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PVP Points Conversion (4.0.1)

Welcome to a flash card 4.0.1 guide. Hopefully this may better prepare you for the new PVP awards system going live today (12 th Oct 2010). This guide is intended to be very brief and a quick reference for you […]


WoW-Pro Leveling Addon (Old)

  Current Version: 7.3.2 Last Update: Oct 24, 2017 Next Update: Nov 15, 2017Still don’t believe us? Check out our User Testimonials!  Basic Guide Window Minimalist View Dropdown Menu Guide List How To Install: Download the addon using the big […]


For The Horde! Achivement Guide

Table of Content Info Varian Wrynn – King of stormwind Magni Bronzebeard – Lord of Ironforge> Tyrande Whisperwind – High Priestess of Elune Velen – Prophet of the Naaru Hello! This is a guide explaining how to do the achievement […]


For the Alliance! Achievement Guide

This guide strives towards the most efficient completion of the For the Alliance! achievements. This guide tries to cover as many bases as possible, from organizing the raid to actually downing the city bosses. If you would like to see […]


Nilz’ AV Guide (Both Factions)

IntroductionThis guide was made to help those who don’t the reason or what to do during Alterac Valley. In this guide I will explain what to do, how to do it, quests, and how to do those quests. Some people […]


Nilz’ AV Honor Guide (Alliance Only)

Introduction The point of this guide is to explain the best and fastest way to get honor from doing the battleground AV. In this guide I will explain ways for both low level players as well as higher level characters. […]


Shinke’s Horde Grizzly Hills PvP Dailies Guide

Grizzly Hills is only 2nd in line to Wintergrasp in the case of Northrend PvP. This guide is devoted to that. Grizzly Hills has 3 designated PvP zones with daily PvP quests and rewards. This guide is going to take […]


[WotLK BG] Strand of the Ancients

I’ve been enjoying the new battleground, but lamenting the fact that players are woefully unprepared when they enter. Blizzard drops players into the invasion of Normandy without any idea which way is up. This guide is an attempt to orient […]


[Horde] WSG, AB, EOTS and AV Guide for Dummies.

—-A guide about WSG/AB/AV And EotS for dummies. 1. The reason why I’m writing this guide is because I cant stand the fact that every single time I get into a horde side Battleground there are atleast 5 players not […]


Gaining Alterac Valley (AV) Faction points

The Different Factions You may already know this but I figured it would be best to give you the details of all factions you get in AV. The best way to gain reputation in AV for each faction is to: […]


Player vs. Player Guides

Guides about Player vs. Player gameplay, including specific battleground guides and general PvP info. For The Horde! Achivement Guide For the Alliance! Achievement Guide Gaining Alterac Valley (AV) Faction points Nilz’ AV Guide (Both Factions) Nilz’ AV Honor Guide (Alliance […]