Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 6


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Elden Ring.

This is Part 6 of my Walkthrough, I’ve decided to split it into several pages to make it more readable.

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Walkthrough Presentation
The Build
The Guide Format
Character Creation

Walkthrough episodes (Part 6):


On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

Elden Ring 100% Completion and Time spent

This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 1500+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Elden Ring as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL Elden Ring Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Spells
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Expore every dungeon
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips

If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:

The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Elden Ring

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.

  • All 42 Trophies including the Elden Lord platinum trophy
  • All 7 Great Runes
  • All Quest Lines, every NPC dialogues until the end of their quest lines
  • All 32 Flask of Wondrous Physiks Tears
  • All 20 Cracked Pots
  • All 10 Ritual Pots
  • All 10 Perfume Bottles
  • All 8 Memory Stones
  • All 3 Talisman Pouches
  • All Ashes of War
  • All Spirit Ashes
  • All Weapons
  • All Shields
  • All Bows and Crossbows
  • All Armor Sets
  • All Talismans
  • All Sacred Tears
  • All Golden Seeds
  • All 8 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 8 Unique Armaments to the Max)
  • All 15 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 15 Normal Armaments to the Max)
  • All Stonesword Keys (we’ll finish our 1st playthrough with 34 spare Stonesword Keys after opening every possible Imp Statues)
  • All 3 Mending Runes (for the alternative endings)
  • All Keys and Medallions
  • All 18 Larval Tears (for respec)
  • All 24 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks
  • All 8 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Missionary’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Perfumer’s Cookbooks
  • All 3 Fevor’s Cookbooks
  • All 2 Frenzied Cookbooks
  • All 6 Whetblades
  • All 19 Maps

All incantations:

  • 6 Bestial Incantations
  • 4 Blood Incantations
  • 14 Dragon Communion Incantations
  • 12 Dragon Cult Incantations
  • 13 Erdtree Incantations
  • 4 Fire Giant Incantations
  • 9 Fire Monk Incantations
  • 5 Frenzied Flame Incantations
  • 6 Godskin Apostle Incantations
  • 9 Golden Order Incantations
  • 4 Servants of Rot Incantations
  • 15 Two Fingers Incantations

All sorceries:

  • 2 Aberrant Sorceries
  • 10 Carian Sorceries
  • 3 Crystallian Sorceries
  • 5 Death Sorceries
  • 2 Full Moon Sorceries
  • 20 Glintstone Sorceries
  • 5 Gravity Sorceries
  • 2 Loretta’s Sorceries
  • 4 Magma Sorceries
  • 7 Night Sorceries
  • 3 Primeval Sorceries
  • 5 Snow Witch Sorceries

Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Golden Runematerial or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ or Co-op / PvP game after.

I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the 170 bosses in Elden Ring.

  • If you’ve never played a souls game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran souls player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.

We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Elden Ring.

The Build

We’ll start with a very simple quality build and keep it that way in the early game. We’ll be very powerful and kill our first two Shardbearers that way.

Then we’ll use a single Larval Tear to respec and go a different route. We’ll be go heavy in INT and switch to one of the strongest weapons in the game, Moonveil, which will not only make us extremely strong in melee, but also have access to a range of Sorceries which will make us even more powerful and versatile.

About midway through our adventure, we’ll also acquire the most iconic weapon in all souls games: the Dark Moon Greatsword, which will make us even stronger. That’s the general path we’ll take, but there will be many other surprises and upgrades we’ll pick up along the way. We’ll of course use Summons, Ashes of war, Shields and strong counters. We’ll also use a bit of crafting in certain situations to use pots. And we’ll use Perfumes, which are incredibly underrated.

One of my goals was to showcase a very strong yet versatile character build, instead of a one-trick pony type of character. I wished I could have included more variety, such as Incantations and Dragon Communion Incantations, but it would’ve required more respecing to make this viable and keep our power curve above the enemies we encounter. So I kept it simple and focused primarily on making this build simpleefficient and most importantly: get us through Elden Ring without any painful hurdles such as dying 10+ times to the same boss or difficult area.

The Guide’s format

This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained

All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be includedbut if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.

The text version of my Elden Ring walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.


Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.

Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same skills / spells.

Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Yes. This guide works for ALL platforms.

Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. 💖Leave a tip:

Q: Is there a way to get the Gesture: The Ring if I didn’t preorder the game?

A: Yes. You have to play co-op and defeat a boss with someone who preordered the game.

Q: Why don’t you enable the Martyr Effigy?

A: Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP. Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy. Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.

Q: Are you also covering rare drops from farmable enemies?

A: No. The guide would be way too long. The only exception will be the Brass Shield because we’ll use it in our build and it’s probably the best shield in the game in terms of weight / strength requirement to Guard Boost ratio. None of the other farmable rare drops are necessary, because the best items in the game are guaranteed drops.

Character creation

Origin: Samurai

You can pick a different origin if you like, especially if you want to take a different path for your character build.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, at high level those starting attributes won’t matter at all.

Let me tell you why Samurai is a good starting class:

  • Katana is an amazing weapon with great stats, innate bleed buildup and one of the best Ashes of War in the game
  • Samurai starts with a Longbow, which will be quite useful early on
  • The starting stats spread is perfect for our quality build and the unique weapon we’ll switch to soon.

Keepsake: Lands Between Rune is the best choice, it gives us some early runes to spend to have an easier start

  • Why not pick the Golden Seed? Because we’ll get plenty Golden Seeds early and reach the maximum amount of flask charges regardless. We’ll finish the game with 12 extra Golden Seeds, so it’s useless to pick this keepsake.
  • Why not pick the Stonesword Key? Because we’ll finish our first playthrough with 34 Stonesword Keys to spare, and that’s after opening every single imp statue.
  • Why not pick any other other item? Because we’ll get them all during our first platythrough anyway.





0:46 Grave Glovewort [6]

1:23 Grave Glovewort [6]

1:42 Grave Glovewort [5]

3:00 Living Jar Shard

3:06 Living Jar Shard

3:01 Cracked Pot

3:09 Cracked Pot

3:04 Perfumer’s Cookbook [3]

3:46 Grave Glovewort [5]

4:04 Golden Rune [7]

4:41 Grave Glovewort [6]

5:15 Living Jar Shard

5:16 Ritual Pot

5:22 2x Root Resin

7:14 Living Jar Shard

7:17 Ritual Pot

7:21 Smithing Stone [5]

8:27 Cracked Pot

8:31 Cracked Pot

8:25 Ghost Glovewort [6]

8:58 Grave Glovewort [6]

10:42 Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

13:00 Golden Epitaph

14:05 Grave Glovewort [6]

14:40 Grave Glovewort [5]

14:57 Grave Glovewort [5]

15:55 2x Holy Grease

16:58 Vulgar Militia Ashes

17:02 Grave Glovewort [5]

17:48 Grave Glovewort [6]

20:33 Ash of War: Holy Ground

20:43 Tree Sentinel Armor Set

20:54 Stonesword Key

20:59 Ghost Glovewort [6]

21:25 5x Fan Daggers

21:44 Grave Glovewort [6]

21:57 Golden Rune [7]

24:03 Crucible Feather Talisman

24:53 Grave Glovewort [6]

24:50 3x Great Dragonfly Head

28:58 Ordovis’s Greatsword

29:00 Crucible Armor Set



1:55 Pesky Imp

9:56 Prepare for boss: Grave Warden Duelist

27:16 Prepare for bosses: Crucible Knight Ordovis + Crucible Knight

27:43 After Entering

28:12 And now we strike

28:42 One more to go



0:16 Unique dungeon

3:09 Perfumer’s Cookbook 3

9:17 Almost done

12:03 Spend Runes

13:11 Bloodhound’s Step

15:00 Double Chariot Slope

15:34 Safe Spot

18:20 Bloodhound Step Up

18:56 Suicide Time

20:10 See it happen

23:43 Rune Arc

26:07 Item crafting

26:33 Uplifting Aromatic

26:54 Hotkey Ironjar Aromatic



None this episode.



11:56 Auriza Hero’s Grave



00:00 Auriza Side Tomb Walkthrough

09:51 Boss: Grave Warden Duelist

11:02 To Auriza Hero’s Grave

12:00 Auriza Hero’s Grave Walkthrough: Destroying the Chariots

18:55 Auriza Hero’s Grave Walkthrough: Looting everything

25:15 Boss: Crucible Knight Ordovis & Crucible Knight

29:14 Episode End


From Grace: Auriza Side Tomb
== Auriza Side Tomb walkthrough ==
First room kill 4 small pots, the yellow lid ones explode on death. Loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
North hallway to chest, teleports you to another room
Kill 2 imps + 1 Imp ambush under stairs, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Plant by soutwhest door:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Downstairs to watery room, snipe the lightning tossing imp up above with free-aim Canon of Haima (or just ignore the imp and go to next room)
Imp ambush to the left, magic tossing imp above, snipe with Loretta’s or Canon
Another imp ambush left of the chest
Buff up with Golden Vow + Moonlight  before you open the chest, it will teleport you to a room with 2x Giant Warrior Pot, kill them:
  • Living Jar Shard
  • Living Jar Shard
  • Cracked Pot
  • Cracked Pot
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook [3]
This unlocks a very powerful reciepe for us: Ironjar Aromatic. We’ll make good use of it on some future fights! This is why we’ve been looting Altus Bloom.
Open chest to be teleported back to the previous room
Illusionary wall southwest, plant downstairs:
  • Grave Glovewort [5] (2 exploding jars will run to you)
Chest teleporter to ledge above, loot corpse to the left:
  • Golden Rune [7]
Further North to the left take stairs up, kill 2 imps up on the ledge
Drop down, under stairs Northeast kill imp, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Northeast stairs up, Moonlight before entering room
Ambush exploding jar to the right + Giant Jar infront
  • Living Jar Shard
  • Ritual Pot
  • 2x Root Resin
Back to previous room, Southeast hallway and stairs down to similar watery room we visited before
Ambush imp to the right  in next room
Southeast stairs down to trap chest, taking you to the upper ledge of previous room
Go north then left, take a long ladder up
Up top take the next Chest teleporter
Go up the stairs and take southeast hallway, kill Giant Jar:
  • Living Jar Shard
  • Ritual Pot
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Previous room, southwest window drop down
Go back Southeast door to reach watery room
This time go Southwest and take Chest at the end of room
2 exploding jars in this watery cell, then loot:
  • Cracked Pot
  • Cracked Pot
  • Ghost Glovewort [6]
Ladder up to ledge with:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Pull Lever
Drop down, Southeast stairs up to a room with a Trap Chest
Take it to be taken back close to the start of this dungeon
Southwest to reach the room with the boss door, go rest first if you’re low on flasks
Go through boss door and prepare for Grave Warden Duelist
Flask, Golden Vow,  Moonlight, enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up, kill small jars first, then boss
  • Soldjars of Fortune Ashes
From: Outside of Auriza Side Tomb
Watch out for Runebear, southwest to building, enter, lift down, Site of Grace: Auriza Hero’s Grave
Spend runes if you’re close to level, we’re about to do a suicide mission
== Auriza Hero’s Grave Walkthrough ==
Go to imp statue and use Stonesword Key, enter, kill 2 Basilisks and loot:
  • Golden Epitaph
Now on to the risky part: there are several death chariots in this dungeon, but there’s a way to destroy them, so let’s do that first.
It’s a rather long way so check video to see how to do it.
Basically you must hit a Fire Pillar Trap to send it to the upper floor and destroy the chariots, this will make the rest of this dungeon a breeze.
Also, equip our Dagger with Bloodhound’s Step for more mobility
Sprint down, hide in alcove, sprint past the chariot and drop down to either side
Kill Basilisk, loot plant (ambush by 3 Basilisks after you loot it):
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Next room kill more iguanas, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
North hallway, iguane ambush, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Re-equip Dagger, wait for the 2 chariots to be split up, sprint down, zig zag in between the 2 chariots (check video)
At the bottom you can rest behind the central column
A few steps north is a corpse, near the edge, align to this corpse and drop down west to land on a beam
Drop down next beam:
  • 2x Holy Grease
Face north to drop down next beam, walk up to the other side and jump off east, kill 3 Basilisks
East next room kill another Basilisk:
  • Vulgar Militia Ashes
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Go back to room with beams and drop down the next one, walk south all the way, kill skeleton, ladder up
Another slope with a chariot
Wait for it to go down, bloodhound step North up the slope and to a doorway on the right.
Hit the fire trap column, it will go up and this will kill the 2 chariots up top
Loot plant behind fire trap:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Suicide (use a Sacrificial Twig if you want to save your runes)
From the top get back to the area with the double chariot slope
Watch them get destroyed by the Fire Column Trap:
  • Ash of War: Holy Ground
  • Tree Sentinel Armor Set
On this slope, corpse with purple item:
  • Stonesword Key
  • Ghost Glovewort [6] (inside the small tunnel next to corpse we just looted)
Go up the slope and left then down the slope, loot corpse by the edge:
  • 5x Fan Daggers
Go back to the dual chariot slope
Go down to the light circle:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Go down to the corpse where we dropped down on the beams, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [7]
Drop down the beams again, all the way to the bottom, take laddder up
This time once you reach the slope, go down to the bottom
All that risky Parkour is over, you can now rebuff with Rune Arc if you want
Then East hallway, downstairs buff up to kill an Ogre guarding a corpse:
  • Crucible Feather Talisman
Back up the stairs then turn right to hallway, take lift up
Hit Fire Trap Column, go other side of it:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
  • 3x Great Dragonfly Head
Drop down, north to boss door, open, go to boss fog
Prepare for Crucible Knight + Crucible Knight Ordovis
Item Crafting:
1x Uplifting Aromatic
5x Ironjar Aromatic
Equip Uplifting Aromatic to slot: Quick Item 10
We’ll never use it, but our Mimic will actually use it to buff himself and us at the same time at the start of fights
And this won’t consume it, so we get a free buff everytime
Hotkey Ironjar Aromatic
This gives us hyper armor and poise for 40 seconds
We can almost tank through anything and keep attacking
An unstoppable force!
Re-equip Golden Vow Dagger
Buff up:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Moonlight Greatsword
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Sprint out of the way
Let Mimic get aggro
Hide behind a column if needed
Once you have a little room
Use Ironjar Aromatic
Then focus down one of the two enemies, whichever is closer to you after you use Ironjar Aromatic
Try to kill it quickly before your Mimic dies, so you can join in an help him beat the other Crucible Knight
  • Ordovis’s Greatsword
  • Crucible Armor Set
== EPISODE 101 END ==




2:42 Dragon Greatclaw

2:43 Dragonclaw Shield

3:36 3x Magic Grease

3:44 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

9:56 Golden Rune [10]

10:21 Smithing Stone [4

11:13 10x Cave Moss

11:30 Golden Rune [7]

12:04 Preserving Boluses

12:25 Perfume Bottle

12:40 Seedbed Curse

13:36 Upper-Class Robe

14:11 5x Miquela’s Lily

14:39 10x Miranda Powder

15:36 Golden Rune [10]

15:41 5x Warming Stone

16:11 Smithing Stone [6]

16:43 3x Old Fang

17:50 Lord’s Rune

17:53 3x Gold Fireflies

18:04 Holy Grease



1:02 Prepare for boss: Draconic Tree Sentinel

13:47 Leyndell Knights

14:45 Dangerous room

16:57 Prepare for boss: Erdtree Avatar



2:12 Uplifting Aromatic

6:41 Watch Out

7:44 Dialogue choice

8:19 Gear changes

8:35 Better armor



5:34 Talk to Boc “Did you see it?” “Have you ever thought so”

7:12 Talk to Boc “I heard a voice” “That’s right”



3:02 Capital Rampart

4:21 East Capital Rampart

18:20 Avenue Balcony



00:00 Boss: Draconic Tree Sentinel

03:00 To East Capital Rampart

04:27 Melina’s Parting Words

05:28 Boc the Seamster’s Quest Final Steps

08:17 Gear changes

09:11 Going down Leyndell’s Ramparts

16:03 Cutting to Main Street

16:58 Erdtree Avatar

17:57 To Avenue Balcony

18:29 Level up & Episode End


From Auriza Hero’s Grave Boss Room
Warp to Auriza Side Tomb
West to spiritspring, jump up
Northeast until you’re back on the trail
Ride slowly Southeast until you see a Gold Summon sign on the left side of the path
Summon Millicent
Prepare for boss Draconic Tree Sentinel
Move up until you have the boss in sight
Flask of Physick
Summon Mimic and heal up
Very easy fight with our 2 summoned friends helping
  • Dragon Greatclaw
  • Dragonclaw Shield
Southwest to Site of Grace: Capital Rampart
Enter castle, lift up, first hallway corpse to the right:
  • 3x Magic Grease
Further up in church room, corpse on the altar:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
South then West to Site of Grace: East Capital Rampart
Melina will talk to you
Talk to Boc
“Did you see it?”
“Have you ever thought so”
Do NOT give him a Larval Tear, this would move him next to Rennala and he would no longer respond to us. He’d become kind of a zombie.
Instead, use the Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful” infront of him.
Talk to Boc
   “I heard a voice”
   “That’s right”
This will ensure Boc  remains at our service. He’ll stay here at the East Capital Rampart.
Gear changes:
You can unequip Golden Vow Dagger to free some Weight.
Golden Vow is an Aura type of buff and it can’t stack with Uplifting Aromatic which our Mimic will cast at the start of most battles, so that’s one less thing for us to do when preparing for Bosses!
We’ll re-equip it when we have to fight without Mimic
Move down to the ramparts, kill a bunch of snowmen looking enemies, kill bigger snowman, corpse to the left:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Staircase down take left down more stairs to a smoke-filled room, ambush by assassin:
  • Smithing Stone [4] (corpse in smoky room)
Get out the other side, clear path through snowmen, enter building
Stairs up, ambush by assassin:
Corpse downstairs:
  • 10x Cave Moss
Up top get out the building to kill the Ruined Tower from behind, corpse behind it:
  • Golden Rune [7]
Get back down, west doorway, lift down
West to large room, kill perfumer, corpse to the right:
  • Preserving Boluses
Ladder up, chest behind table:
  • Perfume Bottle
Stairs up, corpse on chair:
  • Seedbed Curse
Stairs down, West doorway to balcony South, kill 2 perfumers
East, ambush by assassin, corpse further east:
  • Upper-Class Robe
Jump down to yellow roof small building north, buff Moonlight and drop down east, kill the Leyndell Knight
  • 5x Miquela’s Lily (flower pots near door)
Go Northwest, kill another Leyndell Knight
South doorway enter building, corpse to the right:
  • 10x Miranda Powder
Next room, doorway to the right is a deceptively dangerous room. 2x Perfumer + Assassin with Repeating Fire Crossbow
First clear the corrider of any sitting zombie dudes so they don’t get in the way
Sneak up on left perfumer and backstab him, run back to previous hallway
Let the Assassin come to you and kill it here. Clear the rest of the room and loot:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • 5x Warming Stone
Back to previous hallway, west through doorway, kill Flute Playing Assassin:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Jump over railings northwest, kill 3 dogs (1 left, 2 right), loot corpse:
  • 3x Old Fang
North and then Northeast to a chariot, face Southwest and move a few steps. Summon Icon should be available.
Prepare for a miniboss Erdtree Avatar
Summon Mimic, Heal and Buff Up
Move further southwest to aggro the boss and kill it:
  • Lord’s Rune
Corpse to the right on stairway:
  • 3x  Gold Fireflies
Further Southwest, climb up on broken chariot:
  • Holy Grease
Further Southwest on main street enter golden gate to your right to find Site of Grace: Avenue Balcony
Rest and level
== EPISODE 102 END ==




0:14 Smithing Stone [6]

0:37 Golden Rune [9]

2:11 Imp Head (Corpse)

2:22 2x Arteria Leaf

3:54 Golden Rune [9]

4:33 Stonesword Key

4:49 Golden Rune [12]

5:07 Smithing Stone [6]

5:33 Golden Rune [9]

6:30 Hero’s Rune [5]

6:35 Golden Rune [9]

8:32 Black Bow

8:42 Golden Rune [9]

8:56 Gravel Stone

9:44 Stonesword Key

9:48 Smithing Stone [4]

10:45 Clarifying Boluses

10:57 Stonesword Key

11:58 Guilty Hood

12:15 Hefty Beast Bone

12:55 Lionel’s Armor Set

13:00 Deathbed’s Dress

13:22 Omensmirk Mask

13:31 Smithing Stone [6]

14:14 Cracked Pot

15:21 Golden Seed

15:31 15x Golden Arrow

15:36 Smithing Stone [6]

16:51 8x Poisonbone Dart

18:25 Lost Ashes of War

19:05 4x String

19:30 5x Fan Knives

19:32 Erdsteel Dagger

19:34 Holyproof Dried Liver

19:55 Dragonwound Grease

20:32 Golden Rune [9]

21:07 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

21:41 Ash of War: Thunderbolt

22:16 Smithing Stone [5]

22:33 3x Pickled Turtle Neck

22:45 Albinauric Bloodclot

22:59 Rune Arc

24:04 6x Poisonbone Dart



0:57 Sneak up

1:33 Ouch

10:13 Dangerous room

14:22 Prepare for boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

14:49 Strategy: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

17:10 Giant Hand

17:37 Fail

24:47 Risky move



2:43 Skip fighting

6:50 Shortcut unlocked

11:14 Another shortcut

11:50 Stop here

20:15 Why are we here

24:24 Grace nearby



None this episode.



12:47 Lower Capital Church

24:42 Underground Roadside



00:00 Clearing the Gardens

02:35 Looting Leyndell Roofs

05:08 Looting Balcony gardens

05:58 Crucible Knight & Shortcut

07:42 Leyndell Common Quarters

10:11 Leyndell Guard Quarters & Shortcut

11:50 Entering the Sewage Canals

12:43 Lower Capital Church & Omenkiller

13:53 Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

15:55 Crossing the Sewage Canals

19:56 Upper Main Street from Behind

20:59 Lower Leyndell Ruins

22:51 Entering Leyndell Sewers

24:19 Entering Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

25:05 Episode End


From Grace: Avenue Balcony
Northwest corner next to rock spire (which is actually part of the giant dragon)
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Go back on mainstreet
Northeast, 2nd chariot with corpse behind it:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Northeast about 20 steps, turn right to an orange grass garden, sneak up northeast to kill a guard and then sneak up on south to kill a sentinel, try to kill it before it raises the alarm
Then clear the rest of the area (1 Leyndell Lightning Knight + 3 more guards)
All the way south in this area, 2 more guards infront of corpse:
  • Imp Head (Corpse)
West 20 feet west, turn left to another purple item:
  • 2x Arteria Leaf
Warp back to East Capital Rampart
Run past the enemies this time, back to the platform with the 3 snowmen and jump over the railings west to land on golden roof, kill imp ambush
Jump over a couple more roofs, kill 2 imp statues
Northwest jump to next roof, 1 imp ambush, corpse to the left:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Face northeast, kill imp on roof, running jump to that roof
Face north, kill 2 imps on roof, jump over to that roof and loot corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
Back to previous roof, face east, kill imp on roof closest to east ramparts, jump over to that roof, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Southwest jump two roofs back, then drop down southwest to a corpse leaning against a rectangle flower pot:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Southeast kill Leyndell Knight
East narrow path to corpse dangling over railing:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Go back to rectangle flower pot, jump over it and further northwest until you’re back on main street
North to fountain plaza then east to a temple with a crucible knight
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
Engage: it’s  a weaker version so 2 Charged R2 and 1 Quick R2 should be enough:
  • Hero’s Rune [5]
In the same room, northwest corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
North hallway to a lift taking you up to unlock a door
This is a shortcut to the top of the East Ramparts
Go back down to the fountain plaza
West building, lift down
Climb on the first roof Northwest then jump 5 times over roofs southwest to reach a corpse:
  • Black Bow
Go back and drop down southeast, kill a couple of zombies, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Southeast 3 more zombies, corpse:
  • Gravel Stone
Southwest small graveyard, kill revenants the loot 2 corpses:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
  • Stonesword Key
Southwest is a doorway to a dangerous room with several guards who will toss lightning pots at you.
First shoot a Canon of Haima through this door to kill the guard wiating in ambush on the right
Then Sneak in and Canon of Haima a guard to the right platform above
Go in and clear the rest of the room
Loot corpse above:
  • Clarifying Boluses
Open cell northwest in this room, chest:
  • Stonesword Key
Ladder up
Open door for a not so useful shortcut
Go back down ladder and out of this building, north to a small bridge overlooking a sewer canal, drop down
Northeast to corpse:
  • Guilty Hood
Southwest, kill 2 rats, corpse:
  • Hefty Beast Bone
Move up, kill small Hand, climb stairs east then turn around, walk around a small ledge to reach a ladder
Take ladder up, south to Site of Grace: Lower Capital Church
In this room on the bed:
  • Lionel’s Armor Set
  • Deathbed’s Dress
Outside northeast is an Omenkiller, buff up Moonlight and engage
Couple of charged R2 should be enough
  • Omensmirk Mask
Corpse northeast:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Go back down ladder, northeast to room with knight, kill it
Loot corpse by barred gate:
  • Cracked Pot
Prepare for Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Craft 6Perfume: Ironjar Aromatic so you have at total of 6
Hotkey Ironjar Aromatic
Northeast doorway, buff up before moving any further towards the center of this open area:
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
As soon as the ground rumbles, pop up your Ironjar Aromatic
Charged R2s until you get the Stagger, then critical hit should be enough to finish the fight:
  • Golden Seed
Loot 2 corpses in this area:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
  • 15x Golden Arrow
Go back through the previous room and into the sewer area,
Kill small hand again, southwest kill 2x rats + small hand to reach a fork, first go:
Southeast 3 more small hands on ceiling, corpse all the way southeast:
  • 8x Poisonbone Dart
Other long corridor southeast with giant hand at the end.
Equip Carian Shield, Carrian Retaliation is great vs the Pink Binding Spell they cast
Pull with Loretta, then Parry Pink Spell for an easy kill
  • Lost Ashes of War
Re-equip Brass Shield
Back to the fork, loot corpse on the left
  • 4x String
Northwest, kill small hand, take northeast dead end:
  • 2x Nascent Butterflies (ambush by grabbers when you go back)
Northwest kill Ruined Statue and drop down to 3 corpses:
  • 5x Fan Knives
  • Erdsteel Dagger
  • Holyproof Dried Liver
Ladder up, north to item up the stairs on the left:
  • Dragonwound Grease
Southeast sneak up on Archer Knight
Kill other knight patrolling the railing, corpse dangling over railing:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Go back to the ladder that took you here, take stairs down southwest
Southwest to corpse behind ruins:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Southeast climb up pille of rubble to get to the other side of ruins
Locate the Grey Scarab kill it with a charged Canon of Haima to make sure he doesn’t run away:
  • Ash of War: Thunderbolt
Kill 3 grabbers in the area (1 should be dead from Haima canon)
Corpse southwest dangling over the edge:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Northeast hallway, loot corpse:
  • 3x Pickled Turtle Neck
Back to where you killed scarab, north to corpse near a well:
  • Albinauric Bloodclot
Use ladder to go down the well
Loot corpse:
  • Rune Arc
Open iron gate, go down the hallway, kill a bunch of rats downstairs, loot corpse:
  • 6x Poisonbon Dart
Southeast open double-wooden doors to enter Subterranean Shunning Grounds
3 Omens in this area but we’re very close to a grace, so let’s skip them for now
Drop down Northeast and run a few steps to find room on your left, activate and rest at Site of Grace:  Underground Roadside
== EPISODE 103 END ==




1:05 Golden Rune [11]

   Bloodsoaked Mask

   Bloodsoaked Gauntlets

1:23 Freezing Grease

1:54 10x Serpent Arrow

3:18 5x Fire Grease

3:33 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

3:44 Smithing Stone [7]

4:13 Shadow Bait

5:36 Preserving Boluses

7:10 Stonesword Key

7:53 Glass Shard

8:19 10x Rainbow Stone Arrows (Fletched)

8:34 Fingerproof Dried Liver

9:16 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

11:55 Smithing Stone [7]

14:00 5x Grave Violet

14:13 Smithing Stone [7]



0:49 Omen

01:26 Imp Ambush Room

7:29 Slugs

13:12 Revenant Here



0:21 Flasks

6:05 We’ll be back

8:11 Jump over

9:23 2 Omens left

9:57 Rest and level

10:08 Why Faith?



None this episode.



None this episode.



00:00 Max Flask Upgrade

01:22 Imp Ambush Room

03:58 Unlocking the West Gate

05:23 Sewer Pipes Exploration

09:22 Unlocking the East Gate

09:55 Level & Faith

10:37 To the Creepiest Room Ever

14:34 Episode End


== Subterranean Shunning Grounds ==
From Site of Grace:  Underground Roadside
   Add charge to Flask (10/4)
We now have 14 Flask Charges, which is the Maximum amount
Buff up and kill Omen in your way Northeast
East loot 2 corpses on the right:
  • Golden Rune [11]
  • Bloodsoaked Mask
  • Bloodsoaked Gauntlets
Go back a few steps, take ladder down southeast, kill imp, loot corpse to the left
  • Freezing Grease
Jump over to corpse, another imp ambush from ceiling, loot corpse:
  • 10x Serpent Arrow
This area is packed with imps ambushing you, keep your shield up, use R3 to target imps you might’ve missed, blast em with spells
Stay on the highest pipe, try to reach the southwest hallway
Halfway through on a square wooden platform, break barresl to loot:
  • 5x Fire Grease
Before heading out, turn around, northeast pipe down along the wall to a corpse (imp ambush):
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Southwest to doorway out, loot corpse on the side:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Move up the stairs, buff up Moonlight, kill ogre to the left when entering next room. Loot corpse:
  • Shadow Bait
Pull lever for shortcut back to Site of Grace:  Underground Roadside but don’t rest unless you’re out of flasks, or you’ll have to clear the way again
Other end of hallway, drop down the opened grate, face southeast and kill 2 rats, loot corpse:
  • Preserving Boluses
Opposite way kill 4 rats (1 ambushing from crate)
Enter pipe on the right, kill rot slugs, drop down hole, kill 3 Wraith Bell Crawlers, loot corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
Open iron gate, enter pipe, go left and left again (you don’t have to kill the slugs)
T section, left again to corpse:
  • Glass Shard
Further up, jump over next hole you come accross with a slug hanging over it, loot corpse behind it:
  • 10x Rainbow Stone Arrows (Fletched)
Next T-section, go right through opened gate, right again kill slugs and loot 2 corpses:
  • Grave Violet
  • Fingerproof Dried Liver
Further up, room with Omen, buff up with Moonlight and kill it, loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Ladder up and sneak west without aggroing the 2 ogres
Pull lever to open a shortcut to the entrance
Go back to Site of Grace: Underground Roadside
Rest and level
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
I’ve finally decided to incorporate a little Faith in this build
We’ll need 10 Faith (buffed with Godrick’s Great Rune to reach 15) or 15 Faith if you’re out of Rune Arcs
15 Faith wil be needed to cast “Flame, Grant Me Strength” incantation
It’s a great Incantation which gives us:
   Physical Damage +20%
   Fire Damage +20% (doesn’t matter for our build)
   Stamina Recovery Speed +5/s (11.1%)
And it’s a Body Buff, so it stacks with Aura Buffs such as Uplifting Aromatic or Golden Vow
So we’ll start using it soon!
Northeast, kill 2 ogres (3rd one shouldn’t aggro)
Kill the 2 ogres with their backs turned (pull them one by one with a Spell. Ranni’s Dark Moon is great because it debuffs them and its slow travel speed gives you time to switch and Moonlight)
  • Smithing Stone [7]
North kill 3rd ogre down the ladder
Inside the pipe, at the T-Junction go northwest this time, keep going until next T-Junction
Kill Wraith caster on the right, then on the left
Buff up fully, there’s a Revenant in there, you know how dangerous these are
In this room, stick to the left and kill 2 more Wraith Bell Casters
Then move towards the center of the room and the Revenant should spawn
Pop an Ironjar Aromatic as soon as it appears
Loot the room:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
  • 5x Grave Violet
Warp back to Site of Grace: Underground Roadside
== EPISODE 104 END ==




1:29 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

2:26 Rune Arc

4:09 Lost Ashes of War

4:10 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

8:23 5x Glass Shard

8:26 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

8:31 2x Smithing Stone [7]

8:43 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

8:47 2x Smithing Stone [7]

8:52 Mohg’s Shackle

10:51 Ghost Glovewort [6]

12:20 Crucible Scale Talisman

13:06 Grave Glovewort [9]

13:54 Grave Glovewort [8]

14:55 Golden Rune [11]

14:59 Ghost Glovewort [8]

16:14 Grave Glovewort [8]

17:42 Grave Glovewort [8]

18:19 Grave Glovewort [9]

20:04 2x Sacramental Bud

20:56 Lord of Blood’s Exultation



1:33 Buff up

3:45 Hidden Giant Hand

6:35 Double Giant Lobsters

7:27 Roll under belly

20:25 Prepare for boss: Edgar, Priest of Blood

20:52 Blood swarm



9:04 One extra layer

16:18 Tricky dungeon

20:18 Grace nearby



4:49 Talk to Dung Eater “Leave your gaol!”



9:05 Leyndell Catacombs



00:00 Way to Dung Eater’s Gaol

04:12 Talk to the Dung Eater

05:33 Way to Leyndell Catacombs

09:19 Leyndell Catacombs Walkthrough

20:20 Boss: Edgar Priest of Blood

21:26 Level up & Episode End


From Grace: Underground Roadside
Northeast kill 2 Omens, drop down the grate again, this time ignore the pipe proceed down the hallway
Flask of Physick
Kill 2 Mirandas from a safe distance, loot corpse:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Kill 1 Miranda, ladder up, 3 small hand ambush ceiling, kill with Glintstone Icecrag
Big Hand ambush underground in the middle of the room, kill it and loot room:
  • Rune Arc
  • Lost Ashes of War
Get close to the gate and listen to Dung Eater
Open gate
Talk to Dung Eater
“Leave your gaol!”
Warp back to Site of Grace: Underground Roadside
Southwest kill solo Omen, then sneak past next Omen to left hallway down
Back to room with multiple pipes and imp ambushes (from the other side this time)
From first pipe, jump down southeast to lower pipe, walk to lowest part of this pipe then drop down southwest to the bottom
Buff up for giant lobsters
Wait for  Northeast Giant Lobster to turn its back, then go for the other lobster on the southeast side of the room
Then kill the other Giant Lobster
Loot corpses northeast part of room:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
  • 2x Smithing Stone [7]
Corpse southeast:
  • 5x Glass Shard
Scarab inside pipe section:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
Corpses further southeast:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [7]
  • Mohg’s Shackle
Tunnel southwest, turn right to Site of Grace: Leyndell Catacombs
==Leyndell Catacombs walkthrough ==
1st room kill 3 zombies
Southeast end of hallway kill 3 more zombies (1 ambush on the right), loot corpse:
  • Ghost Glovewort [6]
Southwest hallway 3 exploding zombies, shoot fire trap column with Loretta’s
Jump on Fire Trap to go up the ledge, buff up, kill Omen (Backstab, charged R2, R2 R2, stagger, crit), loot on the altar:
  • Crucible Scale Talisman
Jump back on Fire Trap, back in hallway turn left, take Northwest stairs up, buff up to kill another Omen
  • Grave Glovewort [9]
Further up, drop down to room with a coffin in the middle
Kill 4 Zombies, loot plant on top of coffin:
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
Northwest and then left through opened door
Buff up, Omen ambush on the right, kill it
Sneak up and backstab next Omen, loot room:
  • Ghost Glovewort [8]
  • Golden Rune [11]
Go back too room with coffin, southeast halway then southwest towards a deactivated fire trap column, turn right before it to statue room with a plant infront. Kill 3 Zombies, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
Kill Omen upstairs, go further Northeast and drop down another coffin room,  southeast hallway (only choice this time) all the way to wall with plant. Kill 3 Zombies, loot plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
Southwest hallway, plant left:
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
End of southwest hallway, ambush by Omen jumping from above, kill it, loot plant
  • Grave Glovewort [9]
Go back, take Northwest hallway and drop down from window
Southeast downstairs then right to deactivated fire trap pillar, jump on it to cilmb up
Follow hallway then turn right to another hallway, kill 2 imps, downstairs then ladder down, you’ll finally reach the room with the lever
Pull Lever
  • 2x Sacramental Bud (corpse next to lever)
Drop down, northwest to reach boss door, reach boss fog and prepare for  Edgar, Pirest of Blood
Buff up fully, enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up
This boss has low HP, just go aggressive on him
He has two guard dogs, watch out for those
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation
Warp back to Leyndell Catacombs
Rest and level
== EPISODE 105 END ==




0:50 Haligdrake Talisman +1

1:03 Golden Rune [11]

2:39 Grace Mimic

2:55 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

3:05 String

3:08 Warming Stone

3:50 Fire Grease

5:24 8x Poisoned Stone

5:38 Nomad Ashes

6:02 Preserving Boluses

7:27 Omen Bairn

7:29 2x Golden Centipede

7:31 Glass Shard

7:36 3x Glass Shard

7:39 Dappled White Cured Meat

7:58 3x Poisoned Stone

9:35 Golden Rune [10]

10:46 Warming Stone

11:03 Smithing Stone [8]

11:52 Eye of Yelough

13:05 Golden Rune [8]

13:27 Smithing Stone [7]

14:26 Golden Rune [11]

14:56 Smithing Stone [5]

16:05 Living Jar Shard

16:10 Ritual Pot

17:00 Smithing Stone [6]

19:01 Bloodflame Talons

19:13 Erdtree’s Favor +1



0:37 Kill the Summoner

3:54 Buff up & Nuke

14:42 Hole ambush

17:04 Summon Dung Eater

17:22 Equip Mohg’s Shackle

17:39 Prepare for boss

18:00 Let Mimic Tank



0:23 Silly me

1:14 Another shortcut

6:51 Locked door

8:04 Another Shortcut

9:42 Kick ladder

9:53 Sewer Pipe Maze

10:00 Rainbow stones

11:12 Back to 2nd Iron Gate

12:34 T-Junction

13:34 Back to start

14:15 Almost there

15:05 Another shortcut

19:13 Secret way

19:27 Level up



None this episode.



16:34 Forsaken Depths

19:21 Cathedral of the Forsaken



00:00 Shortcut back to Underground Roadside

01:30 Unlocking Subterranean Shunning-Grounds Double-Doors

08:20 Accessing the Upper Sewer Pipes

09:42 Sewer Pipe Maze Walkthrough

14:28 Way to the Forsaken Depths

16:50 Boss: Mogh, The Omen

19:10 Secret Way, Level Up & Episode End


From Grace: Leyndell Catacombs
Stairs Southeast and to the right, take lift up
These ghosts keep respawning, so don’t bother killing them
Instad, hit two illusionary walls to under the stairs to find a Summoner Snail, kill it. Loot corpse next to it:
  • Haligdrake Talisman +1
Next room loot corpse on the left and keep running:
  • Golden Rune [11]
Pull Lever
This unlocks a shortcut back to the start of the Underground Area, but don’t go there, an Omen is in the way
Instead, warp to Underground Roadside
Buff up and kill the 2 Omens northeast
Further northeast open the double wooden door on the right without aggroing the 2 Omens
In the big circular room, go down the circular stairs, kill 2 zombies and loot corpse at the broken end of stairs:
  • Grace Mimic
Go back to the start of the stairs and drop down northeast, kill scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Circular stairs down, 2 corpses:
  • String
  • Warming Stone
Through hallway, stairs down, corpse:
  • Fire Grease
From up top, buff up with Flask of Physick then kill the Miranda and 3 Basilisks with Spells to be on the safe side
Drop down and loot corpse in corner:
  • 8x Poisoned Stone
Northwest hallway, kill Basilsik, you’ll be back to the circular room, loot on edge:
  • Nomad Ashes
Back to ladder up,  southwest corpse:
  • Preserving Boluses
Enter pipe, kill 2 Basilisks, then Backstab a zombie Albinauric on the right
Proceed Southwest, 1 more Basilisk, enter room and kill Omen, loot everything:
  • Omen Bairn
  • 2x Golden Centipede
  • Glass Shard
  • Dappled White Cured Meat
  • 3x Glass Shard
Ladder up, corpse on bridge:
  • 3x Poisoned Stone
Open double doors to unlock another shortcut back to Site of Grace.
From bridge, jump Southwest on pipe going upwards, few imp ambushes, stay on pipe until you reach southeast wall, drop down, more imp ambushes
Jump over to northwest wooden platform
Imp ambush in doorway next to the corpse at the edge of the wooden platform. Kill imp, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Northeast doorway, turn left, kick ladder.
Northeast jump down pipe opening
This part is a maze of pipes, I suggest dropping Rainbow Stones to help you keep track of where you’ve been
Drop a 1st Rainbow stone here
Southwest tunnel through a 1st iron gate
From this point on, always hug right wall until you reach a 2nd iron gate
Corpse to the left:
  • Warming Stone
Northeast through 2nd iron gate, assassin ambush on the right
Keep going to reach a dead end with a corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [8]
Go back through previous iron gate, always go right until the next T-Junction
Drop 2nd rainbow stone here, go Northwest, then right again to dead end:
  • Eye of Yelough
Go back to 2nd Rainbow Stone and go Southwest, keep going right until you reach T-Junction with another Iron Gate
This time go Southwest through thepipe going up, you’ll reach a another Iron Gate and a corpse:
  • Golden Rune [8]
Northwest until you find a corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Go back to previous Iron Gate and then Southwest until you reach another Iron Gate, which is actualy the 1st Iron Gate
Go Northeast and you’ll find our 1st Rainbow Stone
This time, take the Southeast tunnel to T-Junction, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [11]
Northwest tunnel down, kill rat, further up drop down in hole, assassin ambush (roll immediately after you land), loot corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Open the Iron Gate Southeast to unlock a shortcut
Go back, down the pipe Northeast, ladder down, buff up, kill jar warriors, loot corpses:
  • Living Jar Shard
  • Ritual Pot
Take cage lift down to Site of Grace: Forsaken Depths
Stairs down, corpse on the right:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Before entering the next room, check for summon sign just left of the door
  Summon Dung Eater
Prepare for Boss: Mogh the Omen
Hotkey Mohg’s Shackle
This unique item stuns Mohg for a few seconds, making him wide open for attacks
Buff up and enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Let Mimic get the aggro, use charged R2s, stay out of the Blood he throws at you
Let our Allies tank and it should not be a very difficult fight
Use Mohg’ Shackle (long Cooldown so we’ll get only one use) whenever you want during the fight
  • Bloodflame Talons
Trophy unlocked: Mohg, The Omen
Total Trophies Unlocked: 21/42
Open the chest:
  • Erdtree’s Favor +1
Do not interact with the altar behind, this would take us to an area which would lock us in one of the endings, and we don’t want that because it would lock us out of the other endings.
Site of Grace: Cathedral of the Forsaken
Rest and level up
Stats reminder:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
Great news, we’ve just cleared the whole undeground area.
== EPISODE 106 END ==




1:20 Rune Arc

1:58 5x Gravel Stone

2:51 Golden Rune [11]

3:19 Cane Sword

3:49 Golden Rune [9]

4:20 2x Lightningproof Dried Liver

4:25 Golden Rune [12]

4:27 Golden Rune [8]

4:48 Gravel Stone Seal

4:55 5x Old Fang

5:16 Smithing Stone [6]

5:19 Stonesword Key

5:34 3x Gravel Stone

7:18 Raging Wolf Armor Set

7:19 Alberich’s Armor Set

7:39 Smithing Stone [5]

9:29 Stormhawk Axe

9:35 3x Nascent Butterfly

9:45 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

10:44 “Flightless Bird” Painting

11:39 Golden Rune [9]

11:53 Sanctified Whetblade

11:55 Hammer

12:02 Gesture: By My Sword

12:04 Hero’s Rune [1]

12:13 Rune Arc

12:32 Coded Sword

12:53 Furlcalling’s Finger Remedy

13:09 Seedbed Curse

13:27 Smithing Stone [5]

13:42 Smithing Stone [6]

13:55 Two-Fingers Prayerbook

13:58 20x Black-Key Bolts

17:07 3x Stonesword Key (4000 each)

17:12 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [2] (4500)

17:35 Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [7]

17:51 10x Golden Arrow



2:04 Snipe

6:07 Invade with Bernahl

8:19 Buff up



0:27 Sprint

2:58 Activate

5:10 Jump

7:58 Don’t worry

10:09 Giant Lift

10:40 6th Painting Flightless Bird Location

11:52 Looks familiar

17:13 Nomadic merchant purchase list



15:31 Talk to Finger Reader “Show hands”



2:59 West Capital Rampart

7:52 Fortified Manor, First Floor

16:50 Forest-Spanning Greatbridge



00:00 Way to West Capital Rampart

03:12 Way to Fortified Manor

06:09 Invasion: Wargram & Wilhelm

08:01 Activating the Great Lift to Divine Bridge

10:39 Way to Fortified Manor 2nd Floor

14:21 To Forest-Spanning Greatbridge

15:32 Talk to Finger Reader

16:50 Nomadic Merchant

18:05 Episode End


Warp to Avenue Balcony

Check video for next part, we’re going to sprint  Northwest past a couple of Leyndell knights and then climb up the dead dragon to reach the West Ramparts.

Jump off the dragon to reach the broken end of the ramparts, loot corpse:

  • Rune Arc

Ladder up

Southeast up the stairs, sneak up on Knight, loot corpse:

  • 5x Gravel Stone

Turn around, face West, go to the broken railings and snipe the Archer Knight below Northwest

He can’t reach you with his arrows from there, but we can reach him with Ranni’s Dark Moon and Loretta’s

Southeast, ambush Guard to the left, loot corpse

  • Golden Rune [11]

Southeast to activate (don’t rest) Site of Grace: West Capital Rampart

Southeast to stairs down going opposite direction

Downstairs U-Turn right to find corpse:

  • Cane Sword

Further up, kill 3 Emissary Envoys, loot corpse:

  • Golden Rune [9]

Pull lever

Buff up Moonlight, southwest drop down and turn around to go through the now opened gate

Kill knight with Charged R2 + R2, then kill the 2 other guards, loot the stairs:

  • 2x Lightningproof Dried Liver
  • Golden Rune [12]
  • Golden Rune [8]

Go back through the gate

Northwest street kill a Knight with Shield and Spear, loot him:

  • Gravel Stone Seal

Loot corpse inside stables:

  • 5x Old Fang

Climb up on dragon claw, jump over to southwest stables roof, then make a difficult running jump southeast to elevated wooden structure:

  • Smithing Stone [6]
  • Stonesword Key

North behind dragon’s limbs:

  • 3x Gravel Stone

Southeast back on the street then Southwest to enter the Cathedral

Inside find the Red Summon Sign

Invade Wargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm’s world

Should be an easy fight, you’ll be joined by Bernahl who will tank while you buff up and then make quick work of the two

Kill the Sorcerer first

  • Raging Wolf Armor Set

After returning to your world, southwest to corpse:

  • Alberich’s Armor Set

Northwest to a side room, find corpse behind weapon racks:

  • Smithing Stone [5]

Southwest hallway to reach Site of Grace: Fortified Manor, First Floor

Go back to Cathedral main room

Northeast open the Double Doors and go through the hallway

Buff up with Flask of Physick

Northwest kill a roaming Iron Maiden

Southwest to enter courtyard, kill another Iron Maiden

Loot 2 corpses in the courtyard:

  • Stormhawk Axe
  • 3x Nascent Butterfly

Northwest doorway, west end of hallway to corpse:

  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]

Opposite end of hallway, all the way southeast to large

Go back to the courtyard and take Southwest doorway to find the giant lift

Pull the lever to activate it

Warp back to Fortified Manor, First Floor

In this room, examine the painting:

  • “Flightless Bird” Painting

Back to large room, northeast exit back on the streets

Turn right and right again until you can climb up on the long shack roof with a corpse at the edge:

  • Golden Rune [9]

North through broken rampart, back inside the building:

  • Sanctified Whetblade
  • Hammer

This floor is actually a dead version of Roundhold Table and right now we are where Smith Hewg and Roderika usually would be.

Left room (Fia’s room):

  • Gesture: By My Sword
  • Hero’s Rune [1]

Central room:

  • Rune Arc

Southwest room, open doors  (Finger Reader’s room):

  • Coded Sword

North room (Sir Gideon’s room):

  • Furlcalling’s Finger Remedy

Dungeater’s room:

  • Seedbed Curse


  • Smithing Stone [5]

Back to Smith Hewg / Roderika’s room, stairs down with corpse:

  • Smithing Stone [6]

Jump down, southwest room with long dining table:

  • Two-Fingers Prayerbook
  • 20x Black-Key Bolts

Warp to Altus Highway Junction


Follow the highway North/northeast for a while until you reach a Finger Reader near a broken bridge

   “Show hands”

Few steps north activate the Site of Grace: Forest-Spanning Greatbridge

Talk to Nomadic Merchant, purchase:

  • 3x Stonesword Key (4000 each)
  • Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [2] (4500)

Kill him:

  • Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [7]

Drop down bridge section below:

  • 10x Golden Arrow

Warp to Rampartside Path

== EPISODE 107 END ==




0:54 3x Lightning Greatbolt

1:56 Larval Tear

2:12 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

3:02 Golden Seed

3:55 Golden Rune [9]

4:16 Ash of War: Lightning Slash

6:10 10x Hefty Beast Bone

6:34 Greatbow

6:35 20x Great Arrow

7:27 2x Blood Grease

9:41 Rune Arc

9:42 Fulrcalling Finger Remedy

9:48 Great Stars

9:49 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

10:46 Celebrant’s Skull

11:18 Golden Rune [5]

11:31 Rune Arc

11:57 Holyproof Dried Liver

13:03 3x Stormhawk Feather

13:18 Lightning Grease

13:50 2x Exalted Flesh

15:27 Godskin Peeler

15:28 Scouring Black Flame

16:39 Golden Firefly

16:54 Fire’s Deadly Sin

19:30 Fevor’s Cookbook [3]



1:20 Buff up

8:17 Prepare to invade: Magnus the Beast Claw

8:41 Fat Rolling

14:08 Kill those

14:24 Prepare for boss: Godskin Apostle

14:57 Hello?!



3:07 Catapults

11:22 Crazy folks

16:50 6th Painting Riddle



15:52 Talk to Millicent

17:36 Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing “Unlocated demigods” “Moghwyn Palace”



15:36 Windmill Heights



00:00 Decoy: Lion Guardian

02:19 Under heavy fire

04:08 Highway Lookout Tower

06:48 Invasion: Magnus the Beast Claw

10:02 Windmill Village Walkthrough

16:24 Solving Flightless Bird Painting Riddle

14:04 Boss: Godskin Apostle

17:25 Gideon: Unlocated Demigods

18:36 Gideon: Mohgwyn Palace

19:38 Dung Eater: where is he?

20:12 Episode End


From Grace: Rampartside Path
Northeast on the path, behind broken catapult on the right:
  • 3x Lightning Greatbolt
Northwest to ruins, buff up for miniboss Lion Guardian, it will spawn as soon as you kill the enemy cowering in a corner of this building
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
1H + Shield (counter attacks work well)
  • Larval Tear
Northwest to next ruins, dead guy in chair by the cliff’s edge:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Northeast along the path to reach plateau with Erdtree Sapling, watch out for catapult’s, loot and get out of their range, go towards them:
  • Golden Seed
Southeast towards the great wall
Near great wall, corpse a few steps Northeast of the road under a tent:
  • Golden Rune [9]
North to find and kill scarab:
  • Ash of War: Lightning Slash
Northwest to Highway Lookout Tower:
  • 10x Hefty Beast Bone (1st floor)
  • Greatbow (chest top floor)
  • 20x Great Arrow
Warp to Bridge of Inequity
East along the path until you find a broken down Charriot, loot corpse:
  • 2x Blood Grease
Northeast to the Writheblood Ruins, go to the building at the Northeastern tip of the ruins
Look for a Red Summon Sign
  Invade Magnus the Beast Claw’s world
As soon as you enter:
Flask of Physick
Keep you shield up and counterattack
Charged L2 if you get the space
  • Rune Arc
  • Fulrcalling Finger Remedy
  • Great Stars
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6] 
Warp to Windmill Village
Northeast all the way through a lower ledge:
  • Celebrant’s Skull
Get back and go upthe path, then north to stables
Note: you don’t have to kill the crazy old dancing folks here, they’ll not attack you if you leave them be
  • Golden Rune [5] (corpse inside stables)
Southeast to small house, corpse:
  • Rune Arc
East along the edge, kill 2 dogs and a crazy dancer (they aggro you when you kill the dogs near them), corpse behind:
  • Holyproof Dried Liver
Go back and up the stone staircases, go around the first house to the right to grab item on corpse:
  • 3x Stormhawk Feather
Up the stone staircase, turn right past the building, corpse hanging on the ledge:
  • Lightning Grease
Up the stone staircase again, left to building, then drop down southwest behind this building to reach the roof below with corpse:
  • 2x Exalted Flesh
Back up the stairs, stay on foot and walk up slowly,
Look for a Gold Summon Sign on the path
  Summon Millicent
Walk slowly furhter up this path until you see a Robed fellow in the distance up the stairs
Sneak up closer to the left, behind the windmill to prepare for this  boss: Godskin Apostle
The summon ashes icon should appear if you’re close enough, without aggroing the boss
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Move up further to engage
  • Godskin Peeler
  • Scouring Black Flame
Site of Grace: Windmill Heights
After resting, you should see Millicent a few steps south of the grace
Talk to her
Southeast along the edge until you find  a wooden house with 3 crazy dancers, loot corpse:
  • Golden Firely
Southeast a few steps until you reach tip of the cliff
There you should see the ghost painter and solve the “Flightless Bird” Painting riddle
  • Fire’s Deadly Sin
6th Painting Riddle solved, one more to go.
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing
“Unlocated demigods”
“Moghwyn Palace”
Fevor’s Cookbook [3]
Go to Twin-Maiden Husks:
  Give all Bell Bearings
Go to Dung Eater, he’ll be gone, read the note
== EPISODE 108 END ==




13:00 Trophy Unlocked: Godfrey, First Elden Lord Total Trophies Unlocked: 22/42



1:37 Gargoyle’s Halberd

1:42 Golden Seed

2:00 Smithing Stone [6]

3:22 Golden Rune [8]

5:51 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

5:52 Old Blood

5:53 Red Fang

6:20 Golden Rune [10]

6:21 Hero’s Rune [2]

6:51 8x Tarnished Sundflowers

7:14 Golden Rune [13]

7:19 3x Gravel Stone

7:30 10x Lordsworn’s Bolt

7:55 Golden Rune [8]

8:41 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

8:43 Golden Rune [8]

8:45 Golden Rune [11]

9:19 Smithing Stone [4]

11:44 3x Holy Grease

14:28 Erdtree Bow

14:43 Golden Order Principia

14:56 Celestial Dew

15:29 6x Holy Grease

16:39 Blessing of the Erdtree



0:37 Prepare for Miniboss: Lesser Black Blade Kindred

2:59 Snipe sentinel

3:33 Careful now

4:51 Leonine Guardian

5:12 Plan B

12:12 Prepare for boss: Godfrey, First Elden Lord

16:09 Prepare for miniboss: Black Knife Assassin



13:17 Level up

13:25 Talisman Pouch



None this episode.



13:10 Erdtree Sanctuary

16:38 Queen’s Bedchamber



00:00 Miniboss: Halberd Gargoyle

02:12 Leyndell Upper Street

04:47 Leonine Guardian

06:31 Cleaning up the street

09:42 To the Erdtree Sanctuary

12:05 Boss: Godfrey, First Elden Lord

13:47 Looting the Erdtree Sanctuary

16:04 Black Knife Assassin

16:45 Level Up & Episode End


== Leyndell, Royal Capital part 2 ==
Warp to West Capital Rampart
South approach the miniboss Lesser Black Blade Kindred from the flank
Flask of Physick
Kill the 3 Snowmen first with Canon of Haima
Buff up with Moonlight
3x Charged R2 = Stagger
Backstab to finish it off
  • Gargoyle’s Halberd
Just next is an Erdtree sapling:
  • Golden Seed
North down the stairs, ambush by fire crossbow guard to the left  (you can jump attack down to get the first blow)
Check balcony corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Drop down and go back through the main gate we opened last episode
Kill the guards, go down the stairs, face Southeast and snipe a Sentry Guard
Southwest past stairs into orange grass area:
  • Golden Rune [8]
Southeast stairs up, sneak up and try to pick the patrolling Knights one by one
Bring them down the stairs to kill them safely from the Archer Knight’s line of sight
Once this upper path is somewhat clear, hug right wall, stop once you’re down the stairway and prepare for miniboss, Leonine Guardian (+ Perfumer).
Open up with Canon of Haima to kill the perfumer
If you don’t kill the Perfumer, run back downstairs and bring the Lion with you to fight it away from the perfumer
Then keep your Shield Up for the Lion
You can use an Ironjar Aromatic if you struggle with this lion. Killing drops the following:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
  • Red Fang
  • Old Blood
Back to the fountain where the Lion was resting, kill Perfumer if still alive
Further southwest:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Hero’s Rune [2]
Go back to the stairs, watch out for any remaining Knight patrolling
Canon of Haima the 3 guards under the Gazebo
Loot corpse behind gazebo:
  • 8x Tarnished Sundflowers
Corpse against railings:
  • Golden Rune [13]
Further up 3 guards. Corpse dangling over railing:
  • 3x Gravel Stone
Southeast behind building, kill another guard:
  • 10x Lordsworn’s Bolt
Further east, kill 2 more Guards southeast in between 2 buildings, corpse:
  • Golden Rune [8]
Further southeast 3 more guards on the stairs
Then freak tower, kill it to loot 3 corpses:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
  • Golden Rune [8]
  • Golden Rune [11]
Go back, take 2nd stairs down to your right, kill perfumer + 2 guards (Canon of Haima), corpse behind golden cup:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Warp back to West Capital Rampart
South / Southwest go up the tree root, kill guardians
After the 5 lined up guardians, go up and then down a tree root northwest to access golden roof and a corpse to the right:
  • 3x Holy Grease
Reach the top and prepare for boss before entering the doorway: Godfrey, First Elden Lord
Buff up fully and enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Should be an easy fight if you let Mimic tank
  • Talisman Pouch
Trophy Unlocked: Godfrey, First Elden Lord
Total Trophies Unlocked: 22/42
Site of Grace: Erdtree Sanctuary
Rest and level
Stats reminder:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
Equip 4th Talisman: Erdtree’s Favor +1
East to balcony, take the tree root up, north doorway out, turn left immediately to jump on roof and enter upper floor through open window
Southwest chest:
  • Erdtree Bow
Go back, up the tree root to loot a throne hanged from the ceiling:
  • Golden Order Principia
Other side of tree root, southwest doorway:
  • Celestial Dew
Kick ladder, descend
East to balcony again,
Go right until the gazebo and loot corpse:
  • 6x Holy Grease
Go back and take tree root up again, north doorway out
Move up, buff up before entering cathedral, ambush by a clone of Ringleader Alecto, but weaker.
Loot item on giant bed:
  • Blessing of the Erdtree
Site of Grace: Queen’s Bedchamber
Rest and level
Spend Runes if needed
Stats reminder:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
Main boss next!
== EPISODE 109 END ==





4:15 Morgott, the Omen King

Total Trophies Unlocked: 23/42 Progression:

12:42 Bolt of Gransax (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 6/9)



4:13 Morgott’s Great Rune

4:17 Remembrance of the Omen King

7:03 Rold Medallion

8:57 Law of Regression (10,000 Runes)

11:14 5x Holy Grease

12:09 Barrier of Gold

12:44 Bolt of Gransax

12:52 Stonesword Key

17:09 Golden Order Totality

18:31 Star Fist

19:18 Ritual Shield Talisman

19:32 Furlcalling Finger Remedy



1:00 Prepare for boss: Morgott, the Omen King

11:24 Prepare for Knight

12:00 Invisible scarab

18:56 Flame, Grant Me Strength



0:16 Final boss

5:41 It’s not over

7:17 Level up

7:39 Magic Scorpion Charm

8:05 Weight Check

8:48 Study incantantions

10:27 Cast Law of Regression

11:00 It’s Complicated

12:17 Bolt of Gransax

13:05 Another Shortcut

13:39 Memorize Spell

19:46 Missed speech

23:51 Extra dialogue



4:28 Talk to Morgott 2x

6:00 Talk to Melina

15:56 Talk to Brother Corhyn

     “About the noble Goldmask”

16:57 Talk to Noble Goldmask

     “Tell him that Radagon is Marika”

17:18 Talk to Brother Corhyn

     “About the noble Goldmask”

20:06 Talk to Roderika

     “About the Spirit’s voices”

20:39 Talk to Finger Reader Enia

     “I want to burn the impenetrable thorns”

     “How to burn thorns”

24:18 Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir

     “Where should I go?”



5:49 Elden Throne



00:00 Preparations for the Final Boss

01:12 CUT SCENE: Morgott, the Omen King

02:53 BOSS: Morgott, the Omen King

05:17 Entering the Erdtree

05:59 Melina: A New Journey

07:15 Level Up & Gear Change

08:34 Church of Vows

09:48 Statue of Radagon – Secret Reveal

11:21 Looting the rest of Upper Leyndell

13:36 Flame, Grant Me Strength

14:27 Noble Goldmask and Brother Corhyn

19:41 Roundtable Hold

24:50 Episode End


From Grace: Queen’s Bedchamber
Move up to boss fog, prepare for Morgott, the Omen King
Summon Melina
Summon Dung Eater
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
Run away and keep your shield up while allies get the aggro
Summon Mimic, Heal
Charged R2 attacks for the win
  • Morgott’s Great Rune
  • Remembrance of the Omen King
Achievement unlocked: Morgott, the Omen King
Total Trophies Unlocked: 23/42
Talk to Morgott 2x
Move up the stairs, touch the Thorn Wall
Go back and rest at Site of Grace: Elden Throne
Melina will talk to you and you’ll receive:
  • Rold Medallion
Level up
Stats goal:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
After reaching 16 STR, you can replace Radagon’s Soreseal by Magic Scorpion Charm
+12% Magic Damage, it works on our Spells and on Moonlight Greatsword Arcs
Also, we’ll be tankier now without Radagon’s Soreseal damage negation penalty
The penalty on Magic Scorpion Charm only concerns physical damage and it’s not as bad as Radagon’s
Warp to Church of Vows (Liurnia)
Give all prayerbooks you have to Miriel, Pastor of Vows
Study Incantations, purchase:
  • Law of Regression (10,000 Runes)
Warp to Erdtree Sanctuary
Memorize Spells
   Law of Regression
West exit, lift down, stairs down, read message at the bottom of stairs:
“Regression alone reveals secrets”
Equip Dragon Communion Seal to your Left Hand  Armament Slot 2
Face the statue of Radagon east and cast Law of Regression
The statue will transform into a statue of Marika
Read the new message 2 steps ahead:
“Radagon is Marika”
North stairs down, kill 2x perfumers, loot corpse:
  • 5x Holy Grease
Northeast prepare for Crucible Knight
Flask of Physick
Open up with Ranni’s Dark Moon
Moonlight Greatsword
Charged Moonlight R2
One more hit should be enough
Move up next stairs, kill invisible scarab (I like to use Cannon of Haima)
  • Barrier of Gold
Go back down the stairs, jump over the broken part of the railing to drop down and access the giant spear below
Walk up the spear to loot:
  • Bolt of Gransax (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 6/9)
Walk back down the spear and jump down the gazebo’s roof, loot corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
Northwest to ladder down, across the sewer waterfal, reach the other side:
Kick Ladder (another shortcut we won’t need, but for completion’s sake, we unlock all shortcuts!)
Warp to West Capital Rampart
Memorize spell: Flame, Grant me Strength instead of Law of Regression
South then southwest under the giant root, up the stairs, follow the stone path, kill Axe Gladiator
Midway take the ledge to the left, you’ll find Goldmask and Brother Corhyn
Talk to Brother Corhyn
“About the noble Goldmask”
Talk to Noble Goldmask
“Tell him that Radagon is Marika”
Golden Order Totality
Talk to Brother Corhyn
“About the noble Goldmask”
Southwest under the Colosseum:
  • Star Fist
North around the Colosseum until you reach the stone stairs, kill another Axe Gladiator, loot corpse:
  • Ritual Shield Talisman
Further west behind columns:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Talk to Roderika
   “About the Spirit’s voices”
Talk to Finger Reader Enia
   “I want to burn the impenetrable thorns”
   “How to burn thorns”
Talk to Roderika
   “Please take care”
Go to Sir Gideon Ofnir
   “Where should I go?”
== EPISODE 110 END ==




1:20 Ghost Glovewort [2]

1:26 Mottled Nekclace

4:49 3x Nascent Butterfly

5:02 1x Sacramental Bud

5:05 Golden Rune [12]

5:14 Golden Rune [12]

5:18 Smithing Stone [7]

5:33 Rune Arc

6:14 Golden Rune [13]

6:17 Smithing Stone [6]

6:34 Ghost Glovewort [8]

6:45 Swarm of Flies

7:46 8x Blood-Tinged Excrement

7:50 4x Drawstring Blood Grease

7:57 Hero’s Rune [3]

8:10 8x Blood-Tinged Excrement

8:45 Ash of War: Blood Tax

9:12 Somber Smithing Stone [9]

9:30 Hero’s Rune [4]

10:03 5x Bloodrose

10:07 Smithing Stone [6]

10:45 Golden Rune [11]

12:25 Golden Rune [11]

13:32 Smithing Stone [8]

15:51 Clarifying Boluses

17:58 Smithing Stone [6]

18:01 Golden Rune [13]

18:18 Golden Seed

18:38 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [24]

18:32 Ghost Glovewort [8]

18:49 3x Rot Grease

19:41 White Mask

19:43 War Surgeon Armor Set

19:53 5x Bloodrose

21:09 Stonesword Key

22:13 Holy Grease

21:19 Haligdrake Talisman +2

22:09 Ghost Glovewort [9]

22:43 4x Arteria Leaf



2:15 Dangerous Forest

2:37 Buff and Blast

3:30 3rd Mage

7:13 Stupid but dangerous

10:23 Cartwheel Spike Attack

13:01 Ambush

14:01 Prepare for invader: Nameless White Mask

14:27 Nameless White Mask

15:54 Big Blood Birds

20:16 Blood Bird 3



1:31 Crucible Knight

4:13 Last Mage

10:49 Don’t rest

11:09 Death Bird Cheese

11:39 Rune Farming Spot

18:24 Big Blood Bird 2

21:24 Blood Bird 4

22:48 Missing Item

23:14 Level up



None this episode.



10:54 Palace Approach Ledge-Road



00:00 One last warp to Nokron

01:59 How to deal with the Giant Skeleton Summoners

04:59 Way to Palace Approach Ledge-Road

11:04 Tricking a Big Bird

12:42 Into the Blood Swamp

14:02 Invader: Nameless White Mask 1

16:49 Invader: Nameless White Mask 2

18:54 Invader: Nameless White Mask 3

19:52 2 more Blood Birds

23:14 Level Up & Episode End


== Final Siofra Cleanup + Mogh, Lord of Blood ==
Warp to The Four Belfries (Liurnia)
Use Imbued Stonesword Key on the closest portal with the message “Night Sky Unceasing”
Take the waygate to Nokron, go down to the bottom by dropping carefully on lower ledges then onto columns
At the bottom, summon horse and collect:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
  • Mottled Nekclace
Don’t bother killing the Crucible Knight northeast, he doesn’t drop anything
Warp to Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance
The start of the forest area northeast can be quite challenging if you don’t know the trick (check video)
There are 4 Red Alien mages, each tied to a giant ghost skeleton with devastating long range attacks
These giant ghost skeletons can be killed but don’t give anything for the trouble, they are summons linked to each mage
So let’s kill the 4 mages first.
Jellyfish Shield
Snow Witch Hat
The first 2 mages can be killed from long range with  2x Ranni’s Dark Moon, they won’t even get to do their summon
If at any point they see you and you’re under attack from the giant skeleton, take cover behind the rock where the 1st mage was, and shoot from there safely
The 3rd mage is a little trickier, you’ll have to get closer to it, so stick to the left edge then left cliff to have some cover
Southeast is another Mage with his back turned. Shoot it from long range with Ranni’s Dark Moon.
Once the 4 mages are dead, change back to usual gear setup
Black Wolf Mask or Imp Head (Wolf) (or your favorite armor, it’s up to you, just stay under Medium Load)
Brass Shield
Mount up and loot the corpses lying around:
  • 3x Nascent Butterfly
  • 1x Sacramental Bud
  • Golden Rune [13]
  • Smithing Stone [7]
  • Golden Rune [12]
Northwest in a nook in the cliff youy’ll find hug wall to find a corpse:
  • Rune Arc
South, hug the left cliff to find cave with 4 aliens:
  • Golden Rune [13]
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Keep sticking to left wall to find another cave, plant at the entrance:
  • Ghost Glovewort [8]
  • Swarm of Flies (guarded by 2 aliens)
West of cave, bunch of aliens running circles around pillar. Buff up moonlight, kill them one by one with a single charged R2 each. Loot around pillar:
  • 8x Blood-Tinged Excrement
  • 4x Drawstring Blood Grease
  • Hero’s Rune [3]
Further west, double campfire, kill 2 Aliens and loot corpse:
  • 8x Blood-Tinged Excrement
East, back to hugging the wall going south, another cave, kill scarab:
  • Ash of War: Blood Tax
Kill 2 more aliens in that cave, loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [9]
West, small camp by pillar:
  • Hero’s Rune [4]
South, kill a patrol of 4 aliens, loot 2 corpses on the upward slope:
  • 5x Bloodrose
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Clear your way up the slope (you can ignore the non agressive aliens sitting down):
  • Golden Rune [11]
Further up, activate (but don’t rest unless really low on flasks) Site of Grace: Palace Approach Ledge-Road
Mount up, east until the edge:
  • Golden Rune [11]
Go back down at bottom of slope, clear the way west/northwest to a pillar with a corpse (4 more aliens hiding in under the blood surface will ambush you):
  • Smithing Stone [8]
Southwest you’ll see some blood geysers, get ready to be invaded by Nameless White Mask
Dangerous invader with high Bloodloss buildup and casts Swarm of Flies. Lure it back towards the swamp where you can summon Mimic to help.
Using Shield + Counter also works.
Further southwest is a big blood bird.
Buff up (Flask + Moonlight + Boiled Crab).
Pull it with Ranni’s Dark Moon, switch to 1H + Shield, buff up with Moonlight Greatsword
Big Bird Can be staggered. Hits pretty hard
Southeast along the left wall, you’ll be invaded by another Nameless White Mask
If you used your summon, this time rely on spacing and timing your R2s
Brass Shield and Counterattacks also helps
Loot the area:
  • Clarifying Boluses
  • Smithing Stone [6]
  • Golden Rune [13]
Southeast double jump up the rock platform with an erdtree sapling, kil dogs:
  • Golden Seed
Southeast you should see another Blood Bird
Buff up with Moonlight and Boiled Crab, pull it with Ranni’s Dark Moon
Loot the southeastern area:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [24] (edge of cliff)
  • Ghost Glovewort [8]
  • 3x Rot Grease (Pillar southwest)
You’ll be invaded by a last Nameless White Mask if you go a few more steps further southwest, so buff up before moving up
Upon defeat of this 3rd invader:
  • White Mask
  • War Surgeon Armor Set
Corpse nearby:
  • 5x Bloodrose
West, hug left wall, you’ll be jumped by another blood bird,
After beating it, look for corpse in a graveyard area Northwest:
  • Stonesword Key
Further west/northwest, corpse near tombstones:
  • Haligdrake Talisman +2
Northeast is a last blood bird, try to get the jump on it with a charged R2 to make this easier. Loot:
  • Holy Grease
  • Ghost Glovewort [9]
Further north, hug left wall, kill a few dogs to reach a corpse:
  • 4x Arteria Leaf
Northeast keep hugging left wall, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [5]
Warp to Palace Approach Ledge-Road
Level up
Stats goal:
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR (to be able to use Jellyfish Shield without Great Rune activated or Radagon’s Soreseal)
18 DEX (to be able to use Moonveil without Great Rune activated or Radagon’s Soreseal)
40 END (more stamina and better armor)
Next episode I’ll show you a great Rune Farming method from here
== EPISODE 111 END ==




13:10 Shardbearer Mogh

Total Trophies Unlocked: 24/42



6:42 Rune Arc

6:44 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

7:47 6x Festering Bloody Finger

7:48 Varré’s Bouquet

13:08 Mogh’s Great Rune

13:12 Remembrance of the Blood Lord

17:26 Sword of Milos

17:40 Seedbed Curse

17:41 Blackguard’s Bell Bearing

17:42 Iron Ball

17:43 Blackguard’s Mask

18:42 Law of Causality



5:32 Invade Varré

8:04 Prepare for Shardbearer

9:29 Prepare buffs for Mohg

11:33 Buff up & Strategy for Mohg

12:15 Nihil

12:35 Mohg Phase 2

16:51 Prepare for Invader: Dung Eater



0:09 1,5 Million Rune per Hour Farming Method

0:33 Lure Bird

1:52 Now with a bow

3:14 Smart Bird

3:33 Precise aiming

3:58 Level up

7:54 Goodbye Varré

8:39 Missed Item

13:33 Level up

13:47 What the…

15:32 Buy Boiled Crab

16:04 Reload Area

21:05 Dung Eater Ending



4:11 Talk to Melina

6:55 Talk to Varré 2x

15:25 Talk to Blackguard Big Boggart

     “About the Dung Eater” Talk to Blackguard Big Boggart 2x

18:09 Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir

     “About the Lord of Blood’s cocoon” 2x

19:24 Talk to Dung Eater 3x



12:22 Cocoon of the Empyrean



00:00 Rune Farming Method & Level Up

04:10 Melina: A New Journey

04:54 INVASION: White Mask Varré

08:03 Preparations for Mogh

09:49 CUT SCENE: Mohg, Lord of Blood

11:32 BOSS: Mohg, Lord of Blood

13:28 Level up & Cocoon of the Empyrean

14:12 Talking to Blackguard Big Boggart

16:38 INVADER: Dung Eater

18:00 Roundtable Hold

21:21 Episode End


From Palace Approach Ledge-Road
Check video for a great rune farming method
   Talk to Melina
Warp to Dynasty Mausoleum Midoint
Southwest inside the building is a red summon sign
Invade White Mask Varré’s world
Inside, Lantern up
Go southwest and then south towards the graves, Buff up with Flask + Moonlight.
Varré will be there. Best strategy is to be agressive, jump R2, charged R2, some R1 combos.
Don’t give him time to buff his weapon.
  • Rune Arc
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Back into your world, Varré will be there lying on the floor
Talk to Varré 2x
  • 6x Festering Bloody Finger
  • Varré’s Bouquet
Go back to the grace and Mix Wondrous Physick:
Magic-Shrouding CrackedTear
Purifying Crystal Tear
Hotkey Mohg’s Shackle
South, take lift up, prepare for boss fight against Mogh, Lord of Blood
Check video for full strategy
Enter portal:
Flask of Physick
Summon Mimic, heal up
Moonlight Greatsword
Flame Grant Me Strength (you get the time to buff after entering, Mogh will walk slowly towards you)
Use Charged/Non-charged R2 mostly, use Mogh’s Shackle twice before Phase 2 (at 50% HP)
When he starts doing his 1, 2, 3 countdown, use this opportunity to beat him up while under the protection of the Purifying Crystal Tear.
Phase 2: be careful of the Blood and Fire on the floor. Keep your distances, rebuff Moonlight, let Mimic tank and use R2 attacks (Charged whenever possible).
  • Mogh’s Great Rune
  • Remembrance of the Blood Lord
Achievement Unlocked: Shardbearer Mogh
Total Trophies Unlocked: 24/42
Northwest to Site of Grace: Cocoon of the Empyrean
Level up
Stats goal:
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR (to be able to use Jellyfish Shield without Great Rune activated or Radagon’s Soreseal)
18 DEX (to be able to use Moonveil without Great Rune activated or Radagon’s Soreseal)
40 END (more stamina and better armor)
This time we’ve completely cleaned up Siofra River!
Warp to Auriza Side Tomb (this part takes about 4min)
Get out and west to Blackguard  Big Boggart
“About the Dung Eater”
Quit game and log back in to reload the area (or warp back to Auriza Side Tomb and run back here)
You’ll find a dying Blackguard Big Boggart
Talk to him Twice
You’ll be invaded by Dung Eater
Buff up with everything before he arrives
Should be an easy fight, just be careful of his scream, move away when he does it and doge the yellow magic beams that follow
  • Sword of Milos
Go loot Blackguard’s corpse:
  • Seedbed Curse
  • Iron Ball
  • Blackguard’s Mask
  • Blackguard’s Bell Bearing
Warp to Roundhold Table
Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir
   “About the Lord of Blood’s cocoon”
  • Law of Causality
   “About the Lord of Blood’s cocoon” (again)
   “Where should I go?”
Talk to Dung Eater 3x
Warp to Site of Grace: Avenue Balcony
== EPISODE 112 END ==




1:24 3x Beast Blood Golden Rune [7]

1:51 Golden Rune [9]

2:13 Lightningproof Dried Liver

3:35 Perfume Bottle

4:39 2x Soporific Grease

4:47 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

6:00 Exalted Flesh

6:05 3x Nascent Butterfly

7:09 Flamedrake Talisman +1

7:46 Invigorating White Cured Meat

8:20 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

9:44 Official Attire

9:50 Blade of Calling

11:54 Omenkiller Rollo

13:47 Morgott’s Great Rune

13:57 Mogh’s Great Rune

18:11 Ash of War: Phantom Slash

19:11 Golden Seed

19:42 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

22:35 Gargoyle’s Black Blades

22:36 Gargoyle’s Black Axe



2:30 Leonine Misbegotten

5:00 Summon Mimic

10:52 Prepare for boss: Fell Twin

12:13 Restoring Great Runes: Morgott and Mohg

14:53 Pygmys

16:10 Prepare for boss: Night’s Cavalry

20:29 Prepare for boss: Black Blade Kindred

22:46 To the Grand Lift of Rold



7:57 Buff up for scarab

13:42 Omen Twins



None this episode.



9:13 Forbidden Lands

12:15 Divine Tower of East Altus: Gate

13:35 Divine Tower of East Altus

23:00 Grand Lift of Rold



00:00 Through Leyndell’s East Gate

06:21 Lift and Bridge to Forbidden Lands

10:47 Boss: Fell Twin

14:15 Boss: Night’s Cavalry

18:21 Golden Seed and Scarabs

20:08 Boss: Black Blade Kindred

23:10 Episode End


== East Altus and Forbidden Lands ==
From Grace: Avenue Balcony
Mix Wondrous Physicks:
   Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
   Spiked Cracked Tear
Go to mainstreet and northeast all the way to the giant double doors, open them
Southeast kill two Demi-humans, loot corpse:
  • 3x Beast Blood
  • Golden Rune [7]
South/southeast, kill 2 dogs guarding corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Further up, dog + flying demi-human:
  • Lightningproof Dried Liver
Buff up, get ready for a Leonine Misbegotten enemy. Quite tough and relentless but dies with only three R2 Moonlight beams. Buff up Brass Shield with Shield Grease for an easier time.
  • Perfume Bottle
Back up and move up the stairs, turn Northwest up the ledge to a corpse, guarded by sleeping demi-human:
  • 2x Soporific Grease
Further southeast, pit on the left with a demi-human praying to a statue, kill it, corpse behind statue:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Southeast, another Leonine Misbegotten, try to lure it solo, they have quite the aggro range
Summon Mimic and heal up
Clear a path to the corpse at the edge:
  • Exalted Flesh
Corpse on stairs:
  • 3x Nascent Butterfly
Move up to the building and lift up
Kill a couple of guards:
  • Flamedrake Talisman +1
Enter Capital Outskirts, backstab Archer Knight on the left, kill Rider
  • Invigorating White Cured Meat
Buff up before attacking grey scarab, it will transform into a bigger scarab, moonlight beam will help prevent its escape
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Enter the archway, take the lift down, exit northeast and activate Site of Grace: Forbidden Lands
Go back to the lift, look up southwest to see a ledge you can access by jumping off the lift.
  • Official Attire
Open door:
  • Blade of Calling
Jump back down, call the lift and take it back up to the top
Southeast exit, buff up before going any further, prepare for boss: Fell Twin
Flask, Moonlight
Move up, fade to black, summon Mimic, heal up
Should be an easy fight if you let Mimic tank
  • Omenkiller Rollo
Activate Site of Grace: Divine Tower of East Altus: Gate
Southeast, open double door, lift up
Run to the top to activate Site of Grace: Divine Tower of East Altus
Restore the Power of a Great Rune:
  • Morgott’s Great Rune
Restore the Power of a Great Rune:
  • Mogh’s Great Rune
At our current level, it might be worth considering switching from Godrick’s Great Rune (+5 to all stats, so about 40 levels worth of stats) to Radahn’s Great Rune (+15% HP, +12% FP  +12% Stamina) or Morgott’s Great Rune (+25% HP). Once we’ve reached all our stats goals at least.
After Level 170+, the extra 5 points in stats have less of an impact (also because of diminishing returns), also, the higher level we are, the greater the benefit becomes for those percentage bases Great Runes.  +15% HP is more interesting  when you have 60 in Vigor than when you’re at 25 Vigor for example.
Haven’t done the exact Math, but for our current build and playstyle with a mix of melee and magic, I think transitioning to Radahn’s Great Rune after level 170 will be a viable choice.
Warp back down to Forbidden Lands
Wait until Nightfall, ride east  until you find Night’s Cavalry
Not much space in this area, so best stay on foot and use Shield Grease + Counter
  • Ash of War: Phantom Slash
Keep going east along the path until you find an erdtree sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Southwest to find an item inside the giant skull’s mouth:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
Northeast and then north along the snowy path until you find a Gold Summon Sign
Summon Millicent
Summon Mimic
Flask of Physiks
North a few steps to trigger boss: Black Blade Kindred
Kill it with spells (Ranni’s Darkmoon, Stars of Ruin), this boss moves around a lot so spells are great
  • Gargoyle’s Black Blades
  • Gargoyle’s Black Axe
Ride north until you see a grace on the right: SIte of Grace: Grand Lift of Rold
== EPISODE 113 END ==




2:10 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

4:37 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (20 000 Runes)

9:20 2x Beast Blood

9:44 Map: Mountaintops of the Giants, West

17:25 Zamor Ice Storm

18:00 Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [3]

18:45 2x Sliver of Meat

19:13 Golden Rune [10]

19:49 Invigorated White Cured Meat

20:09 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

21:22 4x Smoldering Butterfly



13:01 Heroes of Zamor

13:15 Spells are the way

13:33 Hoarfrost stomp

14:10 One by one

18:31 White eagles



0:10 Nepheli Loux

0:24 Gatekeeper Gostoc

0:48 Just in Case

3:59 Purchase

4:52 Upgrade shield

6:40 All set

10:14 Level up

18:05 Smithing Stone Miner Bell 3



1:34 Talk to Nepheli Loux 3x

2:33 Talk to Kenneth Haight

3:19 Talk to Gatekeeper Gostoc 2x

4:21 Talk to Gideon

5:28 Talk to Miniature Ranni Talk to Ranni

6:58 Talk to Finger Reader “Show hands”

10:27 Talk to Yura 4x



10:06 Zamor Ruins

22:04 Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs



00:00 Nepheli Loux’s Quest Line End

04:14 Roundtable Hold Upgrade

05:24 Ranni’s Plan

06:54 Grand Lift of Rold

09:16 To Zamor Ruins & Yura

13:01 Zamor Ruins Walkthrough

18:13 Looting the Upper Plateau

20:01 Way to Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs Episode End


From Grace: Grand Lift of Rold
Warp to Godrick the Grafted (Stormveil Castle)
If Gatekeeper Gostoc is still there stomping on Godrick’s face, go south and rest at the Secluded Cell grace.
Gatekeeper Gostoc should no longer be there and have moved to the throne room North.
If that’s not the case, warp to Fort Haight West and go talk to Kenneth Haight, then go back to the throne room in Stormveil Castle where you should see Nephelix LouxKenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc.
Talk to Nepheli Loux 3x
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
Talk to Kenneth Haight
Talk to Gatekeeper Gostoc 2x
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (20 000 Runes)
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Talk to Gideon
Go to Smith Hewg
    Upgrade Brass Shield to +25
Warp to Ranni’s Chamber
Talk to Miniature Ranni
Talk to Ranni
Warp back to Grace: Grand Lift of Rold
A few steps west: Finger Reader
“Show hands”
North to Grand Lift of Rold
Hoist Medaillon
Up top, turn around South to find corpse leaning against the lift’s wall:
  • 2x Beast Blood
North along the path to the map stele:
  • Map: Mountaintops of the Giants, West
A little further Northeast Site of Grace: Zamor Ruins
Level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Talk to Yura 4x
(who will now be referred to as “Shabriri”)
Southeast to Zamor Ruins, new type of enemy using Hoarfrost Stomp and high melee damage, quite elusive too. Very tough.
There are about 8 of them in those ruins, so summon Mimic when you encounter the first one.
Also use Flask of Physick to make this easier
Killing them with Spells while Mimic tanks is best, because they dodge Moonlight Arcs too much
Clear your way towards the southern part of the ruins
In the largest building you’ll face 3 Heros of Zamor, kill them and loot corpse:
  • Zamor Ice Storm
A few steps west find stairs down, open chest:
  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [3] (we’ll now be able to upgrade any weapon to to +18)
Northwest double jump to climb on the upper cliff, kill the White Eagles with Rock Sling or they’ll harass you
Find corpse lying in the snow in the middle of that mountain part:
  • 2x Sliver of Meat
Further northwest at the edge of cliff is a corpse sitting next to a bare tree:
  • Golden Rune [10]
East/southeast until you reach the easternmost part of the ruins, loot corpse leaning against wall:
  • Invigorated White Cured Meat
East on the path going up until you reach two giant sculpted horns on each side of the path, look up to see a scarab hanging up top, shoot it wih Loretta’s:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
All the way east to access slope going up north, reach corpse near big rock:
  • 4x Smoldering Butterfly
Further north then down the path with the frenzy flame people, don’t bother killing them for now.
Instead make a sharp turn right on the southeast ledge taking you to a catacombs door
Site of Grace: Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs
Spend Runes to level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
== EPISODE 114 END ==




1:44 Grave Glovewort [7]

4:32 Grave Glovewort [8]

5:36 Grave Glovewort [8]

6:08 Ghost Glovewort [7]

7:05 Fire Monk Ashes

10:34 Stimulating Boluses

10:50 Grave Glovewort [7]

10:52 Ritual Pot

11:10 Nascent Butterfly

13:04 Grave Glovewort [8]

14:49 Grave Glovewort [7]

15:56 Golden Rune [10]

18:10 Golden Seed

18:12 Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [2]

18:29 Deathroot

20:23 Briars of Punishment

20:28 3x Arteria Leaf

21:03 Lost Ashes of War

21:33 Golden Rune [7]

21:43 4x Rainbow Stone

21:45 Drawstring Holy Grease

22:34 Golden Rune [13]

22:53 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

23:04 6x Cotton



3:23 Buff up and nuke

6:17 Watchdog #2

7:59 Trick shot

9:21 Exploding jars

11:31 Free Aim Moonlight

16:33 Rest if needed

16:44 Prepare for boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

17:20 Usual strategy

19:20 Summon & buff up

21:35 Remember shield



0:13 Allocate flasks

13:15 Craft Poison Pots

15:17 Another secret floor

18:42 Level up

21:07 Golem Sniper



23:29 Talk to Millicent 2x



23:22 Ancient Snow Valley Ruins



00:00 Allocate Flaks ans Talk to Melina

01:05 Giants Mountaintop Catacombs: Secret Lower Floor

07:52 Giants Mountaintop Catacombs: Way to Lever

16:34 Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

19:06 Fire Prelate and co

20:41 Crossing the giant bridge

22:42 To the Ancient Snow Valley

24:18 Episode End


== Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs Walkthrough ==
Re-allocate Flask charges 9 / 5
Talk to Melina
West hallway 3 imp ambushes
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
North hallway 2 more Imp Ambushes
Take lift down. Send lift back up and jump off
Step on the next lift level to be taken down to secret lower floor
Kill imp, then kill Watchdog Statue below (safer to kill it with Spells from above)
  • Grave Glovewort [8] (under the stairs)
Trap Frost Column north, disable it with Loretta’s
West hallway trap floor tile then double imp ambush (step in, roll back and drag them through trap)
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
North hallway disable next trap column.
Illusionary wall on the right with imp:
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
Next room bump/jump on trap column, kill watchdog from up above with Dark Moon / Stars of Ruins / Rock Sling
Open chest:
  • Fire Monk Ashes
Go back to the lift and take it back up
West then South hallway, canon of Haima on middle imp to get the 2 side imps tossing bombs
Lift down, kill 2 small jars
Moonlight up, next room kill big jar
West stairs up, floor tile trap, stairs up to guillotine room with exploding jars
Tip: Cannon of Haima aimed at the Southwest corner of the room should cause chain reaction
South room kill small jar
East stairs up, run past the poison eggs
Next room floor tile trap, kill 2 small jars, corpse on the left:
  • Stimulating Boluses
North room kill big jar, loot plant and corpse:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
  • Ritual Pot
Previous room next to body we looted the Boluses from, fall down hole, loot corpse:
  • Nascent Butterfly
Drop down, watch out for exploding pots
West hallway trap floor tile
South stairs up, go through hallway with guillotines and exploding jars
Next room kill big jar:
  • Grave Glovewort [8]
East stairs up, throw Poison Pots on big poison egg to trigger explosion
North stairs up, use floor tile trap to kill big jar:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
Previous room drop down Shaft west, all the way to bottom
North back to the lift, send it up and jump off, revealing a secret floor below
Buff up and drop down to kill Big Jar
South hallway kill 2 small jars
  • Golden Rune [10] (corpse next to lever)
Pull lever
Drop down, north back to lift, take lift back up
North back to boss door and west to reach the fog, prepare for Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Flask, Moonlight, Flame, Boiled Crab, enter
Mimic, Heal, keep shield up while mimic takes aggro (dodge the grab attack)
  • Golden Seed
  • Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [2]
  • Deathroot
Warp to Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs
Level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Get out and kill the flame cultists
Summon Mimic before engagingFire Prelate (fat guy with the flame hat)
Clear the area then loot:
  • Briars of Punishment
  • 3x Arteria Leaf
Ride up the giant narrow bridge, stop halfway to loot dead guy in chair:
  • Lost Ashes of War
Gallop  further north to find cover from the Golem’s arrow, then drop down to the left to a lower ledge to grab some loots. Remember you can block those giant arrows and take no damage:
  • Golden Rune [7]
  • 4x Rainbow Stone
  • Drawstring Holy Grease
Mount up and go kill Golem Archer
Corpse northwest dangling over rock:
  • Golden Rune [13]
Northeast find and kill grey scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
East/Northeast under broken arch, corpse:
  • 6x Cotton
Over the same broken arch north and then northwest to Site of Grace: Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
Talk to Millicent twice
== EPISODE 115 END ==




1:15 Golden Seed

3:34 3x Smithing Stone [7]

5:03 Ash of War: Seppuku

5:25 Golden Rune [11]

7:35 Dragon Heart

8:35 Golden Rune [12]

10:08 2x Freezing Grease

11:42 White Reed Armor Set

11:49 Invigorating White Cured Meat

11:55 Golden Rune [6]

14:19 Godskin Swaddling Cloth

14:21 Black Flame Ritual

15:12 5x Arteria Leaf

15:36 Golden Rune [10]

15:37 Hero’s Rune [1]

15:40 Rune Arc

16:39 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

17:00 Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [3]

17:15 3x Smithing Stone [7]

17:25 Sacred Tear



5:30 Prepare for boss: Borealis the Freezing Fog

6:04 Buff up and summon

6:27 Dragon Strategy

6:50 Frost Dust

9:41 Summoner Snails

10:13 Dangerous room

10:59 One more snail

12:13 Prepare for bosses: Godskin Apostle, Godskin Noble & Spiritcaller Snail

13:12 Rebuff



2:09 Loot pinata

8:31 Level up

8:51 Memorize Spell

9:07 Gear change

16:06 Giant Lobsters



17:53 Talk to Melina I’m Interested Talk to Melina



4:08 Freezing Lake

8:33 Spiritcaller Cave

17:27 First Church of Marika



00:00 Through the Icy River

03:43 To the Freezing Lake

05:32 Boss: Borealis the Freezing Fog

07:50 Level up, Spell and Gear Change

09:25 Spiritcaller Cave Walkthrough

12:12 Boss: Spiritcaller Cave Trio

14:30 Spiritcaller Cave: looting the other tunnel

16:04 To the First Church of Marika

17:40 Flask Upgrade & Melina

18:58 Episode End


From Grace: Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
Northeast until you reach the icy river
Northeast along the river, then south up the slope to find Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Northeast is a fissured statue, lure the sleeping Golem nearby to break it open:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [7]
Northwest up the ledge then northeast to Site of Grace: Freezing Lake
East to find invisible scarab:
  • Ash of War: Seppuku
Further east climb up the cliff to find corpse at the edge:
  • Golden Rune [11]
Prepare for boss: Borealis the Freezing Fog (check video for strategy)
Equip Moonveil
Green Turtle Talisman
Lance Talisman
Ritual Sword Talisman
Erdtree’s Favor
Flask of Physiks, Summon Mimic, Heal up
Ride south to engage dragon. Follow usual dragon strategy but be careful of the freeze breath he somtimes does which hits everything around him, even behind. Always keep your HP topped up for the Ritual Sword Talisman attack boost.
  • Dragon Heart
West/Southwest to a cave entrance, use 2x Stonesword Keys
Site of Grace: Spiritcaller Cave
Rest and level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
== Spiritcaller cave walkthrough ==
Memorize spell:
Unseen Form
Re-equip standard setup:
Dark Moon Greatsword
Green Turtle Talisman
Magic Scorpion Charm
Godfrey Icon
Erdtree’s Favor +1
Move up and fall into a hole, at the bottom buff up and kill snail summoner (don’t bother killing his summons)
Further drop down, turn around and kill another snail. Loot:
  • Golden Rune [12]
  • 2x Freezing Grease
Cast Unseen Form, sneak up and hug left wall to kill a snail
Cast Unseen Form again, sneak up and backtrack to start of this room, this time hug right wall and kill another snail
Loot whole room:
  • Invigorating White Cured Meat
  • White Reed Armor Set
  • Golden Rune [6] (behind large tree)
South tunnel to boss fog, prepare for 3 bosses in a row:
Godskin Apostle
Godskin Noble
Spiritcaller Snail
Flask, Flame, Moonlight, enter
Mimic, Heal up, use charged R2s, watch out for the big charged AoE attack, move away when it happens
  • Godskin Swaddling Cloth
  • Black Flame Ritual
Warp back to Site of Grace: Spiritcaller Cave
Go back to the room with the trap hole, this time go around it, drop down and kill another snail, loot corpse:
  • 5x Arteria Leaf
West tunnel until fork, go south to find 3 corpses:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Hero’s Rune [1]
  • Rune Arc
Warp back to Site of Grace: Spiritcaller Cave
Get out, south to a corpse guarded by 2x Giant Lobsters, don’t bother figthting them, just loot the corpse and keep riding southeast:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Further southeast to First Church of Marika:
  • Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [3] (corpse north of church)
  • 3x Smithing Stone [7] (east of church up on the cliff, dead guy in chair)
  • Sacred Tear (inside church)
Site of Grace: First Church of Marika
Upgrade Flasks to +11
Talk to Melina
   I’m Interested
Talk to Melina
== EPISODE 116 END ==




14:37 Unlocked: Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 7/7 Total Trophies Unlocked: 25/42


1:19 Golden Rune [10]

1:20 Golden Rune [7]

1:27 Golden Rune [7]

3:48 Vyke’s Dragonbolt

3:49 Fingerprint Armor Set

5:27 5x Explosive Greatbolt

5:40 Golden Rune [12]

6:13 Golden Rune [12]

8:16 Golden Rune [12]

9:08 5x Old Fang

9:57 2x Thawfrost Bloluses

12:22 3x Stimulating Boluses

14:37 Founding Rain of Stars

16:45 Stonesword Key

17:23 Golden Rune [10]

17:44 6x Smoldering Butterfly

18:31 Smithing Stone [7]

19:32 One-eyed Shield

19:59 Giant’s Prayerbook

20:23 5x Smoldering Butterfly

21:07 Golden Rune [8]

21:41 Ash of War: Prelate’s Charge

22:18 Map: Mountaintops of the Giants: East



1:48 Prepare for boss: Roundtrable Knight Vyke

2:10 Buff up & engage

2:34 Showing you the moves

2:47 Lightning

3:00 Double lightning javelins

3:14 Jump attack

4:01 Anyway

15:41 Buff up and summon

18:56 Miniboss above: Chief Guardian Arganthy

21:15 Don’t sit there



0:12 Un-memorize spell

4:43 Level up

10:15 Wait until morning

12:28 Invisible Bridge

12:42 Icerind Hatchet

22:25 East map



None this episode



4:35 Whiteridge Road

22:20 Giants’ Gravepost



00:00 To Lord’s Contender Evergaol

01:48 Boss: Vyke, Knight of the Round Table

04:18 Clearing the way to Heretical Rise

10:03 Solving Heretical Rise Riddle

13:50 Looting Heretical Rise

15:03 Guardians Garrison

22:02 Crossing the Giant Chain

22:42 Episode End


From Grace: First Church of Marika
Un-Memorize Spell:
   Unseen Form
West/northwest to a graveyard:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Golden Rune [7]
  • Golden Rune [7]
Behind graveyard take spiritspring up, land near Lord Contender’s Evergaol. Prepare for Boss: Vyke, Knight of the Round Table
Equip Boltdrake Talisman +1 instead of Godfrey Icon
Enter evergaol
Flask, Moonlight, engage
Non-charged R2 attacks are very effective. Watch out if he starts casting spells, sprint in circles to avoid them
Low poise enemy, feel free to land in some R1 combos as well
Can also be backstabed after his jump attack
  • Fingerprint Armor Set
  • Vyke’s Dragonbolt
Re-equip Godfrey Icon
West to Site of Grace: Whiteridge Road
Level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Northeast kill a Dinodog in the small camps
Find corpse in the northeasternmost camp:
  • 5x Explosive Greatbolt
North/Northeast shoot down the hot air balloon:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Further Northeast is another hot air ballon, shoot it down:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Northwest to Heretical Rise
Watch out for the Marionette Soldiers, take them out one by one if possible, or will spells
Shoot one more balloon:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Go to Heretical Rise  and read the Riddle
Go around the building counter-clockwise, kill 2 Flying Imps and loot corpse leaning against wall:
  • 5x Old Fang
Go all the way around the building clockwise, drop down to a lower ledge, kill Marionette Soldier, loot corpse:
  • 2x Thawfrost Bloluses
Warp to Freezing Lake
Wait until Morning
North then west along the cliff to find a broken bridge
Clear the skeletons around it then loot corpse dangling over bridge
  • 3x Stimulating Boluses
Southeast at the end of the broken bridge is an invisible bridge (check video to see exactly where it is. You can use skills such as Hoarfrost Stomp to help you see exactly where the bridge is). Equip Icerind Axe to use Hoarfrost Stomp.
About 3/4th of the way accross the invisible bridge, look for white smoke on the left, this will indicate there the curved starway to the balcony is (can still use Hoarforst stomp to reveal it)
Up on balcony, re-equip Dark Moon Greatsword and kill 2 imps
Stairs up, Lift up, kill skeleton on the stairs, chest atop the tower:
  • Founding Rain of Stars (7 out of 7 Spells for the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations Achievement)
Trophy Unlocked: Legendary Sorceries and Incantations
Total Trophies Unlocked: 25/42
Warp back to Whiteridge Road
South to Fire Monk camp, summon Mimic and clear the way to Fire Prelate, kill it, loot corpse next:
  • Stonesword Key
Northwest into the castle, go left and kill Flame Guardian + Dog
Exit through the other gate northwest, kill dog to the right
Check corpse to the left:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Back inside the fort, take stairs  and kill 2 rats, loot corpse:
  • 6x Smoldering Butterfly
Northeast drop down to find ladder up, kill 2 Flame Guardians, loot corpse at the end:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Go back and jump north through the broken rampart onto wooden scaffoldings.
Go around the tower , up the stairs, 2 dogs in the left tower, then take on miniboss Chief Guardian Arganthy
With your Mimic still here this should be an easy fight
  • One-eyed Shield
Opposite tower, ladder up top, chest:
  • Giant’s Prayerbook
Go back down the ladder, exit and east through broken ramparts to land on scaffoldings
Northeast along those scaffoldings to loot corpse:
  • 5x Smoldering Butterfly
Drop down to get out of the castle, south find corpse leaning against big twirly vine:
  • Golden Rune [8]
Southwest to find a scarab hanging from a wooden totem, snipe it with Loretta’s:
  • Ash of War: Prelate’s Charge
Southwest, cross the chain bridge, turn left:
  • Map: Mountaintops of the Giants: East
Site of Grace: Giants’ Gravepost
== EPISODE 117 END ==




1:04 5x Fan daggers

1:09 2x Warming Stones

3:38 Smithing Stone [7]

4:47 Golden Rune [10]

5:06 Golden Seed

5:39 Starlight Shards

6:30 Golden Rune [10]

6:38 3x Grace Mimic

6:43 Golden Rune [10]

7:37 Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear

8:39 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

9:52 Rivers of Blood

9:53 Okina Mask

10:05 Sacred Tear

10:51 Ash of War: Troll’s Roar

11:17 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

12:39 Traveling Maiden Armor Set

13:50 Gesture: Hoslow’s Oath

14:18 Rune Arc

14:20 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

14:25 Hoslow’s Petal Whip

14:27 Hoslow’s Armor Set

14:50 Smithing Stone [7]

14:52 3x Warming Stone

14:55 Cured Invigorating White Meat

15:34 3x Rune Arc (8000 Runes each)

15:35 3x Stonesword Key (5000 Runes each)

15:37 Missionary’s cookbook [7] (7500 Runes)

16:04 Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [2]

17:52 Gesture: Fancy Spin

18:26 Primal Glintstone Blade

19:08 2x Freezing Grease



2:58 Use Spells

9:07 Prepare for Invader

9:23 Battle Strategy: Bloody Finger Okina

13:22 Prepare to invade: Juno Hoslow

13:59 Juno Hoslow Strategy



1:43 Ride to Grace

2:21 Colossal Hand

3:55 Seriously?!

4:23 Place 3 Markers

5:46 Place 4 Markers

7:16 Hug Left Wall

8:08 Jesus…

8:25 Sneak and Snipe

10:17 Upgrade Flasks

15:34 Hermit Merchant

17:24 Summon Jellyfish



16:54 Jellyfish Spirit



2:12 Foot of the Forge

10:05 Church of Repose



00:00 To the Foot of the Forge

02:20 Ultra Creepy: Colossal Hand

04:22 1st Loot Run: 3 Markers

05:44 2nd Loot Run: 4 Markers

08:22 Under Giant: Teleporting Scarab

08:55 Invader: Bloody Finger Okina

10:02 Max Flask Upgrade

10:37 Troll’s Roar & Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

11:40 Way to Shack of the Lofty

13:20 Invasion: Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood’s World

14:48 To the Hermit Merchant

16:14 Jellyfish Spirit

19:15 Way to Goldmask & Corhyn

19:54 Episode End


From Grace: Giants’ Gravepost
Southwest, kill a black bird, loot 2 corpses:
  • 5x Fan daggers
  • 2x Warming Stones
South/southeast until you see a corpse under a black bird
Ride straight past it, a A Colossal Hand will drop down and kill the bird as you approach
Keep going southeast and hit Site of Grace: Foot of the Forge
Now let’s deal with that hand
Buff up before you get closer: Flask + Moonlight
Try to Dodge this hand’s attacks instead of blocking, attacks are very slow and telegraphed
Range can be an issue, using spells at the right moment is the way to go
Loot corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Rest only if very low on flasks (note: this will respawn the Colossal Hand so watch out if you go next to that pillar again)
Now check video and mark the next 3 location on the Map to know where to go without having to stop in between each step
North and slightly Northeast, find corpse inside the hill, guarded by 3 hands:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Northeast to erdtree sapling (loot and don’t stop, keep going northeast):
  • Golden Seed
Northeast to cliff’s edge, big sundial:
  • Starlight Shards
Kill whatever is still after you at this point
Once you’re out of combat, check video and mark the next 4 steps on your map
West along cliff edge till you can go northeast to a corpse (loot and keep going east):
  • Golden Rune [10]
East on a corpse in front of a giant’s corpse:
  • 3x Grace Mimic
Northeast on a corpse on the slope, in front of a giant’s corpse:
  • Golden Rune [10]
East till you reach the edge then  north down the slope through a narrow path with a lof of small hands
Keep double jumping over them while hugging the left wall until you reach the purple item in a basin:
  • Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
Kill the small hands there (and maybe a medium size hand if it followed you)
Warp back to Foot of the Forge
West climb up the rocks to the dead frozen giant, use double jump to reach the top then dismount and sneak up under the giant to find a teleporting scarab (don’t scare it off, snipe it in one shot with Loretta’s from as far as you can):
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Get off this rock safely, then west to Church of Repose, you’ll be dismounted as you approach
Flask + Moonlight and get ready for invader Bloody Finger Okina
Very easy with Shield Barricade + Counter attacks
  • Rivers of Blood (really cool unique Ash of War)
  • Okina Mask
Inside church:
  • Sacred Tear
Site of Grace: Church of Repose
Upgrade flask to +12 (final flask upgrade)
South behind the high rock, spiritspring northeast top the top:
  • Ash of War: Troll’s Roar
Warp back to Church of Repose
Southeast climb up the rocks to reach the skull’s mouth:
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
Warp to Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
North to icy river then west until you reach Shack of the Lofty, corpse inside shack:
  • Traveling Maiden Armor Set
East is the red summon sign for the Volcano Manor mission
Lose some weight to be on Medium Load without Godrick’s Great Rune activated
Invade Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood’s world
Flask + Moonlight as you enter
Wait until he makes a gesture, and you’ll get:
  • Gesture: Hoslow’s Oath
Jumped Heavy attacks work well
Going aggressive with R1 attacks also works well
Avoid using Shield, they don’t work very well against whips
Juno Hoslow hits hard and builds bleed quickly so be careful, back off and heal up if you get hurt
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Rune Arc
  • Hoslow’s Petal Whip
  • Hoslow’s Armor Set
Southwest to pile of dead golem parts:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
  • 3x Warming Stone
  • Cured Invigorating White Meat
South/southeast to spiritspring up, follow lower path southeast around the cliff to find Hermit Merchant, purchase:
  • Missionary’s cookbook [7] (7500 Runes)
  • 3x Rune Arc (8000 Runes each)
  • 3x Stonesword Key (5000 Runes each)
Kill the merchant:
  • Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [2]
Backtrack around the cliff to reach upper plateau then east to Stargazer Ruins
Look for a Jellyfish inside the middle building. This Jellyfish will be whispering about her sister.
Summon Jellyfish infront of her
  • Gesture: Fancy Spin
Re-hotkey Mimic instead of Jellyfish
Go downstairs, open chest:
  • Primal Glintstone Blade
Get out, further east kill 3 bats and loot corpse:
  • 2x Freezing Grease
West/southwest till you can climb up on the bridge going east
You’ll find Brother Corhyn and Noble Goldmask there
== EPISODE 118 END ==




1:37 Somber Smithing Stone [9]

3:30 Cerulean Crystal Tear

3:31 Crimson Bubbletear

6:10 Helphen’s Steeple

6:12 Deathroot

6:46 5x Human Bone Shard

6:52 Golden Rune [11]

9:03 Death Ritual Spear

9:33 Starlight Shards

14:32 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

14:33 Beast Blood

14:34 2x Old Fang

14:51 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

14:52 Beast Blood

14:53 2x Old Fang

15:30 Golden Rune [10]

16:35 5x Freezing Grease

16:46 3x Thawfrost Boluses

18:16 Thawfrost Boluses

18:29 Smithing Stone [5]

18:40 Golden Rune [9]

19:44 Stonesword key

20:03 5x Fan Daggers

21:06 Golden Rune [10]

21:33 Smithing Stone [6]

21:50 “Sorcerer” Painting

22:20 Stormhawk Axe



2:22 Prepare for boss: Erdtree Avatar Snow Valley

5:25 Drop down and buff up

7:28 Prepare for boss: Death Rite Bird

13:09 2 Leonine Guardians

20:24 Tricky Part



0:09 Hotkey Mimic

4:54 Way until Nightfall

10:47 Level Up

18:08 Don’t Rest

21:45 7th Painting: Sorcerer



0:20 Talk to Brother Corhyn “About Noble Goldmask” 2x

1:30 Talk to Noble Goldmask



4:09 Snow valley Ruins Overlook

10:37 Castle Sol Main Gate

18:05 Church of the Eclipse



00:00 Brother Corhyn & Noble Goldmask

01:43 Boss: Erdtree Avatar

03:41 To Snow Valley Ruins Overlook & Level Up

05:05 Boss: Tibia Mariner

06:59 Boss: Death Rite Bird

09:16 To Castle Sol & Level Up

11:07 Wandering Mausoleum

13:07 Castle Sol: 2 Leonine Guardians

15:11 Castle Sol Walkthrough – Part 1

22:30 Episode End


Episode starts from the bridge above Grace: Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
Re-hotkey Mimic instead of Jellyfish in case you haven’t already
Talk to Brother Corhyn
“About Noble Goldmask” Twice
Do Not give him the Tonic of Forgetfullness
Note: it doesn’t change the rewards in this questline, but giving Brother Corhyn the Tonic of Forgetfulness will have for consequence that he won’t follow Noble Goldmask to the next location, so we’ll miss out on some dialogues.
Talk to Noble Goldmask (he’ll say nothing, as usual)
Few steps east, dead guy in chair:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [9]
Cross the bridge, northeast to Minor Erdtree, prepare for boss Erdtree Avatar
Change equipment to mage mode:
Lusat’s Glintstone Crown
Jellyfish Shield
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Flask, Fury, engage
Stay on horse, blast it with charged Stars of Ruin while circling around
  • Cerulean Crystal Tear
  • Crimson Bubbletear
Northwest across the bridge
Northeast drop down to Site of Grace:  Snow valley Ruins Overlook
Level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Pass time until Nightfall
Ride northwest and drop down to lower platform where miniboss Tibia Mariner is
Take cover from the Giant Skeletons he summones and kill the mariner quickly with spells
  • Helphen’s Steeple
  • Deathroot
It should still be nightfall, so time to ride west to fight Death Rite Bird
On the way loot 2 corpses amidst the tombstones:
  • 5x Human Bone Shard
  • Godlen Rune [11]
Keep goin West,  Summon mimic, heal up as soon as the Summon Icon appears
Stay on horse and cast charged Stars of Ruin while running circles
  • Death Ritual Spear
West/northwest to sundial:
  • Starlight Shards
East/northeast to Site of Grace: Castle Sol Main Gate
Spend Runes if needed to level up
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Beat the Wandering Mausoleum to a sit down
Duplicate the Remembrance of your choice
Warp back to Castle Sol Main Gate
Prepare for 2x Lion Guardians, you can pull them one by one through the gate with Ranni’s Dark Moon and finish them with Stars of Ruins safely
Pop Flask and buff Fury before engaging the 1st lion:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
  • Beast Blood
  • 2x Old Fang
Kill the 2nd lion:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
  • Beast Blood
  • 2x Old Fang
Rest at the grace and go back in the castle after killing the 2 lions
Re-equip Standard Gear
Inside the Castle to the right:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Northeast, stairs up, southwest on wooden planks around building:
  • 5x Freezing Grease
Go back then northwest, look up and you should see a White Eagle up on the roof
Snipe it with Spells
Further northwest kill 2 patrolling dogs, corpse:
  • 3x Thawfrost Boluses
Northwest doorway, stairs up, kill two ghosts + knight ghost
Southeast to enter church, left room (activate but don’t rest) Site of Grace: Church of the Eclipse
Go back out, corpse over rampart:
  • Thawfrost Boluses
East ladder up, right to corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Left to other corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Further kill 2 wolves + knight, stairs up to find corpse dangling over ramparts:
  • Stonesword key
Back down the previous stairs, use rubbles to jump over rampart southwest, land on lower platform:
  • 5x Fan Daggers (corpse at southern edge)
Ignore ladder down for now
Next part is tricky, check video for safety
Go southwest, kill fire thrower on opposite ramparts southeast
Kill ghost on scaffoldings around the tower
Ballista ambush, trigger a shot and hide behind wall  then dash for it
Watch out for a 2nd ballista shooting you from the left as you kill the first one
Go back to loot corpse against rampart northwest of 1st ballista:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Dash for next Ballista ambush up the rampart to the left
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Ladder down, examine painting:
  • “Sorcerer” Painting
Open door to unlock shortcut but don’t get out
Instead go back up the ladder, use rubbles to climb rampart northeast and jump over to wooden hanging platform:
  • Stormhawk Axe
Warp back to Church of the Eclipse
== EPISODE 119 END ==




0:28 Trophy progression: Legendary Armaments Trophy: 7/9

7:51 Trophy Unlocked: Commander Niall Total Trophies Unlocked: 26/42

23:35 Trophy Unlocked: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Total Trophies Unlocked: 27/42



0:26 Eclipse Shotel (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 7/9)

2:25 Cerulean Amber Medallion +1

3:10 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

3:24 Rune Arc

3:56 3x Smithing Stone [7] Smithing Stone [6]

6:18 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

7:48 Veteran’s Prosthesis

8:50 Haligtree Secret Medaillion (left)

9:39 Golden Rune [10]

9:47 Golden Rune [10]

10:27 Greathood

11:30 Gelmir’s Fury Quickstep Assassin’s Gambit Parry

12:29 Taker’s Cameo

18:10 Serpent-Hunter

23:33 Rykard’s Great Rune

23:35 Remembrance of the Blasphemous

23:51 Eye Surcoat



1:17 Prepare for Knight

4:44 Sentinels

5:25 2nd Sentinel

5:48 Success

6:36 Prepare for boss: Commander Niall

19:27 Shardbearer next

19:38 Prepare for boss: Rykard Phase 1

22:21 Rykard Phase 2



6:00 Shortcut Unlocked

8:06 Level up

10:21 7th Painting

11:48 Purchase Skills

12:45 One last thing

12:59 Ghost Knight NPC

13:50 Kill Some Time

14:06 Keep some daggers

14:56 There he is

18:08 Serpent Hunter

23:59 Gear change

24:18 Level Up



11:20 Talk to Recusant Bernahl

15:05 Talk to Ghost NPC 2x

17:11 Talk to Lady Tanith “See the lord”



7:58 Castle Sol Rooftop

17:53 Audience Pathway

24:01 Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy



00:00 Castle Sol Walkthrough – Part 2

06:35 Boss: Commander Niall

08:06 Level Up & Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left)

09:19 7th Painting Riddle: Sorcerer

11:04 Volcano Manor Quest Lines Advancement

12:45 Where is the Ghost of Volcano Manor?

13:51 Inventory Management

14:54 Ghost of Volcano Manor

17:54 Serpent Hunter +7

19:25 Boss: God-Devouring Serpent (Rykard Phase 1)

21:00 CUT SCENE: Lord Rykard Awakens

22:20 Boss: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

24:01 Level Up & Episode End


From Grace: Church of the Eclipse
Inside church on the altar:
  • Eclipse Shotel (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 7/9)
East doorway, turn right around building, kill 2x archers with Stars of Ruin
Ladder up, follow ramparts, ladder down, buff up for Dual-Wielding Knight:
Flask of Physick
Shield Grease
This is a Red Eye knight, he hits harder, he will teleport behind you when engaged, so keep Shield up, use Guard Counters
Further up on the left scaffoldings:
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion +1
Go all the way back to where we killed the 2 archers and ladder down
Climb broken rampart north and hug ledge to find corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Hug ledge backwards and drop down to platform below southwest. Corpse:
  • Rune Arc
West to find doorway to the left, kill 5 rats, corpse in corner:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [7]
Warp back to Church of the Eclipse
East doorway,  straight ahead to other doorway. Canon of Haima 3x Grabbers
Upstairs are two hanging half-corpses which will raise the alarm if they see you first
2x Ghost Banished Knights will come
Loot corpse upstairs:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Further up, take the lift down to activate shortcut
West loot corpse:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Take lift back up, boss fog ahead, prepare for Commander Niall
Flask, Moonlight, Exalted Flesh, enter
Mimic, Heal up
Kill the Dual-Wielding knight first with 2 charged R2s. Let Mimic tank the rest.
Kill the other Knight, then focus on Commander Niall. Keep your distances and watch out for his lightning attacks
  • Veteran’s Prosthesis
Achievement unlocked: Commander Niall
Total Trophies Unlocked: 26/42
Site of Grace: Castle Sol Rooftop
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Northwest, enter building, lift up:
  • Haligtree Secret Medaillion (left)
Warp to Snow Valley Ruins Overlook
West through the tombstone fields, ignore giant skeletons if they aggro you
Loot two corpses on the way:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Golden Rune [10]
South to the bridge where you’ll find the ghost artist to solve the “Sorcerer” Painting Riddle:
  • Greathood
Warp to Volcano Manor
Check if it’s Night time. If it is, you should see a ghost NPC on his knees at the end of the southwest corridor.
If you wait until nightfall, the NPC won’t be there, you have to let some time pass until it’s closer to “Midnight” in game.
And then you have to rest at the grace to reset the area and the NPC should be there.
Talk to that Ghost NPC 2x
Talk to Recusant Bernahl:
  • Gelmir’s Fury
Talk to Recusant Bernahl:and purchase:
  • Quickstep
  • Ash of War: Assassin’s Gambit
  • Parry
You can also purchase other Ashes of War if you want even though we won’t be using them, just to have a complete collection, but you can do that later as well
Talk to Lady Tanith:
  • Taker’s Cameo
“See the lord”
Site of Grace: Audience Pathway
Enter fog and loot the spear:
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Upgrade Serpent-Hunter +7 (this will make next fight much quicker and easier)
Warp to Audience Pathway
Equip Serpent-Hunter and 2-Hand it
Un-Equip Brass Shield if you’re on Heavy Load, we won’t need it in this fight
Enter fog
Flask, Summon Mimic, Heal up
Use only Charged L2 to chain stun this boss – It works in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 (check video to see exactly how this works)
  • Rykard’s Great Rune
  • Remembrance of the Blasphemous
Trophy Unlocked: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
Total Trophies Unlocked: 27/42
West corpse:
  • Eye Surcoat
Site of Grace: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
68 INT
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
20 STR
18 DEX
50 END
50 VIG
Re-equip Dark Moon Greatsword and standard gear
== EPISODE 120 END ==

For episodes 01 to 20: Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 1

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    Mar 17, 2023 @ 8:36 am

    @Keeehlan Harsh critic! But I’ll take it. I’m just used to killing dragons that way and it has worked reliably for me, but you’re right, with hindsight, I agree that using Spells to kill Borealis is certainly a safer and better strategy. However, besides a few encounters where my strategy might not be the best, I do think I most of the time provide a really easy and safe way to beat Elden Ring bosses, and your comment doesn’t reflect that, which isn’t fair. But hey, can’t please everyone 😉

  • img
    Mar 17, 2023 @ 8:32 am

    @Keeehlan Thank you, fixed it!

  • img
    Mar 16, 2023 @ 6:05 am

    Your strat for Borealis is really, really bad. Why would a character with such powerful ranged spells at their disposal opt to use a melee weapon on one of the most dangerous dragons in the game? He does near-constant unavoidable area damage, making melee builds a really, really bad time.

    The further I get into this guide, the more it vexes me. It’s really nice having the 100% completion aspect, but following some of your strategic advice is honestly a bad choice.

  • img
    Mar 16, 2023 @ 3:29 am

    “West then north hallway”

    Definitely south, not north

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    Feb 2, 2023 @ 13:55 pm

    Hello. Wondering there’s anything more to making the Radagon Statue change using Law of Regression. It just won’t change for me. Coryn and Goldmask are at the capital, I’ve exhausted their dialogues including Mirels about Radagon and no luck here.

  • img
    Sep 30, 2022 @ 0:07 am

    @FLyBoyFryer I’m not sure why it does this. It happened to another player who reported this under one of my videos.
    Try to go online and invade another player (doesn’t matter if you win or lose).
    Then check again if the summon sign for Magnus is there.

  • img
    Sep 26, 2022 @ 19:26 pm

    Hey Jame,

    Episode 108:
    Red Summon Sign
    Invade Magnus the Beast Claw’s world

    I can’t seem to see the summon sign for this dude – I’m in the right location. Any ideas?


  • img
    Sep 5, 2022 @ 9:43 am

    I’d say prioritize late game bosses as they are harder to reach when you do NG+ and generally have better rewards.
    Personally I like to focus on getting all the Spells and Ashes of War first, and then I focus on weapons. Of course exceptions can be made if there’s a particular weapon you really want asap.

    Elden Remembrance: has two weapons, so of course if you respec you’ll wanna try both of them since they seem to both be good.

    Remembrance of the Blasphemous: probably the best. Rykard’s Rancor is super underrated and absolutely melts bosses, especially if they’re large, and of course, Blasphemous Blade is just awesome and powerful.

    Remembrance of the Black Blade: Maliketh’s Black Blade is a pretty powerful weapon, and the Black Blade incantation is one of the best in the game.

    Remembrance of Hoarah Loux: uniquely, has an Ash of War, as well as the Axe of Godfrey.

    Remembrance of the Dragonlord: if not for having the fastest attack startup in the game as far as spells go (starts in ~10 frames), Placidusax’s Ruin just looks amazing and will pretty much kill anyone it hits. Also comes with a weapon which is worth getting simple for the fact that it’s unique.

    Remembrance of the Lichdragon: two weird yet fun Incantations, destroy if hit. Since they’re two incantations, you’ll definitely want both at least to try if you’re into Faith.

  • img
    Sep 5, 2022 @ 9:38 am

    @Adam It’s online. EP120 should be up within a couple of hours. Sorry for the delay 😉

  • img
    Sep 5, 2022 @ 2:09 am

    Hey Jame, other than Rennala, are there any other boss remembrances that you recommend we keep for weapons/spells rather than cashing in for runes? Thanks, and great guide

  • img
    Sep 4, 2022 @ 3:56 am

    Hey Jame, ETA on part 119 text guide?

  • img
    Aug 31, 2022 @ 15:43 pm

    @Fred Rogers Thanks a lot and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game more with my guide! The text version is generally published within an hour after the video episode goes live.
    So for now the only way to get notified is to turn on notifications on my YouTube channel, and once the video is live you can check for the text version. Most of the time it will be published within minutes of the video going live.

  • img
    Aug 25, 2022 @ 22:20 pm

    Hi Jame! Thank you for all the content, I’ve experienced so much more this way versus my first playthough. I have a question about the cadence of the compact text version: how soon after the Youtube episode is uploaded do you post the compact text version? Is there a way to get updated with a notifications for when the compact text version gets uploaded? Thanks!

  • img
    Aug 16, 2022 @ 19:38 pm

    Your guide is episode 101 but your time stamp list if from episode 1

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