How to Open the Knights of Ebon Hold Daily Circuit




This guide will show you how to start gaining rep with the Knights of the Ebon Hold.
When I went to do this with my first character, I had a terrible time finding them. After wasting a bunch of time I found out why. They weren’t there! The Shadow Vault is one of those phased areas that are new to Wrath.
This guide will take you step by step through the quests needed to open this area.
*If you are a DK you will be friendly with the Knights of the Ebon Blade after leaving the starting area. Bonus!


Why grind rep with the Knights??

  • The main reason is for the DPS head enchant at revered.
  • There is also a pair of very nice DPS boots at exalted, a decent MH sword for DW DKs, and several designs for Jewelcrafters.
  • I understand that this is a decent 2-H Sword for Fury Warriors as well.
  • You can judge for yourself by checking out all of the rep items here.
  • There is also the achievement if, like me, you’re into that.


There is really only one requirement: you need Cold Weather Flying to even begin this quest line.
There is probably a way around that, but it would be a pain, so just get a toon to 77! 🙂
You must “unlock” the base area before you can access dailies or tabard, so let’s get going!

Step 1-Airships

The chain to unlock the Ebon Hold starts with the quest It’s All Fun and Games at Thassarian for Alliance and Koltira Deathweaver for Horde.
Do not look for these NPC’s on the ground. They are each found on their respective airships.
Here are the links to the maps of the ship circuits: Alliance The Skybreaker and Horde Orgrim’s Hammer.

Step 2-Poke the Eye

For this quest, you must destroy The Ocular (which looks strangely similar to the eye of Sauron).

  1. Basically, fly up to the eye at 44.2, 24.7 (on top of the Shadow Vault) and use the Eyesore Blaster that you were given to blast away at it.
  2. Fly down the tower and turn the quest in at Baron Silver. He’s at the right side of the Shadow Vault (44.13, 24.67).
  3. Pick up I Have an Idea, but First… from him and move on.

Step 3-Parts is Parts

  1. This is a simple collection quest. Get your drops and turn in back at Baron Silver.


  2. Pick up Free Your Mind.

Step 4-Gather Your Fellowship

  1. For Free Your Mind you need to use the Sovereign Rod Baron Silver gave you on the corpses of Vile at 44.4, 27, Lady Nightswood at 41.8, 24.5 and The Leaper who patrols the ledge above the quest giver. (There is a nice screen shot of their positions in the comments on this page if you’re having trouble finding them or don’t have coords.)
  2. Use the rod quickly after you defeat them as they tend to respawn quickly.
  3. Turn in and pick up If He Cannot Be Turned… (Alliance) or If He Cannot Be Turned… (Horde).

Step 5-Air Raid

  1. You can fly your mount right in to the back of the vault and up to the weapon rack.
  2. When you attack General Lightsbane, the three Allies that you freed in the last quest will come and assist you. (If you die, you may be able to get back to your body and res before they finish the fight and still get the kill credit.)
  3. When complete, fly back to your respective airship and turn in.

Step 6-Enjoy Your Spoils

You can now go and visit the newly phased Shadow Vault! Yay You!
Don’t forget to grab the new Flight Point!
From here you can collect the quests to raise your rep and open the Dailies. Good luck!

Thanks to Jyambi for her help getting my first guide out and readable. You rock girl!

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