Romgar’s Oracles Reputation Guide


In Sholazar Basin there are two factions, the Frenzyheart Tribe and The Oracles, between which you have to choose. This is kind of the Northrend equivalent to The Aldor vs. The Scryers.

In order to decide whether or not it is of advantage to you to farm reputation with The Oracles you should take a look at the Rewards section of this guide. A lot of people (including myself) find the Mysterious Egg to be crucial in their decision for The Oracles rather than the Frenzyheart Tribe. After seven days the egg will hatch and if you’re lucky you might find yourself being the proud owner of a Green Proto-Drake mount or of one out of four pets then. You can buy a new egg every seven days and it only costs you 3g.


Table of Contents

  1. Initial quest chain
  2. Daily Quests
  3. Rewards

Initial quest chain

When you start the initial quest chain you will first do some quests for the Frenzyheart Tribe and after a twist in the story you will be doing some quests for The Oracles. These lead you to a final quest which gives you the possibility to choose your faction. Said quest can always be repeated so that you will be able to switch your faction. Thus the first part of this guide is also 100% applicable if you want to choose the Frenzyheart Tribe instead of The Oracles.

Take a flight to River’s Heart in Sholazar Basin.

Get [76] The Part-time Hunter from Tamara Wobblesprocket.

Go south to (50.5, 77.1) where you will find a group of three wolvar surrounding a cat named Pitch. Kill it.

Now Tracker Gekgek should have a quest for you, take it.

Head north to High-Shaman Rakjak at Frenzyheart Hill (55, 69).

Turn in [77] Playing Along, get [77] The Ape Hunter’s Slave. You’ll get a wolvar as a companion who will help you a bit with the next quests.

Also get [77] Tormenting the Softknuckles from Goregek the Gorilla Hunter.

Go south-east/east to Hardknuckle Clearing (66.7, 73.6). Kill Hardknuckle Foragers and Hardknuckle Chargers on your way until you complete [77] The Ape Hunter’s Slave.

Now use the Softknuckle Poker from your inventory to poke three Softknuckles so they are running around all at the same time.

This will make the matriarch come out of its hiding and attack you. Kill it.

Go back to Frenzyheart Hill.

Turn in:

  • [77] The Ape Hunter’s Slave
  • [77] Tormenting the Softknuckles


  • [77] The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice
  • [77] The Sapphire Queen

Head south-east/east to Sapphire Hive (60.9, 78).

While you are here kill Sapphire Hive Wasps and Sapphire Hive Drones until you complete [77] The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice.

Make your way inside the cave until you find the Sapphire Hive Queen. Kill it and loot its stinger.

Return to Frenzyheart Hill.

Turn in:

  • [77] The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice
  • [77] The Sapphire Queen

Get [77] Flown the Coop!.

Around Frenzyheart Hill you can find chickens which you need to catch with the Chicken Net from your inventory and then right-click them. When you type /chicken they will come running to you. NOTE: You can do this quest while being mounted!.

When you have caught 12 chickens that way go back and turn in [77] Flown the Coop!.


  • [77] The Underground Menace
  • [77] Mischief in the Making

Go south to the river below The Skyreach Pillar (58.2, 83.7). Check if you can find Serfex the Reaver there and kill him.


He’s got multiple spawn locations, so if you didn’t find him just follow the river west while looting Skyreach Crystal Formations and you should eventually find him.

Go back and turn in:

  • [77] The Underground Menace
  • [77] Mischief in the Making, get [77] A Rough Ride.

Go down the slope and you should find a Captive Crocosilisk (57.3, 68.4). Talk to it and it will carry you to Mistwhisper Refuge.

Summon Zepik the Gorloc Hunter by using Zepik’s Hunting Horn from your inventory.

Turn in the quest at him and get the [77] Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice. Also get his quest [77] The Mist Isn’t Listening.

Start killing Mistwhisper Gorlocs while going to the shrine at (45.3, 37.1). Use the Skyreach Crystal Clusters there.

Now kill the remaining Gorlocs you need for [77] The Mist Isn’t Listening.

Turn in both quests at Zepik the Gorloc Hunter, get [77] Hoofing It.

Return to High-Shaman Rakjak at Frenzyheart Hill (55, 69).

Turn in [77] Hoofing It, get [77] Just Following Orders.

Head north looking for an Injured Rainspeaker Oracle (55.7, 64.9), there are about six of it.

Talk to it. You’ll be attacked by a Crocosilisk, which you have to kill. Turn in the quest. A wolvar will appear and tell you that you’re being regarded as a traitor by the Frenzyheart Tribe from now on for helping the Gorloc. This is the twist in the story I mentioned at the beginning.

Get [77] Fortunate Misunderstandings and follow the Gorloc to Rainspeaker Canopy (54, 56.6).

Turn in the quest, get:

  • [77] Make the Bad Snake Go Away
  • [77] Gods like Shiny Things

Do circles around Rainspeaker Canopy killing Emperor Cobras and looking for sparkling stars. Stand on them and wait for your Gorloc companion to dig. When he’s finished there will appear either a Shiny Treasure (crystal, pile of gold, golden platter etc.) which you have to loot or, if you’re unlucky, it will be some bugs or a hare. If it’s a hare kill it for a 1 minute 50% speed increase buff.

When you come across the small waterfall at (57.6, 52.4) you should find Venomtip there. Kill it. If it’s not there just wait a little for the respawn.


Repeat this until you have looted 6 Shiny Treasures.

Go back and turn in the quests, get [77] Making Peace.

Go to River’s Heart and look for Shaman Vekjik at (51.3, 64.6). Talk to him and take a bath.

This is also a good time to turn in [76] The Part-time Hunter at Tamara Wobblesprocket if you haven’t already done that.

Go back to Rainspeaker Canopy and turn in the quest, get [77] Back So Soon?.

Travel to Mistwhisper Refuge at (42, 38.5) and turn in the quest, get:

  • [77] The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure
  • [77] Forced Hand

Go north to Spearborn Encampment (42.1, 25.9) and start killing Frenzyheart Spearbearers and Frenzyheart Scavengers while moving up the small hill to (41.6, 19.6) where you will find a golden orb.


Be sure to have your Gorloc companion out and right-click it to summon Warlord Tartek. Kill him and loot the treasure.

Head back to Mistcaller Soo-gan (42.1, 25.9) and turn in both quests, get [77] Home Time!.

Return to Rainspeaker Canopy and turn in this quest, get [77] The Angry Gorloc.

Go east to Mosswalker Village (75, 51) and turn in the quest at Moodle. If you lost him just right-click Moodle’s Stress Ball from your inventory to summon him, get:

  • [77] The Mosswalker Savior
  • [77] Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine

Look for Mosswalker Victims and talk to them to check their pulse. If they drop a bag, loot it.

After you rescued six of them just keep following the road below Mosswalker Shrine to the south-west and collect the remaining Lifeblood Shards.

When done with that turn in both quests and get [77] A Hero’s Burden.

This is the final quest in this long quest chain that will enable you to choose whether you want to be helping the Frenzyheart Tribe or The Oracles. This quest is the repeatable one I mentioned earlier!

Head to the cave (69.9, 58) east of Lifeblood Pillar and enter it. Fight your way to the end where you should find Artruis the Heartless. Depending on your gear, you’ll probably need at least one or two helpers to kill him. In the middle of the fight he will stop attacking you and free Jaloot and Zepik the Gorloc Hunter. Now kill the member of the faction which you do NOT want to choose, say if you want to choose The Oracles, kill Zepik the Gorloc Hunter. Finish the fight and complete the quest to become honored with the faction of your choice.

You can start doing your dailies right away. So return to Frenzyheart Hill or Rainspeaker Canopy.

NOTE: If you, at any time, change your mind and decide to switch your faction, just come here and kill Artruis the Heartless again. You will be able to re-choose your faction then.


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Daily Quests

When you have finished the initial quest chain you will be able to complete three daily quests to further increase your reputation with the Oracles. There are three quest-givers located in Rainspeaker Canopy (53.8, 56.5):

High-Oracle Soo-say (54.6, 56.3) is in front of the small stone pillar.
He offers the same quest every day which awards you 500 reputation.

  • [77y] Appeasing the Great Rain StoneAfter taking this quest talk to High-Oracle Soo-say and choose one of the three Gorlocs to help you (you can always change this later). It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, although Jaloot will give you Jaloot’s Intensity, a 10% speed and 100% swimming speed increase buff. You’ll get an item with which you can summon and dismiss your Gorloc.
    1. Do circles around Rainspeaker Canopy looking for sparkling stars. Stand on them and wait for your Gorloc companion to dig. When he’s finished there will appear either a Shiny Treasure (crystal, pile of gold, golden platter etc.) which you have to loot or, if you’re unlucky, it will be some bugs or a hare. If it’s a hare kill it for a 1 minute 50% speed increase buff.star_0.jpg
    2. Repeat this until you have looted 6 Shiny Treasures.

Oracle Soo-nee (53.3, 56.4) is in a small hut with stairs.
He offers 1 out of 4 quests randomly chosen every day. Each of them awards you 500 reputation.

  • [80y] A Cleansing SongYour objective is to use the Chime of Cleansing to summon three spirits at certain places and kill them:
    • Spirit of Atha at Bittertide Lake (43.5, 42.2)
    • Spirit of Ha-Khalan at River’s Heart (49.8, 63.7)
    • Spirit of Koosu at Wintergrasp River (45.8, 73.9)
  • [80y] Song of FecundityYour objective is to use the Horn of Fecundity at The Stormwright’s Shelf (25.6, 36.3) near 8 piles of Soaked Fertile Dirt.


  • [80y] Song of ReflectionYour objective is to use the Didgeridoo of Contemplation at the four pillars in Sholazar Basin:
    • The Skyreach Pillar (53.7, 79.2)
    • The Glimmering Pillar (49.8, 37.4)
    • The Suntouched Pillar (33.3, 52.5)
    • The Mosslight Pillar (36.6, 75)

    Sometimes you have to fight some cultists there.


  • [80y] Song of Wind and WaterGo to The Stormwright’s Shelf (25.6, 36.3) and use the Drums of the Tempest there to become Haiphoon, The Great Tempest. You now have 3 abilities which are pretty self-explanatory. Use Ability #1 to deal damage, Ability #2 whenever your enemy comes into melee range and Ability #3 once your enemy is below 30% health.
    1. Fight a Storm Revenant until he’s below 30% health and then use your devour ability on him.
    2. After that fight an Aqueous Spirit (which is what the quest actually means by Monsoon Revenant) until he’s below 30% health again and devour him.
    3. Repeat this four times to complete the quest.

Oracle Soo-dow (54.2, 53.7) is inside the big tree.
He offers 1 out of 3 quests randomly chosen every day. Each of them awards you 700 reputation.
NOTE: These quests are not turned in at the quest-giver but at Lightningcaller Soo-met (33.5, 74.9) at Sparktouched Haven.

  • [78y] Mastery of the Crystals
    1. Go to Sparktouched Haven (33, 75) and loot three crystals from a chest next to the shrine (the small stone pillar) at (33, 75,7).chest_1.jpg

      Crystal of Unstable Energy (green one): single-target damage, one-hits those wolvar
      Crystal of the Frozen Grip (blue one): very much like the Hunter’s Frost Trap effect
      Crystal of the Violent Storm (white one): AoE damage like the Druid’s Hurricane spell

    2. Go to Kartak’s Hold (26.7, 79.9).
    3. Use the crystals to kill 50 Frenzyheart Attackers.


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    Jun 28, 2009 @ 21:13 pm

    little tip for achievement chasersGreat guide, I love Sholazar Basin!
    If you’re a achievement junkie like myself, you might want to consider getting exalted with the Frenzyheart Tribe first so you can go for the achievement Mercenary of Sholazar. Much like Hero of Shattrath, it requires reaching exalted reputation with both factions (though not at the same time thank goodness!). I recommend starting with Frenzyheart because it lets you spend as much time trying for the egg/minipets as you want.

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    Jan 26, 2009 @ 8:22 am

    Thank you for theThank you for the cue!

    You’re absolutely right, you get [b][color=#cc9933][77] Hoofing It[/color][/b] from [color=#4169e1]Zepik[/color] with which he sends you back to [color=#009900]Frenzyheart Hill[/color]. There you get [b][color=#cc9933][77] Just Following Orders[/color][/b]. Didn’t read my notes carefully at that point, I guess. 😛
    Changed this in the guide.

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    Jan 26, 2009 @ 1:24 am

    hey there, great guide, justhey there, great guide, just thought i’d point a few things out.

    After you hand in the quest Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice and The Mist isnt Listening, you must accept the quest Hoofing It, then return to Frenzyheart, turn that in, and then you can accept Just Following Orders.

    I’m not sure if this came in an update or you just expected people to do it but i spent a few minutes having to go and check wowhead worried i had done something wrong.

    Other than that however, a great guide. Thanks.

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    Jan 21, 2009 @ 15:56 pm

    Very niceI appreciate you making this as having just hit 80 with my DK while in Zul’Drak (thanks to Jame for his amazing Death Knight, and other guides), I was curious how to start this. I had flown around the basin picking up quests from Nesingway and crew, but had yet to find anyone for either side that indicated how to get Oracle faction.

    This guide is just what I needed.


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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 21:54 pm

    Top notch.Top notch.

    This guide has perfect formatting and is very informative. Very well done.

    5 stars.

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 17:06 pm

    Yep, you’re right aboutYep, you’re right about that. I changed the text regarding that ability. Thank you for the cue! 🙂

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 4:44 am

    A tip for [78y] Will of theA tip for [78y] Will of the Titans
    * Ability #1 is like the Warrior’s Cleave except for that it hits three targets in a total. Spam this ability.

    This ability only effects the next auto attack, not really an activated ability. I had a bunch of trouble using it until I realized that. Since you kill stuff so quickly you have to start auto-attacking again.

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    Jan 18, 2009 @ 19:41 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion.Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 I added the paragraph to the guide.

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    Jan 18, 2009 @ 17:26 pm

    Very nicely done.Very nicely done. Presentation is great.


    Add an introduction paragraph, explaining what this reputation is and why should people want to work on it (toss a link to your reward list in there as well).

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