Flying High Over Skettis – Exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard



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The goal is to see the “Flying High Over Skettis” achievement appear on your screen. As well as the announcement, the reward for exalted status with the Sha’tari Skyguard gives you access to fast flying mounts, a pet, a tabard, two trinkets and other rewards.

Rewards sold by Grella 64,66 Terokkar:
at Friendly:
Enriched Terocone Juice

at Honoured:
Skyguard Rations

at Revered:
Skyguard’s Drape
Skywitch’s Drape

at Exalted:
Blue Riding Nether Ray
Green Riding Nether Ray
Purple Riding Nether Ray
Red Riding Nether Ray
Silver Riding Nether Ray
Airman’s Ribbon of Gallantry
Skyguard Silver Cross
Nether Ray Fry
Skyguard Tabard

Level 70
Flying mount
To use the above mounts you must have riding (300)

Begin Questing
During the quests, lightly kill as many Skettis Kaliri, Skettis Arakkoa, Monstrous Kaliri and Talonsworn Forest-Rangers who give 5, 10, 10 and 30 reputation respectively, as you can.

Go to Shattrath City.
Find Yuula 63, 42 next to the Flight Master. She has a nether ray mount near her. Get Threat From Above:250rep
Go to Terokkar 19,13 and kill 20 Gordunni Ogres (any one). Watch out for wandering elites, and Slaag is a 139k lvl 70 elite if you are thinking of engaging him.

Return to Yuula. Turn in Threat From Above, get To Skettis!:10rep


Fly to Skettis,
specifically Sky Sergeant Doryn 64.5,66.0. Turn in To Skettis! and get Fire over Skettis:350 rep.

Go to Severin 64.1, 66.8, and get World of Shadows:250rep.
Go to Skyguard Handler Deesak 63.1, 65.3 and get Hungry Nether Rays:250rep.
Head south, open the cage near warp monsters (hunters, stalkers et al) and kill warp monsters until the Nether Ray has eaten 10, and meanwhile kill Skettis until you have 6 Shadow Dust.

Back to Severin and turn in World of Shadows and receive Elixir of Shadows. KEEP ELIXIR. From now on, collect the Shadow Dust to turn in for the quest More Shadow Dust:150rep repeatable. It is a turn-in quest, so you do not have it in your log.
Find Deesak and turn in Hungry Nether Rays.

Let’s do the Dailies
Fly to the tops of the Skettis platforms and you will see eggs.. use your bombs (AoE targetting) and destroy 20 eggs, but try and do them around these locations: (60,75), (75,86), (68,71) until you see a quest on the mini-map. Land and clear the platform, take the quest Escape from Skettis:150rep from the prisoner. Escort from one platform to another, then to the ground. There is one ambush in addition to the regulars in the area.

NOTA BENE: Starting with these quests, you will be annoyed by Monstrous Kaliri. They will try and knock you off your mount, and/or pick a fight. Land ASAP or go over water to assure you are not killed. Some people recommend skimming low then vertically to the upper platforms, bomb and then descend vertically. Its a good way to avoid being killed if you are just level 70 and attracting mobs.

Return to Doryn to turn in To Skettis! and Escape from Skettis

I see dead Skettis
Go to Sky Commander Adaris 63.9, 66.8 and get Secrets of the Talonpriests:250rep.
You are going to use the elixir you received earlier. The effect, which lasts 20 minutes, allows you to see and gank Time-Lost Skettis. Kill the usual Skettis and the Time-Lost Skettis anywhere you come up against them. Save the Time-Lost Scrolls dropped by the Time-Lost and the dust dropped by the regular Skettis as you will need many of these on your way to exalted. If you only have one elixir then concentrate on killing the priests and their adds in three locations in this order. South and east from the Skyguard base: Zellek 69.3, 75.1 on the platform in the tree, then Ishaal (**Nota Bene: see below) 69.0,78.6 on the platform in the tree, and lastly Skizzik 69.8, 81.9 in the hut. All three are solo-able but can be very tough for some classes.
Try to get rid of all the priest adds so they do not heal the priest you are trying to kill. Clear as much as possible before engaging the special priest.
If you need more time in the time-lost take 6 Shadow Dust to Severin for another elixir.

** Ishaal should drop a book, right click it to begin Ishaal’s Almanac:75rep.

When all three talon priests are dead, go to Sky Commander Adaris, turn in Secrets of the Talon Priests, and Ishaal’s Almanac, then get An Ally in Lower City:75rep.

Cash in More Shadow Dust to Severin for every 6 more you have. Start piling up the elixir.

Off to Shattrath. This is just a junket without any meaning. Seek Rilak the Redeemed about 51,20. Cash in An Ally in Lower City, and get Countdown to Doom:75rep.

Back to Skettis and Sky Commander Adaris to cash in Countdown to Doom.

The prisoner Hazzik 64.2,66.9 will call you over and you can get the next quest, Hazzik’s Bargain:75rep.

Find the box in his hut 75,80 and return to Hazzik. Turn in Hazzik’s Bargain and get A Shabby Disguise:150rep.
Go near the vendor’s hut at 67,79 and don the disguise. Buy the item, Adversarial Bloodlines, from the vendor.
(Hint: Have 3g with you to purchase it.)
Return to Hazzik, turn in A Shabby Disguise, and get Adversarial Blood:350rep.

Now the Fun Begins
There are, in fact, two quests Adversarial Blood. You have the first one that requires you kill four summoned nasties. They each drop a saleable quest item (as well as other drops, usually a blue each): DO NOT sell or throw away the item. To be specific they are: Akkarai’s Talons, Karrog’s Spine, Gezzarak’s Claws, Vakkiz’s Scale. The second quest is a turn-in of all four of the items, and gives the same 350rep. The quest name at the turn-in, Hazzik’s cage, is now called Tokens of the Descendants. If you look these quests up in wowhead you will find both names, which may seem confusing but is historically accurate.
Both quests reward you with an “Offering” that can summon Terokk, more on that later.

To summon each of the four nasties, you need 10 Time-lost Scrolls (You have been saving them, right?), that only drop from Time-lost Skettis, that you can only see when under the influence of the Elixir, that you can only get from turning in Shadow Dust. (whew)

After the first time through this, it will get easy. The next part is similar to the Talon Priest quest. Head south from the Skyguard Base and take out the two guards at the bottom of the ramp, then pop an elixir. Clear the area around the summoning circle, then up the ramp, do the platform, cross the bridge to to the next platform. You will kill about 11 Skettis and 10 Time-Lost Skettis, for 210rep and about ~3 Shadow Dust and ~4 Time-Lost Scrolls. Go to the next set of platforms and repeat. You can keep moving down the valley or go back to the first, depending on the number of other people doing these quests.

Aside: It has been written that you only need 40 Time-Lost Scrolls, complete the quests and put any extra scrolls on the AH. These people either did not get to Exalted or did it the hard way.

Continuing the first time through
Turn in Shadow Dust for more elixir. Pop the elixir and kill all until you have 40 scrolls. Go to a pile of bones in a summoning circle, and summon one of the 4 descendants. You may need a group depending on your level. Form your group according to your needs. If you summon one and fail, you will lose the scrolls. Much has been written about the descendants, and here is a favourite from Kalaka on wowhead.

Karrog: Approx. 73,000 hp. Hits for about 1900-2500 on cloth. ‘Fixates’ on a target, drastically reducing his move speed and increasing his damage to about 5500 on cloth. When he fixates, just kite and damage him, no healing should be needed if you just run (he walks REALLY slow).
Gezzarak the Huntress: Approx. 59,000 hp. Hits for about 1500 on cloth. Casts ‘warped armor’ debuff, reduces armor to 0. Will ‘focus’ on a target, then warp to them, dropping aggro.
Darkscreecher Akkarai: Approx 47,000 hp. Does a frostbolt attack, 2.5 second cast, for around 1000 frost damage. Every few frostbolts, he will do a fire blast for around 1600 fire damage. Will also summon adds around every 20 seconds. They come 3 at a time, they are birds that don’t hit for much, have about 5000 hp.
Vakkiz the Windrager: Approx. 59,000 hp. Hits for about 1500 on cloth. Does a chain lightning with around 2000 initial damage for the first 50%. At 50% hp he switches to a bone form, and begins to cast ‘Bone Spray’. Initially hits cloth for around 500. Each time he attacks, it adds a stack to a debuff he puts on you which increases damage taken by 5% per stack. He casts this around every 2 seconds. Save all your cooldowns for 50%.

Each descendant will get you 100rep. When you have completed all four, you are ready to turn in Adversarial Blood. But with the 4 dropped items mentioned above you can turn in the quest a 2nd time for another 350rep.

In this quest you will kill 100 regular skettis and an equal number of ghost skettis to get the 40 scrolls. That is 2000rep. You turn in 4 (maybe more) sets of Shadow dust for another 600rep. You kill 4 descendants for 400rep. You turn in 2 quests for 700rep. All for a total of 2700 rep for this quest.

After turning in Adversarial Blood and Tokens of the Descendants, you will receive a “Time-Lost Offering” for each, get Terokk’s Downfall:1000rep from Sky Commander Adaris. You need to go to the island in the middle of the lake, Terokk’s Rest. From inside the circle use the Offering, and Terokk will appear. This guy is tough and the most important piece of info is that he becomes immune to damage at around 25%, but, also, around that time the Skyguard will drop flares and bombs. The flares mark the positions the bombs will drop. Pull Terokk to the blue flares until a bomb drops. The blue explosions will remove his shield. There is an announcement of the shield removal, so then “have at him”. (A 75 warlock, and an 80 Holy Pally had to work a bit to kill him, so create your group depending on your level and abilities). He gives 500rep when killed.

Turn in Terokk’s Downfall with Sky Commander Adaris, and reap your quest rewards.

After the one time quests
To get to exalted without leaving Skettis, you need to do the dailies, and repeatables. Most guides talk about how many days you will need when you do the 2 daily quests at a total of 500rep. But what about the repeatables?

Each day you can do the 2 dailies, but you can also do the Tokens of the Descendants quest as many times as you want. And you can kill Terokk as many times as you have summoning jars. As well, you are turning in the Shadow Dust. All are repeatable and give rep.

The Flow:
1. Get Fire over Skettis daily
2. Bomb 20 eggs and get Escape from Skettis
3. Escort prisoner
4. Turn in the dailies
5. Repeat: {pop an elixir; kill all skettis;} until you have 40 scrolls
6. Turn in shadow dust whenever necessary for elixir
7. Defeat each of the descendants until you have the 4 quest items
8. Turn in Tokens of the Descendants and receive the “offering”
9. Summon and defeat Terokk: go to 5.

The Math:
Assuming you are able to kill the nasties, you can do Tokens of the Descendants and reap about 2350rep by: killing the skettis, turning in the Shadow Dust, and killing the descendants. Then summon and kill Terokk for 500rep. This should be accomplished in about 80 minutes. If you spent 4 hours a day, then you could feasibly get 500rep + 7550rep = 8050 per day (dailies + 3*(A. Blood as described above + Terokk)).
You can turbo-boost your reputation gains by getting into a group. Each kill gives each member of the group the reputation for the kill. You must stay fairly close together to do this. If two people are trying to achieve the same goals and they each do the kills and turn-ins, they each would earn in 4 hours about 13000 rep. Each would receive all the rep the other gets except for the dust and tokens turn-ins. You only get your own rep for those. Yes, you get the full descendant and Terokk kill rep! Hint: Kill the skettis individually but close enough together enough to earn rep, then take turns on the descendants as you have the scrolls.

The Time:
How long does it take? That is really up to the amount of time you can spend. Here is the breakdown.

You are close to or already friendly before Adversarial Blood (including dailies), and with the first time through Adversarial Blood and Terokk’s Downfall at 4,200, it leaves 33,800 to exalted. Assuming the 4 hours a day (above) you can get to exalted in just over 4 additional days. If you only did the 2 skettis dailies it would take just over 69 days. So find a balance that suits you.

Testimonial: 75 DK Tank with 80 Healadin killed both types of Skettis, did 8 descendants, turned in 4 elixirs, and killed Terokk twice for about 5000rep total in 70 minutes. There were no quest turn-ins other than Tokens of the Descendants and More Shadow Dust. Both toons get the rep for the kills but only one got the turn-in rep. Thus, the 2nd toon received 1300 less rep. You can save on elixir use by having one toon spank the regulars whilst the other pops the elixir and takes out the time-lost. Both scroll and dust are tradeable and saleable.

Blade’s Edge Mountains
From Mekhami on wowhead: “In order to unlock this quest, you must complete ALL the Ogri’la quests up until Relic’s Emanation. You also must complete the quests, ‘Our Boy Wants to be a Skyguard Ranger’ and ‘A Father’s Duty’.
When you finish that quest line, the Bombing Run quest will open up.”

You get some Skyguard rep from some of the Ogri’la quests, but not much until you can get the bombing run. But first, you need the The Mog’dorg questline and it is very tough requiring a good 5 person group for most of the quests. Remember Slaag at the top of the article… he is one of the mobs that needs killing.

If your sole aim is to be exalted with the Skyguard, do not go to Blade’s edge. It takes far too much time to start getting Skyguard rep. But if you want to get the Ogri’la rep as well allowing you access to the bombing run and one of the Winter’s Veil achievements… by all means, have a go.

Other Interesting Things
There is an achievement for doing the bombing run in less than 2 minutes 15 seconds, Bombs Away. Perhaps it is doable with a regular flying mount, but save your frustration and do it with a fast flyer.

There is an outland cooking daily, Revenge is Tasty, that has all its requirements in Skettis. Check the daily with Rokk in the Lower City 61,15 each day before going to Skettis. You get a little more cash, and possibly a cooking recipe.

To Do List
Blade’s Edge quests and dailies.

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    FixedWith some help from Jame, the colours should be right now. I have added some pics and did more editing, and updated a quest name. I also separated some of the text to make more readable. Let me know if you think I can improve it more. This is tried and true. I took another toon in to test it and was Exalted within the week. I usually found another player with the same goals and we almost doubled our rep gains by working together.
    Ride the Nether Ray!

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