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How to Open the Knights of Ebon Hold Daily Circuit

Introduction This guide will show you how to start gaining rep with the Knights of the Ebon Hold. When I went to do this with my first character, I had a terrible time finding them. After wasting a bunch of […]


Nilz’ Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Argent Dawn Reputation Guide   Table of Contents Introduction Reputation Scourgestones Quests Eastern Plaguelands Western Plaguelands   Instances Stratholme Scholomance   Reasons To Get Exalted Comments Introduction The Argent Dawn is a lawful and good organization focused on protecting Azeroth […]


Scale of the Sands Reputation Guide

The Scale of the Sands is a sect of the Bronze Dragonflight led by Sordormi in the Caverns of Time. They are responsible for coordinating the defense of the timeline in Mount Hyjal. Players will start at 0/3000 Neutral Reputation […]


Thrusting the Spear with the Sons of Hodir – A Reputation Guide

Thrusting the Spear with the Sons of Hodir The Sons of Hodir are basically the Netherwing of Wrath. They’ve got mounts, armour, weapons and the best PvE shoulder enchantments (for non-scribes). This guide will take you through the quest chains […]


The Diplomat, Part I: They Love Me In That Tunnel

The Diplomat is an achievement earnt by getting Timbermaw Hold, the Mag’har/Kurenai and Sporeggar reputations all up to Exalted. With the change in patch 3.0.8 allowing full reputation gain per kill, no matter what your level, there has never been […]


Horde Expedition Reputation Guide

Horde Expedition is the combined forces of the Horde in Northrend, which are: The Hand of Vengeance The Taunka Warsong Offensive The Sunreavers These four factions are sub-factions to Horde Expedition. When you gain reputation with one of these four […]


Frenzyheart Reputation Guide

The Frenzyheart Tribe faction is a tribe of wolvars located in Sholazar Basin. Driven from their lands by the Scourge, this fierce tribe of wolvar stumbled upon Sholazar Basin, where they intend to make their new home. Their aggressive nature […]


Argent Crusade Reputation Guide

Argent Crusade Reputation Guide Table of Contents   Introducion Reputation Championing Quests Howling Fjord Dragonblight Zul’Drak Icecrown Daily Quests Rewards Introduction The Argent Crusade is a faction created from the union of the Argent Dawn and the Order of the […]


Flying High Over Skettis – Exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard

Table of Contents Introduction Begin questing Let’s do the dailies I see dead Skettis Now the fun starts Continuing the first time through After the one time quests Blade’s Edge Mountains Other Interesting Things To Do List IntroductionThe goal is […]


Kirin Tor Reputation Guide

The Kirin Tor are a sect of wizards, stationed in Dalaran, that study and record all of humanity’s magic and artifacts. They are also charged with the protection of the city, but once failed to prevent Archimonde from destroying the […]