WoW-Pro 8.3.0-B4+1.13.5-B4 Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, Achievements and Professions Release Notes




Current Version: 8.3.0-B4/1.13.5-B4
Last Update: Aug 24, 2020
Next Update: Sep 24, 2020.


This is the 4th WoW 8.3.0/1.13.5 Release

This update includes:

  • Support for Retail 8.3.0 and Classic 1.13.5 and PTR Shadowlands (Just the addon, not the guides yet!)
  • Updated Classic and Retail guides
  • Some bug fixes.

We have a few changes in the B4 release (compared to 8.3.0-B3/1.13.4-B3):

  1. Update code to handle Shadowlands client API changes
  2. Retail Dailies Guide Updates: ShadoPan, Fishing Dailies
  3. Classic Leveling Guide Updates: Teldrassil, LochModan, Tirisfal_Glades, Silverpine_Forest, The_Barrens, HordeChapter1+2
  4. Retail Leveling Guide Updates: 26 guides were updated.
  5. New guides: Horde Exile’s Reach (Dev only)
  6. Bug with multiple objective tracking fixed
  7. Bug with FAILed quest detection fixed
  8. Quest Log handling cleaned up and updated to handle Shadowlands
  9. Frames with Backdrops get Shadowlands compatibility fix
  10. Bug fix when un-summoning when there is no pet.
  11. Bug fix when starting while parsing characters trades.
  12. Bug fix to trade scanner: First Aid now exists again in classic


We have a few changes in the B3 release (compared to 8.3.0-B2/1.13.4-B2):

  1. Update classic interface to 11305
  2. Classic Guide Updates: Tirisfal_Glades, Hendo_HordeChapter1+2,
  3. Retail Guide Updates: Townlong_Steppes, Legion_Paladin, Zuldazar, ShadoPan, DMF,
  4. New guides: Retail BFA Exploration, Brood of Alysrazor Achievement
  5. Bug fix for profession sensing in Retail
  6. Un-summon the first pet for a pet battles in retail


We have a few changes in the B2 release (compared to 8.3.0-B0/1.13.4-B0):

  1. B2 fixes a bug in B1 that prevented guide selection.
  2. Fixed bug where guides were being reloaded across portal screens, when they could have been recycled.
  3. Fixed a bug where steps that were being completed in the load phase did not record the completion.
  4. An internal change to the quest log scanner was made to support the next expansion!
  5. An internal change to suppress markdown conversion in the guide recorder was made to support the next expansion!
  6. Various bug fixes in the recorder made to support the next expansion!
  7. A bug not detecting the current zone after the initial guide load was fixed.
  8. A bug where the leveling pet name in pet battles was “Leveling” instead of the actual pet name.
  9. Invalid zone names no longer generate a LUA traceback in addition to yelling at you in chat.
  10. We switched to a new HTML parser for loading the guides from This exposed a bug where any use of the & character did not preserve spacing. Like [Marius & Tehd vs a Doomlord] became [Marius&Tehd vs a Doomlord]. About 60 guides were fixed.
  11. Location of [Grand Master Mo’ruk] updated, [Flowing Pandaren Spirit] and [Burning Pandaren] updated.
  12. Squirt Garrison pet battle has a new strategy.
  13. Most of the BFA guides showed irrelevant kill steps when run with rank 1. Fixed!
  14. Classic Durotar guide: Added Shaman quest.
  15. Classic Barrens guide: Fixed [Warsong Reports] mistaken turn-in.
  16. Classic Horde: Hendo touched all his guides!
  17. BFA Black Empire guide updated with more and better steps for Pandaria.


We have a few changes in the B0 release (compared to 8.3.0-A1/1.13.2-L7):

  1. Patch levels are now the same (B0) between Retail and Classic
  2. Gethe contributed an automated system that checks the addon code for rule violations. It helps stop mistakes from being released.
  3. HereBeDragons has been updated to the latest 2.03 release
  4. The memory footprint for the addon has been reduced. A log (Deltas) was being added to and never pruned. It was eliminated.
  5. Fixed bug that caused a LUA error if your target was an NPC that disappeared during a cutscene.
  6. Quest Objective validation was improved.
  7. Sped up guide loading by not updating guides on steps where it could be done later.
  8. Got rid of debug logging that had slipped into the released versions of the addon.
  9. Fixed bug where Classic was trying to use C_Garrison and blew up.
  10. Over 100 guides were updated between Classic and Retail. Really!


Known bugs:

  1. Guide window slowly moves around across logins/screen reloads. (improved, but not done)
  2. Disabling and then Enabling addon using in-game menu loses settings.
  3. Guide selector module currently not functioning.


While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our “Troubleshooting Page” first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our “Discord Chat Room“!




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