[Warrior] Warrior fury/dps Heroics



This guide is to help you in Heroics as a fury warrior.

Atm i have around 4.5k Gear Score on my warrior and i can do from 3k dps to 4k+ dps in heroics. I can even out-dps others that have a gear score of over 5k.



On multiple targets:


Simple, 2 attacks, spam them at all times. Whirlwind has a 8s cd so spam cleave all the time.

Keep in mind that u need to save your rage for this skills (cleave & ww). If you have more than enough rage:
– Use slam when u get bloodsurge proc
– Or use bloodthirst
– Or if u wish heroic strike and hope you crit for a 10 rage refund.

WARNING Dont over aggro with aoe at start, wait for the tank to aggro all mobs before going crazy with cleave & ww. Sometimes when i do this aoe, if the tank is bad i aggro all the time.

On single target:

Heroic StrikeBloodthirstSlam when u get proc – Whilwind

Important use of major cd’s

You have 2 major cd’s and maybe trinkets with 2-3min cd’s.


Its long cd makes it important. You can use it:
– All the time when it’s ready to use ONLY IF your party has imba dps. If you have huge mob groups use it and clear the trash fast. Again if your party has imba dps you have no need of your cd at boss.

– Save it for boss if your party has rly low dps. You need it at boss so you can burst and nuke the boss.

Death Wish

Same as recklessness.

Other tips

– Always look at your rage. Keep it up as high as possible. If in need of rage, use bloodrage and/or berserker rage.
– Try to help out the party. Intercept or over aggro targets atacking the healer if the tank is slow. Make a macro shield and aggro the mob and wait for the tank to taunt.


Enchants to get:

Helm : 50 Attack power, 20 crit rating. (Knights of the Ebon Blade honored)
Shoulders : 40 Attack power, 15 crit rating. (Sons of Hodir exalted)
Cloak : 22 Agility. (Major Agility)
Chest : 10 Stats. (Powerful Stats)
Wrist : 50 Attack power (Greater Assault)
Gloves : 44 Attack power (Crusher)
Belt : Eternal Belt Buckle.
Legs : 75 Attack power, 22 crit rating. (Icescale Leg Armor)
Boots : 32 Attack power. (Greater Assault)
Weapons : Berserking, on both.

Gems to get :

Meta : Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
21 Agility and 3% increased critical damage done.
Requires at least 1 Red gem.
Requires at least 1 Yellow gem.
Requires at least 1 Blue gem.

Prismatic gem : Nightmare’s tear. This gem alone activates the meta gem above allowing you to fill every other socket with pure strength. Suppose a yellow socket would activate a 6 strength socket bonus, it is a matter of preference if you want to gem it with 20 strength, or gem for 10 strength 10 crit rating.

Strength adds a static damage increase to everything. Good stat.

Arpen (armor penetration) starts out as bad, but gets increasingly powerful once you reach 50% and higher. Will eventually overscale Strength.

As for items, well get the best hehe. I will update this guide with more tips and such if needed.

Good luck in ’em Heroics 🙂

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    Oct 21, 2010 @ 0:59 am

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    Your guide has been moved to the archive section for the following reasons:
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    Feb 22, 2010 @ 22:38 pm

    will doHei and thanks for the feedback 🙂 will edit tomorrow when i have time. 🙂

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    Feb 22, 2010 @ 21:38 pm

    Nice little guide, Kokosmin.Nice little guide, Kokosmin. There are a couple things I would recommend to improve it:

    [list][*]Grammar and spelling. I saw a “u” in there. Bad! Don’t use leet speak in your guides, you seem more professional and knowledgeable when you use full words and sentences. Most of this guide is fine in this regard, though.
    [*]Gear discussion. You don’t need to show individual items, but some more discussion about stats is really needed to make this guide complete. I’ve been trying to help my noob boyfriend gear up his fury warrior, so I know exactly what to look for for newbies. What about crit? How important is that? How much hit does he need? Those two stats aren’t discussed at all! What about weapon speed, does it matter which weapon he uses for main hand and off hand?
    [*]Addons/Macros. Not a critical part of a class guide, but useful. My boyfriend had a lot of trouble making sure to only use slam when it was instant, until I downloaded and set up Power Auras for him so he could easily see when the proc happened. Are there any other indispensable warrior addons or useful macros?[/list]

    All in all, good start, and I hope to see improvements in the future!

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