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Newb-No-More Guide

A big welcome to everyone coming here from! I hope the info in this guide helps. There are plenty of other guides on this site that may be able to help you out. Feel free to look around, and […]


General Reforging FaQ

Item and Ability enhancement has been around in World of Warcraft since day one and has steadily evolved into a massive core part of developing your character. Every single primary crafting profession has involved in this in some way: Tailors […]


Just Hit 80 – Gerpz’s Guide to Preparing for Endgame Content

Have you just hit level 80 or are close and don’t know what to do to prepare for end-game content? Follow this guide to become familiar with preparing for the endgame content.   AddonsDeadly Boss Mods – – This […]


Rob’s Survival Guide To WoW

BBCode to HTML Converter Tool This free tool allows you to easily convert BBCode formatted text (such as forum posts) to standard HTML. Unlike some converters, this will generate proper paragraph tags (instead of just using a lot of line […]


Rob’s Guide to Choosing the Right Class/Race Combo & Role

Introduction So, you’ve finally caved in, huh? You went and purchased World of Warcraft? Good! You can finally begin enjoying the things you’ve been reading upon! Maybe you are new to the game?   Or maybe, you’re just an altoholic? […]


WoW Chat Etiquette

Note: This is not a guide on gameplay, grouping, or guild Etiquette! Thanks to Jame, Jiyambi, and requiem for sharing their ideas for the guide! Proper etiquette is a more important part of WoW than many people may think. Being […]


How to get the most out of Quest Rewards

About the Guide : A short but, hopefully helpful, guide that will help you save gold. Whether it be at level 80, finishing up Northrend quests, or at level 10, deciding on a quest reward when you can’t use any […]


New Player Guides

Find guides that will introduce you to World of Warcraft and MMOs in general. General Reforging FaQ How to get the most out of Quest Rewards Just Hit 80 – Gerpz’s Guide to Preparing for Endgame Content Newb-No-More Guide Rob’s […]