Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Ultimate Guide


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Elden Ring.

On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 1500+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Elden Ring as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL Elden Ring Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Spells
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Expore every dungeon
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips


If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:


The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Elden Ring

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.


  • All 42 Trophies including the Elden Lord platinum trophy
  • All 7 Great Runes
  • All Quest Lines, every NPC dialogues until the end of their quest lines
  • All 32 Flask of Wondrous Physiks Tears
  • All 20 Cracked Pots
  • All 10 Ritual Pots
  • All 10 Perfume Bottles
  • All 8 Memory Stones
  • All 3 Talisman Pouches
  • All Ashes of War
  • All Spirit Ashes
  • All Weapons
  • All Shields
  • All Bows and Crossbows
  • All Armor Sets
  • All Talismans
  • All Sacred Tears
  • All Golden Seeds
  • All 8 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 8 Unique Armaments to the Max)
  • All 15 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 15 Normal Armaments to the Max)
  • All Stonesword Keys (we’ll finish our 1st playthrough with 34 spare Stonesword Keys after opening every possible Imp Statues)
  • All 3 Mending Runes (for the alternative endings)
  • All Keys and Medallions
  • All 18 Larval Tears (for respec)
  • All 24 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks
  • All 8 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Missionary’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Perfumer’s Cookbooks
  • All 3 Fevor’s Cookbooks
  • All 2 Frenzied Cookbooks
  • All 6 Whetblades
  • All 19 Maps


All incantations:

  • 6 Bestial Incantations
  • 4 Blood Incantations
  • 14 Dragon Communion Incantations
  • 12 Dragon Cult Incantations
  • 13 Erdtree Incantations
  • 4 Fire Giant Incantations
  • 9 Fire Monk Incantations
  • 5 Frenzied Flame Incantations
  • 6 Godskin Apostle Incantations
  • 9 Golden Order Incantations
  • 4 Servants of Rot Incantations
  • 15 Two Fingers Incantations


All sorceries:

  • 2 Aberrant Sorceries
  • 10 Carian Sorceries
  • 3 Crystallian Sorceries
  • 5 Death Sorceries
  • 2 Full Moon Sorceries
  • 20 Glintstone Sorceries
  • 5 Gravity Sorceries
  • 2 Loretta’s Sorceries
  • 4 Magma Sorceries
  • 7 Night Sorceries
  • 3 Primeval Sorceries
  • 5 Snow Witch Sorceries


Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Golden Rune, material or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ or Co-op / PvP game after.


I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the 170 bosses in Elden Ring.


  • If you’ve never played a souls game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran souls player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.


We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Elden Ring.


The Build

We’ll start with a very simple quality build and keep it that way in the early game. We’ll be very powerful and kill our first two Shardbearers that way.

Then we’ll use a single Larval Tear to respec and go a different route. We’ll be go heavy in INT and switch to one of the strongest weapons in the game, Moonveil, which will not only make us extremely strong in melee, but also have access to a range of Sorceries which will make us even more powerful and versatile.


About midway through our adventure, we’ll also acquire the most iconic weapon in all souls games: the Dark Moon Greatsword, which will make us even stronger. That’s the general path we’ll take, but there will be many other surprises and upgrades we’ll pick up along the way. We’ll of course use Summons, Ashes of war, Shields and strong counters. We’ll also use a bit of crafting in certain situations to use pots. And we’ll use Perfumes, which are incredibly underrated.


One of my goals was to showcase a very strong yet versatile character build, instead of a one-trick pony type of character. I wished I could have included more variety, such as Incantations and Dragon Communion Incantations, but it would’ve required more respecing to make this viable and keep our power curve above the enemies we encounter. So I kept it simple and focused primarily on making this build simple, efficient and most importantly: get us through Elden Ring without any painful hurdles such as dying 10+ times to the same boss or difficult area.



The Guide’s format


This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained


All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be included, but if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.


The text version of my Elden Ring walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.



Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.


Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same skills / spells.


Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Yes. This guide works for ALL platforms.


Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. Subscribe to the channel
  2. Like and comment every video
  3. Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. Leave a tip:


Q: Is there a way to get the Gesture: The Ring if I didn’t preorder the game?

A: Yes. You have to play co-op and defeat a boss with someone who preordered the game.


Q: Why don’t you enable the Martyr Effigy?

A: Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP. Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy. Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.


Q: Are you also covering rare drops from farmable enemies?

A: No. The guide would be way too long. The only exception will be the Brass Shield because we’ll use it in our build and it’s probably the best shield in the game in terms of weight / strength requirement to Guard Boost ratio. None of the other farmable rare drops are necessary, because the best items in the game are guaranteed drops.

Character creation

Origin: Samurai

You can pick a different origin if you like, especially if you want to take a different path for your character build.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, at high level those starting attributes won’t matter at all.

Let me tell you why Samurai is a good starting class:

  • Katana is an amazing weapon with great stats, innate bleed buildup and one of the best Ashes of War in the game
  • Samurai starts with a Longbow, which will be quite useful early on
  • The starting stats spread is perfect for our quality build and the unique weapon we’ll switch to soon.


Keepsake: Lands Between Rune is the best choice, it gives us some early runes to spend to have an easier start

  • Why not pick the Golden Seed? Because we’ll get plenty Golden Seeds early and reach the maximum amount of flask charges regardless. We’ll finish the game with 12 extra Golden Seeds, so it’s useless to pick this keepsake.
  • Why not pick the Stonesword Key? Because we’ll finish our first playthrough with 34 Stonesword Keys to spare, and that’s after opening every single imp statue.
  • Why not pick any other other item? Because we’ll get them all during our first platythrough anyway.





6:43 Gesture: The Ring

6:46 Tarnished’ Wizened Finger

13:29 Strength!

14:02 Finger Severer

14:02 Tarnished’s Furled Finger

16:34 Small Golden Effigy

17:07 Golden Rune [2]

18:05 Crafting Kit (300 Runes)

18:19 Smithing Stone [1]

18:59 4x Kukri

22:32 Spectral Steed Whistle



1:31 Starting Class

1:46 Body Type

1:56 Keepsake

7:11 Grafted Scion

9:53 Organize Items

11:05 Crafting Materials

14:36 Talking to NPCs

16:41 Glowing Skulls

16:53 Avoid this knight

18:34 Looting tip

19:22 Ruin Fragments

19:55 Use Golden Runes

22:54 Level up advice



14:31 Talk to Varré 3x

22:13 “Accept”



10:30 2-Hand Grip

10:43 Unsheathe

10:57 FP Management

11:14 Dealing with shields

11:46 Try All Moves

11:57 Sneak & Backstab

12:18 Spacing

12:34 Charged Attacks

12:45 Parrying

13:08 Parrying is risky



00:00 Intro – Walkthrough Presentation

01:24 Character creation

02:36 CUT SCENE: Elden Ring Intro

06:42 Chapel of Anticipation

07:49 CUT SCENE: Torrent & Melina

09:49 Tutorial Area

13:45 The First Step

14:36 Talk to Varré 3x

16:35 Church of Elleh

17:24 NPC Dialogue: Kalé

18:22 Gatefront

20:30 CUT SCENE: Melina’s Accord

21:23 Talk to Melina

22:54 Level Up

23:26 Episode End



After intro cut scene:

  • Gesture: The Ring

Corpse on the right:

  • Tarnished Wizened Finger

Open double doors, move up and get killed by Grafted Scion

Note: it is possible to kill this scion now, but it’s very difficult and not worth the trouble. We’ll be back here much later to get our revenge.

Cut scene

  • 3x Flask of Crimson Tears
  • 1x Flask of Cerulean Tears

Jump down the hole to the right

Move up, Site of Grace: Cave of Knowledge

Rest at site of grace

Do the Tutorial area. Check video if you want to see my basic combat tips:

Unsheathe is an amazing Ash of War

Use Jump Attacks vs Shield enemies to break their posture and get a critical

Stealthing and backstabs

Spacing, letting enemies swing first, backstabbing

Parrying – Great when it works, but requires perfect timing and knowing the enemy’s movesets – So we’ll rarely use it in this guide, we’ll rely on much safer mechanics

At the end of Tutorial area:

  • Gesture: Strength!

Open double doors and move up to Site of Grace: Standed Graveyard



Move up, loot corpse to the right:

  • Finger Severer
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger

Take lift up and exit

Talk to Varré 3 times

Activate Site of Grace: The First Step

Drop down to the right:

  • Small Golden Effigy


North to Church of Elleh (avoid the knight rider in golden armor)

  • Golden Rune [2] (in front of the church)

Activate Site of Grace: Church of Elleh

Talk to Kalé:

“About Kalé”

  • Crafting Kit (purchase for 300 Runes)

Next to Kalé on the anvil:

  • Smithing Stone [1]

Run North along the path through the woods:

  • 4x Kukri (west side of the path)
  • 4x Ruin Fragment (east side of the path on some ruins)
Note: These Ruin Fragments are crafting materials (similar to plants) respawn everytime you rest at a grace, so most of the time I won’t mention them or list them in the item checklist. Just grab them on your way whenever you see them.

Go left around the big camp until you reach Site of Grace: Gatefront

Open inventory and use our keepsake: Lands Between Rune

Also use Golden Rune [2] we just picked up


Rest at the grace to trigger a cut scene to meet Melina:


  • Spectral Steed Whistle

Level up: put all runes into Vigor

For now our priority is to have enough health to not die everytime we get hit, so Vigor it is!










0:45 Map: Limgrave, West

1:22 3x Ruins Fragment

1:49 Longsworn’s Greatsword

3:04 Flail

5:23 Whet Knife

5:23 Ash of War: Storm Stomp

7:42 10x Mushroom

8:20 Arteria Leaf

9:25 Ash of War: Determination

11:12 Smithing Stone [1]

12:40 Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [1]

13:32 Spirit Calling Bell

13:32 Lone Wolf Ashes

15:48 Nomadic Warrior’s Coobook [1]

16:28 Lump of Flesh

16:48 Golden Seed

17:35 Stonesword Key

18:16 Gesture: Sitting Sideways

18:55 Spirit Jellyfish Ashes



0:12 Night Stealth

0:22 Sentinels

2:06 Guard Counters

2:27 Guarding

3:21 Bow pulling

4:22 Dogs

5:12 Camp cleared

9:10 Horse combat

10:00 Barbarian Riders

10:30 Horse riding trick

10:41 Dodging

10:53 Killing the horse

11:51 Horse stamina



2:37 Golden Leaves

3:56 About Ammo

5:41 Whetstone Knife

5:48 Summon Torrent

6:12 Level up

6:25 Pass time

8:28 Birdseye Telescope

9:00 Killing animals

9:23 Scarabs

16:01 Upgrade Uchigatana +1

17:14 Add Charge to Flask



6:57 Talk to Boc the Seamster 3x

13:02 Talk to Renna 2x “I can call the spectral steed”

14:32 Talk to Kalé 2x

17:45 Talk to Roderika 3x



6:05 Agheel Lake North

17:01 Stormhill Shack



00:00 Intro: Clearing Gatefront

05:49 Summon Torrent and Level Up

06:38 Boc the Seamster

08:20 To the Bridge

11:16 To the Graveyard

12:53 Renna the Witch

14:27 Kalé

16:13 Through the Gate

17:12 Stormhill Shack

17:43 Roderika

19:16 Episode End



Clear Gatefront Ruins, check video to see how to defeat all the enemies safely, using a mix of stealthing (night time helps with that) and Bow pulling
  • Map: Limgrave, West (stele at the start of the camp)
  • 3x Ruins Fragment (corpse southwestern side of camp)
  • Longsworn’s Greatsword (Charriot gate side of camp)
  • Flail (Charriot northeast of camp)
Take stairs down and open chest :
  • Whet Knife
  • Ash of War: Storm Stomp
Hotkey your Spectral Steed Whistle and use it to summon Torrent
Southeast along the road to find Site of Grace: Agheel Lake North
Rest and level up
All into Vigor until 20
Just in case you’ve been farming and have more runes to spend than me, here are our stats goals by priority:
  • Vigor 20
  • Strength 18
  • End 15
  • Dex 17
  • Vigor 25
  • End 20
Pass time until morning (roads are safer during daytime)
East/Southeast: Find Boc the Seamster by hitting a suspicious bush
Talk to Boc the Seamster 2x:
  • 10x Mushroom
Talk to Boc once more
Southwest a few steps:
  • Arteria Leaf
Optional: West to Use Birdseye Telescope to get an overview of the area
East until bridge  (check video for mounted combat tips):
  • Ash of War: Determination (kill  Grey Scarab)
  • Smithing Stone [1] (corpse on bridge’s edge)
Southeast past Waypoint Ruins to a Graveyard, kill wolf pack then loot the coffins:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
Warp to Church of Elleh
Talk to Renna
“I can call the spectral steed”
  • Spirit Calling Bell
  • Lone Wolf Ashes
Talk to Renna again until she vanishes
Talk to Kalé
Talk 2x (he’ll tell you about his people)
Buy from Kalé:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Coobook [1]
Don’t worry about the other cookbooks, we’ll buy them later, we won’t need them any time soon, our runes will be better spent elsewhere
  • Upgrade Uchigatana +1 (at the anvil)
Warp to Gatefront
Ride northwest straight through the gate, loot corpse on the way:
  • Lump of Flesh
Keep going until you see a small golden tree on the right side of the path:
  • Golden Seed
Further up the path, find Site of Grace: Stormhill Shack
Add Charge to Flask
Few steps southeast, corpse up wooden structure:
  • Stonesword Key
Inside the shack, talk to Roderika 3 x
  • Gesture: Sitting Sideways
  • Spirit Jellyfish Ashes






1:00 Crossed Legs

1:22 Starlight Shard

1:59 Smithing Stone [1]

2:31 3x Bloodrose

2:41 Godrick Soldiers Ashes

2:57 3x Magic Grease

3:47 3x Smithing Stone [1]

4:14 Strength-Knot Crystal Tear

4:35 5x Fire Arrows

4:54 Golden Rune [3]

Golden Rune [2]

Golden Rune [2]

Golden Rune [5]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [1]

7:28 Ash of War: No Skill (600 Runes)

7:43 3x Root Resin (farmable)

8:40 4x Smithing Stone [1]

8:40 1x Smithing Stone [2]

9:00 Beast Liver

9:06 Sanctuary Stones & Ruin Fragments

10:33 Exalted Flesh

11:08 Beast Crest Heater Shield

12:42 2x Smithing Stone [1]

12:52 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3] (500 Runes)

12:52 Cracked Pot (600 Runes)

13:31 3x Triny’s Lily

14:06 Smithing Stone [1]

14:12 “Homing Instinct” Painting

14:55 Golden Rune [6] Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [4]

15:07 Fevor’s Cookbook [1]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [2]

Golden Rune [4]

Golden Rune [1]

15:55 Smithing Stone [2]

16:12 Ash of War: Sacred Blade

16:41 Neutralizing Boluses

17:23 Crimson Crystal Tear

17:24 Flask of Wondrous Physicks

17:30 Sacred Tear



08:42 Breaking statues

09:30 Summon Ashes

10:35 Summon duration



1:27 Starlight Shards

4:48 Exploding Enemies

7:29 Ash of War: No Skill

11:14 Beast Crest Shield

14:14 Artist Painting

15:27 Dropping down cliffs

15:53 Loot and run

17:26 Flask of Wondrous Physick



6:13 Talk to Bernhal 2x “My Faith holds firm”

17:42 Talk to Melina “I’m interested”



5:55 Warmaster’s Shack

12:18 Saintsbridge

14:06 Artist’s Shack

17:36 Third Church of Marika



00:00 Picking up some items

03:27 Next morning – More items

05:47 Warmaster’s Shack

07:55 Level Up

08:27 Troll Valley

09:27 Clearing a camp

12:02 Saintsbridge

12:51 Nomadic Merchant

13:24 Artist’s Shack

14:26 Dropping down to the River

17:00 Third Church of Marika

17:42 Talk to Melina

18:40 Episode End


From Stormhill Shack
South on top of ruins:
  • Crossed Legs
Southwest to the edge to find a big Sundial:
  • Starlight Shard
Northwest in the forest, all the way to the nortwhest corner:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
East in the forest, through Jellyfish camp, just loot and run:
  • 3x Bloodrose
  • Godrick Soldiers Ashes
  • 3x Magic Grease
East, drop down and then  northeast back to Stormhill Shack
Pass time until morning
Southeast to dead guy sitting on chair in an open field:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [1]
Head north to upper layer of the hill then east along the edge:
  • Strength-Knot Crystal Tear
Go backwards and down the lower cliff level, then east to:
  • 5x Fire Arrows
Go east/southeast to a graveyard (watch out bombs):
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
North/Northeast to Site of Grace: Warmaster’s Shack
Talk to Bernhal
“My Faith holds firm”
  • Ash of War: No Skill (600 Runes)
A few steps east/northeast around a tree:
  • 3x Root Resin (these can be farmed by resting at the nearby grace, very useful crafting material)
Go back to the grace, use all golden runes and level up. You should have enough Runes to reach 20 VIGOR or close. That’s all we need for now.
Just in case you’ve been farming and have more runes to spend than me, here are our stats goals by priority:
Vigor: 20
Strength: 18
End: 15
Dex: 17
Vigor 25
End 20
Pass time until morning
South to troll area. have them destroy the glowing stone to get:
  • 4x Smithing Stone [1]
  • 1x Smithing Stone [2]
Northeast to an item under a troll:
  • Beast Liver
North to encampment, hotkey Lone Wolf Ashes and summon them. Clear the camp:
  • Exalted Flesh (corpse near tent on the right)
  • Beast Crest Heater Shield (chest on opposite side of camp)
Clear the rest of the camp with the help of your Wolves
East back on the trail to Site of Grace: Saintsbridge
Cross bridge:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [1] (corpse)
Merchant to the right past bridge:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3]
  • Cracked Pot
Southeast to a big two-part ruins, at the foot of second one loot 3 plants:
  • 3x Triny’s Lily
West/southwest, drop down a couple of cliffs then south to a shack:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
  • “Homing Instinct” Painting
  • Site of Grace: Artist’s Shack:
Northeast, drop down another cliff and further norhteast to a Graveyard:
  • Golden Rune [6]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Fevor’s Cookbook [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [1]
North/Northeast drop down safely using tombstones sticking out of the cliff wall
Drop down the next cliff using another tombstone, land in the river with bear and wolves fighting, quickly loot corpse and go back:
  • Smithing Stone [2]
Follow the river, stick to your left, further east you’ll find Grey Scarab on northern river bank:
  • Ash of War: Sacred Blade
Further east by a broken cart:
  • Neutralizing Boluses
Go back west along the cliff edge until you can safely drop down to reach the church below
Inside the church:
  • Crimson Crystal Tear
  • Flask of Wondrous Physicks
  • Sacred Tear
Site of Grace:Third Church of Marika
Rest and Talk to Melina
“I’m interested”






12:29 Roundtable Hold



0:39 Ash of War: Wild Strikes

2:20 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookcook [7]

3:43 Sacred Tear

7:01 Lantern (Purchase for 1800 Runes)

7:48 Map: Liurnia, East

10:41 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

14:57 Gesture: Prayer

15:18 Gesture: What do you want?

15:31 White Cipher Ring (1000 Runes)

18:43 Baldachin’s Blessing



1:08 Talk to Finger Reader “Show hands”

3:49 Talk to Thops “Donate 10 Runes” Talk About the glintstone key

11:26 Talk to Melina “Go to the Roundtable Hold”

12:41 Talk 2x to Sir Gideon Offnir, the All-Knowing

13:23 Talk to Roderika

14:05 Talk to Brother Corhyn “I see it”

15:18 Talk to Masked Man

16:17 Talk to Smithing Master Hewg About Roderika About the Chains on your legs You’re a prisoner?

17:52 Talk to Fia “Let her hold you”

19:50 Talk to Roderika “Tell her about what the blacksmith said”

20:40 Talk to Smithing Master Hewg About Roderika “Would you watch over Roderika?” “It’s what she wants”

21:27 Talk to Roderika again



2:15 Secret way around Stormveil Castle

3:21 Don’t rest

7:03 Lantern

7:51 Grab and run

8:30 Set up Marker

10:13 Place 2 more markers

10:58 If scarab escapes

12:35 Roundtable Hold

15:31 White Cipher Ring

16:30 Upgrade Uchigatana +4 (1500 Runes needed)

19:21 Baldachin’s Blessing

20:40 Roderika / Hewg



3:24 Lake-Facing Cliffs

6:51 Liurna Lake Shore

10:05 Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore

11:11 Study Hall Entrance



00:00 Back to Stormhill

00:57 Finger Reader

03:22 Entering Liurnia

03:40 Thops

06:13 Liurnia Lake Shore

07:46 Long Ride North

10:05 Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore

11:26 Melina

12:37 Roundtable Hold – 1st Room

15:15 Roundtable Hold – North Wing

16:05 Roundtable Hold – Southeast Wing

19:49 Talk to Roderika again

20:40 Talk to Smith Hewg again

21:25 Talk to Roderika once more

21:43 Episode End



Warp to Stormhill Shack
Northwest follow path towards castle, kill Grey Scarab:
  • Ash of War: Wild Strikes
North to ruined bridge, talk to old lady:
   “Show hands”
Further up the bridge:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookcook [7]
Check video for next part, it’s a long way.
Jump down and follow a very long secret path, run past wolves, activate (but don’t restSite of Grace: Lake-Facing Cliffs
Further West/Southwest to reach Church of Irith:
  • Sacred Tear
Talk to Thops
   “Donate 10 Runes”
   About the glintstone key
West take the path down, go around the big encampment and activate (don’t rest) Site of Grace: Liurna Lake Shore
Talk to Nomadic Merchant:
  • Lantern (Purchase for 1800 Runes – Use Golden Runes if needed)
Ride north to the map stele, loot and keep going north:
  • Map: Liurnia, East
Keep going north for a long while into the lake (check video to see exactly where)
You’ll reach the eastern shore, activate (but dont’ rest) Site of Grace: Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore
East path then south until Grey Scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3] (if scarab escapes no problem, do next step and rest at the grace to respawn it)
Southeast to Carian Study Hall, enter building to find:
Site of Grace: Study Hall Entrance
Melina will talk to you.
   “Go to the Roundtable Hold”
Achievement Unlocked: Roundtable Hold
Talk to everyone in the first room, counter- clockwise:
Talk 2x to Sir Gideon Offnir, the All-Knowing
Talk 1x to Roderika
Talk to Brother Corhyn
   “I see it”
  • Gesture: Prayer
Go to hallway next to Corhyn
Talk to masked man leaning against the column
  • Gesture: What do you want?
Talk to Twin-Maiden Husks in the next room and buy:
  • White Cipher Ring (if you play co-op and get invaded, this ring will summon someone to help you)
Back to round table room, enter room left of the fireplace:
Talk to Smithing Master Hewg
Upgrade Uchigatana +4 (1500 Runes needed)
   About Roderika
   About the Chains on your legs
   You’re a prisoner?
Talk to Fia
   “Let her hold you”
  • Baldachin’s Blessing
Go to your inventory and use the Baldachin’s Blessing (so we lose the HP debuff from the Hug)
Go back to the roundtable, talk to Roderika
   “Tell her about what the blacksmith said”
Go back to Smithing Master Hewg:
   About Roderika
   “Would you watch over Roderika?”
   “It’s what she wants”
Go talk to Roderika again
The next time we come back here, Roderika will have become a Spirit Tuner and we’ll be able to upgrade our Summon Ashes






3:10 Magic Grease

6:36 5x Throwing Knives

6:40 Golden Rune [5]

6:42 5x Gold-Tinged Excrement

6:59 Map of East Limgrave

7:05 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [4]

7:48 3x Thin Beast Bones

8:02 Golden Rune [1]

8:32 Ash of War: Ground Slam

8:53 Spiked Cracked Tear

8:53 Greenspill Crystal Tear

9:51 Golden Rune [2]

10:02 Smithing Stone [2]

10:14 Axe Talisman

10:54 Sacrificial Twig

12:43 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3] (1500 Runes)

12:43 Armorer’s Cookbook [5] (2000 Runes)

14:03 Golden Seed

16:47 3x Bloodrose

17:17 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [6]

18:37 Ash of War: Bloody Slash

18:47 5x Bloodrose

18:55 Smithing Stone [1]

19:12 Dectus Medaillon (Left)

20:31 Golden Rune [1]

20:11 Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [2]

Golden Rune [3]

Golden Rune [1]

Golden Rune [2]

Golden Rune [4]

Golden Rune [1]



1:48 Shield in Action

2:01 No Skill

7:25 Charged Attacks

11:28 Build showcase

13:47 Fort Haight

15:03 Mad Pumpkin Opportunity

15:59 Explosive barrels

17:52 Miniboss prep

19:53 Giant Octopus



0:27 Equip new shield

0:39 Upgrade Flasks to +1

0:46 Mix Wondrous Physick

0:54 Ashes of War

2:50 Equip Lantern

6:04 Wait until morning

6:35 Runebears

8:48 Crimson Scarabs

9:03 Lots of Flowers

9:41 Wolf howling

9:57 Sneak past bear

10:36 Equip Axe Talisman

13:06 Talking Ghosts



3:27 Talk to Kenneth Haight 3x

17:04 Ghost: Deathtouched Catacombs



6:01 Mistwood Outskirts

13:29 Fort Haight West

22:30 Deathtouched Catacombs



00:00 Equip and Upgrade

01:07 To Ruins Bridge

03:14 Kenneth Haight

05:46 Mistwoods Outskirt

06:22 Mistwoods

08:27 Minor Erdtree

09:24 Mistwood Ruins

11:17 Ambush and Merchant

13:04 Outter Fort Haight

16:00 Inner Fort Haight

17:52 Fort Haight Miniboss

19:47 South Limgrave Beach

20:36 Graveyard

21:38 To Deathtouched Catacombs

22:30 Episode End



Warp to
  • Third Church of Marika
Equip Beast Crest Heater Shield (instead of our crappy shield)
  • Flasks:
Upgrade Flask to +2
  • Mix Wondrous Physiks:
Crimson Crystal Tear
Strength-knot Crystal Tear
  • Ash of War:
No Skill on Beast Crest Heater Shield (unless you like parrying and feel confident with it)
Southwest under the bridge, summon Wolves, clear the demi-human gang.
Check video for combat tips about:
Shield and Strong Counter
No Skill Ash of War
On the other side of bridge by a broken cart:
  • Magic Grease
Go up bridge, talk to Kenneth Haight 3x
Southwest along the road to find find Site of Grace : Mistwood Outskirts
Pass time until morning
Southeast to pond in the middle of Mistwoods. Grab everything while running and run away east:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • 5x Throwing Knives
  • Gold-Tinged Excrement
East  to map stele:
  • Map of East Limgrave
Southwest next to Runebear scratching tree, grab and run south:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [4]
South follow path until cart with ambush by 4 demi-humans:
  • 3x Thin Beast Bones
  • Golden Rune [1] (west off the trail, post guarded by 2 Gargoyles)
East/Southeast to find and kill grey scarab:
  • Ash of War: Ground Slam
East/northeast to Minor Erdtree:
  • Spiked Cracked Tear
  • Greenspill Crystal Tear
Make a lap around the tree to grab a bunch of flowers
Also kill crimson scarab if you need to refill your flasks
Get back on path head southwest to Mistwood Ruins. You should hear Wolves Howling.
Watch out for the giant bear sleeping, sneak to avoid waking it up
  • Golden Rune [2] (southwest part of the ruins)
  • Smithing Stone [2] (chest inside tower)
  • Axe Talisman (Chest downstairs next to sleeping bear)
Equip Axe Talisman
Summon Torrent to ride out of the cave past the bear and go west
West of Mistwood Ruins,  up on a small rocky hill, by a large tombstone:
  • Sacrificial Twig (guarded by Specters and Flowers, just loot and ride away)
East/Southeast back to the road, you’ll see a glowing message sign. Kill the demi-humans ambush.
Northeast into the woods to find a Nomadic Merchant, purchase:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3] (1500 Runes)
  • Armorer’s Cookbook [5] (2000 Runes)
Get back on path
Southeast all the way to Site of Grace: Fort Haight West
Fort Haight (Run past barricades, lose aggro with horse)
Check video on how to clear this castle safely. First clear the outter part, including the Mad Pumpkin Head
  • Golden Seed (small golden tree outside the castle)
Go inside forst, careful with Fire Pot Throwers and explosive barrels. If possible, snipe them form afar with bow:
  • 3x Bloodrose (corpse in courtyard – More Bloodroses flowers in the courtyard, can be farmed by resting at a grace)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [6] (inside fort, watch out for fire tossers and explosive barrels)
  • Ash of War: Bloody Slash (Defeat knight on top – Summon Wolves)
  • 5x Bloodrose (Corpse up the rampart where knight miniboss was)

Opposite wooden walkway, in a nook to the left:

  • Smithing Stone [1]
Inside the tower, ladder up to the top:
  • Dectus Medaillon (Left)
Warp to
  • Fort Haight West
Southwest to beach, defeat Giant Land Octopus (check video for combat trick to easily beat these)
  • Golden Rune [1] (corpse behind octopus)
Further southwest to graves:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [1]
Warp to
  • Saintsbridge
West up the path then turn northeast up the hill to find Catacombs door
Enter to find Site of Grace: Deathtouched Catacombs







1:09 Root Resin

1:58 Grave Glovewort [1]

2:18 Grave Glovewort [1]

2:31 Grave Glovewort [1]

2:31 Grave Violet

2:58 Uchigatana

4:00 Grave Glovewort [1]

4:08 3x Blood Rose

4:10 Grave Violet

6:11 Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

6:21 Deathroot

6:26 Root Resin

8:08 Lance Talisman

8:51 Golden Rune [3]

10:10 Gesture: Triumphant Delight

10:42 Exalted Flesh

12:15 Gesture: Finger Snap

14:04 2x Root Resin

14:15 Grave Glovewort [1]

14:38 Grave Glovewort [1]

15:05 Prattling Pate “Hello”

16:29 Ghost Glovewort

16:30 3x Smoldering Butterfly

17:06 Grave Glovewort [1]

17:44 Grave Glovewort [1]

17:45 Wandering Nobles Ashes

17:58 Grave Glovewort [1]

19:26 Noble Sorcerer Ashes



1:08 Holy Weakness

1:22 Undeads are annoying

1:41 New weapon coming up

1:58 Sacred Blade Buff

5:33 Prepare for boss: Black Knife Assassin

5:51 Black Knife Assassin strategy

7:31 Golem Strategy

13:29 Imp ambush

14:21 Imp thrower

14:48 Disabling Fire Pillar Traps

15:27 More bow action

18:37 Prepare for boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog

18:55 Erdtree Burial Watchdog Strategy



0:10 Level up

0:30 Change weapon

0:40 Flask Upgrade (+1 Charge)

0:48 Sacred Blade

3:04 Uchigatana copy

4:12 Deathtouched Catacombs Lever

4:59 Rest and re-equip

6:49 Runes level check

15:08 Prattling Pate

18:08 Stormfoot Catacombs Lever



9:30 Iron Fist Alexander “Help him out”

10:18 Talk to Alexander again 2x

11:45 Talk to Kalé “About the Howling in Mistwood”



13:05 Stormfoot Catacombs

20:22 Groveside Cave



00:00 Level up & Gear changes

00:59 Deathtouched Catacombs Walkthrough

04:54 Deathtouched Catacombs Boss

06:48 Saintsbridge Golem

08:21 Iron Fist Alexander Quest – Step 1

11:34 Talk to Kalé

12:30 Way to Stormfoot Catacombs

13:20 Stormfoot Catacombs Walkthrough

18:32 Stormfoot Catacombs Boss

19:52 Way to Groveside Cave

20:30 Level up & Episode End



== Deathtouched Catacombs Walkthrough ==
Use all Golden Runes available
  • Rest and level up.
Here are the stats goals, sorted by priority:
   VIG     20
   STR     18
   END    15
   DEX    17
   VIG     25
   END   20
Equip Lordsworn’s Greatsword (unless you don’t have enough runes to reach 16 STR, in that case Equip any other weapon you have the reqs for. If you don’t have any other options, stick with the Uchigatana)
  • Flasks:
Add charge to flask
  • Ashes of War:
Lordsworn’s Greatsword (or any other weapon you can equip) –> Sacred Blade –> Holy (very efficient against skeletons and all undead types, prevents them from resuscitating)
Note: don’t apply Sacred Blade on our Uchigatana, or we won’t have the Unsheathe Ash of War anymore
Clear the first room, 4 skeletons (if you don’t have Sacred Blade, you have to kill the enemies and then hit them before they resuscitate):
  • 2x Grave Glovewort [1] (1st room)
Under the stairs, west narrow tunnel:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
  • Grave Violet
  • Uchigatana
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Defeat archer up top. Don’t drop down, safer to go back and take the stairs down. Clear the room methodically.
  • 1x Grave Glovewort [1]
West hallway to next room:
  • 3x Blood Rose (corpse to the right)
  • 1x Grave Violet
Pull Lever
Go back to Lost Grace and rest
Re-equip Uchigatana +4
Go to yellow fog and prepare for Boss : Black Assassin
Pop Flask of Physiks before going in
Enter, summon wolves, let them get the aggro
Use charged attacks / Unsheathe – If he attacks you, keep shield up and use strong counter. Should be an easy fight.
  • Assassin’s Crimson Dagger
  • 1x Deathroot (Chest)
Root Resin (Right Corner)
Root Resin (Left Corner)
Northeast, go under giant bridge to defeat Golem (check video for an easy strategy to beat those enemies)
A few steps from the Golem, loot corpse sitting on top of statue rubbles:
  • Lance Talisman
South until cliff edge, defeat small group:
  • Golden Rune [3]
South and then east to the other side of the ravine find Alexander the pot warrior:
“Help him out”
  • Gesture: Triumphant Delight
Talk to Alexander:
  • Exalted Flesh
Talk to Alexander again
Warp to Church of Elleh
Talk to Kalé
About the Howling in Mistwood
  • Gesture: Finger Snap
Northwest to find a catacombs door at the foot of the cliff
Site of Grace: Stormfoot Catacombs
Rest and level up. Stats reminder:
   VIG     20
   STR     18
   END    15
   DEX    17
   VIG     25
   END   20
== Stormfoot catacombs Walkthrough ==
First room northwest, ambush Imp on the left. Loot corpse:
  • 2x Root Resin
Northeast hallway to boss door room, plant to the right:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Next room hide under the archways to avoid projectiles from imp above. Kill imp below, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Through narrow corridor, disable fire pillar trap with bow (check video to see how to disable these traps)
Loot corpse behind fire trap:
  • Prattling Pate “Hello”
Backtrack and disable another fire pillar southeast corridor
Behind trap, bow pull 2 imps up on the wall, kill them before moving up and killing 3 more imps (2 left 1 right)
  • 3x Smoldering Butterfly
  • Ghost Glovewort
Backtrack and southwest ladder up. Imp left as you enter. Another imp opposite side of the room. Loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Southwest hallway to room, imp ambush on the right + one more imp:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
  • Wandering Nobles Ashes
Backtrack to previous room, drop down on upper ledge south, kill imp:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Pull lever
Drop down, stairs back up to boss door room. If needed, go back to the grace to refill your flasks
Prepare for boss Erdtree Burial Watchdog
Pop Flask before entering
Enter, summon Wolves, let them get aggro and use Unsheathe / Charged Attacks
  • Noble Sorcerer Ashes
East along the wall, go around ruins, then stick to the wall to find a Cave entrance
Site of Grace: Groveside Cave
Rest and level up. Stats priority reminder:
   VIG     20
   STR     18
   END    15
   DEX    17
   VIG     25
   END   20







1:10 Cracked Pot

1:27 Golden Rune [1]

1:32 3x Glowstones

2:25 Flamedrake Talisman

3:43 Golden Rune [4]

4:31 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

5:08 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

5:19 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

5:55 Smithing Stone [1]

7:08 5x Large Glintstone Scrap

7:24 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

7:28 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

8:34 3x Glintstone Scrap

9:22 Smithing Stone [1] (vein)

9:31 Golden Rune [1]

9:39 Somber Smithing Stone [1]

9:51 Smithing Stone [1] (Forgot to pick it up in the video. It’s just before the boss double doors to the right)

11:28 Roar Medaillon

15:43 Dragon Heart

15:45 Ruin Fragments

15:47 Ruin Fragments

17:08 Arteria Leaf

17:25 Ash of War: Unsheathe

17:36 Crag Eggs

18:18 Sliver of Meat

18:25 Slumbering Egg



1:41 Beastman of Azula

6:48 Shield circling

8:07 Flamethrowers

8:39 Blast Them

9:50 Stonedigger Troll Preparation

10:20 Stonedigger Troll Strategy

13:13 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #1

13:25 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #2

13:37 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #3

13:50 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #4

14:00 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #5

14:21 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #6

14:27 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #7

14:34 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #8

15:06 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #9

15:41 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #10

15:59 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy Tip #11

16:32 Science



3:05 Killing birds

11:59 Level up

12:05 Mix Wondrous Physick

12:12 Talisman change

12:26 Hotkey Jellyfish

12:53 Craft Fetid Pots

16:12 Glowing Skulls

17:17 Kill scarab and run

17:56 Level up



18:40 Talk 2x to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura



4:06 Limgrave Tunnels

17:40 Agheel Lake South



00:00 Groveside Cave Walkthrough

01:41 Groveside Cave Boss Strategy

02:50 Way to Limgrave Tunnels

03:36 Limgrave Tunnels Walkthrough

09:50 Limgrave Tunnels Boss Strategy

11:45 Dragon Slaying Preparation

13:13 Flying Dragon Agheel Strategy

16:12 Scientific Experiment

17:12 Agheel Lake South

18:17 Yura

19:47 Episode End



== Groveside Cave Walkthrough ==
Turn on Lantern
First room snipe a couple of wolves with bow before dropping down to kill the rest. Loot corpse below:
  • Cracked Pot
Kill 2 more wolves further down in the pond, loot 2 more corpses:
  • 3x Glowstones
  • Golden Rune [1]
Northeast tunnel to boss fog, prepare to fight Beastman of Azula
Pop Flask, Enter, Summon Wolves
  • Flamedrake Talisman
East, find a safe way to drop down to the lake then north to cave entrance to Limgrave Tunnels
== Limgrave Tunnels Walkthrough ==
Instead of taking elevator down, drop down to the left side, to a small ledge, then drop again to the next ledge bellow and go inside the tunnel to find:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Drop down to the bottom carefully and you’ll find Lost Grace: Limgrave Tunnels
First room can be cleared with all backstabs, drop down after first miner
  • Smithing Stone [1] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [1] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [1] (vein)
Southwest tunnel, loot corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
Northeast tunnel to elevator all the way down
Move up to a room with a wooden cabin, snipe the dog with bow
Inside the cabin:
  • 5x Large Glintstone Scrap
Dog + Miner behind cabin, to access a vein:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
Kill miner, loot vein:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
Backtrack to Elevator back up, jump off midway (face southeast)
Defeat miners carefully, I suggest bow pulling one or two for an easier fight
  • 3x Glintstone Scrap (corpse to the right)
  • Smithing Stone [1] (vein)
3rd Elevator, jump down to the left a couple of ledges to get:
  • Golden Rune [1]
Jump down to another ledge below to get:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1]

To the right, just before the boss double doors:

  • Smithing Stone [1] (Forgot to pick it up in the video)
Prepare for Boss: Stonedigger Troll
Pop flask before opening double doors, enter, summon Godrick Soldiers Ashes (better for this fight)
Keep your distances, use Unsheathe R2. Could be a bit more challenging than previous bosses so check video to see the strategy in action
  • Roar Medaillon
Warp back to Limgrave tunnels
Use all your runes to level, if you’re short a few hundred runes, pop some Golden Runes.
We’re about to take on a dangerous enemy, so don’t carry a lot of runes on you.
Stat goals:
   VIG     20
   STR     18
   END    15
   DEX    17
   VIG     25
   END   20
  • Mix Wondrous Physick:
Greenpill crystal Tear
Strength-Knot Crystal tear
  • Talisman change:
Lance Talisman
Hotkey Jellyfish Ashes
Craft 2x Fetid Pots
Get back up and out into Lake Agheel
Defeat Algheel the Dragon (check video for strategy)
  • Dragon Heart
Loot the Lake area:
  • Ruin Fragments (ruins southwestern park of lake)
  • Ruin Fragments (island northwestern part of lake)
  • Arteria Leaf (altar in the center – Throw Fetid Pot at one of the poison eggs to trigger chain reaction)
Southeast of lake, guarded by two giant crabs is a grey scarab, kill it and run southeast:
  • Ash of War: Unsheathe
Further southeast you’ll find Site of Grace: Agheel Lake South
Rest and spend runes
Stat goals:
   VIG     20
   STR     18
   END    15
   DEX    17
   VIG     25
   END   20
West to small camp:
  • Silver of Meat
West to the top of the big ruined arch:
  • Slumbering Egg
Go below the arch and talk to Yura 2x






1:19 Stonesword Key

1:40 Golden Rune [2]

3:18 Twinblade

4:18 Fire Grease

6:30 Reduvia Dagger

8:49 5x Mushrooms

9:26 Cloth Garb

9:26 Cloth Trousers

10:09 2x Golden Rune [1]

10:09 Gesture: Grovel For Mercy

12:35 Erdtree Dagger

18:30 Smithing Stone [1]

18:44 Incantation Scarab

19:21 Golden Rune [1]

20:11 Ash of War: Gravitas

21:05 Haligdrake Talisman



0:35 Dragon-Burnt Ruins

5:22 Nerijus: Run and Dodge

5:37 Nerijus: High bleed buildup

20:09 Alabaster Lord



3:08 Warning

4:26 Dangerous invasion

7:15 Level up

7:55 Chain bell traps

14:48 Snap Fingers

18:28 Deadly hole

18:42 Painting Riddle #1 Homing Instinct

19:48 Spiritspring down



10:33 Talk to Patches “Forgive and Forget” Talk to Patches 2x

12:11 Talk to Kenneth Haight 3x “Pledge Service”

15:10 Talk to Blaidd the Half-Wolf 2x

16:06 Talk to Varré 3x “I’ll fly straight and true!”



6:58 Murkwater Cave

19:31 Seaside Ruins



00:00 Gear changes

00:27 Dragon-Burnt Ruins

03:57 Bloody Finger Nerijus

06:50 Murkwater Cave Walkthrough

09:15 Defeat Patches (don’t kill him)

10:33 Talk to Patches

11:52 Talk to Kenneth Haight

14:20 To Mistwood Ruins

14:58 Talk to Blaidd the Halfwolf

16:00 Talk to Varré

18:09 Homing Instinct Painting Riddle

19:18 To the Beach

20:08 Alabaster Lord

20:44 Tutorial Cave

21:12 Episode End


Re-equip Axe Talisman
Re-hotkey Wolf Ashes
Northwest to Dragon-Burnt ruins:
Watch out: don’t open chest behind a door downstairs in the middle of the ruins. It’s a trap. Teleports you to a very dangerous place where you will most certainly die.
Clear out the camp carefully (dogs are the main threat). Summon Wolves for an easier time:
Stonesword Key
Golden Rune [2]
Twinblade (Double jump in closed ruin, stairs down, chest behind door)
Northeast all the way to bridge
Fire Grease (under bridge)
Keep riding until dismount
Invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus (check video for strategy – Best run back towards the bridge and wait for Yura to come help)
Reduvia Dagger
West to cave, rest at Site of Grace: Murkwater Cave
Level Up if enough runes (pop some Golden Runes if you’re a few hundreds short)
Stats reminder:
VIG        20
STR       18
END      15
DEX       17
VIG         25
END       20
== Murkwater Cave Walkthrough ==
Watch out for the chain bell traps on the floor, you’ll get swarmed if you walk into them
First Fork go Left
5x Mushrooms (chest at bottom, guarded by 3)
Go back to Fork, take other tunnel to boss area:
Get ready for boss fight after opening the chest:
Cloth Garb
Cloth Trousers
Bring Patches down to 50% HP, do not finish him off. We need him for his quest line.
2x Golden Rune [1]
Gesture: Grovel For Mercy
Talk to Patches
Forgive and Forget”
Warp to Mistwood Outskirts
Northeast to Kenneth Haight for quest reward:
Erdtree Dagger
Talk to him again 2x
“Pledge Service”
South to Mistwood Ruins, use gesture: Finger Snap
Talk to Blaidd the Half-Wolf 2x
Warp to The First Step
Talk 3 times to Varré, say “I’ll fly straight and true!”
East/southeast you’ll find a hole:
Smithing Stone [1]
Further east find location for “Homing Instinct” painting:
Incantation Scarab
Southeast on top of a rock:
Golden Rune [1]
Southeast along the edge until you find Site of Grace: Seaside Ruins
Rest and level up if enough runes:
VIG        20
STR       18
END      15
DEX       17
VIG         25
END       20
South find Spiritspring, use it to jump down safely to the beach
West defeat a Gravity Lord (careful, tough enemy. Use Unsheathe as much as needed)
Ash of War: Gravitas
Northwest to a small cave:
Haligdrake Talisman
Don’t drop down, this is actually the starting area where we did the tutorial.



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    Is the text guide for episode 4 meant to be there? Happy to play more but if it’s an unfinished placeholder that went live by accident I’ll hold off

  • img
    May 10, 2022 @ 0:43 am

    @Loranger EP02 is out. I’m going for Daily Uploads, each episode takes so much time I can’t do more unless this becomes my full time job 😉

  • img
    May 10, 2022 @ 0:42 am

    @RSBennett EP02 is out! I think I can keep up the pace with the daily episode for now!

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    May 9, 2022 @ 19:14 pm

    this is exactly what i wanted. can you release more chapters soon?

  • img
    May 9, 2022 @ 15:03 pm

    So what are you thinking Jame? I know you said before you were hoping for daily episodes on this one but I get that it’s gonna be a lot of work. Is daily still seeming doable or should I stop checking every hour? 😂

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    May 9, 2022 @ 14:57 pm

    Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP.
    Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy.
    Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.

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    May 9, 2022 @ 8:59 am

    Why aren’t you including the martyr effigies?

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    May 9, 2022 @ 1:31 am

    So excited! Getting started right away.

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    May 8, 2022 @ 21:44 pm

    haha yeah I’ve been ready and waiting for it! But yeah happy to wait, though if you need anyone to play test the text guides for future episodes while you edit the footage feel free to reach out!

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    May 8, 2022 @ 18:06 pm

    Damn that was fast! Hope you’ll have the patience to wait for the next episodes.

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