Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 5


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Elden Ring.

This is Part 5 of my Walkthrough, I’ve decided to split it into several pages to make it more readable.

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Walkthrough Presentation
The Build
The Guide Format
Character Creation

Walkthrough episodes (Part 5):


On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

Elden Ring 100% Completion and Time spent

This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 1500+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Elden Ring as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL Elden Ring Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Spells
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Expore every dungeon
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips

If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:

The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Elden Ring

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.

  • All 42 Trophies including the Elden Lord platinum trophy
  • All 7 Great Runes
  • All Quest Lines, every NPC dialogues until the end of their quest lines
  • All 32 Flask of Wondrous Physiks Tears
  • All 20 Cracked Pots
  • All 10 Ritual Pots
  • All 10 Perfume Bottles
  • All 8 Memory Stones
  • All 3 Talisman Pouches
  • All Ashes of War
  • All Spirit Ashes
  • All Weapons
  • All Shields
  • All Bows and Crossbows
  • All Armor Sets
  • All Talismans
  • All Sacred Tears
  • All Golden Seeds
  • All 8 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 8 Unique Armaments to the Max)
  • All 15 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 15 Normal Armaments to the Max)
  • All Stonesword Keys (we’ll finish our 1st playthrough with 34 spare Stonesword Keys after opening every possible Imp Statues)
  • All 3 Mending Runes (for the alternative endings)
  • All Keys and Medallions
  • All 18 Larval Tears (for respec)
  • All 24 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks
  • All 8 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Missionary’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Perfumer’s Cookbooks
  • All 3 Fevor’s Cookbooks
  • All 2 Frenzied Cookbooks
  • All 6 Whetblades
  • All 19 Maps

All incantations:

  • 6 Bestial Incantations
  • 4 Blood Incantations
  • 14 Dragon Communion Incantations
  • 12 Dragon Cult Incantations
  • 13 Erdtree Incantations
  • 4 Fire Giant Incantations
  • 9 Fire Monk Incantations
  • 5 Frenzied Flame Incantations
  • 6 Godskin Apostle Incantations
  • 9 Golden Order Incantations
  • 4 Servants of Rot Incantations
  • 15 Two Fingers Incantations

All sorceries:

  • 2 Aberrant Sorceries
  • 10 Carian Sorceries
  • 3 Crystallian Sorceries
  • 5 Death Sorceries
  • 2 Full Moon Sorceries
  • 20 Glintstone Sorceries
  • 5 Gravity Sorceries
  • 2 Loretta’s Sorceries
  • 4 Magma Sorceries
  • 7 Night Sorceries
  • 3 Primeval Sorceries
  • 5 Snow Witch Sorceries

Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Golden Runematerial or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ or Co-op / PvP game after.

I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the 170 bosses in Elden Ring.

  • If you’ve never played a souls game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran souls player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.

We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Elden Ring.

The Build

We’ll start with a very simple quality build and keep it that way in the early game. We’ll be very powerful and kill our first two Shardbearers that way.

Then we’ll use a single Larval Tear to respec and go a different route. We’ll be go heavy in INT and switch to one of the strongest weapons in the game, Moonveil, which will not only make us extremely strong in melee, but also have access to a range of Sorceries which will make us even more powerful and versatile.

About midway through our adventure, we’ll also acquire the most iconic weapon in all souls games: the Dark Moon Greatsword, which will make us even stronger. That’s the general path we’ll take, but there will be many other surprises and upgrades we’ll pick up along the way. We’ll of course use Summons, Ashes of war, Shields and strong counters. We’ll also use a bit of crafting in certain situations to use pots. And we’ll use Perfumes, which are incredibly underrated.

One of my goals was to showcase a very strong yet versatile character build, instead of a one-trick pony type of character. I wished I could have included more variety, such as Incantations and Dragon Communion Incantations, but it would’ve required more respecing to make this viable and keep our power curve above the enemies we encounter. So I kept it simple and focused primarily on making this build simpleefficient and most importantly: get us through Elden Ring without any painful hurdles such as dying 10+ times to the same boss or difficult area.

The Guide’s format

This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained

All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be includedbut if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.

The text version of my Elden Ring walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.


Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.

Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same skills / spells.

Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Yes. This guide works for ALL platforms.

Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. ❇️Leave a tip:

Q: Is there a way to get the Gesture: The Ring if I didn’t preorder the game?

A: Yes. You have to play co-op and defeat a boss with someone who preordered the game.

Q: Why don’t you enable the Martyr Effigy?

A: Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP. Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy. Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.

Q: Are you also covering rare drops from farmable enemies?

A: No. The guide would be way too long. The only exception will be the Brass Shield because we’ll use it in our build and it’s probably the best shield in the game in terms of weight / strength requirement to Guard Boost ratio. None of the other farmable rare drops are necessary, because the best items in the game are guaranteed drops.

Character creation

Origin: Samurai

You can pick a different origin if you like, especially if you want to take a different path for your character build.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, at high level those starting attributes won’t matter at all.

Let me tell you why Samurai is a good starting class:

  • Katana is an amazing weapon with great stats, innate bleed buildup and one of the best Ashes of War in the game
  • Samurai starts with a Longbow, which will be quite useful early on
  • The starting stats spread is perfect for our quality build and the unique weapon we’ll switch to soon.

Keepsake: Lands Between Rune is the best choice, it gives us some early runes to spend to have an easier start

  • Why not pick the Golden Seed? Because we’ll get plenty Golden Seeds early and reach the maximum amount of flask charges regardless. We’ll finish the game with 12 extra Golden Seeds, so it’s useless to pick this keepsake.
  • Why not pick the Stonesword Key? Because we’ll finish our first playthrough with 34 Stonesword Keys to spare, and that’s after opening every single imp statue.
  • Why not pick any other other item? Because we’ll get them all during our first platythrough anyway.





10:04 Trophy Unlocked: Lichdragon Fortissax Total Trophies Unlocked: 17/42



2:45 Fia’s Mist

4:09 Baldachin’s Blessing

5:36 Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing

10:07 Remembrance of the Lichdragon

10:31 Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

12:40 Fia’s Armor Set

13:01 Inseparable Sword

13:02 Twinned Armor Set

16:55 Scaled Armor Set



0:55 Buff up here

1:38 3 Waves

8:12 Prepare for boss: Lichdragon Fortissax

9:07 Lichdragon Fortissax strategy

9:34 Too greedy



0:13 Mix Wondrous Physick

3:10 Mix Wondrous Physick

3:38 Dialogue choice

7:47 Lose the debuff

10:38 Mending Rune of Death

10:54 Level up 2x

13:25 Upgrade Shield

13:43 Upgrade Scepter

14:22 Check Rogier

15:02 Carian Regal Scepter

15:52 Volcano Manor Mission



3:26 Talk to Fia “No, I want to be held” “Talk in secret” “Talk in secret” “Give Cursemark of Death”

6:48 Talk to Fia “Talk in secret”

12:03 Talk to D’s Twin 2x



2:58 Prince of Death’s Throne



00:00 Boss Fight: Fia’s Champions

03:20 Talking to Fia

08:10 Boss Fight: Lichdragon Fortissax

10:29 Fia & D’s Twin

13:16 Roundtable Hold: Upgrades

14:20 Sorcerer Rogier’s Death

15:32 Volcano Manor Request: Istvan

17:15 Episode End


From Grace: Across the Roots
Mix Wondrous Physick flask:
Magic-Shrouding Tear
Opaline Bubbletear
Go inside boss area, run northeast, when you see the waygate, pop flask
As soon as the first enemy appears, summon Mimic and heal up
There will be several waves of enemies, Mimic + Moonlight Arcs makes this easy
Opaline Bubbletear is to make sure we get the time to summon Mimic when the first enemy attacks
Last wave will be 2 Fia’s Champions + Lionel. Kill the 2 champions first, as fast as you can, then focus on Lionel
  • Fia’s Mist
Site of Grace: Prince of Death’s Throne
Mix Wondrous Physicks:
Intelligence-Knot instead of Opaline Bubble
Talk to Fia
“No, I want to be held”
  • Baldachin’s Blessing
“Talk in secret”
“Talk in secret” again
“Give Cursemark of Death”
  • Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing
“Talk in secret”
Rest at Prince of Death’s Throne grace
Interract with Fia again
“Talk in secret” She will say “This is goodbyeL…”
Use Baldachin’s Blessing
Rest at Prince of Death’s Throne grace again and find Fia asleep
Touch Fia and “Enter the Deathbed Dream”
Boss fight: Lichdragon Fortissax
Flask of Physick
Summon Mimic
Heal up
Moonlight Greatsword
Run around sprinting while Mimic gets the aggro, then get in and land charged R2s
Take your time, keep your distances and repeat this until you kill Lichdragon Fortissax
  • Remembrance of the Lichdragon
Go to Fia and Receive Mending Rune
  • Mending Rune of the Death-Prince (this item will  allow us to unlock another ending)
Rest and level up
D’s twin brother will be standing next to Fia‘s corpse.
Talk to D’s brother 2x
Loot item behind Fia:
  • Fia’s Armor Set
Rest again
D’s twin brother will be gone and an item will be left in his place:
  • Inseparable Sword
  • Twinned Armor Set
Don’t take the waygate, this one takes us to Leyndell close to the boss area and we’ve got other things to do first
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Brass Shield +19
Carian Regal Scepter +9
Equip Carian Regal Scepter
Our Sorcery Scaling just went from 262 to 327, and it will get even higher when we reach +10
Our spells will now do significantly more damage
It’s also 1.5 Weight lighter than Meteorite Staff, so you can equip better armor and stay on Medium Load
Also check on Rogier and if he’s dead, loot his stuff and his letter
Warp to Warmaster’s Shack (Limgrave)
North to the location on map for the Volcano Manor assassination quest
Touch Red Summon Sign
Kill Old Knight Istvan
  • Scaled Armor Set
Warp to Volcano Manor
== EPISODE 81 END ==




0:49 Magma Shot

1:21 Letter to Patches

3:40 Letter from Volcano Manor

8:17 3x Budding Horn

8:49 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [21]

8:58 Depraved Perfumer Carmaan

9:36 Bloodhound Claws

9:39 Fireproof Dried Liver

10:49 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

11:30 Smithing Stone [6]

12:20 10x Fire Arrow

13:24 Crimson Amber Medaillon +1

14:08 Great Omenkiller Cleaver

14:05 3x Drawstring Fire Grease

14:11 Golden Rune [6]

14:34 Erdtree Seal

15:13 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

16:03 Stonesword Key

16:22 Smithing Stone [6]

17:15 Living Jar Shard

17:35 Smoldering Shield

17:44 Golden Rune [9]



10:28 Summon Mimic

11:33 Sniper Time

16:25 Exploding Jars



1:51 Seriously patches

3:04 Skill Shop Open

15:02 Scarab

15:40 Dagger time



0:12 Talk to Lady Tanith 2x

1:17 Talk to Patches

2:18 Talk to Rya

2:43 Talk to Bernahl “Talk”

4:25 Talk to Diallos

5:16 Talk to Zoraya 3x

7:07 Talk to Lady Tanith “Zorayas’s form”



9:53 Prison Town Church



00:00 Volcano Manor Quests Progression

04:06 Rest – Talk to Diallos & Zoraya

08:00 Volcano Manor Secret Hallway

10:18 Prison Town Walkthrough

15:38 Lava Surfing Time

18:01 Episode End


== Volcano Manor ==
Talk to Tanith 2x
  • Magma Shot
Northwest, Talk to Patches
  • Letter to Patches
Back to main room then southwest to the living quarters
At the end of the hallway, talk to the ghost knight
Talk to Rya – She’ll mention hearing snake-like sounds within the manor
Talk to Bernahl
Bernahl’s shop is available again if you want some of his Ashes of War. We can purchase that later though.
Pick up letter on the table:
  • Letter from Volcano Manor
Go rest at the grace to reload the area
Go back to the living quarters, Rya will be gone.
Talk to Diallos – He’ll complain about this failings
On the opposite room will be a human-snake creature, which turns out to be Rya‘s true form. Her real name is Zoraya.
Talk to Zoraya 3x
Go talk to Lady Tanith:
   “Zorayas’s form”
Southwest hallway, first room on the right. Secret wall behind the corpse.
Kill some snails, check corpse:
  • 3x Budding Horn
Southeast hallway:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [21]
Fake wall to the left:
  • Depraved Perfumer Carmaan
Go back to the square room and take stairs down, sneak up on a Darriwil look alike:
  • Bloodhound Claws
Corpse just next:
  • Fireproof Dried Liver
Keep going until Site of Grace: Prison Town Church
Exit church, southwest sneak up on a Lizardman
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Further northwest kill a Poison-Throwing Zombie + 3 dogs to the right:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Few steps futher, Iron Maiden
Further down you can climb up on roof, find corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
From this roof you can snipe:
   Lizardman on the roof southwest
   3x Poison Zombie on the roof West/Southwest
Get off the roof and proceed southwest  on the right-hand side wall till corpse:
  • 10x Fire Arrow
Further down, use Stonesword Key on imp statue, kill Iron Maiden inside
Upstairs kill 5 poison throwing zombies, then loot corpse:
  • Crimson Amber Medaillon +1
Get out and take stairs down northeast, through gate
Buff up Moonlight Greatsword
Sneak up on the Omencleaver and backstab him, kill him:
  • Great Omenkiller Cleaver
Corpse close to bonfire:
  • 3x Drawstring Fire Grease
Other corpse on the bonfire:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Northeast through an iron gate to a cell with a corpse:
  • Erdtree Seal
With this area cleared, go back up the stairs and around the building to access a roof with a Scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Drop down, go southeast through gateway, dog to the right, exit to ledge overlooking lava
E²quip  Bloodhound’s Step Dagger
This is the best way to go through lava if you fall down in it.
Follow wooden scaffoldings, make a very close running jump to lower scaffoldings and access corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
Further down to lava area, north to a small isle with corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Careful, Jar Warriors with yellow lids explode
Stay away from them, it’s safer to kill them from range
Kill Great Jar Warrior:
  • Living Jar Shard
2 corpses nearby:
  • Smoldering Shield
  • Golden Rune [9] (platform just above)
Next part of this lava area we already looted when we came here much earlier to get upgrade materials
So warp back to Site of Grace: Prison Town Church
== EPISODE 82 END ==




1:41 Golden Rune [5]

1:55 Golden Rune [9]

2:03 Smithing Stone [5]

2:53 Smithing Stone [4]

3:32 Great Omenkiller Cleaver

3:36 Albinauric Mask

3:35 Albinauric Staff

4:05 Golden Rune [10]

4:21 Albinauric Bloodclot

5:07 2x Beast Blood

5:58 Golden Rune [10]

7:02 5x Explosive Greatbolt

7:57 2x Fireproof Dried Liver

10:14 Dragon Heart

10:26 6x Smoldering Butterfly

10:34 Smithing Stone [7]

12:20 Golden Rune [3]

13:40 Carian Glinstone Staff

14:24 Magic Downpour

14:49 Golden Rune [4]

16:36 Cerulean Seed Talisman

19:10 Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing



5:33 Grabbers

8:49 Prepare for boss: Magma Wyrm

10:00 Magma Wyrm

12:05 Preceptor Miriam

14:04 Finish her off

18:13 Prepare for Boss: Bell Bearing Hunter



16:40 Study hall cleared

17:04 Level up

17:26 Bell bearing hunter



None this episode.



6:27 Guest Hall



00:00 Prison Town Roofs

02:34 Guest Hall

07:28 Through the Lava

08:49 Magma Wyrm

10:49 Carian Study Hall Non-Inverted

17:04 Level Up & Spawning Bell Bearing Hunter

18:12 Boss Fight: Bell Bearing Hunter

19:21 Episode End


From Grace: Prison Town Church
Southwest backstab the same Lizardman we backstabbed earlier
This time jump on the closest roof, clear enemies, loot corpse in the middle of roofs
  • Golden Rune [5]
Go back a little, walk up zig-zaging narrow roofs to corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Drop down southeast roof below then drop down northeast to loot dangling corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Southwest through gate to reach the plaza with the imp statue
South kill snakeman guarding building. Right-side of building sneak up on another snakeman:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Previous wall, use ladder to up the roof, drop down South/Southeast to a lower ledge with a bright lantern
Inside, backstab Omenkiller
  • Great Omenkiller Cleaver (drop)
  • Albinauric Mask
  • Albinauric Staff
Southeast door, ladder up, balcony corpse:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Jump down to roof below
Ignore door to the left, jump over railings to find corpse on roof:
  • Albinauric Bloodclot
Go back and take the door, kill enemies (they drop down when you get close but are harmless unless you stand infront of them)
Face north, open building door for shortcut.
Inside building to the right:
  • 2x Beast Blood
Downstairs, kill those ballheaded zombies (watch out for their grab attack)
Loot corpse under stairs:
  • Golden Rune [10]
North hallway, take first door to the right to find Site of Grace: Guest Hall
West door to access large balcony. Kill snakeman. Corpse to the left:
  • 5x Explosive Greatbolt
Re-enter the building, open double doors
Descend Ladder, south across some lava and round the wall to find corpse:
  • 2x Fireproof Dried Liver
East/northeast hug right-wall but stay on lava level
Then south to an area with broken cages (Summon Icon should appear)
Prepare for boss: Magma Wyrm (a few steps east will aggro her)
Flaks of Physick
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Let Mimic tank and use Charged R2s
If you struggle with range because of lava, use Rock Sling
  • Dragon Heart
East to loot corpse in the wyrm’s lair:
  • 6x Smoldering Butterfly
Bloodhound Step your way north to another corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Warp to Study Hall Entrance (Liurnia)
Remove Inverted Statue
Un-equip Bloodhound Step Dagger
Re-equip better armor if possible
Lift up, right side:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Left side stairs you’ll be attacked by a bunch of illusions and Preceptor Miriam
Kill illusions first, then attack Preceptor Miriam, she’ll keep retreating as you damage her
Chase her upstairs, make her flee again, loot corpse against the wall:
  • Carian Glinstone Staff
Take the next lift up, you’ll enter a large room with full circle balcony
There you can finish Preceptor Miriam, she’ll keep running away if you try to melee her, so try to snipe her with Loretta’s to get rid of her sooner
  • Magic Downpour
On the right side after exiting the lift you’ll find a corpse, guarded by a bunch of illusions:
  • Golden Rune [4]
On the western side of the balcony, find ladder up
East across beam to another ladder, once up snipe rats with Rock Sling to be safe, walk beams to item:
  • Cerulean Seed Talisman
Warp to Church of Vows
Use Golden Runes to Level Up
Tough Boss next
Wait until Nightfall, a Bell Bearing Hunter  will be there instead of Miriel.
If he’s not there:
   Talk to Miriel
   Rest until Nightfall again
   Check on Miriel, if he’s still there, go rest again, he’ll be gone
Prepare for Meat Peddler Bell Bearing Hunter
Before going in:
Flask of Physick
Exalted Flesh
Moonlight Greatsword
This should not be an easy fight, but if you keep a good distance and use R2s, you should be fine. (check video for strategy)
  • Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing
== EPISODE 83 END ==




18:47 Achievement Unlocked: Magma Wyrm Makar Total Trophies Unlocked: 18/42



2:38 Ash of War: Barbaric Roar

3:28 Smithing Stone [4]

3:36 Smithing Stone [4]

4:24 Smithing Stone [3]

4:28 Smithing Stone [4]

4:29 Smithing Stone [4]

5:17 Golden Rune [5]

5:29 Smithing Stone [4]

5:50 2x Lightning Grease

6:03 Smithing Stone [4]

6:04 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

6:46 Rune Arc

7:04 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

7:17 Soft Cotton

8:22 Golden Rune [4]

8:41 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

9:04 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

9:24 Smithing Stone [4]

9:46 Golden Rune [5]

9:48 Smithing Stone [4]

10:01 Smithing Stone [4]

10:02 Smithing Stone [4]

10:54 Golden Rune [6]

11:29 Golden Rune [5]

12:25 Smithing Stone [4]

12:43 Smithing Stone [4]

13:11 Smithing Stone [4]

13:59 Smithing Stone [3]

14:01 Serpent God’s Curved Sword

14:36 Rune Arc

15:07 Golden Rune [6]

15:09 Golden Rune [6]

15:14 Smithing Stone [3]

15:23 Lost Ashes of War

18:55 Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

18:57 Dragon Heart



2:57 Easy place

13:14 Buff up

14:45 Mimic

16:05 Prepare for boss: Magma Wyrm Makar

16:30 Magma Wyrm Makar Strategy



2:10 Absolution

11:37 Fail!



0:20 Talk to Miriel Show Celestial Dew About the miracle Talk



7:23 Ruin-Strewn Precipice

15:47 Ruin Strewn Precipice Overlook

19:04 Magma Wyrm Makar



00:00 Talking and Giving Books to Miriel

02:27 To Ruin-Strewn Precipice

07:30 To Ruin-Strewn Precipie Overlook

16:01 Boss Fight: Magma Wyrm Makar

19:15 Episode End


From Church of Vows

Go to Miriel and give him all the books we have

Show Celestial Dew

   About the miracle


Warp to Ravine-Veiled Village

North inside river kill grey scarab:

  • Ash of War: Barbaric Roar

Go back to grace, go up 3 ladders and enter cave

Corpse on the right:

  • Smithing Stone [4]

Vein on the left next to miner:

  • Smithing Stone [4]

Ladder up, next room:

  • Smithing Stone [3] (corpse – poison traps)
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)

Lift up:

  • Golden Rune [5] (corpse)
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein behind column to the right)

Room with several path choices, left doorway first:

  • 2x Lightning Grease (poison traps + 2 ambush pygmys)

Behind column left of the stairs, 2 veins:

  • Smithing Stone [4]
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]

Altar up the steps, 2x miner + 2x ambush pygmys:

  • Rune Arc

West tunnel scarab, use charged moonlight to kill it from distance (explodes on death):

  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]

Exit mine, left, corpse:

  • Soft Cotton

Right: Site of Grace: Ruin-Strewned Precipice



Lift up

Bat ambush when you backstab pygmy overlooking cliff

Upstairs kill 2 bats guarding item + 2 bats from ceiling:

  • Golden Rune [4]

To the right, climb up rocks, jump over gap:

  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]

Back down, back down the previous steps, drop down south to wooden scaffoldings below

Go around the column to find vein:

  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]

Ladder up, behind next ladder:

  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)

Ladder up again, kill 2 bats feasting on a corpse:

  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)

Right wall, two veins:

  • Smithing Stone [4]
  • Smithing Stone [4]

Kill singing bat + adds:

  • Golden Rune [6]

Ladder up, running jump to column’s ledge, corpse behind it:

  • Golden Rune [5]

Jump back, kill a few squids + bats to next ladder, but before going up, vein to the right:

  • Smithing Stone [4]

Ladder up, west wall:

  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)

North ladder up, walk the plank, hug column to the left to find vein:

  • Smithing Stone [4]

Flask of Physick

Kill squid family, corpses infront and behind:

  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • Serpent God’s Curved Sword

Go back across plank and ladder down, follow edge left:

  • Rune Arc (corpse)

Kill 2x singing bat:

  • Golden Rune [6]
  • Golden Rune [6]

Corpse to the right of stairs:

  • Smithing Stone [3]

Corpse behind wooden platform where singing bats were:

  • Lost Ashes of War

Up the platform, lift up

Site of Grace: Ruin Strewn Precipice Overlook


Prepare for Boss: Magma Wyrm Makar

Touch Gold Summon Signs to summon:


   Blackguard or Great-Horned Tragoth (choice doesn’t matter)


Flask of Physick

Summon Mimic and heal up

Moonlight Greatsword

Let your allies get aggro and use R2 attacks from a safe distance

Careful this boss hits really hard and spreads lava everywhere, so focus on running away and dodging lava before attacking

Check video to see this strategy in action


  • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
  • Dragon Heart

Achievement Unlocked: Magma Wyrm Makar

  • Total Trophie Unlocked: 18/42

Site of Grace: Magma Wyrm


== EPISODE 84 END ==




1:36 Rune Arc

Furlcalling Finger Remedy

1:43 Bull-Goat Armor Set

3:48 Smithing Stone [5]

4:18 5x Fulgurbloom

4:32 Ruler’s Mask

4:33 Ruler’s Robe

6:39 Ash of War: Sacred Order

8:34 Omenkiller Armor Set

9:09 4x Budding Cave Moss

8:31 Perfume Bottle

8:52 Perfumer’s Cookbook [1]

8:45 Golden Rune [5]

10:17 Perfumer Bottle

10:12 Nascent Butterfly

10:36 Perfumer’s Talisman

11:40 10x Miquella’s Lily

11:50 Golden Sunflower

13:39 Grave Glovewort [5]

14:23 Grave Glovewort [5]

15:14 Grave Glovewort [4]

15:06 Winged Misbegotten Ashes

15:08 Ghost Glovewort [5]

16:16 Grave Glovewort [4]

15:44 Prattling Pate “Apologies”

15:25 Rune Arc

16:13 Ghost Glovewort [4]

17:10 Perfumer Tricia Ashes



0:17 Invasion: Weight Check

0:31 Prepare for invasion: Great Horned Tragoth

1:00 Fat Rolling

4:41 Prepare for boss: Ancient Dragon Lansseax

4:59 Quick summon

15:22 Lever Later

16:34 Prepare for Boss: Perfumer Trica and Misbegotten Warrior

16:43 Strategy for Perfumer Trica and Misbegotten Warrior



1:46 Bull-Goat set

6:56 Altus Bloom



None this episode.



2:57 Abandoned Coffin

12:50 Unsightly Catacombs



00:00 Invasion: Great Horned Tragoth

02:17 Abandoned Coffin

04:40 Boss: Ancient Dragon Lansseax – Round 1

06:04 Perfumer Ruins

10:51 Miquella’s Lilies Batch

12:14 To Unsightly Catacombs

13:01 Unsightly Catacombs Walkthrough

16:32 Boss Fight: Unsightly Catacombs

17:36 Episode End


From Grace: Magma Wyrm

After resting you should see a Red Summon Sign.

Prepare to invade Great Horned Tragoth

Should be an easy fight, his great hammer attacks are slow and telegraphed, don’t get hit

  • Rune Arc
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Bull-Goat Armor Set



Northwest stairs up, lift up

North to Site of Grace: Abandoned Coffin

Northeast, corpse in between two wagons guarded by an Omen:

  • Smithing Stone [5]

East on top of a wagon with a sleeping Omen close, loot corpse:

  • 5x Fulgurbloom

Northeast behind a cart:

  • Ruler’s Mask
  • Ruler’s Robe

Prepare for Boss: Ancient Dragon Lansseax

Equip Lance Talisman and Moonveil (check video for Ancient Dragon Lansseax strategy)

Move up and as soon as you see the Summon Icon:

Summon Mimic and Heal up

Flask of Physick

Apply the usual dragon battle strategy

It will fly away after some damage done, we’ll finish him off later

Re-equip normal Gear

Warp back to Grace: Abandonned Coffin

Northwest to find and kill a scarab:

  • Ash of War: Sacred Order


Further northwest to Perfumer’s Ruins. Clear the place (lots of flowers and some perfumers enemy)

Also kill an Omenkiller:

  • Omenkiller Armor Set

Loot the place:

  • 4x Budding Cave Moss
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook [1] (chest)
  • Golden Rune [5]

Upper floor, kill Miranda and co:

  • Perfumer Bottle
  • Nascent Butterfly

Secret stairs down under wooden planks where you killed Miranda:

  • Perfumer’s Talisman (Chest)



South of ruins on plateau is an Perfumer sitting on a rock, kill it. Also kill all poison plants nearby, then loot all plants:

  • 10x Miquella’s Lily
  • Golden Sunflower

Northwest down the rocks to Imp Statue, use 2x Stonesword Keys

Site of Grace: Unsightly Catacombs



First hallway ambush to the right by Misbegotten

Kill 3 more of those to reach main multi-level room

Take side hallways to reach:

  • Grave Glovewort [5]

Stairs down ambush to the right

Next hallway kill sleeping Misbegotten + Dog:

  • Grave Glovewort [5]

Next room downstairs:

  • Grave Glovewort [4]

Blast enemies in the pit below with Spells

Drop down and loot:

  • Winged Misbegotten Ashes
  • Ghost Glovewort [5]

Inside hallway:

  • Grave Glovewort [4]

Up top is a lever, but don’t touch it yet, instead sneak up on the ogre on the other side, kill it:

  • Prattling Pate “Apologies” (corpse next to Ogre)
  • Rune Arc (side hallway)

Then pull lever

Drop down:

  • Ghost Glovewort [4]

North to boss fog, prepare for Perfumer Tricia & Misbegotten Warrior

Flask, Moonlight, enter

Mimic, Heal up, kill Perfumer Tricia first

  • Perfumer Tricia Ashes
  • 2x Root Resin  (corners near exit)

Warp to Bridge of Iniquity


== EPISODE 85 END ==




1:00 Golden Rune [3]

2:43 Rune Arc

2:44 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

2:49 Crepus’s Vial

2:50 20x Black-Key Bolt

3:37 Golden Rune [3]

3:45 Poison Grease

4:09 4x Poisonbloom

5:04 Golden Rune [6]

5:17 5x Poisonbone Dart

5:19 Glass Shard

6:57 Stonesword Key

7:58 Smithing Stone [4]

9:05 2x Drawstring Fire Grease

9:24 Golden Rune [6]

9:53 Smithing Stone [5]

11:48 Smithing Stone [5]

13:57 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

12:47 Beast Blood

14:21 2x Neutralizing Boluses

15:43 Smithing Stone [5]

17:42 2x Glass Shard

18:06 Valkyrie’s Prosthesis

19:08 Golden Rune [4]



1:20 Prepare for invasion: Rileigh the Idle

1:43 Hide and buff

2:03 Dangerous

13:06 Revenant

17:27 Ambushes

17:50 Cleanrot Knight

18:33 Snipe or skip



5:40 5th Painting Riddle

6:09 Goey Poison swamp

6:59 If you fall

7:17 Ladder here



None this episode.



4:22 Shaded Castle Ramparts

19:11 Shaded Castle Inner Gate



00:00 Volcano Manor Mission: Rileigh the Idle

03:08 To The Shaded Castle Ramparts

04:40 Eastern Shaded Castle Ramparts

07:27 Shaded Castle Central Swamp Area

10:37 Western Shaded Castle Ramparts

16:21 To Shaded Castle Inner Ramparts

19:24 Level Up & Episode End


From Bridge of Iniquity
Cross rope bridge, south to Spirispring down
Southwest to another spiritspring down
Northwest to slanted rock, loot corpse on top of it:
  • Golden Rune [3]
North to Red Summon Sign
Prepare to invade Rileigh the Idle
Hotkey Preserving Boluses (in case she hits you enough to apply Scarlet Rot)
As soon as you arrive run away to create some distance and buff up
Use Shield + Counters
Should be an easy fight:
  • Rune Arc
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Crepus’s Vial
  • 20x Black-Key Bolt
Further north to Shaded Castle ramparts, kill rotten slugs and loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [3]
East to another corpse:
  • Poison Grease
Look north to find a rock to help you climb up the rampart (you’ll be welcomed by a couple of zombies)
West to a corpse:
  • 4x Poisonbloom
Northeast  a few steps then take left stairs to access Site of Grace: Shaded Castle Ramparts
North along the ramparts, stairs right, kill perfumer + zombie, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Slanted rock down west, zombie ambush whne you reach the bottom, 2 corpses:
  • 5x Poisonbone Dart
  • Glass Shard
More importantly, check the elevated shack for: “Champion’s Song” Painting
Get back up the rampart and now time for a little parkour (check video) walk up the rampart then jump over the brown rocks to the right and work your way up to the other side, dorp down to platform with a corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
If you fall down before you grab the item, you can get back by going South/Southwest and then use the ladder to get back to the previous grace and take the ramparts again
Drop down in the poison swamp, go west until wooden stairs to elevated shack:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
South to access slanted building through broken wall, kill 2 lizards on roof
Get on roof and drop down north to corpse:
  • 2x Drawstring Fire Grease
Get back up on roof, south to corpse on broken wooden walkway
  • Golden Rune [6]
East corpse in swamp, guarded by 2 lizards:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
West to get out of this area, continue west on a roof guarded by a perfumer
Wooden walkway to access ramparts, kill zombies + another perfumer
East  4 zombies on the way, then area with brazier, backstab perfumer, corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Go all the way back to the wooden walkway
North to a narrow roof in between ramparts and a red-tile roof, at the edge you’ll trigger a Revenant, try to kill it with spells from here.
North wall:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Previous red roof building we came from, corpse at the southeast corner:
  • Beast Blood
From this roof jump over to rampart, south to corpse:
  • 2x Neutralizing Boluses
Northern end of these ramparts turn east to red tile roof, kill flowers below (Canon of Haima, then Moonlight on miranda), drop down:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (corpse)
Back to previous red-tile roof, east to ladder up to access upper ramparts
Split path go northwest. Watch out item on the left on corpse dangling, ambush zombie will try to push you off the rampart
  • 2x Glass Shard
Further north is a Cleanrot Knight, 2x Moonlight R2s
Chest in building:
  • Valkyrie’s Prosthesis
Go back towards rampart split and jump off through broken wall onto red-tile roof
Equip Bloodhound’s Step Dagger
Drop down to loot corpse by tombstone
You’ll be ambushed by a lot of zombies
Bloodhound’s Step your way east/northeast accross this swamp, take the stairway north, then west to ladder up.
Corpse up top:
  • Golden Rune [4]
A few steps further west: Site of Grace:  Shaded Castle Inner Gate
Rest and level up
== EPISODE 86 END ==




8:04 Trophy Progression: Legendary Armaments Trophy 5/9

8:04 Trophy Unlocked: Elemer of the Briar Total Trophies Unlocked: 19/42



0:47 Smithing Stone [4]

1:38 Smithing Stone [5]

2:08 Perfume Bottle

3:55 Perfumer’s Cookbook [2]

4:16 4x Hefty Beast Bone

5:21 2x Golden Firefly

6:37 Smithing Stone [5]

8:00 Marais Executioner’s Sword (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 5/9)

8:04 Briar Greatshield

9:30 3x Rot Grease

11:05 Starlight Shards

12:01 Antspur Rapier

12:05 Marais Robe

12:03 Marais Mask

13:03 Smithing Stone [5]

13:10 Altus Bloom

19:21 Smithing Stone [4]

19:30 Smithing Stone [6]

19:55 Budding Cave Moss

21:25 Inquisitor Girandole



1:22 2 Perfumers

3:15 Ambushes

4:19 Cleanrot Knight

5:35 Dangerous rooftop

7:21 Prepare for boss: Elemer of the Briar

8:46 Revenant

9:18 One-shot it

11:30 Prepare for miniboss: Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan

20:21 Prepare for boss: 2x Abductor Virgin



8:32 OPTIONAL extra loot

13:28 Imminent Death



None this episode.



8:11 Castellan’s Hall

18:48 Subterranean Inquisition Chamber

21:42 Abductor Virgin



00:00 Shaded Castle Walkthrough Part 2

07:21 Boss: Elemer of the Briar

08:32 Optional: Kill Revenant for 3 Rot Grease

9:49 Shade Castle Outskirts

11:11 Miniboss: Maleigh Marais

13:27 Iron Maiden Abduction: Round 2

15:59 Way to Subterranean Inquisition Chamber

19:05 Way to Abductor Virgin

20:20 Boss: 2x Abductor Virgins

22:02 Episode End


From Grace:  Shaded Castle Inner Gate
Go back to the swamp and east all accross the swamp to a wooden structure, corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Access ladder from there, upper rampart go north to kill 2 perfumers. Risky fight, use Moonlight R2 from a distance
Behind crates:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Opposite way kill another perfumer, at the other end, corpse:
  • Perfume Bottle
Warp back to  Site of Grace:  Shaded Castle Inner Gate
Ladder up, 2 dogs. Ambush zombie inside building to the right.
Ambush mercenary + mage further in this room
Inside this room is a ladder, take it to reach roof:
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook [2]
Get back down the ladder
Exit room, kill dog to th eright, loot corpse:
  • 4x Hefty Beast Bone
Buff Moonlight Greatsword to kill Cleanrot Knight on the bridge
Next room, ambush zombie behind statues + crossbowmean upstairs. Corpse:
  • 2x Golden Firefly
Room exit, Cleanrot Knight (lance) + 2 dogs
Northwest, dog over corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
South/Southwest, kick ladder down for shortcut
Get inside tower and lift up
Fog gate prepare for Boss: Elemer of the Briar
Flask, Moonlight, Shield up, enter
Mimic,  Shield up, move to the side, let Mimic get aggro, Heal
Charged R2s for the win
  • Marais Executioner’s Sword (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 5/9)
  • Briar Greatshield
Achievement unlocked: Elemer of the Briar
Total Trophies Unlocked: 19/42
Site of Grace: Castellan’s Hall
Optional: for 3x Rot Grease
Warp to Shaded Castle Inner Gate
Go down the ladder east and a few steps north until a Revenant pawns, take a few steps back to make sur you don’t aggro it (check video)
Snipe the Rider with Loretta’s from here, then buff up for the Revenant:
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
Sneak up on the Revenant and one-shot it with a Charged R2
Corpse in the middle of this courtyard:
  • 3x Rot Grease
Warp to Shaded Castle Ramparts
Get out by jumping over ramparts through broken wall southwest, ride west and then all around the walls until you reach the cliff north of the castle and a sundial:
  • Starlight Shards
Southwest and then west to find miniboss: Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan
Careful not to aggro the colossus further west while fighting Maleigh
Should be an easy fight, keep your shield up and counter if he doesn’t let you buff up Moonlight
  • Antspur Rapier
  • Marais Robe
  • Marais Mask
Further west on a a corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
  • Altus Bloom (2 or 3 nearby)
Warp to School Classroom (Raya Lucaria Academy)
Spend all Runes to level up, we’re about to die on purpose
Take the water wheel all the way down
Get abducted by the Virgin Iron Maiden again
You’ll be back at the lava, this time we’re not dropping down
Instead, southeast jumps over lava platforms, kill bats:
  • 5x Smoldering Butterfly
East to enter tunnel, follow lava river all the way down
Drop until  you reach a stone platform
  • Kill two grabbers moving up the stairs and turn right to find Site of Grace: Subterranean Inquisition Chamber
Drop down to the pillar in the lava south:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Southwest to the other side of this lava pool is  a corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Northeast hug right wall, go through a tunnel and fall into a hole to a cave
North to loot all the:
  • Budding Cave Moss
Southeast to boss fog: 2x Abductor Virgin. Should be easy with Mimic
  • Inquisitor Girandole
Site of Grace: Abductor Virgin
Warp to Volcano Manor
== EPISODE 87 END ==




0:20 Serpentbone Blade

3:55 Letter to Bernahl

4:11 Red Letter

7:49 Tonic of Forgetfulness

8:30 Magma Whip Candlestick

9:27 Golden Rune [9]

10:11 Golden Rune [12]

10:20 4x Smoldering Butterfly

11:09 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

12:10 4x Drawstring Fire Grease

12:47 Missionary’s Cookbook [6]

14:07 Crimson Tear Scarab

16:25 Stonesword key

16:48 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

19:11 Commoner’s Headband

20:25 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

22:32 Man-Serpent Ashes

23:49 Dagger Talisman

24:10 Rune Arc

25:03 Seedbed Curse

25:23 Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve



21:19 Buff up and summon



7:03 Rest

15:55 Shortcut unlocked

17:51 Better outcome

22:43 Don’t go east

24:21 Jump to cage

25:07 Remember this place?



0:14 Talk to Lady Tanith

1:47 Talk to Rya “Tell her of the dark side of Volcano Manor” “Give Serpent’s Amnion”

3:47 Talk to Bernahl

4:44 Talk to Diallos

5:14 Talk to Lady Tanith “Zorayas’s troubles”

6:41 Talk to Patches “The request is done”

7:14 Talk to Lady Tanith “Zorayas’s absence” Talk to Lady Tanith

8:15 Talk to Patches “What is the reward?

17:00 Talk to Rya “Don’t give it”



None this episode.



00:00 Volcano Manor Quest Progression

08:52 Temple of Eiglay

09:55 Through the lava area

12:02 Volcano Manor secret Hallways Part 1

16:59 Rya’s desperation

18:15 Volcano Manor Man-Serpent Area

23:00 Volcano Manor Secret Hallways Part 2

25:45 Episode End


Talk to Lady Tanith
  • Serpentbone Blade
Talk to Rya
   “Tell her of the dark side of Volcano Manor”
   “Give Serpent’s Amnion”
Talk to Bernahl
  • Letter to Bernahl
Loot the item on the table:
  • Red Letter
Talk to Diallos
Talk to Lady Tanith
   “Zorayas’s troubles”
Talk to Patches
   “The request is done”
Rest at grace
Talk to Lady Tanith
   “Zorayas’s absence”
Talk to Lady Tanith again
  • Tonic of Forgetfulness
Talk to Patches
“What is the reward?
  • Magma Whip Candlestick
Warp to Temple of Eiglay
Southeast of grace take lift up
Northwestern end of upper hallways, corpse:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Southeast exit to balcony, drop down north to lava area
Kill the Lava Slugs
South drop down to corpse:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Get back up to corpse where slugs were:
  • 4x Smoldering Butterfly
East, clear slugs on bridge, corpse further up:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Drop down north, up the rocks to reach lava lake
West/northwest, kill Iron Maiden
Southwest window to enter building, ladder down at the other end of the room
  • 4x Drawstring Fire Grease (corpse)
Stairs down, kill 4 enemies
Southwest open cell gate:
  • Missionary’s Cookbook [6]
Go back all the way up
Southwest doorw, kill lizardman
South jump over railing to drop on platform below with corpse:
  • Crimson Tear Scarab
Drop down again and run back the whole way before we dropped down to grab the Crimson Tear Scarab
Next room, kill grabber, southeast door to lift down (shortcut unlocked)
Lift back up facing northwest, roll off near the top through a doorway to access secret floor:
  • Stonesword key
Jump off through window, buff up moonlight, hug right wall to see a scarab and kill it with one charged R2:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
West jump over lava and enter doorway
Talk to Rya
   “Don’t give it”
We don’t want to erase Rya’s memory, and we don’t want to kill her either. There is a better, 3rd option. We’ll come back later for that.
Get out the other door and ladder up, ambush right by lizardman
Kill zombies (poison explosion upon death, back away quickly)
Northeast on snake statue over lava:
  • Commoner’s Headband
Further up kill Lizardman, drop down east and enter doorway to access basement with Basilisks.
Clear the room and loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Get back to where we just dropped off by going through Rya‘s room and taking the ladder up again
East hallway through the opened double doors, Canon of Haima a bunch of exploding zombies
2 Lizardmen + 1 lizardman caster, try to pull them one by one, then loot the room:
  • Man-Serpent Ashes
Don’t go east, this door leads to a waygate taking us to the final boss of this area, and we don’t want to kill him now or we won’t be able to finish all the Volcano Manor quests.
Instead, take west door we opened with Stonesword Keys a long time ago
Drop down on small ledge to the right side when entering the room with the hanging cages
Take stairs up
Kill lizardman + crawling mage, proceed and you’ll be back to the room with hanging cages
  • Dagger Talisman (corpse to the right)
Drop down to a cage, drop down to floor below:
  • Rune Arc
Drop down more cages until you reach the bottom
Kill enemies then go to the southwestern end of room:
  • Seedbed Curse
Ignore the door southeast, it takes us to the platform with the Virgin Iron Maiden we went to a while ago to grab our first Somber Smithing Stone [7], so there’s nothing left to loot there
Northeast, loot item infront of painting:
  • Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve
Southeast hallway, open door, back to entrance hallway where Patches is.
== EPISODE 88 END ==




3:25 Lost Ashes of War

3:30 5x Rejuvenating Boluses

3:36 Golden Rune [5]

3:39 Golden Rune [5]

4:33 Nascent Butterfly

4:28 Candletree Wooden Shield

4:24 Black Hood

4:19 5x Silver-pIckled Fowl Foot

5:58 Stonesword key

5:43 10x Golden Great Arrow

5:31 4x Dragonwound Grease

5:37 Raptor Talons

6:27 Raptor’s Black Feathers

6:32 Skeletal Mask

7:23 Family Heads

8:42 Concealing Veil

9:07 Azur’s Armor Set

Ghost Glovewort [7]

12:06 Grave Glovewort [7]

13:57 Grave Glovewort [6]

14:02 Grave Glovewort [7]

14:15 Grave Glovewort [6]

14:25 Ghost Glovewort [7]

15:07 Golden Rune [6]

15:28 Grave Glovewort [7]

15:38 Stonesword Key

16:52 Ringed Finger

17:10 Grave Glovewort [7]

17:24 Grave Glovewort [7]

17:31 3x Beast Blood

18:24 Mantis Blade

18:20 Grave Glovewort [7]

18:38 6x Smoldering Butterfly

18:58 Bloodhound Armor Set

19:04 Gelmir Knight Armor Set

19:26 5x Root Resin

21:17 Bloodhound Knight Floh

21:33 Deathroot



2:37 Sacred Blade

4:01 Close one

6:42 Prepare for boss: Necromancer Garris

7:48 Prepare for boss: Black Knife Assassin

8:12 Black Knife Assassin

8:21 Mimic is fine

18:17 Dark Shade

20:37 Prepare for boss: Red Wolf of the Champion



7:30 Another boss

9:29 Level up

9:50 Better gear

13:38 Disable Trap

15:43 Death Time

17:14 Careful Drop

17:36 2 ways to go up

19:14 More Armor Sets

19:33 2 ways to go down



0:36 Talk to Milicent “Give the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis”



2:29 Sage’s Cave



00:00 Giving a Prosthesis Arm to Millicent

01:40 Sage’s Cave Walkthrough

06:41 Boss: Necromancer Garris

07:32 Boss: Black Knife Assassin

09:00 Azur’s Set

09:27 Gelmir Hero’s Grave Walkthrough – 1st Lava Slope

16:57 Gelmir Hero’s Grave Walkthrough – 2nd Lava Slope

20:33 Boss: Red Wolf of the Champion

21:51 Episode End


Warp to Erdtree Gazing HIll
A few steps North, talk to Milicent
  “Give the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis”
Warp to Abandonned Coffin
North into the lake then northeast to cave entrance
Site of Grace: Sage’s Cave
== Sage’s Cave Walkthrough ==
Equip Scared Blade Uchigatana
Illusionary wall, further down kill skeleton
2nd Illusionary wall to the right, 2 chests:
  • Lost Ashes of War
  • 5x Rejuvenating Boluses
Further down:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Golden Rune [5]
3rd Illusionary wall east, 5x skeleton ambush, open chests:
  • Nascent Butterfly
  • Candletree Wooden Shield
  • Black Hood
  • 5x Silver-pIckled Fowl Foot
Further down, room full of skeletons, 4th illusionary wall northwest:
  • Stonesword key
Northeast hallway, 3 chests:
  • 10x Golden Great Arrow
  • 4x Dragonwound Grease
  • Raptor Talons
Northwest tunnel to Waterfall room, jump over to the ledge on the left
5th illusionary wall to the left, 2 chests:
  • Raptor’s Black Feathers
  • Skeletal Mask
6th Illusionary wall northwest, boss fog
Prepare for boss: Necromancer Garris
Re-equip Standard Gear
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
Summon Mimic, Heal up, easy fight
  • Family Heads
Don’t take the exit, go back to the waterfall room and hug left to another boss fog
Prepare for boss Black Knife Assassin
Flask, Moonlight, enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up
This boss is invisible, you can only see its footsteps on the water when he approaches you.
But the Mimic will make this much easier for us because he doesn’t care about invisibility tricks.
  • Concealing Veil
Warp to Primeval Sorcerer Azur
He will no longer be there but an item will be left in his place:
  • Azur’s Armor Set
Warp to Gelmir Hero’s Grave
Rest and level up.
We will probably die soon, so spend those runes.
Re-equip better armor if possible while staying on Medium Load
== Gelmir Hero’s Grave Walkthrough ==
Work your way down past the Death Chariot, to a doorway to the left with some rubbles
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
Past doorway, ambush to the left.
Sneak up stairs to backstab crossbowman
Use Loretta’s to shoot down the firethrower
Loot the room, downstairs:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Under the stairs, two more zombies:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
From firethrower we disable, south hallway 2x crossbowman ambush each side of corpse:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Back to Firethrower, east doorway watch out for chariot:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
South slope up to dead end:
  • Stonesword Key
This is where we probably die because of this chariot
But this one is special and doesn’t necessarily one-shot you
If you die:
Back at the start, reach the lowest alcove the Death Chariot can reach, just before a lava slope
If you survive:
Backtrack through the firethrower room and down the stairs, back on the slope access with the rubbles
Bloodhound’s Step your way to cross the lava west, then south to hallway with chest:
  • Ringed Finger
North across lava to an alcove with flower:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
Hug the northwest wall and drop down. Gravity will kill you if you don’t hug the northwest wall to drop down.
Drop down again:
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
East ladder down to corpse:
  • 3x Beast Blood
Bloodhound Step your way up lava slope (alcoves midway), then doorway at the end with a dark shade enemy, you can sneak up and backstab it:
  • Mantis Blade
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
Drop down at the narrow slope to a small ledge:
  • 6x Smoldering Butterfly
Under the slope is a passage to a room with a Bloodhound type enemy. Buff up Moonlight, sneak up and kill it in one charged R2:
  • Bloodhound Armor Set
Corpse behind it:
  • Gelmir Knight Armor Set
Ladder up, break pots:
  • 5x Root Resin
Check video for a cool way to get back down, you can actually walk up on the wooden beams and drop down on the chariot to let it carry you back to the bottom of the slope. It’s a little risky, the safe approach is to simply Bloodhound Step your way back down and hide into alcoves whenever you can.
Ladder up, open boss door and north to boss fog:
Prepare for boss: Red Wolf of the Champion
Flask, Moonlight, 1H + Shield, enter
Summon Mimic, Heal up, Shield up, let Mimic get aggro, Charged R2s
  • Bloodhound Knight Floh
North is a chest:
  • Deathroot
  • 2x Root Resin (next to chest)
Warp to First Mt. Gelmir Campsite
== EPISODE 89 END ==




1:30 2x Soporific Grease

1:33 Scavenger’s Curved Sword

2:32 5x Great Arrow

3:23 Stonesword Key (5000)

3:26 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [20] (3000)

3:55 Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [8] (optional)

5:36 3x Eye of Yelough

6:18 2x Poison Greave

7:35 Golden Rune [6]

9:18 3x Arteria Leaf

9:20 Coil Shield

9:21 6x Sliver of Meat

9:48 5x Lump of Flesh

10:34 Jar Cannon

14:43 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

14:44 5x Smithing Stone [6]

14:45 Fallingstar Beast Jaw Starlight Shards

15:28 3x Sacramental Bud

17:24 Larval Tear

17:38 5x Fan Daggers

18:55 Leaden Hardtear

18:56 Cerulean Hidden Tear

19:02 Golden Rune [4]

19:17 5x Golden Arrow

19:29 3x Drawstring Fire Grease

20:02 3x Beast Blood

20:11 Stonesword Key

21:05 Sacred Butchering Knife

21:10 Golden Vow



0:48 Prepare for battle: Grafted Scion

7:39 Aim below

10:06 Prepare for boss: Demi-human Queen Margot

12:09 Prepare for boss: Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

15:44 Ugliest Enemy Ever

17:45 Prepare for boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

18:20 Ulcerated Tree Spirit Strategy

20:19 Prepare for Invader: Anastasia, Tarnished Eater



3:24 Nomadic Merchant

11:46 Boss up top

12:44 Hello?!

16:25 Damn it

16:40 Revenge Time

19:37 Proceed carefully



None this episode



6:46 Volcano Cave

11:30 Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite



00:00 Grafted Scion Ambush

2:00 Nomadic Merchant [8]

4:35 To Volcano Cave

6:51 Volcano Cave Walkthrough

10:05 Boss: Demi-human Queen Margot

11:07 To Ninth Mt. Gelmir Camp Site

11:44 Boss: Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

15:02 Ugliest Enemy Ever

17:35 Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

19:06 Careful on the way down

20:18 Invader: Anastasia, Tarnished Eater

21:25 Episode End


From Grace: FIrst Mt. Gelmir Campsite
Northwest past wooden tower we cleared a while ago when we got kicked off the cliff by Patches
Keep going northwest over stone spire to cross ravine.
On the other side you’ll be attacked by a Grafted Scion, use Flask of Physick to make this fight easier
Kill it then loot camp:
  • 2x Soporific Grease
  • Scavenger’s Curved Sword
Ladder up close by, up top, jump up the rocks straight ahead to another ladder up
Up top, to the left is a corpse:
  • 5x Great Arrow
Ladder up again, up top drop down southwest to find a Nomadic Merchant, purchase:
  • Stonesword Key (5000)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [20] (3000)
Kill him:
  • Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [8]
Longer ladder up, kill a couple of frenzy flame knights
Northwest drop down, corpse behind cart:
  • 3x Eye of Yelough
Northwest along the left cliff wall  until you see a corpse:
  • 2x Poison Greave
Further northwest along the cliff wall to reach a cave
Site of Grace: Volcano Cave
== Volcano Cave Walkthrough ==
Clear first room, hug right wall through tunnel to find corpse dangling over the edge:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Canon of Haima the room below before dropping down
North tunnel to large room, clear it and loot:
  • 3x Arteria Leaf
  • Coil Shield
  • 6x Sliver of Meat
Go back to larger room, kill beast below with spells and drop down. Corpse:
  • 5x Lump of Flesh
East to boss fog, prepare for Demi-Human Queen Margot
Buff up before entering, 1H + Shield
Mimic and Heal once inside, Shiled up until Mimi gets aggro
Charged R2s, easy fight
  • Jar Cannon
Warp back to Volcano Cave
South back to frenzy flame knights area then west across the bridge
Site of Grace: Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite
Align southwest when you take the spiritspring to land on the northwestern edge of the upper plateau, so you don’t aggro the Full-grown Fallingstar Beast
This gives us time to summon Buff up, Summon Mimic and heal up before engaging
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
  • 5x Smithing Stone [6]
  • Fallingstar Beast Jaw
Southeast to sundial:
  • Starlight Shards
Warp to Road of Iniquity
North/northeast to area with medium sized spire rock, kill a 3 guards:
  • 3x Sacramental Bud
Southeast campire with a Colossal Wormface:
Buff up Moonlight
Sneak closer and open up with charged R2 from behind
Watch out for:
Death cloud
Grab (this thing will try to chain grab you, so roll behind its legs to stop that)
  • Larval Tear
East is a corpse (don’t get too close to Minor Erdtree further east):
  • 5x Fan Daggers
Further east is minor erdtree and a boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit
It will aggro from pretty far, so prepare before going any further
Flask of Physick
Summon Mimic
Heal up
Don’t try blocking, stay with 2H and dodge, let mimic get aggro and use charged R2s
  • Leaden Hardtear
  • Cerulean Hidden Tear
Corpse infront of erdtree:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Behind erdtree:
  • 5x Golden Arrow
North to corpse:
  • 3x Drawstring Fire Grease
Southeast to bridge, snipe the 3 skeletons with Loretta’s to make sure we don’t die to those, we got a lot of runes
Edge of bridge on corpse:
  • 3x Beast Blood
Heal up to full, then jump down to bridge below:
  • Stonesword Key
Heal up and moonlight buff again, we’ll be invaded by Anastasia, Tarnished Eater when we get near the shack further east
She hits hard but has very slow attacks, just keep your spacing, let her swing and miss and then strike
  • Sacred Butchering Knife
Inside the Corpse-Stench Shack:
  • Golden Vow
Warp to Seethewater Terminus
== EPISODE 90 END ==




8:15 Trophy Unlocked: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella

Total Trophies Unlocked: 20/42



2:20 Dragon Heart

2:31 5x Smoldering Butterfly

2:38 2x Smoldering Butterfly

2:34 Golden Rune [3]

2:47 Golden Rune [5]

3:24 Jar

4:33 Rune Arc

4:37 Blue Cipher Ring

4:40 Stonesword Key Memory Stone

5:31 Sewer-Gaol Key

6:10 Briar Helm

6:12 Briar Armor

6:15 Briar Gauntlets

6:16 Briar Greaves

8:17 Frozen Lightning Spear

9:00 Great Ghost Glovewort

9:52 Ghost Glovewort [7]

10:32 2x Drawstring Holy Grease

10:28 Smithing Stone [6]

10:51 3x Silver Tear Husk

11:14 Celestial Dew

12:17 Ghost Glovewort [7]

12:53 Smithing Stone [6]

15:57 Golden Rune [10]

15:47 Ghost Glovewort [8]

15:51 Ghost Glovewort [8]

16:39 Ghost Glovewort [9]

17:03 Somber Smithing Stone [7]

20:55 Golden Seed

21:05 Smithing Stone [6]

21:07 Smithing Stone [7]



0:20 Magma Wyrm approach

1:15 Magma Wyrm Strategy

7:36 Prepare for boss: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella

10:05 Careful: laddle wielding guys

13:10 Annoying spot

14:36 Sprint up

19:03 How to beat Grand Cloister Ulcerate Tree Spirit

20:09 STEP 1: Grand Cloister Ulcerate Tree Spirit Strategy

20:25 STEP 2: Grand Cloister Ulcerate Tree Spirit Strategy

20:39 STEP 3: Grand Cloister Ulcerate Tree Spirit Strategy

20:53 Kaboom



4:34 Purchases at Twin Maiden Husks

6:11 Briar Armor Set

9:36 Gear optimization

17:46 Spend all runes

18:02 Mix wondrous physick

18:11 Memorize spell

18:22 Gear changes



2:57 Talk to Iron-Fist Alexander

5:08 Talk to Dung Eater



8:35 Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella



00:00 Boss: Magma Wyrm in Mt. Gelmir

02:29 Alexander taking a Lava Bath

03:59 Roundtable Hold: Twin Maiden Husks

05:07 Talk to Dung Eater

05:58 Purchase Briar Set

06:49 Boss: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella

09:10 Nokstella cleanup

17:34 KAMEHAMEHA style: Ulcerated Tree Spirit

21:36 Episode End


From Grace: Seethewater Terminus
West then southwest until you reach the lava lake
As soon as you see the Summon Icon, stop immediately
Summon Mimic, Heal up
Flask of Physick
Moonlight Greatsword
Move up towards the lava to trigger the Magma Wyrm
Keep a safe distance, let Mimic tank and use charged R2s
Aim for the head to possibly get a Stager
  • Dragon Heart
Mount up, grab items in the lava:
  • 5x Smoldering Butterfly
  • 2x Smoldering Butterfly
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [5] (on the rock pillar lying in the lava)
From this rock pillar you can dismount and talk to Iron-Fist Alexander:
  • Jar
==Cleaning up Siofra River ==
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Go to Twin-Maiden Husks, give them any Bells you have
Purchase all stock they have of these items if you haven’t already:
  • Rune Arc
  • Blue Cipher Ring
  • Stonesword Key
  • Memory Stone
Talk to Dung Eater
Since we found a Seedbed Curse, he’ll give us:
  • Sewer-Gaol Key
Go to Enia and purchase Equipment of Champions:
  • Briar Helm
  • Briar Armor
  • Briar Gauntlets
  • Briar Greaves
This set is available to us now that we beat Elemer of the Briar.  It will be quite useful for a certain boss we’ll take on soon.
Warp to Ainsel River Downstream
Follow the river west and then north until you encounter a Boss: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
Mimic / Moonlight R2s
  • Frozen Lightning Spear
Trophy Unlocked: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
Total Trophies Unlocked: 20/42
Site of Grace: Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
West under the big throne with a skeleton statue:
  • Great Ghost Glovewort
Warp to Nokstella, Eternal City
North, kill ant rider and cross river:
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
West/northwest in ruins guarded by 2 laddle guys:
  • 2x Drawstring Holy Grease
  • Smithing Stone [6]
North behind building, corpse near edge:
  • 3x Silver Tear Husk
South infront of building, 3 snails:
  • Celestial Dew
South by the river, kill Ant-Rider, loot plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
Northwest, kill snails to clear the way under arch. 3 Snail ceiling ambush over item:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
Southwest, clear electric blobs, pull them to avoid getting shot by other blobs on upper platform.
Snipe the ant-rider
Clear rest of blobs, then loot the area:
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Ghost Glovewort [8]
  • Ghost Glovewort [8]
Southeast access bridge, cross it. Inside the building chest:
  • Ghost Glovewort [9]
Jump back in water, go west then south to corpse near edge, behind structure:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
Warp to Grand Cloister
Rest and Spend runes
Stats goal:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
We’re about to kill one of the most annoying bosses in this game. It’s just another Ulcerated Tree Spirit, but it’s the worst of all because it is in the middle of a scarlet rot, in a place with very little space to move, and to make things worse, this is one of the highest level version you can find.
So let’s do the Kamehameha strategy!
Mix Wonderous Physick:
Opaline Bubbletear
Cerulean Hidden Tear
Memorize spells:
Loretta’s Greatbow
Cannon of Haima
Rock Sling
Terra Magica (must be just before Comet Azur)
Comet Azur
Azur’s Glintstone Crown
Jellyfish Shield
Graven-School Talisman
Radagon’s Soreseal
Magic Scorpion Charm
Work your way down, kill the 4 Centipedes (I suggest to do it from the ledge above, using Loretta’s to be safe)
Pop a Rune Arc (so we meet the STR requirement on the Jellyfish Shield – If you’re out of Rune Arc, equip the +5 STR Talisman instead of Graven-School Talisman)
Hotkey Preserving Boluses
Then check video for the strategy. It’s actually simple:
  1. Stand on the mushroom pile closest to the waterfall where the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is
  2. Have Physicks Flask and Terra Magica ready
  3. Carian Regal Staff in right hand / Jellyfish shield in your offhand
  4. Wait for Scarlet Rot to be gone
  5. Contagious Fury
  6. Terra Magica
  7. Run close to waterfall to trigger boss and run back to mushroom pile (while running, switch to Comet Azur)
  8. Flask of Wondrous Physick
  9. Lock-on Boss
  10. Comet Azur (Hold it to channel it until boss dies)
If you’re unlucky and get interrupted, recast Comet Azur immediately.
As soon as boss is dead, heal up / cure rot. Congratulations on beating one of the most annoying bosses in the game.
  • Golden Seed
Loot the 2 corpses by the waterfall:
  • Smithing Stone [6]
  • Smithing Stone [7]
Warp to Dragonbarrow West
== EPISODE 91 END ==




Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing

2:53 Ritual Pot (3000 Runes)

2:57 Beast-Repellent Torch (1200 Runes)

5:33 Isolated Merchant’s Bearing Bell [3]

5:52 Ash of War: Skyshot

8:20 Death’s Poker

10:10 Glintstone Stars (3000 Runes)

10:11 Night Shard (4000 Runes)

10:13 Night Maiden’s Mist (5000 Runes)

10:15 Pest Threads (7500 Runes)

11:22 Gesture: Desperate Prayer

13:59 Gargoyle’s Blackblade

14:01 Gargoyle’s Black Halberd



2:17 Spawning the hunter

3:10 Prepare for boss: Bell Bearing Hunter

3:30 Ride and cast

6:19 Prepare for boss: Death Rite Bird

6:34 Play it safe

7:15 Cross slash move

7:48 That move

8:06 Bye bye birdie

12:43 Prepare for boss: Black Blade Kindred



1:02 Memorize Spells

1:15 Mix Wondrous Physick

1:36 Equipment change

2:53 Isolated Merchant

10:12 Purchase everything

11:42 Level up

12:15 Mix wondrous physick

12:24 Golden Vow



9:11 Talk to Gowry “I gave Millicent the prosthesis” “About Millicent” “About Malenia”



0:52 Isolated Merchant’s Shack

16:18 War Dead Catacombs



00:00 Boss: Caelid Bell Bearing Hunter

04:59 Isolated Merchant

05:41 Grey Scarab

06:05 Boss: Death Rite Bird

08:36 Talk to Gowry

11:38 Boss: Black Blade Kindred

14:12 Level up

14:43 To War Dead Catacombs

16:27 Episode End


== Cleaing up Caelid ==
From Grace: Dragonbarrow West
Follow path north and then west to Site of grace: Isolated Merchant’s Shack
Memorize Spells:
Loretta’s Greatbow
Cannon of Haima
Rock Sling
Stars of Ruin
Starts of Ruin is a great spell. High damage, short cast time, can be charged (Godfrey Icon works on it), can be cast on horseback
Mix Wondrous Physick:
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear
Equipment change, re-equip standard gear:
Black Wolf Mask
Green Turtle Talisman
Godfrey Icon
Rest until Nightfall / Until morning, until Bell Bearing Hunter  pops up
If he doesn’t spawn, go talk to the Merchant, rest again and check
Check video for strategy in action on how to safely kill this Bell Bearing Hunter
Use horse to keep your distances, go west towards the cliff edge and kite the hunter in circles, who is really strong but a pretty slow walker
Use charged Stars of Ruin. You can also use Rock Sling and Loretta’s Greatbow if you prefer.
Defeat Bell Bearing Hunter
  • Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing
  • Ritual Pot (3000 Runes)
  • Beast-Repellent Torch (1200 Runes)
Kill merchant:
  • Nomadic Merchant’s Bearing Bell [X]
West of the shack, find and kill scarab:
  • Ash of War: Skyshot
Warp to Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank
Spend Runes and level up
Next boss Death Rite Bird is best fought on horse and from a distance.
We’ll also use Stars of Ruin mostly to have a safe and easy fight
Wait until Nightfall, ride east to find Death Rite Bird
Flask of Physicks, run in circles counter clockwise to avoid any damage.
Cast Stars of Ruins (charged if possible) to do massive damage.
Check video to see this easy strategy in action, there is one deadly move from Death Rite Bird you should look out for
  • Death’s Poker
Ride north/northeast to Gowry
Talk to Gowry
“I gave Millicent the prosthesis”
“About Millicent”
Purchase his sorceries:
  • Glintstone Stars (3000 Runes)
  • Night Shard (4000 Runes)
  • Night Maiden’s Mist (5000 Runes)
Also purchase his unique incantation:
  • Pest Threads (7500 Runes)
Gowry will then start talking about Malenia
“About Malenia”
  • Gesture: Desperate Prayer
Warp to Bestial Sanctum
Mix Wondrous Physick:
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Spiked Cracked Tear
Equip Golden Vow dagger – Now that we’re familiar with spells and Dark Moon Blade, we can add that buff to our arsenal again to boost our damage and defense on tough fights
Get out of the sanctum and stand behind the Black Kindred Blade
Flask of Physick
Summon Mimic and heal up
Golden Vow
Moonlight Greatsword
Engage with charged R2
Let Mimic get aggro and use charged R2s from a distance
Be careful, this boss can 2-shot you
  • Gargoyle’s Blackblade
  • Gargoyle’s Black Halberd
Warp to Site of Grace: Starscourge Radahn
Level up
Ride north along the beach for a while until you find catacombs entrance
Site of Grace: War Dead Catacombs
== EPISODE 92 END ==




8:36 Trophy Progression: Legendary Ashen Remains 3/6



0:30 Grave Glovewort [6]

0:35 3x Magic Grease

1:46 Grave Glovewort [6]

3:07 Grave Glovewort [6]

4:09 Grave Glovewort [6]

5:21 Radahn Soldiers Ashes 

Grave Glovewort [6]

6:06 Ghost Glovewort [4]

6:27 Golden Rune [6]

6:21 Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

6:35 Collapsing Stars

8:33 Redmane Knight Ogha

8:35 Golden Seed

10:16 Stonesword Key

12:10 Numen’s Rune

13:46 Radahn’s Great Rune

15:11 Golden Rune [12]

17:13 Rune Arc

19:32 Godskin Apostle Armor Set

19:48 Godslayer’s Greatsword



0:19 Enemies fighting

0:46 Archers

1:26 Tough knights

3:23 Careful up there

4:28 Cleanrot Knight

5:01 Circle & backstab

6:18 Rot Pool Room

6:52 Refill Flasks

7:14 Prepare for boss: Putrid Tree Spirit

7:44 Shield & Hug

7:56 Breath Attack

14:18 Ambush to the right

16:51 Divine Tower Knights

18:04 Buff up

18:27 Prepare for boss: Godskin Apostle

19:01 Be careful



0:09 Craft boluses

4:15 War Dead Catacombs Lever Location

8:53 Level up

10:48 Mount up

11:14 Grace Next

13:52 Radahn’s Great Rune

15:18 2nd Parkour section

15:37 No more risks

16:36 Unlock shortcut



None this episode.



11:39 Divine Tower of Caelid: Center

17:50 Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement



00:00 War Dead Catacombs Walkthrough

07:15 Boss: Putrid Tree Spirit

09:12 Entering Divine Tower of Caelid

12:22 Restoring Radahn’s Great Rune

14:05 Divine Tower of Caelid Walkthrough

18:18 Boss: Godskin Apostle

20:04 Episode End


From Grace: War Dead Catacombs
Craft some Preserving Boluses and hotkey them
First room let the knights fight between themselves, loot while running.
Take first stairs up to the left, turn right and loot:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Jump back to the middle of the room:
  • 3x Magic Grease
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
North stairs up, watch out for archer, keep shield up and take a left to be out of sight.
Another archer will start shooting at you, run inside next room and hide behind a wall to be out of sight
Deal with the knight, then deal with the archer (who will come for you eventually)
Next room deal with two easy enemies:
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Further up deal with another knight.
Next room: knight ambush to the right
End of room deal with tough Spear Knight (circle around to get backstabs is best)
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Go back to previous room and drop down through window to the left
South stairs up, 4 imps + ambush archer by window. Stay out of archer’s sight and kill imps one by one with charged moonlight R2s
Kill Archer through window. This is actually the first archer that was shooting us in the first room
Then buff up again for Cleanrot Knight (Spear) in south room. Get in and out quickly to loot:
  • Radahn Soldiers Ashes
Go through window where we killed the archer
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
Pull Lever
Go back to previous room and drop down from ledge west with the statue, ambush by 2x imps, then 3rd imp behind statue
  • Ghost Glovewort [4] (against wall behind statue)
South hallway to scarlet rot filled room:
  • Golden Rune [6] (behind pillar to the right when entering)
Southeast corner of the room is a corpse:
  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Chest in the middle of scarlet rot room:
  • Collapsing Stars
South to find the stairs back up to first room and west to boss door
Prepare for Putrid Tree Spirit
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Moonlight Greatsword
Mimic, Heal, Shield up and let Mimic get aggro
Charged R2s, be careful, this boss can also 2-shot us
  • Redmane Knight Ogha
Trophy Progression: Legendary Ashen Remains 3/6
  • Golden Seed
Warp to Dragonbarrow West
Next section requires some parkour so I suggest you spend all runes and then check video to have an easier time
Northeast to Divine Tower of Caelid
At the cliff’s edge, drop down on the right tree root going up then jump over to the ledge with a guard and a ladder
Don’ take the ladder, instead walk over the archway southeast to reach another ledge, defeat a knight and loot:
  • Stonesword Key
Go back and ladder up
Walk over the archway north, there will be broken parts. Mount up to double jump over those
You’ll reach the final laddder up and the Site of Grace: Divine Tower of Caelid: Center
From the grace, drop down two floors below (check video to see exactly where) to reach the eastern platform with a ladder and a corpse:
  • Numen’s Rune
Warp back to Divine Tower of Caelid: Center
Go through the west hallway, open the double doors and lift up and run to the top:
Restore the power of the Great Rune
  • Radahn’s Great Rune
Warp back to Divine Tower of Caelid: Center
Go through the east hallway, kill 2 knights, drop down on northwest platform
Turn northeast, walk the narrow ledge and drop down on next platform, which will crumble down
Drop down to lower platform, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Jump down on small octogonal platform
Jump south over to next rectangular platform, then face southeast and jump down to another platform on the opposite site, turn around and jump down to another platform.
Hug the right side wall and defeat a knight to access the cage lift
Once up the lift, take the ladder up a few steps southeast off the lift
Up top, open the door to unlock a shortcut
Go back down the ladder
Buff Moonlight before going east in the hallway. Defeat a Templar (tough enemy)
Loot corpse at the end of hallway:
  • Rune Arc
Hug right ledge to drop down on another crumbling platform
After landing, take the 2nd cage lift down to find Site of Grace: Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement
Buff up before going downstairs to kill another templar guarding the boss fog
Prepare for Godskin Apostle
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Moonlight Greatsword
Dodge Black Flame, Mimic, Heal up, Charged R2s
  • Godskin Apostle Armor Set
South tunnel to chest:
  • Godslayer’s Greatsword
Warp to Deep Siofra Well
== EPISODE 93 END ==




1:47 Stonesword key

2:58 Spiked Palisade Shield

12:22 Great-Jar’s Arsenal

13:59 Lusat’s Armor Set

16:04 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

16:26 Magic Grease

16:45 Golden Rune [9]

16:43 Rune Arc

19:15 3x Dragon Heart

22:13 5x Gravel Stone



0:34 Runebear

4:26 3 invasions

9:59 Next opponents

14:59 Vanishing Mages

16:18 Magic Traps

16:53 3 Glintstone Dragons

17:17 Start North

18:33 Mistake

18:58 Uh Oh

19:18 Lucky Me

22:03 Last One



0:14 Level up

5:26 Death Number 2

8:25 Revenge

12:41 Lusat’s Set

25:23 Seriously…



None this episode.



None this episode.



00:00 Level up & Runebear

02:06 To the Giant King Jar

04:23 3 Duelists of the Giant King Jar

12:40 Sellia Hideaway: Lusat’s Set

14:21 Moonfolk Ruins

16:52 Boss: Glintstone Dragon 1

19:30 Boss: Glintstone Dragon 2

22:03 Boss: Glintstone Dragon 3

26:00 Episode End


From Grace: Deep Siofra Well
Rest and level up
South until you see  a Runebear
Buff up fully and kill it
Further south loot a corpse at the edge:
  • Stonesword key
Warp back to Deep Siofra Well
West, defeat a Golem Archer, loot corpse on the rock he was guarding:
  • Spiked Palisade Shield
Further west to kill another Golem Archer
Further west Talk to Giant King Jar
He won’t say anything to you but 3 Red Summon Signs will appear behind you
Buff up and then touch the red summon signs and defeat the 3 Duelist Knight of the Great Jar
Left sign: Assassin Type
Middle sign: Mage Type
Right sign: Knight Type
Rebuff in between each fight, should be easy
Once you’ve defeated all 3, Talk to  Giant King Jar:
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
Warp to Selia Hideaway
We want to get back to where we found Lusat back when we did Sellen’s Questline. Now that we’ve completed it, there’s a reward for us down there.
Check video if you don’t remember how to get to Lusat’s corpse. Always hug right wall till you can drop down the crystal pillars to the bottom.
At the  end of the tunnel will be an item where Lusat’s body used to be:
  • Lusat’s Armor Set
== Caelid Cleared ==
Warp to Cathedral of Manus Celes
West to Moonfolk Ruins, kill a bunch of teleporting mages (stay on horse is easier)
Northeast part of ruins find hidden stairs down and chest:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Western part of ruins, corpse:
  • Magic Grease
South, two corpses with magic traps over them:
  • Golden Rune [9]
  • Rune Arc
Southwest kill the 3 Glintstone Dragons (one by one of course)
Equip Moonveil
Equip Lance Talisman
Tip: kill the southernmost Dragon last and lure it North when you fight it, or he tends to drop down to the cliff below south and you’ll to reset the fight at the grace
Check video to see strategy in action if you don’t remember. This is the usual Dragon Killing Method.
  • 3x Dragon Heart (one per dragon)
Once all 3 dragons are dead, re-equip DMGS and Shield Talisman instead of Lance Talisman.
Loot the area:
  • 5x Gravel Stone (corpse by highest rock spire in this area)
Warp to Moonlight Altar
== EPISODE 94 END ==




15:52 Trophy Progression: Legendary Ashen Remains 4/6

17:51 Trophy Progression: Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 6/7



0:59 5x Glintstone Firefly

1:29 Golden Rune [10]

2:15 Cerulean Amber Medallion +2

3:43 3x Smithing Stone [8]

9:41 3x Smithing Stone [7]

9:47 3x Smithing Stone [8]

9:56 3x Smithing Stone [7]

15:42 Black Knife Tiche

17:39 Ranni’s Dark Moon



1:04 Revenants

11:38 Equip Briar’s Set

11:51 Equip Carian Shield

12:13 Prepare for boss: Alecto

12:27 Opening moves for Alecto

12:42 Alecto: Red Flame

12:54 Alecto: Quick R2

13:03 Alecto: Backstab this

13:16 Alecto: Deadliest move

13:35 Alecto: Rebuffing and healing

13:51 Alecto: Backstab follow up

14:07 Alecto: Briar’s Thorn Showcase

15:00 Alecto: Bonus Hit

15:15 Alecto: Red Flame’s damage

15:37 Alecto: Practice



5:31 Level up

5:42 Ashes of War

8:54 Loot and run

10:07 Run north hug left

10:52 Last turtle

11:28 Ringleader’s Evergaol

16:20 Level up

17:10 Gear change



None this episode.



5:22 Altar South



00:00 Lunar Estate Ruins

03:53 To Chelona’s Rise

06:14 Chelona’s Rise Riddle: 1st Turtle

06:47 Chelona’s Rise Riddle: 2nd Turtle

08:50 Looting the 3 Gazebos

10:19 Chelona’s Rise Riddle: 3rd Turtle

11:27 Evergaol fight: Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader

16:09 Chelona’s Rise: Ranni’s Dark Moon

17:59 Episode End


From Grace: Moonlight Altar
East to Lunar Estate Ruins, first building you’ll be ambushed by 3 wraith bell casters, hide behind a wall, summon Mimic and heal up
Kill them and loot the corpse:
  • 5x Glintstone Firefly
Southeast you’ll be ambushed by a Revenant, run away and let Mimic get aggro, then kill it. Loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [10]
North behind wall you’ll find an Imp Statue, you might get ambushed by 4x Wraith Bell Casters here
Use Stonesword key
Illusionary stairs next to statue, reveal and get down to open chest:
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion +2
Further east to the other part of the Lunar Estate Ruins, you’ll be ambushed by another Revenant.
Let Mimic get aggro and then Charged R2 from a safe distance
Illusionary stairs at the easternmost building of this part of the ruins, go down to find chest:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [8]
Ride a long way southwest towards the tower in the distance, keep going until you reach Site of Grace: Altar South
Rest and level up
Ashes of War:
Carian Retaliation (apply it on Carian Knight’s Shield)
We’ll use this Ash of War soon against a Boss
Examine the book to get the riddle message:
“Seek three great wise beasts”
Southwest to the cliff’s edge, you should see the 1st Wise Beast (turtle vertically against the cliff’s wall below)
Shoot it with any spell
Ride northeast, all the way to the eastern end of this isle on the upper plateau, if you look down you’ll see a hidden area in a lower plateau with the 2nd Wise Beast. Shoot it from above.
Warp back to Altar South
Follow the path doing an “S” on your map, this will take you to the upper plateau with 3 Gazebos. They are guarded by a very strong and relentless Radagon Wolf. The safest way is to just loot the 3 gazebos while running away from the wolf (check video).
But if you want to kill this annoying beast anyway, the safest way is to be on a horse, run in circles around the wolf and cast stars of ruin. Anyways, kill it or run from it, but loot the 3 gazebos for:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [7]
  • 3x Smithing Stone [8]
  • 3x Smithing Stone [7]
North you should find a spiritspring (just southeast of the Evergaol)
Floating above this spring is the 3rd Wise Beast
Face southwest while standing inside the spiritspring then jump and you should land on the turtle and solve the riddle:
“The Seal on the rise opened”
Further Northwest to Ringleader’s Evergaol
Prepare for the toughest boss we’ve faced yet: Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader
Equip the full Briar Armor Set, it is very effective against this boss. Alecto has very low poise, so with this armor set on, whenever we roll into her, she’ll be interrupted and take some damage. Extremely useful.
Also equip Carian Knight’s Shield
I’ll show you how to defeat Alecto reliably:
Alecto Strategy (check video): Melee her with Dark Moon Great Sword, use Carian Retaliation whenever she uses her red flame ranged attack, wait for her jump/slam attack to backstab her safely. Always keep your distances, sprint away, especially when she does her red flame jump/slam attack, this is the real threat.
Warning: you will die a few times to this boss while you learn to dodge his abilities. This is a normal process. I died more than 10 times on this boss on my first playthrough. If you really struggle too much, just move on and come back later when we’ll be even stronger than now. She drops one of the best summons in the game but we already got the best one: Mimic Tear. When you kill her you’ll get this reward:
  • Black Knife Tiche (great assassin summon, very elusive and high damage)
Trophy Progression: Legendary Ashen Remains 4/6
Warp back to Altar South
Rest and level up
Enter Chelona’s Rise, go to the top, open chest:
  • Ranni’s Dark Moon (6 out of 7 Spells for the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations Achievement)
== Liurnia Cleared ==
== EPISODE 95 END ==




3:34 3x Explosive Stone Clumps

4:28 Smithing Stone [5]

5:02 Boltdrake Talisman +1

5:18 Stanching Boluses

5:11 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

5:23 Smithing Stone [5]

5:58 Golden Rune [6]

5:59 Smithing Stone [5]

7:15 Troll’s Hammer Somber Smithing Stone [6]

7:23 Smithing Stone [5]

7:36 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

8:03 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

7:29 Smithing Stone [5]

8:04 Smithing Stone [5]

8:48 Great Club

10:15 Stonesword Key

11:55 Lansseax’s Glaive

12:36 Harp Bow

13:29 Ash of War: Lightning Ram

14:25 Black Knife



6:07 Before dropping down

8:27 Prepare for boss: Stonedigger Troll

10:24 Prepare for boss: Ancient Dragon Lansseax

10:54 Lansseax’s Glaive

13:52 Black Knife Assassin



0:29 Sell & Upgrade

1:12 Better Armor

1:54 Back to Altus Plateau

12:29 Painting Riddle #5



None this episode.



3:47 Old Altus Tunnel

14:58 Sainted Hero’s Grave



00:00 Selling & Upgrading

02:20 To Old Altus Tunnel

03:50 Old Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

08:25 Boss: Stonedigger Troll

09:30 Boss: Ancient Dragon Lansseax

12:06 Solving Riddle: Champion’s Song

13:00 Scarab & Black Knife Assassin

15:07 Level up & Episode End


Warp to Roundtable Hold
Go to Smith Master Hewg
Sell all Smithing Stones you have in excess of 24
Sell all Somber Smiething Stones you have in excess of 3
Upgrade Brass Shield +23
Check if you have enough END to wear better armor while saying under Medium Load
Blaidd’s Set looks amazing with the Black Wolf Mask
You probably can fit in the Bull-Goat Gauntlets too
Warp to Erdtree Gazing Hill
Ride north until you reach Old Altus Tunnel, use Stonesword Key to enter
== Old Altus Tunnel Walkthrough  ==
To the right when entering:
  • 3x Explosive Stone Clumps
Lift down, at the bottom: Site of Grace: Old Altus Tunnel
Move down the first tunnel until you reach a shack, kill firethrower and dog
Right side of shack is a vein:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Hug right wall, ladder up, next room with another shack:
  • Boltdrake Talisman +1 (in the shack, guarded by 2 dogs)
  • Stanching Boluses (behind shack)
Left side of shack is a vein:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Northwest nook is another vein:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Back to previous room, drop down on upper scaffoldings, hug right wall:
  • Golden Rune [6] (corpse)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
Before dropping down, clear the place a little with spells, there are 3 knights and 2 dogs down there
South shack:
  • Troll’s Hammer
Behind shack:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6] (vein)
East wall:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
North shack:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4] (corpse)
Behind shack, tunnel to room with dog + miner:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
Back to main room, west tunnel to boss fog, prepare for Stonedigger Troll
We are overleveled for this place, this boss can be killed with 2 Charged R2
  • Great Club
We’ve cleared pretty much everything outside of the final areas, time to go back to Leyndell
== Altus Plateau and Leyndell ==
Warp to Rampartside Path
West along the path then south to an elevated flat structure with a corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
Prepare for Ancient Dragon Lansseax
He’ll swoop down on us when we go up the hill east
This time we can summon Mimic
Easiest strategy is to stay on horse and use spells (Stars of Ruin for mobility is great, but other spells work just fine)
  • Lansseax’s Glaive
North at the edge of the cliff you’ll find the ghost painter to solve the “Champion’s Song” painting and get your reward:
  • Harp Bow
Southwest to find a scarab roaming near the swords, kill it:
  • Ash of War: Lightning Ram
Northwest to monument where you’ll be attacked by a boss: Black Knife Assassin
Summon Mimic as soon as the Summon Sign is available, heal up, buff up, engage
This enemy’s moveset is very similar to Alecto, but he’s much weaker, should be an easy fight with mimic helping too
  • Black Knife
Open door, lift down to Site of Grace: Sainted Hero’s Grave
Rest and level up
== EPISODE 96 END ==




0:36 Crimson Seed Talisman

1:26 Grave Glovewort [5]

2:44 Grave Glovewort [4]

3:00 Leyndell Soldier Ashes

4:02 Grave Glovewort [3]

5:43 Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1

5:46 Grave Glovewort [5]

6:23 Grave Glovewort [4]

6:07 Grave Glovewort [3]

7:39 Grave Glovewort [5]

7:41 Human Bone Shard

7:48 3x Root Resin

7:58 Prattling Pate “Let’s get to it”

8:15 Ghost Glovewort [4]

8:17 Ghost Glovewort [5]

10:05 Grave Glovewort [3]

10:48 Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

10:57 2x Root Resin

12:42 Rune Arc

12:47 Smithing Stone [5]

13:08 8x Crystal Dart

14:22 Smithing Stone [5]

14:27 Smithing Stone [5]

14:31 Smithing Stone [5]

14:42 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

14:53 2x Arteria Leaf

15:23 Golden Rune [7]

15:43 8x Glintstone Scraps

15:59 Arsenal Charm +1

16:22 Smithing Stone [5]

16:37 Smithing Stone [5]

18:05 Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]



1:04 Revenant below

1:38 Shadowy Imps

3:29 3 Mistakes

7:23 Another revenant

10:13 Prepare for boss: Ancient Hero of Zamor

13:23 Packed room

16:49 Prepare for boss: 2x Crystalians



2:56 Crumbling Floor

8:13 Shadowy Executioner



None this episode.



12:21 Altus Tunnel



00:00 Sainted Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

07:57 Sainted Hero’s Grave: Opening the Boss Door

10:12 Boss: Ancient Hero of Zamor

11:11 Way to Altus Tunnel

12:23 Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

16:55 Boss: 2x Crystalian

18:22 Level, Gear Change & Episode End


From Grace: Sainted Hero’s Grave
Use Stonesword key, buff up and sneak before entering, get a backstab on the assassin guarding the corpse:
  • Crimson Seed Talisman
First hallway, go to the end of the corrider, kill 2 Wraith Bell Casters up top
Under the stairs is a Revenant, buff up before going there and use a fully charged R2 while it is appearing, then back off and wait for another safe opportunity to strike with a non-charged R2. You can also skip this enemy if you prefer, they are quite annoying to deal with and the reward isn’t worth the trouble:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Above the stairs is an illusionary wall, go through it and drop down, kill 2 imps. If one of them is in shadow mode, you have to lure it to the light circle so you can damage it
East to next room, run to the light circle to kill the 2 imp, then kill wraith bell mage under the stairs:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
East hallway to next room, buff up before walking in the center of the room, floor will crumble, kill 4 imps:
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Pull lever
Next room climb up the first guillotine and jump over to the balcony
Clear next room, use Stonesword Key, kill 2 zombies:
  • Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Go upstairs and through the hallway to drop down back to the room with the crumbled floor:
  • Leyndell Soldier Ashes (corpse left side)
Drop back down and north to the guillotine room, go though it
Plant on the right side:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Another plant at the other end of guillotine room:
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Ladder up behind plant we just looted
Drop down and buff  up for Revenant to the left
Golden Vow
Moonlight Greatsword
Charged R2 > Quick R2 should kill it before it gets the attack you.
Plant in corner:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Corpse in the middle:
  • Human Bone Shard
West kill zombie and loot corpse on bridge:
  • 3x Root Resin
Past the bridge you’ll see a shadowy Axeman at the end of the hallway
Before  you drag him to the nearest light circle, loot the corpse and the two plants in the room while he chases you around:
  • Prattling Pate “Let’s get to it”
  • Ghost Glovewort [4]
  • Ghost Glovewort [5]
Lure him to the bridge, drop down south
Through the guillotines room, make sure he follows you all the way to the room under the crumbled floor, drag him to the light circle and kill him, this will open the boss door
Back through guillotines room, through boss door, plant to the right while going down the stairs:
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Get ready for boss: Ancient Hero of Zamor
Buff up, enter
Mimic, heal up, charged R2
  • Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff
Trophy Progression: Legendary Ashen Remains 5/6
  • 2x Root Resin (each corner at the back of the room)
Warp to Bower of Bounty
East under the bridge, southeast along the cliff, climb up to upper plateau, south/southwest to find tunnel entrance
Lift down, Site of Grace: Altus Tunnel
== Altus Tunnel Walkthrough ==
First room to the right:
  • Rune Arc (chest)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein being crates)
2nd room to the right:
  • 8x Crystal Dart
3rd room straight ahead, clear it: 5 miners, 2 casters, 4 flying imps
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein to the right)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein to the left)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein to the right behind tree root)
Go up the scaffoldings:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5] (vein west wall)
  • 2x Arteria Leaf (south dead end)
Go back down, south tunnel
To the right, corpse:
  • Golden Rune  [7]
Jump down on tree root to access lower platform:
  • 8x Glintstone Scraps
Use tree root to reach the top platform, loot corpse:
  • Arsenal Charm +1
Drop down and get back to main room
East tunnel, kill snails:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein to the left)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein next to tree root)
Double door is boss room, 2x Crystalian
Buff up before entering
Summon Mimic, heal up, stagger them with R2 to break their hyper armor
  • Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]
Warp back to Altus Tunnel
Rest and level up
Take the lift up and exit the cave
== EPISODE 97 END ==




1:32 Wrath of Gold

2:36 Golden Slam

2:52 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [19]

3:06 2x Beast Blood

4:23 Crimsonspill Crystal Tear

4:24 Speckled Hardtear

6:10 Icon Shield

6:14 2x Gravel Stone

6:59 Golden Seed

7:53 Dragonwound Grease

11:08 Great Stars (now dropped by Magnus the Beast Claw, which you can invade later in this episode at the Writheblood Ruins

12:34 Sacramental Bud

12:39 Golden Rune [5]

15:18 Bloody Helice

16:32 2x Stimulating Boluses

16:42 Radiant Gold Mask



3:11 Buff up here: Wormface

3:39 Uh oh

14:22 Prepare for boss: Sanguine Noble



None this episode.



7:56 Talk to Goldmask

17:27 Talk to Brother Corhyn “Tell the noble Goldmask’s whereabouts”



8:22 Road of Iniquity Side Path



00:00 Woodfolk Ruins

01:48 Boss: Wormface

04:32 Woodfolk Ruins Part 2

06:39 Golden Seed

07:07 Way to Goldmask

08:07 Way to Bridge of Iniquity Grace

08:58 Caravan raid: Great Stars

11:18 Writheblood Ruins

14:20 Boss: Sanguine Noble

15:36 Way to Radiant Gold Mask

16:51 Brother Corhyn

18:19 Episode End


From Altus Tunnel Entrance
Northeast to Woodfolk Ruins, kill 4 Wormfaces
Stairs down, loot chest in cellar:
  • Wrath of Gold
North/Northwest find small ruins located just northeast of the Minor Erdtree
Inside kill Scarab First and then the wormface:
  • Golden Slam
Western side of ruins is a corpse:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [19]
Southern side of ruins is another corpse:
  • 2x Beast Blood
Southwest you should see a Giant Wormface
Clear the few tree guards around it withotu aggroing Wormface
Buff up with Flask of Physick + Golden Vow
Let Mimic tank
Watch out for the grab attack. If you get grabbed, mash buttons to free yourself faster.
Also watch out for the Death vomit
  • Crimsonspill Crystal Tear
  • Speckled Hardtear
Further east/northeast to other ruins:
  • Icon Shield
  • 2x Gravel Stone
West/Northwest to an erdtree sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Northwest to spiritspring to land on top of bridge
Southern end of bridge, corpse:
  • Dragonwound Grease
Talk to Goldmask, he won’t say anything
Jump back down the spiritspring
Face north inside spiritspring to land under the bridge this time
Northeast, under the bridge, find Site of Grace: Road of Iniquity Side Path
Southwest along the trail to find a caravan, clear it, chest at the back:
  • Great Stars
Southeast to Writheblood Ruins, in the southerwesternmost building, kill a big blood blob:
  • Sacramental Bud (several in the ruins where you killed the blob)
  • Golden Rune [5]
East to next ruin, kill small blobs to loot more Sacramental Buds
Stairs down, buff up before entering boss fog to kill Sanguine Noble
Summon Mimic and heal up, easy fight, open door and chest:
  • Bloody Helice
 In the Writheblood Ruins, look for a Red Summon Sign on the floor. Invade and kill “Magnus the Beast Claw” to get a Rune Arc and the weapon Great Stars.
Get out of Writheblood Ruins and ride northeast along the edge to find access point to the other broken part of the broken bridge:
  • 2x Stimulating Boluses (corpse on the first accessible section)
  • Radiant Gold Mask (2 sections further below at the edge)
Warp to Altus Highway Junction
North along the road to talk to Brother Corhyn
   “Tell the noble Goldmask’s whereabouts”
Warp back to Road of Iniquity Side Path
== EPISODE 98 END ==




2:35 Haima Glintstone Crown

2:37 Battlemage Armor Set

3:58 Navy Hood

3:59 Noble’s Traveling Armor Set

4:02 Twinned Knight Swords

5:15 Giant Rat Ashes

6:05 Protection of the Erdtree

6:27 Poison Grease

7:51 2x Holy Grease

9:12 Gargoyle’s Great Axe

11:05 Ash of War: Golden Parry

11:31 Lost Ashes of War

12:19 4x Rainbow Stone

12:27 Golden Rune [4]

12:46 Golden Rune [9]

13:45 3x Arteria Leaf

15:03 Viridian Amber Medallion +1

15:42 Golden Rune [12]

15:56 Golden Rune [5]

16:52 8x Mushroom

16:41 Golden Rune [7]

18:17 3x Grace Mimic

18:24 Smithing Stone [5]

20:30 Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing

20:57 3x Rune Arc (4000 Runes each)

21:00 Perfume Bottle (2000 Runes)

21:02 Sentry’s Torch (7000 Runes)

21:23 Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [1]



8:12 Prepare for Boss: Twin-Blade Gargoyle

13:52 Prepare for Boss: Margit the Fell Omen (Round 2)

18:49 Spawning the Hunter

19:13 Prepare for Boss: Bell Bearing Hunter

19:33 Hunter strategy



2:16 Battle mage

7:08 Memorize Spell

20:47 Gear change

20:59 Hermit Merchant



0:33 Talk to Brother Corhyn “About the noble Goldmask”

1:29 Talk to Noble Goldmask

9:40 Talk to Finger Reader “Show hands”



6:50 Windmill Village

17:12 Outer Wall Battleground

18:37 Hermit Merchant’s Shack



00:00 Brother Corhyn & Goldmask

01:35 Battle Mage

03:41 East Windmill Pasture

04:42 West Windmill Pasture

05:34 Way to Dominula, Windmill Village

07:23 Boss: Twin-Blade Gargoyle

09:26 Talk to Finger Reader

10:55 Looting the Stairs

12:01 Looting the Battlefield

13:54 Boss: Margit Round 2

15:15 Looting the Battlefield Hill

17:11 Grace with Infinite Altus Bloom

17:56 Way to Hermit’s Shack

18:49 Boss: Bell Bearing Hunter

20:44 Hermit Merchant

21:36 Episode End


From Grace: Road of Iniquity Side Path
Jump down the spiritspring then back up on the bridge
Talk to Brother Corhyn
   “About the noble Goldmask”
Talk to Noble Goldmask, he won’t say anything
North to other side of bridge, to the left up on a hill will be a mage
You can climb up this hill with double jump, this is a tough mage with a lot of HP, don’t underestimate it. Kill it to get:
  • Haima Glintstone Crown
  • Battlemage Armor Set
Northeast to East Windmill Pastures, kill cultists + exploding zombies, loot:
  • Navy  Hood
  • Noble’s Traveling Armor Set
  • Twinned Knight Swords
Southwest to a shack next to west windmill:
  • Giant Rat Ashes (guarded by giant rat)
Warp back to Road of Iniquity Side Path
Southeast then south to reach a plateau
Find scarab up on a stone platform, kill it:
  • Protection of the Erdtree
Further East reach  a path going up
To the left will be a windmill guarded by two cultists
Loot corpse by the door:
  • Poison Grease
East and up the path up through  Dominula, Windmill Village to activate Site of Grace: Windmill Village
Warp to Outer Wall Phantom Tree
Memorize spell:
   Ranni’s Dark Moon
Southeast stone sctructure guarded by 5 wolves:
  • 2x Holy Grease
Northwest back on the great stairs, further up a Twin-Blade Gargoyle will swoop down on you
Summon Mimic, buff up and engage
  • Gargoyle’s Great Axe
Further up the stairs to the next Erdtree Spaling, talk to the Finger Reader
“Show hands”
Southeast midway through the first set of stairs, look for a scarab over the railings on your left, snipe it with Loretta’s Greatbow:
  • Ash of War: Golden Parry
Southeast to the top of the stairs, kill a bunch of zombies, loot corpse by giant double door:
  • Lost Ashes of War
Northwest up the plateau then southwest to find two corpses amidst the tombstones
  • 4x Rainbow Stone
  • Golden Rune [4]
North double jump to upper plateau, kill singing bat:
  • Golden Rune [9]
On a corpse in a little pit close to singing bat:
  • Golden Rune [10]
Northeast on top of a catapult:
  • 3x Arteria Leaf
Buff up before going Southeast to face Margit, The Fell Omen (Round 2)
You can use a mix melee attacks and spells, as he gives plenty of space to cast them.
Try out Ranni’s Dark Moon for fun if you want
  • Viridian Amber Medallion +1
East to access the plateau, while going up you’ll find a squad carrying  a treasure chest, kill it:
  • Golden Rune [12]
Once up the plateau, west part of camp to find corpse guarded by by 2 bats:
  • Golden Rune [5]
North/northeast to the other end of this battlefield, find corpse under tent:
  • 8x Mushroom
West to corpse near the cliff:
  • Golden Rune [7]
West/southwest to Site of Grace: Outer Wall Battleground
Note: there is an Altus Bloom just next to this grace and it respawns whenever you rest. It’s the easiest farming spot if you ever run low on those.
East, hug the left wall to find stairs up, then sharp turn northwest, up the path, find corpse:
  • 3x Grace Mimic
Further northwest to another corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Keep going until you reach Site of Grace: Hermit Merchant’s Shack
Prepare for Boss: Bell Bearing Hunter (check video for easy strategy)
   Lusat’s Glintstone Crow (boosts Stars of Ruin damage in exchange of extra FP cost)
Ready Stars of Ruins spell
Spawn the Hunter with the usual method
Mount up and run away, pop Flask of Physik
Keep a safe distance and use charged Stars of Ruins for an easy kill
  • Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing
Re-equip Standard Gear
Purchase from Merchant:
  • 3x Rune Arc (4000 Runes each)
  • Perfume Bottle (2000 Runes)
  • Sentry’s Torch (7000 Runes) – This torch reveals invisible enemies, will be very useful in a certain late game area
Kill merchant:
  • Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [1]
== EPISODE 99 END ==




0:49 Golden Rune [5]

3:11 Twinbird Kite Shield

3:29 Winged Crystal Tear

4:06 Golden Rune [10]

4:22 Golden Rune [4]

6:06 Twiggy Cracked Tear

6:08 Crimson Crystal Tear

8:24 Smithing Stone [5]

8:32 10x Great Arrows

11:37 Golden Rune [6]

14:52 2x Smithing Stone [6]



1:58 Deathbird strategy

5:04 Omen and friends



0:17 Wait until Nightfall

10:54 Boiled Crab

12:25 Runebear nearby

15:37 Level Up



9:48 Talk to Blackguard “You should probably know…” “About the Dung Eater”



15:28 Auriza Side Tomb



00:00 Boss: Deathbird

03:21 Looting the Upper Plateau

04:30 Minor Erdtree: Omen & Friends

06:22 Triple Golems

08:50 Blackguard about The Dung Eater

11:43 Runebear to Break Statue

14:59 To Auriza Side Tomb

15:36 Level Up & Episode End


From Grace: Hermit Merchant’s Shack
Wait until Nightfall
East/northeast along the wall, between two grave markers:
  • Golden Rune [5]
Further east along the path to fight Deathbird with the same strategy as with the Bell Bearing Hunter:
  • Twinbird Kite Shield
Re-equip our standard gear
Northeast in a basin near the wall:
  • Winged Crystal Tear
Southwest to reach the southern tip of the plateau, where you’ll find a corpse dangling over the edge:
  • Golden Rune [10]
East get off the plateau and find corpse under a big stone slab:
  • Golden Rune [4]
South along the cliff edge until you can get down safely and go northeast to the Minor Erdtree
Guarded by a bunch of casters and an Ogre, summon Mimic, open up with Canon of Haima if possible
Watch out for Death Blight
At the base of tree:
  • Twiggy Cracked Tear
  • Crimson Crystal Tear
South/southeast until you encounter 3 Colossus (kill 2 archers first)
Corpse on rocks near the 3rd colossus:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
West to another corpse on rocks:
  • 10x Great Arrows
Southwest to Blackguard  all the way down by the lake
Talk to Blackguard
   “You should probably know…”
”   About the Dung Eater”
Purchase some Boiled Crab, it adds a nice chunk of defense when consumed
Hotkey them
South a few steps to a corpse:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Southeast to a narrow passage between the cliffs, you’ll find a fissured statue.
Lure the Runebear northeast to break the statue open, then kill the Runebear (buff up with Boiled Crab, then roll into crotch strategy)
Loot statue:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [6]
Northeast to catacombs entrance. Activate Site of Grace: Auriza Side Tomb
Level up
Stats reminder:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
80 INT
== EPISODE 100 END ==

For episodes 01 to 20: Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 1

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