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QuestionYour guides really helped me out and I want to return the favor, what can I do to help?

AnswerHere’s how you can contribute:

1. Most important and easiest way to help: Spread the word. Tell people about our guides, encourage them to come and contribute. Your friends, guildmates, boards you visit, people on the general channel in-game. Tell them that these guides are FREE and that they make you level much faster than any other guide or addon.

2. WoW-Pro is entirely financed by advertises and donations. So if you can’t afford a donation but still want to support the site, please disable your Ad Blocker.

3. Post useful comments here. When people ask for advices and you know the answer, go for it and help them out. WoW-Pro is a helpful community for wow players of all levels. When you try our guides, if you find any mistakes, please leave a comment as well.

4. If you can afford it, feel free to Leave a tip

5. Subscribe to Jame’s YouTube Channel

6. Follow Jame on Twitter

7. Join Jame’s Guides Discord

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