WoW-Pro 2.4.2 Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, and Achievements Release Notes




Current Version: 2.4.2
Last Update: Jan 23, 2012
Next Update: Feb 06, 2012

This update includes:

  • Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are 161 guides, of which almost all had updates.
  • A promise to update the guides frequently.
  • A few bug fixes and enhancements.

The updated guides include:

  1. All guides were reviewed and checked for missing CN|CS|CC tags. Without those tags, we were sending the wrong commands to TomTom, and waypoint removal was not working. LIterally hundreds of corrections had to be made. Every guide had to be looked at.

We have 7 bug fixes/enhancements this update:

  1. The current quest now activates the highlights on the minimap.
  2. There are now controls on the config panel that let you clear and view the log and enable debug level of logging. The extra information goes directly into the log and not the chat window.
  3. Added a config option to let you test your guides for errors.
  4. Added a menu option the leveling addon that, if Grail is installed, will use it to select all the known quest prerequisites in that zone.
  5. The current guide view now labels the quests with the level. If Grail is installed, the information from Grail is used to supply any missing level information.
  6. The current guide view now colors as red any step that is too high level for you.
  7. Changed the waypoint handling so it works for all step types.
  8. Changed to quest accept logic to account for variations in event order.

We have 3 known bugs this release:

  1. Sometimes a guide will skip a quest accept step. May be fixed, but needs testing.
  2. Updates to the profession guides. It needs a make-over. In process, but slow.
  3. Quest auto-complete may be working now, but needs more testing.

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our “Troubleshooting Page” first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our “Friendly Chat Room“!

—Ludovicus Maior

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    Jan 23, 2013 @ 16:44 pm

    I didn’t try the new guideI didn’t try the new guide since the add-on release yet (my bad), but the time is come now. Thanks for the hard work guys. In any case I’ve used these guides when they were still in text format. I remember alt-tabbing with my mage in 2006 and following Jame’s guide, it’s that to this guide that I started to play WoW “seriously” and not giving up because I couldn’t figure out what to do next. Thanks a lot guys/girls for all this. 🙂

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    Jan 23, 2013 @ 13:00 pm

    This update looks amazing.This update looks amazing. Thanks a billion for incorporating my suggestion for map highlighting, I’m SO looking forward to this! 😀 😀 😀

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