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[GUIDE] Final Fantasy VII Remake 100% PLATINUM Walkthrough

Hey everyone! After over 10 years of absence, I’m back to writing guides!  For now, I’m focusing on a new game I’m particularly fond of : Final Fantasy VII Remake. My Final Fantasy 7 Remake PLATINUM Walkthrough is out on […]


FFVII Remake: Scorpion Sentinel NO DAMAGE Guide

Hey everyone! It’s been years since I actually wrote a guide, but I’m getting back into it again 😉 As I’m eagearly anticipating Final Fantasy 7 Remake launch on April 10th, I played the demo quite a bit and learned […]


Treasure Guide

The treasures from Suramar list some (or most) of the larger mana crystals, and the items to increase you mana storage. There will probably be some slight issues was coords, as they were based on where you were in the […]



As time goes on, interests change and information can become out of date. This is the resting place for pages that have gone a bit musty and need either some TLC or to be archived. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis […]


WoW Insider Recommends the WoW-Pro Addon

WoW Insider just threw another recommendation our way in their most recent Addon Spotlight column. A user wrote in seeking a questing replacement for the over-bloated Carbonite, and the addon columnist Matthew McCurley gave us a solid referral. Thanks WoW […]


New Moderator: Crackerhead22

I am very pleased to announce Crackerhead22 as our newest moderator! Anyone who has been on the site long knows that Crackerhead has done a TON of work for the addon, including bug reporting and fixing, as well as providing […]


New Moderator: Ludovicus Maior

Congratulations to our newest moderator, Ludovicus Maior! Ludovicus has been an amazing help in keeping the addon going while I’ve been away from the site. Not only has he continued updating the guides as he works through his Loremaster title, […]


WoW Insider’s Addon Spotlight author uses WoW-Pro!

Hi everyone! A guild-mate of mine forwarded me something awesome today from this week’s “Addon Spotlight” column over on WoW Insider, one of the top WoW news sites around. One of the users wrote in to the “Addon Mailbag” section […]


A Fond (and possibly temporary) Farewell

Hi everyone! As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve become a bit more scarce around the site lately. The truth is, I’ve been devoting almost all of my time to school and to my new career these days. The little free time […]


WoW-Pro Addon Update – v2.1.2 + WoW-Pro Dailies BETA!

Current Version: 2.1.2Last Update: Jan. 15, 2011 Finally, we’ve got another update! I want to apologize for how long this one took, folks – things have been hectic for me! The highlights for this update include: MASSIVE updates to almost […]