WoW Classic or Wow Retail: Which Is Best for New Players?


WoW has been one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world for a very long time. Millions of people around the globe are happy to hear that this game is constantly improving. New levels, characters and modes have become routine for WoW, which is probably one of the main reasons why this game is so popular. Yet, for the same reason, people often have doubts. Currently, one of the biggest doubts in the gaming community is which version of the game is better WoW Classic or Retail. 

Giving an answer to such a question isn’t easy. Each gamer in the world has different preferences and expectations. Because of that, we have decided to analyze the biggest differences between Wow Retail and Classic. Based on our analyses, you will easily determine which game of these two works for you more. Let’s get started!


WoW Retail vs. Classic: Fighting Features

Just because these two games have the same name and developer, that doesn’t mean they are identical. For example, the most popular casino games in Canada, like the ones on this page, do have the same developer or theme, but their concept is not always the same. These things should not surprise you at all!

Let’s use Paladin as an example. Playing Paladin in WoW Classic provides an absolutely different experience than playing Paladin in WoW Retail. We will immediately highlight that the Retail version is much faster. Apart from that, we also believe it is more polished. On the other hand, the difficulty curve is much different. Classic is slower, and you will need to grind more while playing. Because of that, this game provides a more rewarding feel.

Anyway, in both versions, Paladin starts the game with an interesting mix of capabilities. In the Classic version, Paladin uses the Judgement system. In the Retail version, the Judgement system does exist, but it is not connected with any other type of attack players can use. In our opinion, WoW Retail wins the battle in this segment!


WoW Retail vs. Classic: Leveling Speed and Game Difficulty

Here, we come to the biggest difference between these two game versions. The difficulty of the game is, without a doubt, the feature that will help you determine the better option for yourself. Based on the research we have done, WoW Classic can be quite different, especially if you play in areas against players that are above your player. For example, if you play with Paladin, that is between the first and 20th levels, you may manage to kill three monsters at once. Yet, if you get yourself in a situation to fight against 5 or more creatures, the chances that you will get killed are pretty high.

The good news is that each creature in this version of the game has its own level. Because of that, players can adjust the game difficulty, which is, in our opinion, a great feature. If you are a complete newbie or inexperienced player, we recommend you play in zones where quests are low. Playing in zones with quests that are either orange or red is going to be challenging. You may not manage to complete any of the missions.

Players should also know that things with WoW Retail are different. For starters, all the creatures here are on the same level. That means you won’t be able to adjust the game difficulty. Quest difficulty, on the other hand, is fixed and static. To be precise, they are all categorized as “easy”. Because of that, the leveling of this version is much faster.

Also, it is worth mentioning that WoW Retail comes with more quests. They are all easier since they are gathered in an identical area. Having battles in the early zones will bring you more points, which is another reason why leveling is easier and faster.

So, what is the conclusion? Leveling in Classic WoW can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. This directly depends on the decisions that players make and the way they choose to play it. On the other hand, leveling in WoW Retail isn’t challenging at all. Some people like it when things go smoothly. However, we have noticed that most gamers would rather decide to play games that are challenging. That is the reason why we give ourselves the right to say that leveling in WoW Classic is much more entertaining. You may want to check out some of the leveling tips provided by our experts to ensure an even more interesting experience.


WoW Retail vs. Classic: Graphics

WoW, in general, may not be one of the games with the best graphics. However, the difference regarding graphics between these two game versions does exist. Players will easily conclude that WoW Classic comes with outdated graphics. For example, the graphics are kind of blurry, while the textures are low-detail. If you are planning to enjoy games that come with high-quality graphics, this version probably won’t meet your expectations. Yet, if you are a retro type of person, be sure this game version will be the right choice for you!

Also, we do not want to say that Wow Retail looks ultra-realistic. In our opinion, the design solutions regarding Retail are fine. The game’s effects are much better, which is why we believe this version can be considered cinematic.


WoW Retail vs. Classic: Learning and Adapting to the Game

Even if you have never played WoW, you will easily adapt, thanks to learning tutorials. Both versions of the game will give you some sort of guideline. WoW Classic players will have the chance to receive notifications and hints during the game. You will get instructions on what each button is for, which actions you have to take, and so on. Yet, with the Classic version, we have noticed that some details are overlooked. A good example of that is the dungeon system. You won’t find adequate explanations for that.

Retail Wow will offer you a separate training mode. We strongly recommend newbies to check the training mode and get familiar with all the basic mechanisms. The dungeon system is properly explained! In this aspect, we announce WoW Retail as a winner.



As you see, both versions come with advantages and disadvantages. If you are a more retro type of person, the Classic version will be better for you. If you like more advanced features, we recommend you decide on WoW Retail. Anyway, enjoy both versions and make your free time more entertaining!

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