100markAround level 100 blacksmithing you could replace some of the levels with silver rods which cost only one silver ore to make(you’ll probably have tons of silver ore if you’re mining at any decent rate).


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    Feb 27, 2009 @ 14:00 pm

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand take a deep breath aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand please next time use some punctuation! 🙂

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    Feb 27, 2009 @ 0:43 am

    111-130Instead of doing that with all those mats do Rough Bronze Shoulders because they use less bronze bars and less Coarse Grinding Stones 😉

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    Feb 26, 2009 @ 18:37 pm

    Cheapest way is to..Farm the copper and tin and you get lots of stones and just farm a little bit here and there i got to 150 from farming and i farmed for 1 hour and got everything i needed and i used this guide soo it saves loads of money.

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    Feb 8, 2009 @ 11:30 am

    Not efficientJust posting to say:
    -getting some arcanite to level using arcanite rod/keys is way cheaper than using more thorium (rod is actually sellable on the ah but keys if you dont have that much)
    -fel iron plate belt from 310-315 is better
    -lesser ward of shielding from 340-345 (it’s yellow but it takes ONE adamantite bar, no one cares if it doesn’t give a guaranteed skill for each, it will still be ten times cheaper to make)

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 16:40 pm

    Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece and ShouldersJust suggesting you might want to change these suggestions – in 3.0.8 the mats were increased to 8x Cobalt Bar, 2x Crystalized Water for both of them, and there might be a cheaper way to get to about 415 than making these.

    Just a heads up for anyone going to farm the patterns in the hope of cheap BS levels

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    Jan 31, 2009 @ 3:32 am

    MatsI Agree with the first. If your power leveling this by buying it all from the AH, its gonna hurt the Bank, esp the original Wow mats. I’m currently leveling my 3rd Blacksmith and haven’t bought anything from the AH. I think that using the stones is the best way to level BS while it still retains a color. They’re practically free levels while you your mining your ore and as a miner, you save tons of ore. Its a win win situation. Yeah i understand the concept that you want to make this as accurate as possible, but the stones (in my humble opinion) are a far better option to level BS.

  • img
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 1:00 am

    Yeah, I’m reevaluating thisYeah, I’m reevaluating this section as well, I did find it difficult even for me. With almost nobody being in Shattrath unless you’re avoiding Dalaran lag to queue for BG’s like I do these are actually very easy to pick up now.

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Jan 23, 2009 @ 4:41 am

    lvl 330 – 345for the levels 330 to 340 the best way to lvl this is to get

    this is learn by a pattern sold in shattrath city

    and to go to the lvl 345 you can learn also learned in shattrath city for only 4g

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    Jan 22, 2009 @ 0:40 am

    Update!The materials cost for Reinforced cobalt has changed. I will reevaluate these soon and update the materials costs and add or remove items as necessary. I knew those mat costs were to good to be true or last for very long. *snaps fingers*

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Jan 22, 2009 @ 0:39 am

    Not a fan of grayI’ve never been one to try to create things until they go gray even if it might help out. I try to base my guides off solid numbers so you know exactly how much you will need in the way of materials to properly plan. Orange skill ups prevent that yellow or green frustration of making that last point which always seems to elude me when I’m short on resources.

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Jan 17, 2009 @ 17:49 pm

    Some quick notesLeveling up my DK as a blacksmith right now using this and I have a quick note for the to 300 portion. You use a lot of grinding stones why not make those all at once when they are still available to give skill points save you a little ore? I know in the long run it isn’t a ton of money saved but still can make a difference. 🙂 just my 2 copper.


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    Dec 25, 2008 @ 2:18 am

    Epic Fayl!!!You know every time I look at my guide I notice that I put the base numbers on the 300 to 450 section and not the totals… I just now got it updated! *facepalm*

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

  • img
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 2:11 am

    Yeah, Wrath inflation isYeah, Wrath inflation is really taking a toll on my guides and I’m trying to find better solutions. I never bother with doing anything that is Yellow skill level except when I’m doing Engineering which is near impossible to avoid. On the flip side, if you’re the industrious type like myself and you have a dedicated gatherer or a gathering profession to compliment your profession you shouldn’t have to tough of a time. Thanks for the tip!

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Dec 23, 2008 @ 16:44 pm

    Some suggestionsOk, I am in the process of levelling my 2nd blacksmith from 1-450 so I will make comments as I note them.

    The first I would say is that going 45-95 with this guide is fairly expensive. You use 380 copper bars for that 50 points. A much cheaper alternative is to make Rough Grinding Stone up until skill 65 (it turns Green at 65 and is yellow up until then) at which point you can make Coarse Sharpening Stone to 75 and Coarse Grinding Stone to 95.

    This should easily be doable with 60 rough stone and 80 coarse stone. On AH the copper version you have listed is very expensive right now, Copper bars seem to vary from 40s to 1g each on most servers giving a cost of 150-380g to buy all that copper on the AH, the stone will cost you 10-15g on most servers which is quite a substantial saving.

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    Dec 4, 2008 @ 2:09 am

    Awesome, looking forward toAwesome, looking forward to it 😉

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    Dec 4, 2008 @ 0:49 am

    I know exactly what you meenI know exactly what you meen about the old 350-375 gap, it was the same on my leatherworker and still hadn’t got past it before WotLK, but Blizz made that easy now since we can learn Northrend recipes at 350 🙂

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    Dec 4, 2008 @ 0:10 am

    Thanks very much! I have anThanks very much! I have an up and coming blacksmith and jewel crafter so I’ll be posting my 300 to 350 section next. Thanks to Blizzard there isn’t a huge gap between 350 to 375 now when starting your Uberleet Grand Master training. And to those that helped to test and make suggestions for this guide I thank you too!

    OH! And side note, Jame if you happen to see this, got the tables working. I’ll be working on a quick walk through for that soon as well!

    Don’t be famous, be infamous

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    Dec 3, 2008 @ 22:46 pm

    This is quite nice, lookingThis is quite nice, looking forward to the rest of it when you complete it!

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