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Pre-Raiding Paladin Gear Guide!

“Come on! Let’s hit up some Naxx, Obsidium Sanctum, or Vault or Archavon! Wait, you aren’t Hit/Haste/Defense capp’d? Your spell power is UNDER 1.7K? Hm, then stick to Heroics and rep farming, buddy.” Chances are, someone has said something similar […]


WoW-Pro 2.2.2 Leveling, Dailies, Professions, WorldEvents, and Achievements Release Notes

Current Version: 2.2.2 Last Update: Mar 01, 2011 Next Update: Mar 14, 2012   This update includes: Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are 197 guides, of which 8 had updates. A […]


Affliction Warlock Guide: DoTs in Cataclysm

Affliction Warlock Guide Hello and welcome to Rotciv’s Affliction Warlock Guide. My name is Rotciv and in this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about affliction warlock talents, gearing choices, gemming and basic spell usage and rotations. This […]


Cataclysm Resto Druid Pre-Raid Gear Guide

This is just a quick cheat sheet for pre-raid resto gear. I left out any BOE gear that requires raid level mats (Chaos Orbs, I’m looking at you). This will include reputation vendor items where appropriate along with the required […]


Death Knight Leveling

With the changes in Cataclysm, Death Knight leveling has changed significantly. Blood dps while leveling is now much closer, meaning that a blood DK is viable for a leveling spec, but does not become the most optimal until you hit […]


Cataclysm Gear Guide for Kitties

Gear lists Several options will be listed for each slot and the lists will be ranked, with the optimal gear piece on top. When you acquire gear it will help you much if you take this into account: gear pieces, […]


Cataclysm pre-Heroic Plate Tank Gearguide

Salutations, my fellow Tankmates!!! Cataclysm is almost upon us! And I can imagine that, after leveling to 85,  my fellow tanks and I want to steamroll through the Heroic Dungeons as fast as possible to get to the delicious epicz! […]


Druidic Tome of Erudition – A Guide on How to Level a Feral Druid

This guide is currently undergoing a complete overhaul! Greetings, young one. Do you seek to become a keeper of the world, a protector of nature, a … druid? Then you have come across the right path. Take note that it […]


Holy Paladin Helpdesk – 4.0.1 and Cataclysm

I am sure you are hearing a lot of horror stories about the new realms of healing in the upcoming patch, and may be worried about how your favorite class, the Holy Paladin, is going to be effected. In truth, […]


Skumball’s Warrior Q&A

  Skumball’s Warrior Q&A A few questions answered, and some thoughts on the Warrior class. Contents: User Submitted Questions Frequently Asked Questions Note: FAQ and Cataclysm changes will be incoming soon, I just haven’t had the time to put it […]


Cataclysm Mages – Thoughts, Projections, and Assumptions

Introduction This “guide” will explain the upcoming mage changes in cataclysm as well as anything I have figured out or have assumed from some research. Enjoy! Changes New Spells: Flame Orb (81): Similarly to Taldaram’s Conjure Flame, Mages will be […]


[Paladin] Holy paladin guide

So you’re a new level 80 paladin that decided to go holy(if you’re not 80 yet try these guides, they are really good). Yes, a good choice. This guide will cover the basics and some of the more advanced things […]


Affliction Warlock Pre-Raid Gear Guide

Affliction Warlock Pre-Raid Gear Guide Hello and welcome to Rotciv’s Affliction Warlock Pre-Raid Gear Guide! My name is Rotciv and in this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know to gear your new level 80 affliction warlock. This gear […]


Pets – The Hunter’s Best Friend

Alright, since there’s a good Hunter Leveling Guide on the site, I’m going to try to tackle the Hunter’s Best Friend. Table of Contents Talent Trees Pet Families Taming the Savage Beast Training Your Pet Stables Resources Beast Mastery Tenacity […]


Lockpicking Guide

To many rogues, leveling that occasionally important Lockpicking skill, seems like a tedious task. And perhaps it is, but the Lockpicking skill comes in handy at several occasions. Opening locked chests to get relatively good items, or opening doors that […]


Best items outside of raids for Rogue

This list of items includes all the gear I personally think is the best to get, before you start raiding the 10 man or 25 man instances as a rogue. This guide is meant to be an overview of the […]


Invisibletaco’s Level 19 Twink Rogue Step-By Step Guide (Being Updated for 3.2)

Vocabulary!: Rogue – A class in World of Warcraft. Hello, this is Invisibletaco and this is my first guide. My guide is ALL about the gold, the armor, and the skills to make an incredibly strong and hard to beat […]


Pre Raid Gear – Mage (Frost)

I needed to make a list of items I was going to try and get to gear myself up for 25 man raids, so I figured I would post it here so that everone can benifit from my work. These […]


Hunter: Do you want to level one?

Introduction. Hi there, and welcome back to my “Do you want to level one” series of Guides, aimed at players who have yet to step foot into WoW, or those struggling on whether to play a certain class! This time, […]


Paladin : Do you want to level one?

Hello there, and thanks for looking at my first guide! I hope this will help you learn something about whether or not you want to be a part of the Paladin community – or at the least entertain you! The […]