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Pursuit of Justice – Heroic Dungeons

With Cataclysm looming and Wrath of the Lich King coming to an end now is the time to be looking toward the future. In this guide, I will be recalling the dungeon guides of Wrath of the Lich King, and […]


Dungeon and Raid Awards Conversion (4.0.1)

Welcome to another 4.0.1 guide. Hopefully this may better prepare you for the new Dungeon and Raid awards system going live today (12th Oct 2010). This guide is intended to be very brief and a quick reference for you on […]


[Mage] Nilz’ Guide to Arcane Mages

Introduction Welcome to the to first wow-pro guide introducing and expanding your knowledge of the arcane specialization. Today, if you read the whole guide, you will read about; why arcane is in my opinion the best, what you need for […]


[Paladin] Holy paladin guide

So you’re a new level 80 paladin that decided to go holy(if you’re not 80 yet try these guides, they are really good). Yes, a good choice. This guide will cover the basics and some of the more advanced things […]


[Death Knight][Tank] Death Knight Specs-Basic

*NOTE THIS IS A VERY BASIC GUIDE. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK HERE FOR AN IN DEPTH GUIDE ON ANY PARTICULAR SPEC* Death Knight tanking was an interesting experiment by Blizzard, namely making 3 separate viable tanking trees. This current setup […]


[Priest] Holy Priest Guide

This is the guide to a Holy Priest Raid Healer. I will be telling you everything you need to know about how to be a Holy Priest and more…. Okay…… I can tell you how to be a Holy Priest, […]


[Warrior] Warrior fury/dps Heroics

Hello. This guide is to help you in Heroics as a fury warrior. Atm i have around 4.5k Gear Score on my warrior and i can do from 3k dps to 4k+ dps in heroics. I can even out-dps others […]


[Shaman] [Enhancement] Raiding Guide. For beginners and advanced shamans.

Note: This guide is updated for patch 3.3 Original author: Trollvink Table of content. Foreword Your role Gearing Weapons Stats Gems Enchants Glyphs   Spells and abilities Talent Builds Foreword This guide was originally created by Trollvink, sometime around the […]


[Feral Bear] Pre-Raid Gear Guide

IntroductionAfter recently coming back to the game after nearly a years break, I struggled finding gear for my Druid Tank. My aim here is to draw from my ‘eventful’ experiance and hopefully make it easier for you to reach Mid […]


[Death Knight][Unholy][Leveling] Spec

This is a simple spec for leveling by using Area of Effect (AoE) attacks. I have found that this is the fastest way to level a DK as you deal damage to many mobs at once. With many talents geared […]