FF16 100% Walkthrough – Ultimate Platinum Guide


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Final Fantasy 16. This more than just a Platinum Guide, this walkthrough will help you clear 100% of the game’s content in the most efficient way. After playing hundreds of hours and doing hundreds more of research, I have prepared the Ultimate Guide for completionists who want to enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest. If this is your first Final Fantasy game ever, I’ve got your back, there will be many tips and information to help you become good at this game. If you’re a Final Fantasy  veteran, I’ve also got you covered, there will be Advanced Combat mechanics, hidden combos you’ve never heard of and competitive builds. I left no stone unturned.


Walkthrough Presentation
The Guide Format

Final Fantasy XVI 100% Walkthrough Episodes – Part 1:


Other parts of the guide:

Comming soon

For episodes 11 to 20: FF16 100% Walkthrough – Part 2

For episodes 21 to 30: FF16 100% Walkthrough – Part 3

On this page you will find:



This is a REAL 100% Walkthrough. Well over 1500+ hours of preparation are necessary for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Final Fantasy XVI as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL FF16 Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Accessories
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Upgrade all Feats and Abilities to their maximum
  • Collect all Signboards
  • Collect all curiosities
  • Complete all the Hunts
  • Craft Gotterdammerung (Legendary Sword)
  • Visit all Areas on the World and Local Maps
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Guides
  • Detailed Builds
  • Best way to clear the Final Fantasy Mode (which is needed to unlock the hardest trophy in FF16: Fantasy, Finally)


If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:


The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Final Fantasy 16

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.


  • All 50 Trophies including The Chronicler platinum trophy
  • All items, even the not important ones, every Potion will be looted! Every gil will be collected!
  • All Side Quests


Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Gil, material or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ (Final Fantasy Mode Playthrough).


I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the enemies and Bosses which require one.

  • If you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran FF player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.

We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Final Fantasy 16.




Wireless Controller Layout: Type B

Dodging is extremely important in FF16, so having the evade button on Circle is a must have. It is the most accessible button at all times, and it’s what you should be used to if you played other action RPGs such as Dark Souls, God of War, etc.

Also, having the main attack buttons on R1 + R2 instead of Square + Triangle will be a great improvement when we’ll start to do Combos involving Charged Attacks. You’ll have a much better control with R1 and R2, trust me on that.



Speaker Names: ON

There are many different characters in FF16, you might get confused about who is talking sometimes. Displaying speaker names helps a lot with that.



Screen Brightness: 10

There are some pretty dark parts in FF16, from my experience, there are still some really dark corners even with Brightness set to 10. So it does help to see things better in many cases, and it doesn’t ever feel too bright, even when you’re outside in broad daylight.

Game Performance: Frame Rate

The game looks just as amazing and more fluid with this setting in my experience. And when there are cinematics, the game still automatically bumps the quality to the maximum.



Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal) : 3
Camera Sensitivity (Vertical) : 3

I just feel that the camera is turning very slowly with the default setting of 2. In combat, we want to be able to look around quickly to see what’s going on.

Everything else I left with the default setting.

The Guide’s format


This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained


All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be included, but if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.

The text version of my Final Fantasy 16 Walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.



Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.


Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are very optimized and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same Abilities / Eikonic / Gear loadout. However, FF16 is very flexible with respecing. You can reset all your Ability Points at any moment for free, so you can copy my build at any point if you’re struggling.


Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Not yet. This is a PlayStation exclusive for now, but there will be a PC release and my guide will be 100% compatible with the PC version. The achievements will be the same.


Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. ❇️Leave a tip:
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Q: Can I use the Special Accessories, such as the Ring of Timely Focus for example?

A: Yes. I actually recommend using the Ring of Timely Focus and not the “Auto-Evade” one, because this allows you to do other things than evading: Parrying, Countering, etc.







None this episode.



None this episode.



37:18 EQUIP: Ring of Timely Focus



28:41 Dealing with Bosses

28:56 Simple Aerial Combo Burst

29:19 Shift Shot

29:48 Maximizing Stagger Damage



3:05 Settings

3:11 Brightness

3:17 Game Performance

3:27 Gameplay Focus Choice

9:03 Best Controller Type for FF16

9:37 Camera Sensitivity



00:00 Final Fantasy 16 Walkthrough Introduction

01:16 Chapters

01:40 Timecodes

02:09 Pop-ups

02:34 FF16 Walkthrough Start

03:05 FF16 Settings Guide

03:48 CUT SCENE: The Crystal’s Temptation

04:58 FIGHT: Phoenix vs Eikon of Fire

06:19 CUT SCENE: Wyvern

08:45 FF16 Settings Guide Part 2

10:02 CUT SCENE: The Republican Army Frontlines

11:46 CUT SCENE: The Zirnitra Stronghold

14:41 CUT SCENE: Benedikta and Hugo

15:49 Moving up and Active Time Lore

17:34 CUT SCENE: Titan vs Shiva

20:20 LORE: Shiva, Titan

20:40 Escaping the Eikon’s Clash

21:30 CUT SCENE: The Bastards Escape

22:49 CUT SCENE: Clive & Lord Commander Murdoch

24:07 Combat Training

28:40 FIGHT: Lord Commander Murdoch

30:47 CUT SCENE: Joshua’s Healing Powers

32:19 CUT SCENE: Duchess Anabella

34:24 CUT SCENE: Archduke Elwin

37:06 Main Menu: Attributes

37:16 Main Menu: Gear & Eikons

37:50 Episode End



After the intro with the 2 Eikons fighting
As soon as you get character control, walk a few steps and the tutorial will tell you to go to Settings. So now is the time to copy my settings or do your own thing.
Keep moving up with Wyvern, this part is pretty straightforward.
Cut scene waking up as Clive.
During the combat tutorial, check the video to learn the following combat tips and useful combos:
  1. How to deal with Bosses – The Art of Evading and Countering
  2. Aerial Burst Combo – Deals a lot more damage than the regular ground combo
  3. Staggered enemies – How to Maximize damage
When you get control back, open the Gear menu and equip the Ring of Timely Focus
This is the only “Special” accessory we need, and I’ll explain why in the next episodes.
== EPISODE 01 END ==





None this episode.



0:46 1x Potion

3:33 1x High Potion

4:36 1x Potion



22:16 4x Melee Combo into Magic Burst

22:32 4x Magic Burst Combo

22:48 Shift Strike

22:58 Shift Shot

23:16 Lunge

23:31 Lunge Magic Burst

23:46 Burning Blade

23:56 Jumping Burning Blade

24:09 Lunge Burning Blade

24:35 Jumping Burning Blade Shift Shot



21:08 Lunge Burning Blade



None this episode.



00:00 Reminder on how to best use this Walkthrough

00:36 Rosalith Castle’s Courtyard

01:03 CUT SCENE: The Branded Slave

03:14 Above the training grounds

03:53 To the inner gardens

04:04 Optional dialogue with Joshua

04:34 Make for the throne room

04:56 LORE: Rosalith Castle, Elwin Rosfield, Clive Rosfield, Bearer, Brand

05:50 CUT SCENE: War Council with Archduke Elwin

09:23 Optional dialogue with Lord Commander Murdoch

10:03 Optional dialogue with Archduke Elwin

10:44 Retire to your chambers

11:07 CUT SCENE: Duchess Anabella & Archduke Elwin

13:50 CUT SCENE: Clive & Jill

17:02 CUT SCENE: March to Phoenix Gate

19:37 Travel to Stillwind

20:03 CUT SCENE: Entering the marshes with Clive, Tyler and Wade

21:00 Purchase New Abilities

21:42 LORE: Sir Tyler, Sir Wade, Goblins, Stillwind Marsh

22:13 Combat Tips – 7 Combos you can use early

25:04 Episode End


Straight ahead is an item on top of a barrel near a tent:
  • 1x Potion
Move to the objective.
Cut scene with the Slavemaster.
Move up the stairs and turn left, all the way around the wooden walkway:
  • 1x High Potion
Move to the inner gardens.
Optional dialogue with Joshua.
There’s an item under the arches to the right past Joshua:
  • 1x Potion
Open the the large gates and move to the throne room.
Cut scene with Archduke Elwin
Optional dialogue with Archduke Elwin
Optional dialogue with Lord Commander Murdoch
Retire to your chambers.
Cut scene with Duchess Anabella and Archduke Elwin
Cut scene with Clive and Jill
Cut scene departing to Phoenix Gate
Travel to Stillwind.
Cut scene entering the marshes with Clive, Tyler and Wade
Purchase some abilities with the 50 Ability Points we have.
   Burning Blade
Check the video to learn more combos and their uses:
  1. 4x Melee Combo into Magic Burst [R1 R1 R1 R1 R2] – Easy and decent combo when you don’t know what else to do. The Magic Burst at the end does more damage than a regular Magic Burst.
  2. 4x Magic Burst Combo [R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2] – Timing is a little difficult, I don’t recommend using this particular combo. There are better options)
  3. Shift Strike [L2 R1] – Easy and efficient.
  4. Shift Shot [L2 R2] – Also easy and efficient, also Knockdowns small enemies. One of the easiest ways to land a Mortal Blow.
  5. Lunge [R1 + R2] – Great to close the distance, and can combo into other moves.
  6. Lunge Magic Burst [R1 + R2 –> R2] – Even more effective than Shift Shot.
  7. Burning Blade [HOLD R1 –> Release R1]
  8. Lunge Burning Blade [R1 + R2 (HOLD R1) –> Release R1] – Burning Blade will charge while the Lunge animation is going, so it’s a very efficient little combo.
  9. Jumping  Burning Blade [HOLD R1 –> X –> Release R1 while Airborne] – Jumping Burning Blade will launch enemies in the air, which is you can follow up with Aerial Combos / Shift Strikes / Shift Shots.
  10. Jumping Burning Blade Shift Shot [HOLD R1 –> X –> Release R1 while Airborne –> L2 R2 while still Airborne] – This is a more advanced combo and you don’t have to remember all of that.
For now, you should practice the following combos, which will bring you the most damage without having to work too hard:
  1. Shift Shot
  2. Lunge Magic Burst
  3. Lunge Burning Blade
  4. Aerial Combo Magic Burst – We covered this one in EP01 [X R1 R1 R1 R2 – But you can’t practice this one without an enemy to hit]
== EPISODE 02 END ==





Trophy Progress: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeift (Keep using Shift Shot or Shift Strike – Need 15 Uses Combined in Total to unlock this Bronze Trophy). Trophy Progress: Punisher (Knock enemies down and hit them with Punish or Mortal Blow – 10 Needed in Total to unlock this Bronze Trophy).



0:26 2 Gils

2:05 1x Strength Tonic

3:14 1x Potion

3:59 1x Strength Tonic

4:06 1x Potion

5:40 1x Potion

6:07 1x Potion

11:57 Hard Leather Armlets

13:12 1x High Potion

13:38 1x Potion



1:29 Knockdowns, Punish and Mortal Blows

2:22 Don’t Lock-on when fighting multiple enemies

2:37 Eikonic Abilities cooldown use

2:52 Let them Fall Down to Punish them

4:24 Always go for the spellcasters first.

4:59 Melee Combo Charged Shot

5:09 Lunge Double Charged Attacks

8:13 Parrying timing

8:44 Is Parrying worth it in FF16?

8:52 Burning Blade Parry

9:11 Aerial Combos vs Big Foes

9:22 Ring of Timely Focus

9:31 Circling

10:46 Air Dodging




12:33 STOMP





12:34 EQUIP Hard Leather Armlets



None this episode.



00:00 Entering Stillwind Marshes

00:37 CUT SCENE: Goblins

01:25 FIGHT: 3 Goblin Muggers

01:59 Looting ruined wooden house

02:21 FIGHT: 7 Goblin Muggers

03:11 Looting another ruined house

03:30 New Ability

03:50 Looting 2-story ruined house

04:23 FIGHT: 2 Goblin Weavers + 5 Goblin Muggers

05:35 Breaking into another ruined house

05:55 Crossing Bridges

06:16 CUT SCENE: Goblin Ambush

07:06 FIGHT: 2 Goblin Weavers + 5 Goblin Muggers


12:07 CUT SCENE: Fleeing Goblin Leader

13:10 Chasing the Goblin Leader

13:41 Episode End



Move into the marshes, there’s an item on the right:
  • 2 Gils
Go under the tree
Cut scene with Goblins
FIGHT: 3 Goblin Muggers
Combat tips:
  1. Don’t Lock-on when fighting multiple enemies, just pick one and dash for it. You’ll have a better view of the battlefield that way and more freedom of movement.
  2. Knockdowns. Use abilities such as Shift Shot or Burning Blade to knock enemies down, then get close to them and hit R1 to PUNISH them or MORTAL BLOW them. This does a ton of damage.
Next area, go inside the ruined shack to the right:
  • Strength Tonic
Next area
FIGHT: 7 Goblin Muggers
Combat tip:
  1. Eikonic Abilities are extremely powerful, use them at the start of any fight against smaller enemies to quickly take some of them out. If the fight drags on, the ability will cooldown and allow you to use it again.
Go inside the ruined house:
  • Potion
Next area
To the left enter the ruined house, go to the 2nd floor:
  • Strength Tonic
Get out, loot item on broken cart:
  • Potion
Next area
FIGHT: 2 Goblin Weavers + 5 Goblin Muggers
Combat tips:
  1. Always go for the spellcasters first.
  2. Charged Magic [HOLD R2 –> Release R2] – Easy and efficient ranged attack. This basically upgrades your current spell by one level. So when equipped with Phoenix Eikon, your Fire will become Fira.
  3. Melee Combo Charged Shot [HOLD R2 –> R1 R1 R1 R1 –> Release R2]
  4. Lunge Double Charged [R1 + R2 (HOLD BOTH) –> Release R1 –> Release R2]
Before going to the next area, break into the wooden shack to the right:
  • Potion
Next area
Cross the first bridge, loot the item:
  • Potion
Cross the 2nd bridge
Cut scene Goblin Ambush
FIGHT: 2 Goblin Weavers + 5 Goblin Muggers
Check the video for Combat tips:
  1. Parrying timing
  2. Burning Blade Parrying
  3. Parrying vs Evading
  4. Ring of Timely Focus
  5. Aerial Combos vs Big Foes
Battle reward:
  • Hard Leather Armlets
Cut scene fleeing Goblin Leader
    EQUIP Hard Leather Armlets
== EPISODE 03 END ==




None this episode.



None this episode.



0:59 Downthrust

1:53 Jumping Burning Blade Downthrust

2:19 Double Aerial Combo Burst Downthrust

5:46 Wild Rage



None this episode.



00:00 CUT SCENE: Goblin meets Morbol

00:57 BOSS FIGHT: Morbol

07:13 CUT SCENE: Damned Blight

08:27 Travel to Phoenix Gate

08:48 CUT SCENE: Soldiers Singing

12:33 CUT SCENE: Clive, Joshua and Torgal at Phoenix Gate

16:12 CUT SCENE: Supplies caravan at Phoenix Gate

17:58 CUT SCENE: Joshua’s room at Phoenix Gate

19:24 Flight of the Fledgling

20:24 CUT SCENE: Sanbrequois Garb

20:55 Joshua fighting Imperial Soldiers

22:08 Episode End



Next area
Enter the broken house to loot 2 items:
  • High Potion
  • Potion
Follow the Goblin Leader, cross the rubble
Next area
Cut scene with Goblin Leader and Morbol
Combat tips:
  1. Downthrust
  2. Aerial Combo Burst Downthrust
  3. Double Aerial Combo Burst
  4. Double Aerial Combo Burst Downthrust
  5. Jumping Burning Blade into Aerial Combos
Cut scene with the Soldiers singing
Cut scene with Clive, Joshua and Torgal at Phoenix Gate
Cut scene with the supplies caravan at Phoenix Gate
Cut scene in Joshua’s room at Phoenix Gate
Several fights with Joshua, this is easy stuff.
Until you reach the last room with the closed door.
== EPISODE 04 END ==




30:33 Bronze Trophy: Awaken

           Trophies Unlocked: 1/50



4:20 Stoneskin Tonic

5:19 Potion

5:21 High Potion



7:08 Dragoon Strategy

7:23 Taking Damage

18:05 Eikon of Fire Guide



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



00:00 CUT SCENE: Tyler’s Injury

04:17 Back into the fire

04:26 FIGHT: 3 Imperial Interluders

05:12 To the Gate

05:28 CUT SCENE: Imperial Captain

06:04 FIGHT: 3 Imperial Soldiers + 1 Imperial Captain

06:35 CUT SCENE: Dragoon’s Grand Entrance

06:55 BOSS FIGHT: Knight of the Blinding Dawn

10:58 CUT SCENE: An Ominous Presence

12:27 CUT SCENE: Back at Joshua and Elwin

14:11 CUT SCENE: Phoenix Awakening

17:05 EIKON BATTLE: Phoenix vs Eikon of Fire

23:30 CUT SCENE: Joshua

26:14 CUT SCENE: Betrayal

28:50 CUT SCENE: 13 years later

30:57 LORE: Wyvern, Branded Soldier

31:25 Episode End



Enter the first room, loot item on barrel:

  • Stoneskin Tonic

2nd room
FIGHT: 3 Imperial Interluders

3rd room, 2 items on the floor:

  • Potion
  • High Potion

Push the large door open
Cut scene with the Imperial Captain
FIGHT: 3 Imperial Soldiers + 1 Imperial Captain

Cut scene with the Dragoon
BOSS FIGHT: Knight of the Blinding Dawn
Use the combos we learned so far, should be a piece of cake with the Ring of Timely Focus

EIKON BATTLE: Phoenix vs Eikon of Fire
Combat tips:
Hold R2 to fire non-stop while aiming
Dodge all the attacks, The Ring of Timely Focus works too, so this makes things easy.

CUT SCENE: Phoenix vs Eikon of Fire
CUT SCENE: I’ll kill you
CUT SCENE: Betrayal
CUT SCENE: 13 years later

After waking up, our first trophy will unlock:
          Trophies Unlocked: 1/50

== EPISODE 05 END ==




4:37 Bronze Trophy: Punisher

         Trophies Unlocked: 2/50

4:48 Bronze Trophy: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeift

         Trophies Unlocked: 3/50

5:23 Bronze Trophy: Packing Heat

         Trophies Unlocked: 4/50



1:39 1x Stoneskin Tonic

2:04 1x Strength Tonic

2:21 1x Stoneskin Tonic

2:28 1x Strength Tonic

8:53 2x Frozen Tear

         4x Potion

         3x High Potion

         10x Steelsilk

14:50 27x Wyrrite

           1x Meteorite



5:02 Heatwave Counter

5:16 Reusable

6:34 Heatwave Timing

7:45 Blizzaga

10:57 Lunge Magic Burst Lunge Punish

12:23 Tiamat Strategy



0:50 Heatwave



1:05 Heatwave in the R2 Slot, instead of Scarlet Cyclone



None this episode.



00:00 Reminder

00:36 New Abilities

01:26 The Irondblood’s Trail

02:48 CUT SCENE: Ironblood Faith

04:36 FIGHT: 5x Ironblood Crusaders 1x Ironblood Commander + Shiva’s Dominant

05:02 BOSS FIGHT: Shiva’s Dominant

09:06 CUT SCENE: Shiva’s Dominant actually is…

10:56 FIGHT: 7x Ironblood Crusaders 1x Ironblood Commander

11:37 CUT SCENE: I can’t, I won’t

12:13 FIGHT: Tiamat

15:06 CUT SCENE: Lightning Strikes

17:09 CUT SCENE: Benedikta expected more

18:24 CUT SCENE: His name is Torgal

21:20 Travel to the Hideaway

21:50 CUT SCENE: The Deadlands

23:02 CUT SCENE: Cid’s Hideaway

24:43 LORE: Cid’s Hideaway, Cidolfus Telamon, Tarja, The Fallen, The Deadlands

25:13 Episode End


          Heatwave in the R2 Slot, instead of Scarlet Cyclone
Note: don’t worry, we’ll use and master all abilities, but Heatwave is just too great and we want it to unlock a trophy in the next battle.
Move up to grab an item on the way:
  • 1x Stoneskin Tonic
Further up is another item:
  • 1x Strength Tonic
Further up is another one:
  • 1x Stoneskin Tonic
Moving further down is another item:
  • 1x Strength Tonic
Move up to join your teamates
CUT SCENE: Ironbloods
FIGHT: 5x Ironblood Crusaders 1x Ironblood Commander + Shiva’s Dominant
Combat tips:
  • Ignore Shiva’s Dominant for now, kill all the other soldiers first.
  • Keep using Shift Shot, you should have about 15 uses by now, which will unlock you the following trophy.
Bronze Trophy: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeift
Total Trophies Unlocked:  2/50
BOSS FIGHT: Shiva’s Dominant
Combat Tips:
  • Use our newly acquired Heatwave as a Spell Counter to do A LOT of damage AND stagger damage AND get a much shorter cooldown.
  • Counter Spells twice with Heatwave during this fight to unlock another trophy.
          Bronze Trophy: Packing Heat
          Total Trophies Unlocked:  3/50
Items obtained:
  • 2x Frozen Tear
  • 4x Potion
  • 3x High Potion
  • 10x Steelsilk
CUT SCENE: Shiva’s Dominant actually is…
FIGHT: 7x Ironblood Crusaders 1x Ironblood Commander
Reminder: get as many Knockdowns as possible to PUNISH enemies and work on the next trophy. 20 PUNISH needed total.
Combat tips:
  • Lunge Magic Burst –> Lunge Punish
          Bronze Trophy: Punisher
          Total Trophies Unlocked:  4/50
Note: don’t worry if you don’t unlock it now, you’ll get it in a few fights easily. There’s no rush anyway.
CUT SCENE: I can’t, I won’t
FIGHT: Tiamat
Combat tips:
  • He also uses spells which you can counter with Heatwave.
Items obtained:
  • 27x Wyrrite
  • 1x Meteorite
CUT SCENE: Lightning Strikes
CUT SCENE: Benedikta expected more
CUT SCENE: His name is Torgal
Travel to the Hideaway
CUT SCENE: The Deadlands
CUT SCENE: Cid’s Hideaway
== EPISODE 06 END ==




29:35 Bronze Trophy: Dressed to the Fives

           Total Trophies Unlocked: 5/50



16:06 2x Potions

26:21 10x Wyrrite

26:34 Badge of Mettle

28:49 1x Meteorite

            1x Gil Bug



None this episode.



None this episode.



7:34 CRAFT & EQUIP Iron Belt +1

13:42 SELL Potions & Strength Tonic

14:01 BUY & EQUIP:


           Iron Bracers

26:35 EQUIP Badge of Mettle


           Broadsword +1

           Broadsword +2

           Iron Bracers +1

           Iron Bracers +2



0:09 Set Motion Blur to Zero,

0:25 Claim Redeemable Items

0:38 Bonus Items

19:50 The Orchestrion

23:25 Knowledge Level



00:00 Settings Advice

00:25 Redeemable Items

1:03 CUT SCENE: Will you join us

5:29 CUT SCENE: Goetz explains

6:24 Speak with Blackthorne

8:15 CUT SCENE: Wounded Bearer

10:03 Speak with Tarja

11:11 CUT SCENE: Otto

12:38 Speak with Charon

13:40 Buy & Sell

14:38 The Arete Stone

16:01 CUT SCENE: This Should be Fun

16:45 Get Side Quest: Make Do and Mend

18:20 Get Side Quest: Food for Throught

19:46 Serve Kenneth’s soup 3/3

22:11 Talk to the Wizened Man

23:11 The Thousand Tomes

25:11 Turn in Side Quest: Food for Throught

27:00 Speak with a carpenter at the White Adze

27:34 Collect the planks

27:47 Deliver the planks to Geoffroy

28:31 Side Quest Completed: Make Do and Mend

29:04 Smithing Time

29:47 Episode End



                    Set Motion Blur to Zero, it’s just much better without it
                    Claim all your items if you preordered the game or got the Deluxe version
                              Scholar’s Spectacles
                              Cait Sith Charm
Equip all those Redeemable items to get a headstart.
I won’t equip them to make sure I’m on the same level as everyone following this guide. It’s not a big deal anyway, all these items will be replaced by better options soon.
Go talk to Cid
CUT SCENE: Will you join us
Go to the Main Hall
CUT SCENE: Goetz explains
Speak with Blackthorne in the smithy
Hand Over the Continental Rum
  • Iron Belt +1
Speak with Goetz
Speak with the man tending to the Bearers
Speak with Tarja
Speak with Charon
  • Potions so you only have 2 Left (we’ll get 2 more soon. Having a full inventory means wasting  items)
  • 1x Strength Tonic (we won’t be needing those anytime soon)
  • Broadsword
  • Iron Bracers
Collect the supplies
This will trigger The Arete Stone
Enter the Hall of Virtue
Train as much as you like, if you want
End Training
Exit Arete Stone
  • 2x Potions
CUT SCENE: This Should be Fun
North to get Side Quest: Make Do and Mend
SouthWest to get Side Quest: Food for Throught
Check the Orchestrion
Note: this isn’t Trophy related, but we will get all 20 Orchestrion Rolls in this guide
Serve Kenneth’s soup 3/3
Talk to the Wizened Man near the last table where you served food.
View the Thousand Tomes
Note: Harpocrates can be interacted with between quests. His “knowledge level” evolves based on your progress in the game, essentially reflecting your overall game completion. Each completed quest grants you additional “knowledge” that can be shared with Harpocrates. The maximum Knowledge Level achievable is 8, but reaching Knowledge Level 5 (approximately equivalent to 62.5% game completion) is enough to unlock a Bronze Trophy called The More Your Know.
Turn in Side Quest: Food for Throught
10x Wyrrite
Open the wooden chest near the bar:
Badge of Mettle
EQUIP Badge of Mettle
Speak with a carpenter at the White Adze
Collect the planks
Deliver the planks to Geoffroy
Side Quest Completed: Make Do and Mend
  • 1x Meteorite
  • 1x Gil Bug
Go to the Smith
  • Broadsword +1
  • Broadsword +2
  • Iron Bracers +1
  • Iron Bracers +2
Bronze Trophy: Dressed to the Fives
Total Trophies Unlocked: 5/50
== EPISODE 07 END ==







8:52 Bronze Trophy: A Fine Hound

         Total Trophies Unlocked: 6/50



6:42 1x Wyrrite

7:49 2x Sharp Fangs

9:09 1x Dragon Talon

         15x Sharp Fang

9:35 1x Potion

9:42 1x Steelsilk

10:07 1x Magicked Ash

10:22 2x Sharp Fang

12:04 1x Potion

12:10 2x Bloody Hides

15:17 2x Gnarled Scale

         40x Wyrrite



3:08 Double Charging for Precision Sics

8:05 Dragon Aevis

10:40 Torgal Healing

12:51 Fafnir Strategy

13:39 Eikonic Vulnerability

14:05 Spin Cycle



6:22 MASTER ABILITY: Burning Blade



2:38 EQUIP Ring of Timely Assistance



11:46 Petting Torgal



00:00 Travel to The Greatwood

00:29 CUT SCENE: Entering The Greatwood

02:22 Equipment Change

03:05 FIGHT: 5 Worgen

04:09 CUT SCENE: A Wild Beast Appears

05:19 FIGHT: 5 Vampire Thorn


06:45 CUT SCENE: Fallen Ruins

07:49 ELITE FIGHT: Dragon Aevis

09:45 Torgal Finds The Way

10:24 FIGHT: 2 waves of Worgens and Vampire Thorns

11:45 That’s a Good Boy

12:15 CUT SCENE: The Wild Beat Attacks


15:26 CUT SCENE: Cid is badass

17:42 Petting Torgal

17:54 Episode End



Open World Map > Travel to The Greatwood
CUT SCENE: Entering The Greatwood
Main Quest: Fanning Embers
EQUIP Ring of Timely Assistance
Note: for now we want to focus on our own combos, which should already keep your fingers quite busy, so this ring is great. We’ll replace that ring soon with another one, and then we’ll start learning on how to use Torgal in battle.
Move up
FIGHT: 5 Worgen
Combat tip:
  • Use Burning Blade or Charged Magic on small enemies and Torgal will automatically do “Precision Sics”.
  • Double Charging Burning Blade and Charged Magic allows you to do “Charged Lifts”, sending enemies even higher in the air, which can be followed up by Aerial Attacks, check the video for a showcase
  • We need 5 Precision Sics to unlock another Trophy, so this will be quite easy with the ring of Timely Assistance equipped.
Move up under the tree trunk
CUT SCENE: A Wild Beast Appears
Drop down
FIGHT: 5 Vampire Thorn
  • Burning Blade
Note: now we can charge it much faster, allowing us to combo it with our other abilities much more fluidly. We’ll also Master the Charged Magic ability soon for the same reasons.
Move up and loot the item on the floor:
  • 1x Wyrrite
Interract with the tree
CUT SCENE: Fallen Ruins
Move up, loot the item near the ledge:
  • 2x Sharp Fangs
Move up
ELITE FIGHT: Dragon Aevis
Combat tips:
  • He’ll spit fireballs if you keep your distances, you can Heatwave Counter it for massive Damage and Will damage
  • 1x Dragon Talon
  • 15x Sharp Fang
Move up, loot item to the left:
  • 1x Potion
Move up, drown down to another item:
  • 1x Steelsilk
Move up, you’ll get notified about Torgal’s animal instinct, but before you follow him, move further inside the nook to the right, loot the item:
  • 1x Magicked Ash
Squeeze through the walls
Go down the trail, loot item:
  • 2x Sharp Fang
A few steps further
FIGHT: 2 waves of Worgens and Vampire Thorns
Bronze Trophy: A Fine Hound
Total Trophies Unlocked: 6/50
Note: if you didn’t unlock it yet it’s fine, this will happen soon and automatically.
Hold L3 to have Torgal show you the way
Go next to Torgal and pet him
We must pet Torgal 5 Times to unlock another trophy, so do that whenever you can
Squeeze through wall
Move down the path, item to the left:
  • 1x Potion
Fruther down, item to the right:
  • 2x Bloody Hides
Drop down in the ruins
CUT SCENE: The Wild Beat Attacks
Combat tips:
  • This Boss doesn’t cast Projectiles so use Heatwave Counter offensively.
  • As usual, don’t go too aggressive, wait for Dodge and Counter opportunities.
  • His weak point is its head. You’ll get the “Eikonic Vulnerability” notification if you hit it in the head with one of your Eikonic Abilities.
    • You do bonus damage when hitting weak points. Most enemies have one.
  • 2x Gnarled Scale
  • 40x Wyrrite
CUT SCENE: Cid is badass
Remember to pet Torgal
== EPISODE 08 END ==





None this episode.



0:17 1x Potion

0:25 1x High Potion

0:30 2x Bloody Hides

1:08 1x Wyrrite

1:48 1x Potion

2:40 1x Magicked Ash

2:48 1x Potion

3:36 1x Potion

5:39 1x Potion

5:53 1x Meteorite

6:03 1x High Potion

12:12 Badge of Might

          30x Steelsilk 1x Meteorite

16:32 1x Sharp Fang

16:42 2 Gil

16:53 5 Gil



0:42 Flying Enemies

4:14 Dragon Aevis

8:33 Midnight Raven strategy

8:51 Easy Fight



3:45 MASTER ABILITY: Charged Magic




None this episode.



17:52 Optional Fights



00:00 Clive’s Dark Resolve

00:39 FIGHT: 4 Hornets

01:05 FIGHT: 5 Vampire Thorn

01:42 Up The River

01:55 FIGHT: 4 Vampire Thorn 2 Hornet

02:55 FIGHT: 2 Vampire Thorn

03:16 FIGHT: 3 Worgens

03:44 Mastering Abilities

04:07 FIGHT: 1 Dragon Aegis 4 Worgen

06:08 CUT SCENE: Royal Scout

08:28 BOSS: Midnight Raven

12:21 CUT SCENE: 8 Eikons in Total?

14:23 Travel to Orabelle Downs

14:40 CUT SCENE: Orabelle Downs

15:50 Exploring Orabelle Downs

16:12 FIGHT: 3 Wolfhound

16:57 FIGHT: 5 Royal Osfreyr

18:08 FIGHT: 2 Wolfhounds

18:34 FIGHT: 1 Silver Lobo 2 Wolfhounds

19:24 CUT SCENE: Lostwing

20:20 Petting and Mastering

20:50 Episode End



Main Quest: Fanning Embers
Move up through walls, loot item:
  • 1x Potion
Move up to the next ledge, loot item:
  • 1x High Potion
A little further down the path:
  • 2x Bloody Hides
Drop down
FIGHT: 4 Hornets
Combat tip:
  • Phoenix Shift is great to reach those flyers, so Shift Shot or Shift Strike at will
  • Heatwave is also perfect to take them down quickly
Stick to the left to find an item:
  • 1x Wyrrite
Turn around, find more enemies in between the rock and the ledge to the left
FIGHT: 5 Vampire Thorn
Follow the small stream going up, loot the item:
  • 1x  Potion
A few steps further up
FIGHT: 4 Vampire Thorn 2 Hornet
Move up the stream, look to the right behind a tree:
  • 1x Magicked Ash
Further up the stream:
  • 1x Potion
Turn 90° to the right to enter a small side path with enemies:
FIGHT: 2 Vampire Thorn
An item is a few steps upwards:
  • 2x Sharp Fangs
Keep going in this path upwards and to the left to find a bridge above the stream
On the other side you’ll find sleeping Worgens guarding an item by the ledge:
FIGHT: 3 Worgens
Loot the item:
  • 1x Potion
  • Charged Magic
Note: now our Double Charged combos will be much faster
Move back towards the stream, drop down
Move towards the large Fallen Ruins:
FIGHT: 1 Dragon Aegis 4 Worgen
  • Get rid of the 4 Worgens first quickly
  • Keep an eye on the Dragon to Heatwave Counter it if he fireballs you
In this area is an item and a chest:
  • 1x Potion
  • 1x Meteorite
Move under the Fallen Ruins, item on the other side:
  • 1x High Potion
Move up
CUT SCENE: Royal Scout
BOSS FIGHT: Midnight Raven
Combat tips:
  • Kill the 3 Royals first to be in 1v1 with Midnight Raven
  • Make sure you dodge his Katon and Raiton abilities.
  • No counterable projectiles on this one, so use Heatwave offensively
  • Note: This is the first Boss you can get a trophy from if you No Damage him, but I wouldn’t worry about it for now. We’ll have plenty of  other opportunities, and it will be even easier to get the No Damage in New Game+ (which we’ll have to do to get the Platinum Trophy)
  • Badge of Might
  • 30x Steelsilk
  • 1x Meteorite
CUT SCENE: 8 Eikons in Total?
Travel to Orabelle Downs
CUT SCENE: Orabelle Downs
Main Quest: Louder than Words
Follow the sidepath to the right going upwards towards a wooden shack
FIGHT: 3 Woflhound
Loot the item in the shack:
  • 1x Sharp Fang
Go back down and back on the main path to find an item:
  • 2 Gil
Further on the main path:
  • 5 Gil
Further up on the main path
FIGHT: 5 Royal Osfreyr
Turn around and follow the other path going up SouthWest
Keep going until you encounter 2 Wolves by a pool
FIGHT: 2 Wolfhounds
Take the path to the right going up until you reach 3 houses
FIGHT: 1 Silver Lobo 2 Wolfhounds
Area cleared, go to the Main Objective
CUT SCENE: Lostwing
  • Lunge
Note: now we can do Extreme Lunge, which covers greater distance. The greater the distance, the greater the damage lunge does. And it combos very well with double charged attacks (Burning Blade + Charged Magic)
== EPISODE 09 END ==




0:11 Bronze Trophy: You can Pet The Dog

        Total Trophies Unlocked: 7/50



8:04 Cleric’s Medallion

          10x Wyrrite

          15x Sharp Fang

          10x Magicked Ash

21:22 Histoire Orchestrion Roll

           1x Black Blood

22:03 1xBlack Blood

24:54 5x Bloody Hides



6:17 Chirada strategy

7:35 Burning Blade Parry



None this episode.



17:48 BUY & EQUIP: Wolfskin Sash



17:48 SELL: All Valuables



00:00 Pet Torgal for the 5th Time

00:28 Find the Sobbing Girl

01:13 Find the Church in Lostwing

01:23 CUT SCENE: Was a Dominant here?

03:22 Pursue the Fleeing Soldier

03:46 CUT SCENE: Dominant of Wind

06:10 BOSS: Chirada

08:13 CUT SCENE: Dominant Secured

10:33 CUT SCENE: This is our home

11:36 CUT SCENE: Slave of Fate

13:06 CUT SCENE: Meanwhile in Caer Norwent

15:08 CUT SCENE: Gav’s Back

17:28 Shopping

18:07 CUT SCENE: A Solution to your dilemma

20:57 Lostwing Hidden Chest 1

21:47 Lostwing Hidden Chest 2

22:11 Speak with the Villager 1/2

23:17 Speak to the Woodcutter 2/2

24:38 Lostwing Hidden Chest 3

25:00 Episode End



Pet Torgal
This should be your 5th time or close
Bronze Trophy: You can Pet The Dog
Total Trophies Unlocked: 7/50
Note: there’s no rush, you’ll get plenty of time to pet Torgal and get that trophy, don’t worry about it if you’re behind me
Move up to activate the Lostwing Obelisk
Note: you just need to get close to it, no need to touch it
Further up you’ll find a sobbing child, talk to her
Go to the objective, enter the church:
CUT SCENE: Was a Dominant here?
Pursue the fleeing soldier
CUT SCENE: Dominant of Wind
  • She’s got one Spell with a very obvious windup. Need I say more?😜
  • Cleric’s Medallion
  • 10x Wyrrite
  • 15x Sharp Fang
  • 10x Magicked Ash
CUT SCENE: Dominant Secured
CUT SCENE: This is our home
CUT SCENE: Slave of Fate
CUT SCENE: Caer Norwent
CUT SCENE: Gav’s Back
Main Quest: The Dead of Night
Go to the Merchant
  • All Valuables (Hit Touchpad)
  • Wolfskin Sash
Speak with Quinten
CUT SCENE: A Solution to your dilemma
Enter the main building and take the wooden stairs left
Atop the stairs, keep hugging right to find a ladder
Climb up twice, go around to find a chest:
  • Histoire Orchestrion Roll
  • 1x Black Blood
Get back down to the top of the stairs from whence we came
This time go down the other stairs to access the Northern/Upper part of Lostwing
Stick to the left to find a wooden chest:
  • 1xBlack Blood
Go East to speak with the Villager 1/2
Go South then West to speak to the Woodcutter 2/2
Go East under the bridge to find a wooden chest:
  • 5x Bloody Hides
== EPISODE 10 END ==


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