WoW-Pro 7.1.5 Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, Achievements and Professions Release Notes



Current Version: 7.1.5
Last Update: Jan 10, 2017
Next Update: Jan 19, 2017

This is the first WoW 7.1.5 Update

This update includes:

  • Support for 7.1.5
  • A few Guide updates
  • A few bug fixes

The updated guides in 7.1.0 include:

  1. Dailies Neutral Pet Trainers of Draenor
  2. Dailies Neutral Pet Leveling
  3. Leveling Alliance Gnome Starter
  4. Leveling Horde Stormheim
  5. Leveling Horde Icecrown
  6. Leveling Neutral Legion Hunter
  7. Leveling Neutral Legion Warrior
  8. Leveling Neutral Highmountain
  9. Leveling Neutral Valsharah
  10. Leveling Neutral Suramar
  11. Leveling Neutral Scarlet Enclave
  12. Profession Guides
  13. WorldEvents Neutral Darkmoon Faire

We have a few fixes this update:

  1. More Fixes to REP handling for Suramar
  2. Don’t show quest objective on pet guides during battles
  3. Remove debug log SPAM from WoWPro.ExpandMarkup()
  4. Reduce the value of Health when selecting the “best” pet
  5. Correct hover-text for “Enable Leveling”
  6. Remove all addon specific RegisterGuide() functions

We have 3 known bugs this release:

  1. Disabling and then Enabling addon using in-game menu loses settings.
  2. The guide window is not anchored and wanders around.
  3. Guide selector module currently not functioning.

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our “Troubleshooting Page” first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our “Friendly Chat Room“!


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    Jan 15, 2017 @ 16:12 pm

    Suramar Guide updateGlimmering Treasure Chest (rank 3)Found at 42.48, 20.47 (top of floating stairs, Moonguard Stronghold)  From The Lunar Crucible, cross water to south, and you can climb hill to reach top of stairs.

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